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by June Shaputis

The White Pine Forum on this website is no longer available

The White Pine Historical & Archeological Society is inactive now (Sept 2008) and most of the research that was on this website is no longer here. Since I did the majority of the research for it I am taking most of it off my domain to make room for promoting Chaffee County, Colorado and its genealogical information where my free efforts will be appreciated. I am leaving up the most important research for genealogical purposes. This information remains free for the use of everyone as its so important and so many places charge an arm and a leg for information that should be free to family members.

I am sorry that I had to take so much information and pictures of so many historical places and things off but they took up far too much of precious space for me to continue trying to pay for them myself and with not even a thank you from the local authorities for trying to help them. There were a few really good historians of the county that did encourage me but now its a matter of finances to keep up valuable material when you do not have any support from county officials or the newspaper.

I appreciate all of the kind comments from hundreds of you who live outside the county and found the website information of great value and let me know that. The local authorities did not find it of value to even put a link to their websites even though I never asked them for money or took ads to help me pay for the work put into it to promote White Pine County, NV. The Chamber of Commerce asked me to include their website link but would not link to the WPH&AS nor would the newspaper.

I am very sorry but please do not ask me for more information on these pages because I do not live in Nevada any longer and can not help you find more information. If you have cemetery additions or corrections please do contact me but otherwise contact the Ely City Cemetery, White Pine Public Museum, Ely Town Hall or White Pine County Courthouse for more information. People do not inform me of changed email addresses so I do not have new contacts for anyone who added information to burials if their old one does not work

I appreciated the opportunity to help so many needing information on all subjects in White Pine County, NV for over 10 years.


White Pine County, NV Cemeteries

Fort Ruby, Nevada

1887 Assessment Roll Book, White Pine County, Nevada

1890 Assessment Roll Book, White Pine County, Nevada

White Pine County, Nevada Coroner's Inquest Book 1910 - 1914

Hamilton, NV Justice Docket 1893 - 1909


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Thanks for the memories :-)