White Pine County, Nevada's Unknown Grave Locations

Nevada has no death certificates available before 1887. If reported, some information on deaths may be found in early day newspapers, some church records in the state, local history books, family bibles, etc. White Pine County, NV lost all records in a fire at the Hamilton, NV County Courthouse so the only records begin in 1887.

This page will list the names (if known) and any known details of the deaths of people who died and are said or known to have been buried somewhere in White Pine County, Nevada. Educated guesses will be made to determine the closest cemetery to the burial in the event they may be in one of the many unmarked graves in the cemeteries. This does not mean they could not have been buried where they died and have no markers.

Information must not be used as official documentation of any interment as I can not know positively that the area I suggest is where they actually are. Sources I found the information in about these people will be shown with the information so you can use that for documentation. As with all sources, you must determine the credibility of the source. I take no responsibility as to whether or not the information is factually correct in any source I used to find information.

Egan Canyon, NV Cemetery ?


Hamilton, NV Cemetery ?

Martin, William Peoples - A proprietor of the 6 Mile House, a hotel and Road Station located six miles west of Hamilton, NV on the Egan Road. (Family members say the 6 Mile House was located at the crossroads of Elko Road and the California Trail.) Martin was assassinated on July 7, 1869 by stage robbers. He left a sickly wife (Sophronia West Martin) and seven children. The oldest child was said to have lost both lower legs in a mowing machine accident and another child was blind. Sophronia West Martin died Dec. 6, 1869 at Hamilton, NV died of Rocky Mountain Fever . The Hamilton community took up a collection to send the children to their maternal grandfather's family in Stanford, KY. Both parents may be buried in the Hamilton, NV cemetery in unmarked graves.

Children of WILLIAM MARTIN and SOPHRONIA WEST are:            

i.    JOHN RUSSELL MARTIN, b. May 14, 1851, Thompkinsville, KY; d. February 02, 1919, Cherry Creek, NV. He married SUSAN         ELLEN GILBERT, daughter of J. GILBERT and SUSAN
ii.    T
HOMAS WINFIELD MARTIN, b. July 12, 1854, Percival, Iowa; d. November 09, 1941, Canton, OK.  Had his feet cut off in a mowing accident as a child. Owned a shoe shop in the back of a grocery store in Canton .
iii.    SOPHRONIA WILLETTA MARTIN, b. August 17, 1855, Fremont County, Iowa; d. September 11, 1935, Red Oak, Iowa.
iv.    MOLLY BELL MARTIN, b. Abt. 1860.
 v.    SAMUEL FRANKLIN MARTIN, b. December 17, 1859, Centropolis, KS; d. December 03, 1950, Norman, OK.
vi.    ELIZABETH D. MARTIN, b. November 23, 1862, Lawrence, KS; d. October 08, 1933, Kansas City, MO.
vii.    WILLIAM RICHARD MARTIN, b. Nevada; d. Lamar, CO found in bed with his head split open.


 (Source: Treasure Hill by W. Turrentine Jackson p.90/91; descendants Don Chambers d&jchambers@pahrump.com)

Shermantown, NV Cemetery ?

Unknowns - By January 1869, there had been two deaths from smallpox and one death from pneumonia in Shermantown, NV. (Source: Treasure Hill by W. Turrentine Jackson p.53)

Treasure City, NV Cemetery ?



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