Taylor Cemetery, Taylor, White Pine County, Nevada

In 1998, only one marker belonging to Lewis A. Gifford was legible. This cemetery has been estimated to have about forty graves, several have now unreadable wooden markers and three have iron fencing around their graves. Taylor is located in the Schell Creek Range, 18 miles south of Ely. The town was established in 1873 and was supported by the Monitor and Argus silver mines.

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Taylor Cemetery overview This iron fenced grave of Lewis A. Gifford is the only legible marker left. Close-up of the Gifford stone.

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Many graves have fencing but the wooden markers can no longer be made out. Some have wooden fences that are in a state of disrepair. Another view of a once marked grave but now lost to eternity.


These pages will attempt to try to personalize the individuals buried in our cemeteries because they are not just a name and date. Additions, comments, queries or corrections are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact me at:  june@webpanda.us

Name Information Comments
Braydon, John Age 75, died 14 May 1885 at Taylor and was buried on the 15th. He had arrived from CA six weeks previous to his death. White Pine Reflex 20 May 1885 p. 3 c 1.
Carpenter, Mrs. M. P. of Mississippi, ca 32, died 2 May 1888  
Carver (Caru?), J. B. of Ohio, ca 59, died 25 Apr 1888. This may be the Buzz Caven below. White Pine County Recorders office in the first death certificates book.
Caven (Craven), Jeheil B "Buzz" ca 1830 - 1888. An early day fiddler of the Rocky Mountains, who was found frozen to death at Taylor and buried there in the 1880's.
"I have Buzz Caven going by the names of J. B. Caven and Buzz Caven. in the 1870 Census I have him as Jeheil B. Caven. This census was taken in the County of Deer Lodge in Montana. In 1870 he was 40.
Buzz Caven was very good with the fiddle and made most of his income this way, usually doing shows in different parts in the west. He was a member of the Cibola Minstrels a semi-professional group who had entertained Pikes Peaker's before the arrival of the Thorne's Star Company in the fall of 1859. 

Buzz met and married a musical girl by the name of Flora Brown Wakely. They were united in marriage by a Denver clergyman at the summit of Pikes Peak. Probably the first major "press agent stunt" in the Rocky mountain region. When a major gold strike was reported on the Grasshopper Creek in the northern Rockies in the summer of 1862, Buzz and Flora Caven joined the exodus from Colorado and they were among the few hundred settlers in Bannock, then in Idaho Territory but subsequently the first capital of Montana Territory. During the first winter the Cavens were extremely popular since Buzz was a first-rate fiddler and Flora had a pleasing voice. and knew all the currently popular ballads.

The Cavens were "in on the ground floor" when one of the biggest gold strikes in Western history was made the following spring in Alder Gulch, about seventy-five miles east of Bannock, but they failed to strike it rich themselves. During the stampede from Bannock, Buzz Caven was chosen to be "miners sheriff" at the site of the new bonanza, but he never served in this capacity. Instead a fugitive killer from California named Henry Plummer somehow got himself installed as sheriff of Alder Gulch.
The Cavens were the parents of the first boy born in Alder Gulch, but after the birth of four other children the couple separated--
Buzz to wander off to Eastern Nevada where he is buried and Flora to remarry. Flora is buried in Helena Montana.
Christmas Eve Ball-- "Buzz Caven gives a ball at the "Cavendale House" junction of Flint and Boulder creeks-- this night week. among the committees we notice the names of Thos. Strang, "Dick" Dickenson, Phil Brown, Wesley W, Jones, Dick Kennorr, Phil McGovern, B. B. Waterbury, J. M. Merrill, John Ullery, Jas. R. Middaugh, John Caplice, Jack Meyers. Thos. Ray, John Carter, Charles Murphy, Charles Kenyon, Judge Alder, and James O'Brien. Buzz will manipulate the bow guaranteeing a #1 music and Mrs Caven will see the supper like a bondholders banquet board- and all for $$ currency. its a good place to go.
(This was typed up by an Aunt of mine, I will type it as read)
Flora Wakely and  Buzz Caven were married in Denver about 1861. She came of a theatrical family and was about 16 years old at the time of her marriage. Flora was a frequent performer in the Virginia City theaters where Buzz played his Violin in the Orchestras.
Montana Census 1870
Jeheil B. Caven 40 yrs old. toll house keeper born in Ohio.
Flora Caven 24yrs old keeping house born in England
Kate (Virginia) Caven 6yrs old born in Montana Territory
Thomas F. Meagher Caven 3yrs old born in Montana Territory
Maude Caven 1yr old born in Montana Territory
(Two children born later an Imogene and ------------- ) (probably to second husband)
An article in the Madisonian November 27, 1866 Mrs Brannan and Mrs Caven have leased the old city bakery and will open a restaurant.
The Cavens were divorced in Virginia City, November 1876 and Mrs Caven married  Jefferson Sutton in Virginia City, May 14 1877. Mrs Flora Caven Sutton appeared with R. Harvey's Dramatic Company at International hall Helena Montana Sept 26, 1877. under the stage name of Flora Lavere. she died in Helena Mar24 1878. leaving five children. the youngest four years old. and was buried in the Helena cemetery. After their Mothers death the children made their home with E.W. McNeal of Helena. Maude died Dec.19 1890 in Helena. Kate married E. M. Culver of Jefferson City Montana. later married-------------- Ellis. and in 1941 was living in California. Thomas Francis Meagher Caven was adopted by a family named Edwards which name he took. He died at Wolf Point Montana Sept. 5, 1949.
Buzz Caven died near Taylor Nevada in 1888."
 Source: Julie Cope  jacjrc@bellsouth.net

 Julie Cope  jacjrc@bellsouth.net

Ghosts of the Glory Trail by Nell Murbarger page 269.

Conway, Patrick of Ireland, ca 60, buried 23 Nov 1889  
Duff, Pat Blown up into small pieces in the Argus mine in 1886. His partner, Charlie Cameron was injured. Duff may be buried here. Pioneer Nevada Volume 2 published by Harold's Club of Reno 1960. Book owned by Margaret Rowe of Ruth, NV.
Gifford, Lewis A. "In Memory of Lewis A. Gifford, born Feb. 29, 1840, died June 12, 1887, Age 47 years, 3 mos., 12 days. Our Beloved Friend." Only legible tombstone in 1998
Grey, W. S. of New York, ca 54, buried 24 Mar 1888  
Grey, Mrs. W. S. of ___, ca 53, buried 29 Mar 1888  
Haab, Louis of Germany, ca 43, buried 8 Jun 1889  
Hilp, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hilp of Nevada, age 33 hours, buried 7 Jan 1889. This child may have been moved and reinterred in the Ely City Cemetery.
House, John B. of Tennessee, age ca 22, buried 6 Nov 1887  
Kinsley, Mr. N. of Illinois, ca 54, buried 19 May 1888  
O’Malley, Patrick of Ireland, age ca. 53, buried 26 Oct 1887  
Sequence, John W. of Germany, ca 72, buried 24 Jun 1887  
Smith, Miss Alice of England, ca 19, buried 13 Nov 1887  

Sources researched by June Shaputis:  existing tombstones, Ely City Cemetery records, newspaper obits, LDS cemetery records, family information, local history books, and death certificates located at the White Pine County Recorder's Office in Ely, NV. White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths; LDS Taylor Cemetery Tombstone List dated 1 Aug 1970, located at Ely Family History Center, personal visit to the cemetery 1998

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