Osceola Cemetery, White Pine County, Nevada

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Lode gold was discovered in the Exchange Claim located above Dry Gulch on the northeast slope of Pilot Knob Ridge in 1872. The post office, a store and a saloon operated until 1920, serving the area cattle and grain ranchers and farmers of the Spring and Snake Valleys.  There was once a separate cemetery for the Chinese residents of Osceola but the bodies were disinterred and returned to China. Osceola is now a ghost town, almost nothing remains because of a fire in 1943.


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      Osceola Cemetery - 1998  Looking over Spring Valley to Cleveland Ranch and the site of the 1863 Goshute Indian Massacre.  Shaputis Photo

The cemetery has about 47 definite graves. There are probably many more but most markers were destroyed several years ago by persons unknown according to Kathy Bush in 2007.

Ayers, Joe A drunken blacksmith, challenged Capt. D. B. Akey, a tunnel driller, to a duel. Ayers lost. Akey was acquitted. No date given but the incident happened in the early days of the town Nevada Tales From the Past by White Pine Chamber of Commerce 1964, page 30.
Bussey, Charles of Palestine, Illinois, ca 43, Born December 8, 1843, died 31 Oct 1887
Collins, Inez L. Daughter of A. O. And I. M. Collins, born April 27, 1908, died May 15, 1908
Kathan, Deckros Born 1841, Cowansville, Canada, died March 24, 1899, Cleveland, NV, age 58 years
Kiger, Nathan Born Feb. 22, 1861, died Nov. 3, 1934
Hudson, Elizabeth   Kathy Bush says she is buried in this cemetery according to her Great Grandson Scott (Debbie) Hudson and their son Don, of Sparks, NV 2006
Marriott, Alberta Nevada Born May 17, 1892, died June 17, 1892
Marriott, Bertha Born Jan. 26, 1908, died March 8, 1908
Marriott, George Henry Died July 18, 1890, age 10 months 6 days
Marriott, James Elma Born Jan. 7, 1886, died March 31, 1886
Marriott, John C. 1858 - 1922  Operated the Marriott General Store which was the only business building to survive the fire which burned the town in 1948. The store was a stone structure with tall, narrow iron shutters and doors. The Marriott home, which survived the fire, was near the store across from an iron pipe feeding cold spring water and surrounded by fruit trees and roses. (Ghosts of the Glory Trail by Nell Murbarger page 160.)
Marriott, Mary 1861 - 1915
Marriott, Sarah Born March 9, 1826, died Nov. 8, 1899
Moyer, Stanley H. Born Oct. 10, 1926, died Nov. 18, 1926
Odgers, Charles Henry Born Jan. 3, 1848, Cornwall, England, died Dec. 11, 1903 Kathy Bush of Osceola in 2007 states that Odger's Home Ranch was on Odger's Creek between the Basset Ranch and Heckthorne's Ranch in Spring Valley. He was a Mormon, married, and had 2 sisters.
Paterson, Verna Stumpf ca 1957 - 1959 USGenWeb Project Archives, White Pine County, Nevada, By Gayle Hastert 
Schilling, Arthur P. of Chicago, Illinois, ca 29, died 19 Apr 1906
Scott, J. T. Born in Ohio May 4, 1827, died July 1, 1903
Skinner, Julius A. Born March 5, 1829, died Jan 17, 1893, of South Carolina, 73 years 10 months 12 days
Swallow, George William Died Jan. 22, 1881, aged 3 years, 11 days. Son of George A. Swallow
Tilford, Rosa B. Died Dec. 16, 1887, aged 12 years 6 months, 4 days
Unknown prisoner An unnamed man in the Osceola jail was killed by a Spring Valley vigilante committee who were avenging the attempted killing of a local rancher. June 7, 1883. Kathy Bush of Osceola in 2007, states this man was "Old Man" O'Niel.. He was buried in the cemetery. His 2 sons were not lynched but run out of the valley by Noe and they went to Cherry Creek area. O'Niel's Ranch was between the Basset Ranch and Meadow Creek in North Spring Valley.

Researched by June Shaputis using existing tombstones, Ely City Cemetery records, newspaper obits, LDS cemetery records, family information, local history books, and death certificates located at the White Pine County Recorder's Office in Ely, NV. Sources researched by June Shaputis:  White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths (County Recorders records); LDS Osceola Cemetery Tombstone List dated 28 Sep 1973 located at Ely BLM (1973 legible markers )


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