Muncy Creek Cemetery, Muncy, N. Spring Valley, White Pine, Nevada


This cemetery has only three interments and is located on private property to the west of the Eldridge Ranch where the pavement ends. A fence encloses the graves with space for one interment between the Noe and Clayson graves. Two local young students have taken the responsibility of the care of the graves and keep them neat and clear of weeds. They also take care to keep the gate closed so large animals can not destroy the tombstones. Permission is required to visit this site.

Clayson, Thelma   Born Feb. 3, 1903, died Sep. 16, 1905. Daughter of Emma (Noe) and Calvin Clayson. * Granddaughter of N. C. and N. J. Noe. The lamb at the top of her tombstone has been vandalized by being broken off.

Noe, Nimrod Christopher  Born Aug. 9, 1830, died Aug. 20, 1903 * Married to Nettie Jane. He ranched at the mouth of Muncy Creek Canyon, prospected, and owned several mines in the area. The Grand Deposit was his best producer, the Kansas was a silver mine, the Blue Hen Number One, Two and Three were low grade copper mines, and he had some lead mine claims.

Mr. Noe, a staunch Democrat, was one of the earliest settlers of Spring Valley. His ranch and mine holdings reverted to his daughter Emma and her husband Calvin Clayson, a trapper, until they sold the properties and moved to Montello, Nevada in 1918.

Noe, Nettie Jane McCurdy  Born Feb. 13, 1850, died Mar. 5, 1888, Native of Iowa. * She was married to Nimrod C. Noe and has a footstone at the bottom of her grave. In 1999, the young girls taking care of the three graves in the tiny cemetery said they understood the footstone was a marker for a baby buried with Mrs. Noe. But, this is probably just a common footstone with her initials on it.

Her two-room log house was insulated with newspapers and visitors would read her walls for news. The orchard she and her husband had planted were bearing apples when she died at the age of 38.

More from the family

Nimrod Christopher Noe was born Aug. 9, 1830, in Virginia or Kentucky. We believe his father, David Noe, died just before 1850, and his mother, Elizabeth McElroy Noe, moved her family from Virginia to Christian Co., Missouri, sometime in the late 1850's. Nimrod left Missouri for the gold fields in California sometime in the early 1860's. We know he was in Virginia City, Nevada, at one time, but don’t know when he left or why he ended up in Muncy Creek.

Nimrod arrived in Muncy Creek, White Pine County, Nevada, in 1870 or ‘71, and bought some land for ranching, but his real love was mining. He owned about five different mines at one time or another. He would work them, hire others to work for him, or sometimes, lease them out.

On April 17, 1875 he married Nancy Jane Emily McCurdy. Nancy Jane was born in Washington County, Iowa, in 1850 and had been raised by her uncle and aunt, James and Mary Emily. William McCurdy was a stagecoach driver and living with the family in 1860. He and Nancy were married in May of 1866 in Washington Co., Iowa and for reasons unknown came out to Nevada and settled in Spring Valley. They had a son, George, and according to family stories, a little girl, who died as an infant. After they separated, Nancy Jane married Nimrod.

Nimrod and Nettie (as Nancy was called) had seven children, all born in Muncy Creek: 1) Edgar Breckinridge, b. 2 Feb 1876; 2) Mary Elizabeth, b. 8 May 1877; 3) Emma Lorna, b. 5 April 1879; 4) Clara Violet, b. 12 Sept 1880; 5) Anna Stella, b.5 Dec 1881; 6) Martha Edith, b. 29 Apr 1885; and 7) Arthur C., b. 23 Feb 1888.

Shortly after the birth of Arthur, Nancy died, leaving Nimrod with seven small children. The baby was given to a family by the name of Gilbert to care for, and he eventually took their name. He ended up in San Francisco as an adult. The oldest son, Edgar, stayed with Nimrod for awhile, then went to California to mine. He died in Columbia, California in 1901. Nimrod’s sister, Violet Snyder, came out from Kansas and took the five girls back with her to Milford, Kansas. According to family stories, the girls did not like living with their aunt. When Emma was about 16 (1895) years old, she got tired of it and ran off. She snuck out of the house, got a ride into town with a neighbor boy on horseback who was passing by, and then took the stage back to Nevada to live with her father. The other daughters stayed in the Kansas area and married men from that area. Lizzie (Elizabeth) ended up in Gettysburg, Penn. And Anna ended up in Fort Bragg, Cal.

Nimrod died 20 August 1903 in Muncy Creek. His daughter, Emma, who had married Calvin Clayson, 13 Feb 1896 in Ely, Nev., became the executor to his estate. It took the them almost 15 years to settle every thing. At that time, the Clayton's sold the property in Muncy Creek and bought a ranch in Elko Co. Nevada, above the town of Montello. Source: Susan Williams


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Sources: White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths;  LDS Muncy Creek Cemetery Tombstone List dated 31 May 1971 located at Ely BLM (1971 legible markers = *, all three markers were legible in July 1999 when June Shaputis and Marilyn Newton visited the cemetery.) (Effie O. Read White Pine Lang Syne page 173-174)

Compiled by June Shaputis 1998

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