Molleson Cemetery, Steptoe Valley, White Pine, Nevada

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Mollison Cemetery in Steptoe Valley, NV looking south east from the tombstone. Shaputis photo 1999

Henry Plum Molleson - 
Died 20 March 1898, age 77 years, 8 months.
 Shaputis photo 1999

Looking west from the Mollison Cemetery in Steptoe Valley, NV. Shaputis photo 1999

The Mollison Cemetery is located between the old  Steptoe Ranch and the old Lusetti Ranch in a stand of rabbit brush and large sized sage, about a quarter of a mile off the road. It may have been once located on what was called the "Camel Ranch."  

The small graveyard (36' by 36') was surrounded by the remains of a broken down picket fence in 1999 and has a headstone dated 1898.  Henry Plum Molleson, his wife, a baby, and perhaps other people are buried south of the Old Steptoe Ranch (the Nielson Steptoe Ranch owned by Grant and Louise Nielson in 2000).

H. P. Molleson's tombstone is broken off its base, lying on the ground face up, and only parts of it can be read due to the deteriated condition of the tombstone. Mr. Molleson died 20 March 1898, age 77 years, 8 months. His marker has a Masonic or GAR symbol on it and "In Memory Of."  There is no stone for his wife or the  infant.  The fence is down and brush fills the enclosure obscuring how many other interments are located here.

Two abandoned homesteads are near the little cemetery but several hundred yards from it in separate stands of tall trees. One homestead is on the left of the cemetery and the other homestead is to the east and slightly south of the burial ground. Undoubtedly one of these was where the Molleson's once lived.

Compiled by June Shaputis 1999

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