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White Pine County, Nevada
Cemeteries and Burials

Please allow for longer loading times than normal on most of these files so pictures and information can come up. Many of them are very large and have a great amount of information on them.

No birth or death certificates are available in Nevada before 1887 when the state determined these kind of records must be kept. The only sources that might have information are the early newspapers or baptismal records that may be on file at various churches in the state or from tombstones if they exist.

White Pine Genealogical Sources to contact:

Black Horse  
Cherry Creek  

Ely, Nevada
Most of the Ely  files are very large and will take some time to download.

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I am no longer in NV and can not help with any research. Contact the Ely City Cemetery, Chamber of Commerce, Ely Daily Times or the White Pine County Library for assistance. Hopefully they will provide help for you.

The White Pine Forum on this website is no longer available


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These pages are dedicated to those people of White Pine County who had once lived, loved, laughed, cried and are now buried in our "Cities of the Dead" and to those they left behind.  Rich or poor, young or old, good or bad, they all contributed to this area in some way and each of them have a story to tell.  Many have no marker due to vandalism, the elements, or perhaps their families could not afford to mark their graves. They should not, and shall not, be forgotten.

These pages are intended solely as a starting point for you to conduct in-depth genealogy research. All information here has been found in newspapers, local history books, personal interviews with other historians and residents, local LDS records, some public records, as well as death certificates. 

This site will attempt to try to personalize the individuals buried in White Pine County, Nevada cemeteries because they are not just a name and date. These people are far more important than that. Additions, comments, queries or corrections are always welcome.  Any corrections should be made to me in writing and source(s) indicated so I can make the corrections without mistakes.  Please feel free to contact me at:  june@webpanda.us

If you wish to provide additional information on any person(s) please include Maiden Names, complete Birth and Death dates and Places, Cause of Death if possible, Occupation, and any other information which is pertinent to what made the person unique. When did they come to White Pine County?  It is not important if they were not prominent business people or never held a public office. Every one of them was very unique and special in their own right.

Causes of death are vital to know because of current strides in the medical field to help prevent some diseases. It will be interesting to see the number of cancer related deaths after the 1950's atomic bomb tests that occurred in Nevada. Many of you believe that your loved ones died as a direct result of these tests but the U. S. Government has denied survivor benefits. If you fall into this category, it is important to make sure that information is listed on the deceased's information. 

Regarding the sources I list as having used, as with all sources, YOU must determine the final credibility of the source. I take no responsibility as to whether or not the information is factually correct in any source I used to find information to post on this site. Newspapers, official record keepers, and local historians could and often did make mistakes. Typo errors are common. 

If the source I used was mistaken in the reporting of the true facts, I will be most happy to make the needed corrections and debunk the previous source as unreliable when you supply me with proof of the actual facts.  I will require the explanation to be made in writing (snail mail or email is fine) and some kind of verifiable source to prove the reported story is not true. 

I will not even discuss the situation with anyone who is rude and threatening to me. While this has only happened a couple of times regarding the many hundreds of burials I have listed on this site, I have decided to make sure everyone is clear on what it will take to have me make any changes on what you may perceive to be a sensitive issue. As a credible historian, I cannot nor will I, change or hide true reported historical facts just because you want me to do that. 

I generally try to avoid embarrassing any descendants in every way possible other than listing cause of death or the event that may have caused that death unless the facts are germane to the history of White Pine County. If anyone wants to read further information on the individual's story they can look at the source used and make their own conclusions. 

Names are spelled exactly as they were spelled (or appeared to be spelled) on whatever record they were found, (death certificate, cemetery record, newspaper obit, tombstone, etc.). I make no changes to the spelling found even when I know the correct spelling as the spelling shown will be what you will find the record under. 

Various death records do not always agree with the Section, grave location that the Ely City Cemetery records show. You should verify the actual location with the Ely Cemetery sexton. None of the ghost town cemeteries or outlying graves have any official records. It appears only Ely and Lund (and perhaps Preston) keep cemetery records.

New pages and information will be added as time permits. The Ely Cemetery is very large and I have not had time to type in all information on the interments from my large amount of notes. Therefore, I am putting on location, surname, and first names if known on this site to allow people to see if I have something on the person they are trying to find. Newspaper accounts are notorious for having incorrect information but it was all I had to use in most cases.

At present, in the Ely City Cemetery, only surnames beginning with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, M - Mc (M1) and Md - Mz (M2), N, O, P, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z files have what information I have researched to date online. The list of names and location of  the grave site is what I have so far on many of the burials in this cemetery . Many names are missing from my research, I am sure, so if you can add to the online information it would be appreciated. Research continues on my part as time permits.

I have gotten several emails requesting me to research additional names for people. I am so sorry but time and a physical handicap prevents me from doing research for others. I will add new names if I run across them in newspaper obits or other records I happen to be looking at, but I am depending on you to provide new names and information if you know they are buried here since I have no idea how long it will take to read papers and records. It took me 25 years to research Chaffee County, Colorado and I have only been here since 1996.

Please leave a message on the White Pine Discussion Forum (link at top of page) to see if others can help you or contact the Auditor & Recorders office at the White Pine County Courthouse, Ely, NV, 89301 or call them at 775-289-4567 for copies of death certificates. You should be able to reach the Auditor & Recorders office by faxing the County Clerk's office at 775-289-2544 and putting "attention to" on the fax.

Ely City Cemetery, Campton Street, Ely, NV 89301  -Cemetery Sexton, 289-4602 or Ely City Hall, 289-2430 Note: the information listed regarding the Ely City Cemetery (grave location and spellings of the names) came from a very early database that was in the process of being compiled from hand written records that were difficult to read. Please check with the sexton or city hall for the most accurate or updated information.

White Pine Public Library, 900 Campton Ave., Ely, NV  89301  (775) 289-3737

For those wanting me to get them copies of the various books mentioned as sources, it is impossible for me to do so as they are out of print. They can be seen at the White Pine Public Library but may not be available to be checked out. These include: White Pine Lang Syne by Effie O. Read, and books by Russell Elliott, and Jack Fleming. Contact the library for copies of obits from old newspapers if they exist or particular pages of the book sources listed.

I have not researched the Ellison or Baker cemeteries at this time.  Volunteers to help get information  would be appreciated for these cemeteries or any others that you may be aware of that are not listed.

Thank you to the many people who have contacted me thanking me for the information I am providing on this site.  And thank you to those who have so generously supplied additional information to be added and telling us about their lives so their loved ones will not be lost to history. 

June Shaputis
PO Box 552
Ruth, NV 89319

Researched by June Shaputis using existing tombstones, Ely City Cemetery records, newspaper obits, LDS cemetery records, family information, local history books, and death certificates located at the White Pine County Recorder's Office in Ely, NV.

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