Hamilton, NV Justice Docket 1893 - 1909

Researched and compiled by June Shaputis 1999

The information below are excerpts taken from the Justice Docket of Hamilton, NV of  Hamilton Justice of the Peace, Henry Bush, dated 1893 - 1909. Only Marriages, Inquests and Murder Charges were included in this table. Other items that can be found in this book include: disturbing the peace, petit larceny, assault and battery, recovery of money for bills or wages, etc. Many Hamilton residents are listed as witnesses or fact finding juries.   This record book can be found at the White Pine Public Museum in Ely, NV.

Date Event Name Information Witnesses
July 13, 1893 Inquest over body Frank Papajanni (Pippanni) He was killed in an accidental cave-in of rock and dirt in the Huntington Mine on the Eastern slope of White Pine Mountain. Papajanni was a native of Italy, about 27 years old. The Huntington Mine was owned by Thomas Cornell. No blame was attributed to the owner or other mine employees.  
December 27, 1893 Marriage Edward Perry and Anna E. Lockman Married in the Hamilton, NV residence of Mrs. M. Donahue. Miss Selma Zadow and G. L. Patterson.
November 7, 1895 Marriage Joseph Agard and Caroline W. Stevens Married in the Hamilton, NV residence of C. A. Mathewson. Mr. and Mrs. A. Muir
May 10, 1896 Marriage Archie Beaton and Mrs. Sarah Wear (Mear?) Married at Green Springs, White Pine County, NV. Mrs. Nellie L. Paul and J. B. Labron (Gabron?)
August 30, 1896 Inquest over body Thomas Cornell Cornell was a native of Canada, about 44 years old. He was shot in a Hamilton, NV, saloon by the bar owner, Richard Willis, between 9 and 10 p.m. on Aug. 29, 1896. Cornell died about 4 a.m. from the gunshot wounds inflicted by Willis. The verdict was determined that Willis shot Cornell in self-defense. Cornell owned the Huntington Mine where Frank Papajanni was killed in a cave-in in 1893.  
May 21, 1897 Marriage William Scott and Mrs. Catherine M. Buschoff Married in the Hamilton, NV residence of the bride. P. and Mrs. Mary Spaulding
May 31, 1897 Inquest over body Norah Ahern Miss Ahern was found dead in the hills near the town of Eberhardt, NV. It was determined that she had been killed sometime between May 20 and June 1, 1897 by Louis "French Louis" Garntermi by his "beating, bouncing and strangling her to death." Louis Garntermi, Joseph Grandelmyer, P. Spaulding, George W. Halstead, Mary Halstead, Mrs. William Scott, Mrs. Archie Beaton, George W. Dale, Indian Sam Long, Chas. A. Walker and Louis Lani.
June 4, 1897 Murder Charge Louis Garntermi He was sent to Ely, NV to be imprisoned until a trial could be held.  
December 29, 1897 Marriage Peter Schafer and Emma Matson Married in Hamilton, NV. Mrs. Katie Matson and H. W. McKay
August 22, 1898 Inquest over body Indian Frank - AKA Frank Pomeroy He was about 30 years old and was found dead on the street in Hamilton, NV on August 21, 1898. He had been shot and killed by Richard Willis. Inquest Jury found Richard Willis responsible for Indian Frank's death and he was turned over to the Sheriff in Ely, NV to stand trial. L. P. McGarry, C. S. Stanley, Pale Face Johnny, Mary McQueen, and Mary McTurney.
August 23, 1898 Murder Charge Richard Willis Bail was set at $2,000 and he was taken into custody by A. L. Scott, the Sheriff in Ely, NV. Evidence of one pistol, one broken cane, and one shirt was also turned over to the sheriff. Willis had previously shot and killed Thomas Cornell in 1896.  
December 20, 1899 Marriage James Rosevear and Kate Matson Married in Hamilton, NV. Miss Lizzie Matson and John H. Rosevear.
December 26, 1900 Marriage Andrew Cartwright and Agnes M. Zadow Married in Hamilton, NV. Selma and Frank Zadow
September 23, 1901 Marriage William A. Evans and Mary Spaulding Married in Hamilton, NV. Jean Muir, Louis R. Zadow, and Ed. P. Coyle.
March 10, 1902 Marriage George A. Manson and Emma A. Lockman. Married in Hamilton, NV. Anna Perry and Axel L. Shields
January 12, 1903 Marriage Charles A. Irving and Herimione H. Rogantinni Married in Hamilton, NV. Selma M. and Frank Zadow.
June 20, 1903 Assault with intent to kill Mike Ahern Charges filed against Ahern and he was put in custody of Sheriff from Ely, NV.  
January 23, 1904 Inquest over body John Sorenson Inquest held at Carbonate City, NV. Sorenson was a native of Denmark, about 48 years of age. He was found dead on the road near Shermantown, NV, in Swansea Canyon, under his wagon. Verdict rendered was that he met his death by accident by being thrown from the wagon and the wheel passed over his body. The body was buried in Eureka, NV.  
June 15, 1904 Marriage Charles R. Cobb and Carrie Andrews Married in Hamilton, NV. Rose and Ed Coyle
December 21, 1904 Marriage N. P. Paulson and Minnie Matson Married in Hamilton, NV. W. O. Moorman and Lena E. Miller
April 24, 1906 Marriage William O. Moorman and Selma M. E. Zadow Married in Hamilton, NV. Maud Moorman and Peter Anderson


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