Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, White Pine County, Nevada

Hamilton was platted in May of 1868 and named for W. H. Hamilton, a promoter. The town’s first frame building was a saloon. The town burned in 1885 causing the county seat to be moved to Ely, Nevada. It is a ghost town, very little remains but some stone foundations.  The cemetery is one mile north of the Ghost Town on the hill to the left coming into the town from the Illipah Reservoir Road off of US Highway 50.)

These pages will attempt to try to personalize the individuals buried in our cemeteries because they are not just a name and date. Additions, comments, queries or corrections are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact me at: june@webpanda.us

Name Information Comments
Alden, John ca 12, buried 12 Oct 1907 (Can this be R. Donald Heriot Alden?)
Alden, Mary Ethel Heriot Born 1873, died 18 Oct 1907, Age 31 years, 10 months, 19 days. Wife of Charles Alden. Mother of R. Donald.
Alden, R. Donald Heriot Born 1894, Died 11 Oct 1907, Age 12 years, 5 months. Son of Mary E.
Allen, Richard N. Killed by Dr. J. R. Owens at Hamilton on 24 May 1870.
Allenthorpe, William 1876 -
Anderson, John Died up at the McEllen mine from a snowslide. Brought to Hamilton by the McEllen boys by a hand sleigh. He had been dead several days.
Buys, Joseph found dead near Hamilton. Skull crushed and he had been robbed.

Caker, ___

A coal burner at Shermantown, he was beaten with a sawed-off shotgun by ___ Jackson in 1869. Taken to Swansea Hospital where he died. May be buried here.
Casey, Mary Died 18 June 1870, Age 19 years, Native of Campbridge, Mass. [1970 addition: "Died June 13, (different date) 1870, Age 19 yrs, A native of Cambridge (different spelling), Mass. Erected in her memory by her esteemed friend Isaac Phillips."
Charles, Albert Died 6 Dec 1869, Age 43 years, Hamilton, NV, Native of Plattsburg, N.Y.
Charman, A. C. Died 29 Oct 1871, Age 42 years.
Crutchley, Edward aka Edward Dreath.


Killed John Howlett in 1883 over watering stock in the Hunter District. Crutchley was said to be the first man who was legally hanged in Hamilton. He was hanged from the Withington Building on 31 Dec 1886.
Dana, Frank Killed in a wagon accident on the grade between Eberhardt and Hamilton 4 July 1875. Brother-in-law to Wm. Crane Gallagher.

Folger, Edward Pell


Born 10 Mar 1829 in Nantucket, NH - Died 31 Jul 1869 at Hamilton, NV, age 43 years. Son of Samuel Brown Folger and Nancy Hiller Folger. His mother died in NH one day after his death. Brother of James A. Folger of Folgers's Coffee fame and other siblings. Edward died from injuries received in a stagecoach accident and buried in Hamilton Cemetery. Edward moved to CA in 1849 with his wife and other members of his family. Left a wife, Sarah Webb Folger and 5 children, Ann W (b. 1856), Charlotte (b. 1858), Sarah (b.1859), Samuel B. (b. 1861), and Lydia (b. 1865) in San Francisco. He was a merchant. (Lisa Gilbert info)
Glennon, John J. He was stabbed to death by Ulysses W. Hutchinson in 1870.
Granfield, Martin Shot and killed with two others near Hamilton by John Kerr who tried to burn the bodies after dismembering them ca 1869. May be buried here.
Gorman, Peter Shot and killed with two others near Hamilton by John Kerr who tried to burn the bodies after dismembering them ca 1869. May be buried here.
Lani, Angela Payne


Born 14 Feb1857 on Angel Island, San Francisco, CA, died 23 Feb 1934 at the age of 77 years in Ely, NV. Married Luigi (Louise) Lani. Buried with Catholic services in Hamilton, NV on 25 Feb 1934 Info from Glade and Virginia Maude Lani Tobiasson, A.K.A. "BEEZY" beezy@comnett.net
Lani, Louis (Luigi) Maria Born 24 Dec 1855 in Croveo, Italy in the county of Novara. Died in Eureka, NV 23 Jun 1939 at the age of 84 years. Married Angela Payne. Buried in Hamilton, NV 25 Jun 1939. Methodist services. Info from Glade and Virginia Maude Lani Tobiasson, A.K.A. "BEEZY"  beezy@comnett.net
Lani, Umberto Louis


Born 19 Oct 1886 in Hamilton, NV, died 7 July 1890 of a ruptured appendix. Age 4 years, 9 months, "Sweet be your Rest." Oldest son of Angela Payne and Louis (Luigi) Lani. Catholic services were held. Brother of Alberto Francisco Lani and others. Info from Glade and Virginia Maude Lani Tobiasson, A.K.A. "BEEZY"  beezy@comnett.net
Lawton, T. Francis A picture dealer, he was murdered at White Pine in 1869 by unknown person. Buried here?
Matson, Etta Born 1886, died 1907 of diphtheria.
Matson, Mary Born 1878, died 1907 of diphtheria.
Matson, Mary Marguerite Died Hamilton, Nevada 26 Oct 1907, Age 29 years, 18 days, Daughter of W. and Anna E. Matson.
McCullach, _____ Shot and killed with two others near Hamilton by John Kerr who tried to burn the bodies after dismembering them ca 1869. May be buried here.
Metzger, John Died ca 1878. Married to Jane. Brother of George, Ely brewer. Jane died 1928, age 85 years.. She married first to John Metzger, the brother of George and they adopted Diana A. Burger Metzger Davis in 1876 in Canada. They came to White Pine County in 1877. John died in 1878 / 1879 and was buried in Hamilton, NV. She then married his brother, George, and they lived in Ward where he operated a brewery. Then they moved to Ely and operated the E. H. Brewery on Campton Street.
Oszo, Ann Born 23 May 1857, died 11 Dec 1909
Paul, Charles Henry Born 8 July 1894, died 27 July 1894
Paul, Kenneth Linn Born 20 July 1892, died 12 Oct 1893
Paul, William John Born 9 Oct 1890, died 19 Nov 1890
Peterson, Peter A. Born 1836, died 1915, Native of Sweden. [1970 Addition: Erected by his friends]
Reilly, James F. 18 Mar 1839 Ireland - 31 Mar 1886. Shot and killed by White Pine County Commissioner S. F. Paul. Reilly was a Hamilton merchant and postmaster. Civil War Vet who served with the 91st NY Reg. Commissioner Paul was exonerated. Additional info on link page. Click on his name.
Simon, Rubin Born 1899, died 1899
Stede, Henry of Germany, ca 78, buried 24 May 1903
Strickland, D Died 1889, Age 73 years.
Swanson, Charles of Sweden, ca 70, buried 10 Aug 1901
Thornton, Kate Died 22 Oct 1870, Wife of T. F. Thornton [1970 note: This plot approximately 14' by 14', probably containing 6 unmarked graves.] The Ely Mining Record reported on August 25, 1906 "No doubt there are people still living in White Pine county who will remember Mrs. Kate Thornton, who died in Hamilton thirty-six years ago. Last week her remains were disinterred and taken to the State of Alabama."
Timson, Arthur Born 27 July 1873, died 6 Jan 1898 [1970 Additions: "Sweet be your sleep, Arthur, my darling boy"]
Timson, John Born 25 Feb 1883, died 22 Jan 1888 [1970 Additions: different dates - born 23 Feb 1868, died 24 Jan 1869]
Timson, William Born 27 Apr 1824, died 14 March 1885
Young, John Died 22 May 1878, age 46, Native of Dumfrushire, Scotland  "In Memory of:"
Young, John T. of Tennessee, ca 65, buried 24 May 1903
Zadow, Louis C. Born 1838, died 1913, Native of Germany
Zoanni, Giuseppe of Italy, ca 52, buried 2 Dec 1909 (Is this Joseph?)


Zoanni, Joseph Born 23 March 1857, Died 1 Dec 1909
Zoanni, Mary Died 3 Jan 1908, Wife of Joseph Zoanni





































































Researched by June Shaputis using existing tombstones, Ely City Cemetery records, newspaper obits, LDS cemetery records, family information, local history books, and death certificates located at the White Pine County Recorder's Office in Ely, NV. (Effie O. Read White Pine Lang Syne)

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