Ely T







M-55-1 Tabelos lacas    
Old-2 Taddie B. M.  
Old-2 Taddie Iginia    
Old-2 Taddie Umberta    
G-66-4 Takemara      
G-66-5 Takemara      
H-74-1 Takeuchi Ryosuki    
Old-2-162 Talbot Charles    
Old-5-451 Talbot Jessie J.  
A-22-8 Talbott Bruce    
H-80-1 Talisiava Kiriekn    
E-6-6 Tallaksen Thomas C.  
H-47-7 Tallman Jack W.  
M-10-8 Tallman Mrs.    
R-2-3 Tamblyn Alfred    
R-2-4 Tamblyn Edna    
C-18A-8 Tamblyn Harry    
D-40-3 Tamblyn Mamie R.  
C-18A-7 Tamblyn Mrs. Harry    
H-73-1 Tanaguchi K. J.  
H-90-10 Tanaka Jaro    
M-33-3 Tancealos Chris    
L-9-7 Tanner Ethel   Buried 3/18/1983. Deed to Bill Hogan
L-9-8 Tanner Grover    
M-53-6 Tapping Jack C.  
B-4-5 Tarpich Robert    
S-6-15 Tartan John    
S-6-16 Tartan Louise    
S-4-31 Tartan      
S-4-32 Tartan      
R-23-4 Tasoulis Josephine    
R-23-3 Tasoulis Nick D.  
A-7-6 Tatakovich John    
AA-10-6 Tate (George)    
AA-10-5 Tate (Verena)    
S-18-18 Tate Blanche W.  
S-18-19 Tate George M.  
Old-3-72 Tavlos George    
R-63-2 Tawney Affie    
N-73-10 Tawney Paul    
I-4-2 Tawney William    
S-16-16 Taylor Adonrum T.  
Baby S-C-23 Taylor Bree Reanae Anne Buried 12/12/1984. Johnny Taylor of Wendover NV., lot paid for by Joan Schanlaub
Old-2-114 Taylor Charles J.  
Baby S-D-38 Taylor Dale G.  
R-47-8 Taylor Frank    
H-90-2 Taylor Gladys    
AA-19-25 Taylor Gordon    
R-47-7 Taylor Inez E. Buried 7/15/1987
R-60-5 Taylor Iva    
J-30-7 Taylor James H.  
S-1-16 Taylor James    
H-45-4 Taylor Jeff    
R-35-4A Taylor John    
N-25-1 Taylor K. W.  
A-56-1 Taylor L. S.  
Old-2-115 Taylor Marjory K.  
AA-19-24 Taylor Ron   Buried 10/19/1993. Cremation. Virginia Taylor 747 Ave. D. Ely NV.
A-5-8 Taylor S. R.  
R-59A-2 Taylor Wade H.  
R-29-1 Taylor Webb Callie  
G-75-6 Taylor      
G-77-4 Taylor      
Old-1-369 Tearigna M.    
F-2-3 Teis Joseph Sr.    
AA-16-25 Tejeras Angelo    
AA-16-23 Tejeras      
AA-16-24 Tejeras      
A-34-1 Telleria Lorenzo    
H-74-8 Temos Tom    
M-52-7 Tennyson Dorothy    
M-52-6 Tennyson Ralph Brian Born 9/10/57 in Nevada. Passed away at William B. Ririe Hospital 1 Mar 1990. Never married. Father - Ralph Harold Tennyson, Mother - Dorothy Nelda Dragosavac. Occupation - Computer operator. 32 years old. Informant - Beatrice Mathis of 1255 Mill St. Ely NV.
E-3-2 Terbich Mike   26 years old, died Tubercular Pneumonia. Buried 3 Dec 1912
S-7-5 Terhune Vernice    
R-48-2B Terry Baby    
N-51-7 Tervort Bruce    
N-50-5 Tervort D. D.  
AA-24-28 Tervort David Glenn  
S-24-18 Tervort M. R.  
A.L.-56 Tervort Ray    
S-24-17 Tervort Zella F.  
H-63-3 Teshima Yeisaka   45 years old. Buried 28 Dec 1919
G-54-7 Tetters Baby    
K-4-2 Thanos Gus    
A.L.-38 Thayer B.    
B-22-2 Thayer Edward    
F-9-4 Thayer Lauro M.  
F-9-3 Thayer Mrs. Eva B.  
M-34-5 Thayer Saranah Adelbert  
Old-4 Thayer      
N-67-6 Theason Mrs. Al    
G-81-1 Theo      
O-5-1 Theobold Clayborne A.  
O-5-2 Theobold Mrs.Gardner    
A-20-7 Theopolis A.    
N-68-11 Thiesen Alf    
R-53-6 Thiesen B. S.  
R-43A-2 Thiesen Mrs.    
  Thiessen Beverly R.


Born July 6, 1929 died May 30, 1960. in a car accident in Sparks, NV ,Three children live in Reno, NV; Bill, Dan and Terri, son Thomas M. buried in Reno, NV, Husband Wm. C. lives in Fallon, NV. Source: Terri A.Thiessen Landon (Daughter) tlandon@bigplanet.com

R-43A-1 Thiesen      
R-35-2B Thieson Baby    
AA-2-18 Thiessen Jack D. Buried 11/28/1989. Vivian Thiessen, #3 Elysium Dr. Ely NV.
S-24-20 Thiessen Jack B.  
S-24-19 Thiessen Pearl   Buried 11/18/1988
AA-2-16 Thiessen      
AA-2-17 Thiessen      
AA-4-3 Thiessens Herman   Buried 8/13/1987. Louise Thiessens, McGill NV.
AA-4-2 Thiessens Louise   Born Sept.10, 1913 in Utah, died Nov.18, 1995 at the White Pine Care Center in Ely NV. 82 years old, widowed, McGill, NV homemaker SSN# 530-24-1813. Father - Franklin Randell Jones, Mother - Mary Julia Pulsipher. Informant - Arlene Terry.
S-7-31 Thistle James    
S-7-32 Thistle      
G-75-3 Thither      
A.L.-67 Thomack M.    
A.L.-73 Thomack M.    
C-5-4 Thomas Aaron Ewart Born 1874, Died 1944
J-23-6 Thomas Al    
M-22-2 Thomas E. E.  
N-71-12 Thomas Elizabeth    
O-19-7 Thomas Frank   (IOOF)
J-73-3 Thomas Harold F.(Baby)  
J-59-5 Thomas Harry    
AA-3-18 Thomas Hyrum Elmer Born 04/26/1909 Wales Utah, died 07/09/95 St. George Utah. 86 years Occupation - purchaser (Mining) married to Meda Jones. Father's name - Hyrum Thomas, Mother - Mary Ann Jordan
D-11-1 Thomas Joseph


Joseph was born on November 16, 1875 in Elko County and died December 29, 1925. He was a brother of Oliver Cowdrey Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Thomas. His parents - Jack and Elizabeth Thomas are buried on the Byron Bohne Ranch in Elko County.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

A.L.-218 Thomas Jonnie    
M-22-3 Thomas Mary    
M-5-3 Thomas Meda    
O-19-7 Thomas Minnie   Buried 3/21/1988. (IOOF) Cremation
C-13-2 Thomas Mrs. P.    
C-6-1 Thomas Myrtle May Born 1882, Died 1932
K-3-5 Thomas Oliver


Oliver was born September 8, 1871 in Elko County and died January 27, 1937. He was a brother of Joseph S. Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Heusser. His parents - Jack and Elizabeth Thomas are buried on the Byron Bohne Ranch in Elko County.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

S-10-3 Thomas Richard M.  
N-71-13 Thomas Robert    
R-8-7 Thomas Stanley    
S-2-42 Thomas Steven    
N-66-3 Thomas Vida (Turner) 80 years old. born 03/06/1912 in Wyoming. Divorced. Occupation Bookkeeper. Passed away at W. B. R. Hospital on 27 Jun 1992. Informant Kendall Horton. Fathers name - William Hunter, Mother - Vena Chamberlain. SSN 530142355.died10:40 PM. Cremation. Sunset crematory.
M-5-2 Thomas      
R-53-15 Thomason Clifton L.  
R-6-7 Thompson Alice    
R-6-8 Thompson Charles    
I-9-7 Thompson D. F.  
A.L.-239 Thompson Harry   (IOOF)
M-42-1 Thompson James    
N-13-1 Thompson Lou    
N-13-2 Thompson Mrs.    
D-55-1 Thompson Mrs. A.    
A-19-3 Thompson Mrs. M.    
A-19-4 Thompson      
M-42-2 Thompson      
B-35-5 Thorle Harry    
O-1-5 Thorn William    
A.L.-65 Thornack      
AA-29-7 Thornal David W. Burial date 27 Jul 1989. Deed to Thomas Thornal
L-17-4 Thornal Tom    
G-73-10 Thornall      
J-73-5 Thorton John C.  
AA-25-1 Thurston      
AA-25-2 Thurston      
Old-1-261 Tibbets Carrie    
S-29-54 Tibbs Adrienne    
S-29-55 Tibbs      
S-29-56 Tibbs      
AA-13-27 Tidball Caye   Buried 7/26/1983. Deed to Gene Tidball McGill NV
C-33-4 Tidball D. G.  
C-33-3 Tidball Guy    
AA-13-26 Tidball Harvey Eugene Passed away in St. George Utah April 30,1990.
S-5-16 Tidball Marguerite R.  
C-33-1 Tidball N/A-SEE OLD INDEX  
S-5-15 Tidball Sam    
C-33-2 Tidball See Exeter, Zelma  
AA-13-25 Tidball      
S-10-12 Tidwell Gordon B.  
AA-11-1 Tilby Casey Infant Buried 27 May 1986. Deed to George Tilby, 1831 Campton St. Ely NV.
R-54-14 Tilby David M.  
S-7-16 Tilby Leo Vincent  
AA-11-2 Tilby      
AA-11-3 Tilby      
R-54-13 Tilby      
R-54-15 Tilby      
R-54-16 Tilby      
S-7-15 Tilby      
G-81-3 Tilet      
S-16-27 Tilford Ann    
S-3-17 Tilford Anna    
B-39-5 Tilford Boone    
B-40-8 Tilford Grover    
B-40-6 Tilford John    
N-63-8 Tilford Laine    
S-14-33 Tilford Leland Overson Born 5/29/1910 in Utah, Died 11/16/91 at the W.B.R. Hospital, 81 years old. Never married, SSN 559-01-6634, occupation - Pipe fitter. Father - John Dixon Tilford, Mother - Sara Josephine Overson. Died at 8:55 P.M. Deed to Dave Tilford.
N-15-7 Tilford Les    
B-40-7 Tilford Mrs. M.    
S-16-28 Tilford Ralph   Buried 4/23/1986
R-52A-2 Tilford Richard    
Z-A-50 Tillman Carl   County Burial 29 Sep 1993.
AA-19-19 Tillman Ermyl M.  
AA-19-20 Tillman      
A.L.-129 Timko Joseph P.  
S-17-28 Timko Mike    
S-17-25 Timko      
S-17-26 Timko      
S-17-27 Timko      
S-15-20 Timmerman Bella B. Passed away in Heber City Utah, on Jan.3, 1990. Services provided by Olpin Mortuary.
S-15-21 Timmerman Carl    
Old-4 Tingle      
N-1-7 Tinker Clare    
G-57-14 Tipps Baby    
S-29-11 Tissot Kathleen   Buried 13 Apr 1994.Deed to Jean Tissot, McGill
R-71-4 Tognarelli Alfred   Buried 3/26/1993
R-72-1 Tognarelli Filomena Delorenzo  
R-71-5 Tognarelli Lena    
K-5-7 Tognetti Celetia    
B-26-2 Tognetti Josie    
B-26-1 Tognetti      
R-9-6 Tolbert Helen C.  
R-9-5 Tolbert Sam L.  
AA-29-3 Toles      
AA-29-4 Toles      
J-45-2 Tolman Sam    
R-51-2B Tom Baby    
AB-8-7 Tom Edward    
M-15-7 Tom Sim    
Z-D-17 Tom Yeun Mow  
AB-8-6 Tom      
A-5-4 Tom O. F.  
Old-2-98 Toney G.    
R-54-7 Tong Fred    
R-54-8 Tong Louise    
A-2-3 Tonkins William    
N-14A-7 Toomey Mrs.    
N-14A-8 Toomey P. J.  
Old-1-356 Tooney Jack    
M-27-7 Topalides Anastasios    
R-42A-3 Topholm Gertrude   Buried 10/26/1984. Cremation
AA-8-8 Topholm Gunnard   Buried 6 Jun 1985. Deed to Kay Topholm, Ely NV.
A-51-3 Topholm Nellie    
R-42A-3 Topholm P.    
A-51-4 Topholm      
AA-8-7 Topholm      
R-66-2 Torgerson Katherine    
R-66-1 Torgerson      
G-66-3 Torolovichi Baby    
M-55-3 Toroman Thomas    
M-55-2 Toroman Tom    
AA-7-4 Torpey Roy R. Buried 15 Aug 1984. Deed to Roy R. Torpey Estate c/o Ben Hase, CPA. Ely NV.
Z-b-20 Torres Ray A.  
AA-26-1 Torries      
G-55-15 Touniscvich Baby    
A-7-3 Tovey Pat    
C-29A-6 Tow Margaret (Wright)  
AA-18-11 Towers Doris    
AA-14-36 Towers Emmett    
D-27-2 Townsend Bessie   Cremation. Born 11/21/1897 in Montana died 04/25/1990 at the Washoe Care Center, Sparks NV. 92years old. Father-Henry Zimmer, Mother - Annie Gilbert. occupation Teacher. Cremated at Ross, Burke & Knoble Sparks NV. died at 5:45 P.M. Cremation#11902
D-27-2 Townsend Claude    
H-84-6 Toy Charles W.  
H-88-6 Toyota U.    
S-2-10 Tra Howard    
Old-1-371 Trahill Mary    
H-86-6 Trakanos C. N.  
A-41-7 Trapper Fred    
I-2-5 Travers Cecil    
Old-4 Tray      
Old-2-147 Treece Andy B.  
L-4-5 Treloar Charles    
A-27-6 Trembath George H.  
I-11-6 Trembath John T.  
R-21-6 Trigg Elmo M.  
Old-5 Trino G.    
AB-6-6 Tripp See Starky    
A-42-7 Trisdale-Hicks Doris E.  
H-64-6 Troselj George    
B-42-7 Trucky Sam    
N-72-83 Trujillo Baby    
S-5-53 Trujillo Chase Lee Birth/Death date 01/18/91 W.B.R. hospital. Mother - Donna Lynn Lenbeck, Father - John Louis Trujillo.
Baby S-C-47 Trujillo David M. Jr.  
M-49-3 Trujillo P.    
S-13-7 Trum Clara    
S-13-6 Trum William    
B-37-1 Trusdale J. J.  
B-3-4 Truthan M.    
G-65-2 Trybovich Anna    
G-65-4 Trybovich Mile    
Z-B-30 Tuccori Pete    
R-20-1 Tuck Marie    
R-19-4 Tuck W. L.  
R-20-2 Tuck      
Baby S-C-36 Tucker Amy Teresa

Amy Tucker was born on June 10, 1975 and died in August of 1975 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  She is survived by her mother, Doris Crespin Tucker, her father, Zak Steven R. Tucker and her brother Dax Tucker. Source: ZTucker@ci.homer.ak.us

A-45-2 Tucker Emma    
R-32-4 Tucker James    
Old-5 Tucker Mrs. S. G.    
R-33-1 Tucker Nora    
A-45-6 Tucker Robert    
Old-5 Tucker S. G.  
A-45-5 Tucker      
A-45-7 Tucker      
A-45-8 Tucker      
H-94-2 Tulio Marcel    
B-3-2 Tunoff M. R.  
A-3-1A Turbovich Sam    
S-9-26 Turk Francis    
L-6-7 Turk Frank    
L-9-8 Turk Mary    
Old-3-12 Turner A. W.  
C-10-2 Turner Agnes    
N-18-2 Turner Collier    
O-6-5 Turner E. B.  
S-8-19 Turner Edna Miller / Spradlin  
M-21-8 Turner Fred    
R-28-5 IOOF Turner James M. Burial date 30 Mar 1988. IOOF plot. Cremation
N-13-7 Turner John W.  
R-28-5 IOOF Turner John R. Burial date. 5 Dec 1994. Deed to Maxine Turner McGill NV. Cremation
C-27-5 Turner Kitty L.  
AB-3-37 Turner Lela W. Born 01/12/1889 in Texas, Died 02/11/1990 in Ely NV. 11:15A.M. 101 years old. Widowed Home maker, SSN 557-13-8022 Father - Ben Lathem Mother - Eva Smith. Deed to Maxine Turner.
AA-19-40 Masonic Turner Rex Arthur Born 12/04/1914 in Colorado, died in Ely NV.8:48P.M. 05/05/90 75yrs.old Married to Rita Nielson. Father-Joseph F. Turner, Mother-Tillie Amelia Nast. Occupation Pipefitter KCC. SSN 530-09-1833
AA-26-2 Turner See Fullerton    
M-21-6 Turner See Cooper    
N-66-3 Turner Thomas   Cremation
N-66-3 Turner Vida    
AA-19-39 Masonic Turner      
AA-26-3 Turner      
M-21-5 Turner      
M-21-7 Turner      
N-18-1 Turner      
N-18-3 Turner      
N-18-4 Turner      
N-18-5 Turner      
N-18-6 Turner      
N-18-7 Turner      
N-18-8 Turner      
AA-20A-29 Turnquist Anna V.  
AA-20A-30 Turnquist Oscar C.  
G-58-12 Tutekovich Katy    
N-57-2 Tweedy Mr.    
N-57-3 Tweedy Mrs.    
R-63-1 Tweedy Velma    
R-62-13 Tweedy Wallace E.  
N-74-9VFW Tyan Joseph Fred  
Old-4 Tylor William H.  
G-62-6 Tyrovolos George    
G-54-13 Tyton Mattie    


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