Pacator, Andrew 1895 - 4 Sep 1960
Old-2 Pace
A-56-2 Pacheco Jose R. Age 43, died May 1926 in Ely, NV - accidental death, fractured neck. Buried 29 May 1926
H-87-8 Pacheco Lida 1900 - 1951. Mrs. Ernest
AA-29-25 Pacheco Maria
AA-14-35 Pacheco Raymond
AA-10-23 Pacheco Solomon
N-56-7 Padilla Daisy 1885 - 1946
N-56-8 Padilla
Old-2 Page (Pace ?) John 18 Nov 1899 in Trapani, Italy - 27 Oct 1938
H-94-1 Page Laro
Old-2 Page Leon
I-15-2 Paine Daniel F. 1872 - 1941
AA-16-12 Paine Frank Daniel Died Oct. 31,1990 in Salt Lake City Utah.
AA-16-11 Paine Velma
H-70-2 Pakish Martin Age 45, died 1917 of alcoholism. Buried 3 Jun 1917
F-11-39 Palczeweski
F-11-40 Palczeweski
F-11-41 Palczeweski
F-11-42 Palczeweski
G-87-E 1/2-6 Paleface Annie 1872 - 1947, Indian who worked for whites sewing and cleaning their houses. She married Johnny Paleface who operated a mule pack team for Carl Muir at Rocco Homestake. White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 48
Paleface Arthur John Baby. Indian. 15 months old. Died 27 Nov 1911 in Ely, NV of meningitis. Son of John and Anna.
J-70-7 Paleface Dan Indian baby, died age 4 months of inanition, buried 12 Jun 1917
J-74-6 Paleface Logan Indian male baby, died age 4 days of pneumonia, buried 6 Feb 1916 by the county
H-69-6 Palichronakis Makes Age 30, male, died in an accident in Jun 1917. Buried 6 Jun 1917
S-11-8 Palma Hollis
C-15-8 Palson Carl
S-2-23 Panagopoulos Georgina
S-2-22 Panagopoulos Vasillios
AA-23-28 Panatopoulos Beverly
AA-23-29 Panatopoulos George
AA-23-19 Panatopoulos
AA-23-30 Panatopoulos
O-32-7 Pando Boy
H-83-3 Pang Ong Lee
H-73-6 (H-73-5 ?) Panotusas, Panoutsas, Panoatsas Leonidas (Lenidas) Greek. Died 6 Feb 1913 from being run over by moving cars at McGill, NV. Buried between 3 Feb and 17 Feb, 1913
G-61-6 Pantor (Pantos) George Age 1 month, died in McGill, NV. Buried 13 Sep 1924
H-79-2 Pantor Joe Age 47, died of nephritis. Buried 26 Jan 1923
G-82-4 Pantor Baby. Stillborn female, died in McGill, NV. Buried 12 Nov 1923
E-1-2 Papagianuckus Nicholas See Nick Pappas - shot and killed during Strike against Consolidated Copper Company in 1912
K-4-8 Papanulapu Bill
H-69-7 Papapanoweis (Papapwowser) John Age 27, died Sep 1917 of a gunshot wound. Buried 9 Jun 1917
G-61-3 Papas (Pappas) Frances Baby. Stillborn female, died in McGill, NV. Buried 8 Apr 1925
G-53-12 Papas Tom Baby. Age 15 days, died in McGill, NV. Buried 2 Nov 1914
Z-D-25 Papastamos Gust T. 1887 - 1970 "Uncle"
Papaz Jon Mike 25 Nov 1915 - 8 Apr 1939, son of Nikola
G-75-9 Papeneuss
L-13-5 Papez John
B-15-7 Papez Jon "Mike" Michael 24 Oct 1918 - 3 Aug 1935 He was a college student killed in an auto accident. (check grave #)
B-46-8 Papez Lucy 12 May 1880 - 21 Aug 1968
B-46-20 Papez Mike
O-24-3 Papez Mrs. Catherine Pack 1915 - 1957 "Wife, Mother"
Z-A-7 Papez Nicholas J.
L-8-8 Papez (Pappas) Nikola 1885 - 1949, Father of Jon Mike
Z-A-6 Papez Roza 10 Jul 1888 - 6 Dec 1971 "Mother"
Z-B-16 Papez Steve
Z-B-15 Papez
G-59-14 Papovich Joe Age 11 1/2 months, died of pneumonia. Buried 27 Apr 1917
H-71-2 Papovich Mike Age 42, died of cancer and was buried 22 Apr 1917
A.L.-57 Pappadakis Andrew "Andreas" George 17 Mar 1890 - 16 Dec 1965 Pvt. 88 Spruce Sq. WW I.
S-23-3 Pappadakis Edyth
N-73 VFW-5 Pappadakis Nicholas G. 17 Jul 1894 - 3 Apr 1972 UTAH
S-D-18 Pappadakis Shanna Kay Baby.
B-25- Pappas Louis "Louie" 1900 - 1930
E-1-2 Pappas "Nick" Nicholas Papagianuckus 41 years old, born 1871 - died instantly on 17 Oct 1912 of a gunshot wound at McGill, NV that was fired by Union Strike Breakers during the 1912 Western Federal Union Strike against the Consolidated Copper Company. Nick Pappas was married and was here for 5 and a half years. Buried 20 Oct 1912 [George Prinaris (Priaris), a Western Federal Union organizer, was also shot and killed at the same time. His body was shipped to Salt Lake City, UT for burial.]
B-46-24 Pappas Peter
B-25-7 Pappas Sam 12 Dec 1893 - 18 Dec 1964. Brother of Louis
O-32-1 Pappas Steve 1879 - 1947
G-60-13 Pappas Tmius (Gus ?) Two boys, twins. Gastric problems. 7 Months 3 days. Buried 31 May 1917
A-48-8 Pappas William Age 38. Shot and murdered at Ruth in Oct 1926. Buried 29 Oct 1926
H-82-7 (H-64-13 or B) Pappomhalis George Age 38, found dead in Ely, NV, probably from alcoholism. Buried 15 Apr 1925
H-87-1 Parales Tony
AB-9 VFW-6 Paras George
Old-2 Paras Vasilou (Visilla Paris) 2 Aug 1922 - 25 Mar 1929
AB-9-5 Paras
C-13A-7 Paraskavis Demetra Mazis 1883 - 1961, Married John.
C-13A-8 Paraskavis (Paraskevas) John Born in Boumbaka, Greece on 16 Jul 1875 - 30 Nov 1958 in Ely, NV. Married Demetra Mazis. McGill, NV smelter employee.
M-49-6 Parich John
Old-2-95 Paris, Peris, Perez Al Age about 56, 1/2 breed Mexican, single, of California, died 15 Aug 1911 of alcoholism. He was here for 18 years.
Paris Beltron
M-11-1 Paris Bertrand "Bert" 1925 - ____, son of Beltron and Marie
M-11-3 Paris Grace Marie 28 Feb 1964 - 1 Dec 1965, daughter of Pete.
M-11-6 Paris Mary Frederick 1925 - 1970
M-11-8 Paris Michael B.
M-11-2 Paris Mrs.
M-11-7 Paris
Parish Henry "Hank" He was hanged in Ely, NV near the court house on 12 Dec 1890 for stabbing and killing of P. J. Thompson in a Royal City poker game. He may be here or buried on Squaw Peak. (Daily Times 13 Oct 1956 p. 5)
A-52-8 Park George 1905 - 1917, age 12, died of pneumonia. Buried 15 Dec 1917
Old-5 Parker Amasa Leonard 8 Apr 1849 in Iowa - 1925. Husband of Rachel. Came to NV in 1862 and drove an Overland Stage from Salt Lake City to Reece River until the Railroad was built. He then teamed, freighted and raised sheep. He opened a livery stable in Ely, NV. Elected White Pine County Commissioner Chairman Jan 1907 w/ W. R. Bassett. Elected Mayor in 1911.
N-11-2 Parker Baby
M-59-6 Parker Charles Benjamin 1873 - 1939, son of Amasa and Rachel
AA-24-6 Parker Eugene
Z-A-52 Parker Fawn Vee County burial. Born Dec.23,1954 in Nevada, Died March 21,1995 at the W.B.R. Hospital. Divorced homemaker 530-50-2346 Father - Wallace Ronald Parker, Mother Constance McKenzie informant Constance Parker. died 9:50 A.M.
A-31-2 Parker Frank Age 60. Probably died of lack of nourishment in 1917. Buried 1 Feb 1917
AA-24-6 Parker Lillian Cremation.
N- Parker Margaret Thistle 1910 - 1960
R-51A-1 Parker Martha Elizabeth
M-59-7 Parker Rachel Grace Newman Guiber 1848 - 1940, Married Amasa. They had 7 children: Amasa who died age 5, Cora M. wife of Joseph Newman, Chas. Benjamin of CA., Daisy wife of H. V. Burleigh, Margaret wife of Dr. Walter E. Weddle of CA., Amy J. wife of Geo. D. Powers of Reno, and Dorothy a school teacher in CA.
T-1-6 Parker Ralph Homer Born Sept.18,1911 in Arizona Terr. died Oct.12,1995 in Millers canyon, Butte Valley. 84 years old. married to June Harris, Well drilling Contractor. Father - Robert Parker, Mother - Una Dare Parker. LDS. Ralph H. Parker box 52 Ely NV. 89301
N- Parker Sherrie 1944 - 1958, daughter of Margaret
T-1-5 Parker
B-13-8 Parks Ann "Annie" F. 1875 - 1951. Married George.
B-13-8 Parks George T. (E ?) 1875 - 1931. Married Annie
AA-5VFW-6 Parks Jack
AA-7-3 Parks Ruth
AA-8-36 Parks
AA-8-37 Parks
M-A-2 Parloff Evan
Old-3 Parmingson
R-2-7 Parodi Joseph Louis "Joe" 21 Jan 1901 - 6 May 1955
R-68-2 Parodi Louis
R-68-3 Parodi
M-4-5 Parry Calla Mae 1880 - 1945. Mrs. T.
A.L.-68 Parry David John Born in McGill, NV 2 Mar 1938 - 16 Feb 1960; son of Fred Edward and Grace Cox Parry. Killed in an auto accident 20 miles east of Tonapah, NV on Hwy. 6. KCC Molybdenum Plat operator. NEV AZC 839 Air Base Group AF
R-54-4 Parry Fanny
Z-B-33 Parry Josephine 27 Jan 1910 - 8 Dec 1965
Z-B-32 Parry Marshal H.
R-54-3 Parry Ray Willard 1894 - 1968
M-4-6 Parry Tom Brownson 1880 - 1952
F-4-1 Parsons John M. Age 57, died 1915 of peritonitis of the bowels in East Ely, NV. Buried 1 Apr 1915
J-68-2 Partridge William S. Died 1917 of an embolism. Buried 6 Apr 1917
Old-4-406 Pascoe James Age 70, of Cherry Creek, NV, died of TB 1 Dec 1918. Married Elizabeth Ann. Buried 5 Dec 1918
H-58-9 Pasquale Pippi
K-17-8 Passas Nick
B-25-8 Passias Louis
D-23-4 Passic John 22 Dec 1853 - 9 Apr 1926
S-15-18 Pastorelli Filomena Cinfio Born Dec.25,1903 in Italy, died Aug 8,1990 at 777 Ave. G. in Ely NV. 85 years old. Widowed Homemaker SSN# 530-34-0244 Father - Dominick Cinfio, Mother - Maria Calabreso. Informant - Loretta Jones.
S-15-19 Pastorelli Leo
R-46-6 Pastorino Blanche 1875 - 1957. Mrs. Peter
A-7-A8 Pastorino Dorothy 29 Jan 1923 - 29 Sep 1937 (Old 1 or 2?)
F-11-11 Pastorino Gladys Died 18 Sep 1974. Mrs. Ray.
R-46-7 Pastorino Peter 1864 - 1949. Married Blanche.
F-11-12 Pastorino Raymond C. "Dorsey" 28 Apr 1902 - 25 Oct 1975. KCC Hoistman. Married Gladys.
R-46-5 Pastorino
AB-4-13 Pastorok Thomas Francis Born May 10,1977 in New York, died April 1,1991 at Grover C. Dils Med. Center in Caliente NV. never married, Student. SSN# 093-60-2563. Father - Paul Pastorok, Mother - Bianca Chaffee. Informant - Mianca McGuire. Steven McGuire 1100 Mill Street Ely NV. 89301
AB-4-14 Pastorok
S-13-5 Pate Paul P.
A-47-7 Patersgtat Joe
Patino Jno. Age about 50, born in Italy, died June 1906. Buried 25 Jun 1906. (WP Co. Recorder)
AA-26-16 Patras Zoes N.
AA-15 Masonic-__ Patras
AA-15 Masonic-__ Patras
AA-26-15 Patras
AA-26-4 Patras
AA-26-5 Patras
Patrice Lenore Phalan 5 Jun 1935 - 5 Dec 1940
S-21-17 Patrone John
S-16-25 Patterson Anna
R-68-1 Patterson David V. (B?) 11 Sep 1972, aged 65 years 6 months 27 days.
R- Patterson Edith 6 Mar 1901 - 19 Apr 1951
C-18-2 Patterson Gilbert "Dad Pat" Born Scotland 1866 - 1957. Husband of Jessie, father of Elsie R. Lager. KCC Switchman 44 years. Of McGill, NV
C-18-1 Patterson Jessie Scott 1867 - 1933. Mrs. Gilbert. Mother of Elsie.
S-16-25 Patterson Mark Cremation.
Old-5 Paul Ernest
Old-5 Paul George Ralph 10 Jul 1862 - 23 Aug 1902
Old-5 Paul H. A.
Old-5 Paul Nettie Susan 22 Oct 1868 - 1 Jun 1958. Mrs. George. A early area resident.
Old-5 Paul S. F. Age about 73, of Missouri, died in Berkley, California in 1907. County Commissioner. Shot and killed James F. Riley on 31 Mar 1886. He owned West End Camp or the Pilot Knob Camp west of Copper Flat, bonded a group of copper claims to Senator W. Clark, Joseph Giroux and P. L. Kimberly by May 1901. Buried 19 Feb 1907 (WP Co. Recorder) Effie Read, White Pine Lang Syne. p. 43.
H-84-2 Paunam Charles
Pavich John 1889 - 1942
A-40-2 Pavlakis Antonios 5 May 1892 - 26 Dec 1967
A-32-8 Pavlakis James L. 18 Mar 1898 - 21 Jan 1968
A-40-3 Pavlakis Maria
AA-7-33 Pavlakis Nina
AA-6-2 Pavlakis
AA-6-3 Pavlakis
AA-6-4 Pavlakis
AA-6-5 Pavlakis
AA-6-6 Pavlakis
AA-6-7 Pavlakis
T-1-7 Pavlakis
T-1-8 Pavlakis
R-1-8 Pavlas Pete
Pavlich George 1891 - 1938
Pavlofe Iven Born in Bulgaria 5 Jan 1885 - 7 Jan 1957
Pavlos George 1891 - 21 Aug 1910, age 19 years. His neck was broken in an accident at Lane City, NV.
D-22-4 Paxton Iona
D-22-3 Paxton Maria
Old-1-300 Payne Benjamin F. 21 Apr 1839 - 22 Apr 1918. White Pine Sheriff 1891 - 1894, killed in a runaway accident near McGill, NV. Widowed farmer, cowboy. Owner of lot Mrs. K. C. Davis. White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 60.
Old-1-300 Payne Lucy Age about 61, died Aug 1905, of Maine, Mrs. B. F., buried 10 Aug 1905. WP Recorder Death Bk. 1.
G-80-1 Payne Vera 4 hours 10 minutes old. Died in McGill, NV Mar 1927. Buried 15 Mar 1927 (G-76-1 ?)
Old-2-120 Peacock Rebecca
H- Peanum Charles W. 1934 - 1951
Pearatos Konstantina 1875 - 1933
R-10-6 Pearson Carl L.
R-10-5 Pearson Grace Stone 16 Oct 1908 in Wyoming - 8 May 1971. Daughter of Lem and Mary Platt Stone. Her family came to McGill, NV in 1909. She married Carl.
J-66-5 Pearson Morris
R-11-7 Pearson
R-11-8 Pearson
Pearson Cleo 20 days. Premature birth. Died at McGill, NV. Buried 19 Nov 1926 in Len Stone plot.
B-14-7 Peartol Mrs. C..
H-85-7 Peavey Agnes Louise Age 51, died 2 Dec 1958. Mrs. Hubbard Peavey.
B-19-8 Pecanich George 1888 - 1932. Born in Yugoslavia
Old-3- between 59-35 Peck William A. Age 55 years died of heart failure in Ely, NV in 1926. Buried 26 Feb 1926
A-22-1 Pedler Bessie Bryant Died in Ely, NV home at 698 Murray St in 1918. Married Charles Pedler in 1902 and had a daughter, Althea Pedler Benson. Chas. Pedler remarried and died Feb 1959. He is buried in Reno, NV.
A-22-2 Pedler
Old-3 Pedote Guisseppe Carlo Bartolomeo 1890 - 22 Feb 1912
M-59-4 Peeples Lois Hall 4 Dec 1921 - 29 May 1971. "Mother"
D-24-5 Peer Cora
D-24-6 Peer Lee Foster 8 Feb 1859 - 13 Nov 1927
Peinovic Dane Born in Drzaua, Yugoslavia 1890 - Died 6 Oct 1938 at Ruth, NV.
A-13-7 Pell Richard E. Age 50, died of pneumonia in 1921. Buried 16 Jan 1921
AA-4-11 Pellegrino Jennie
N-23-5 Pellegrino Joseph "Joe" 4 Sep 1892 - 24 May 1969. NEV Vet
A-2-5 Pennemen (Pennman ?) Dortha Age 78, died of general debility in the County Hospital in Nov 1913. Buried 19 Nov 1913. Lot owner Oscar Penneman of 612 Waller St., San Francisco, CA
G-87-8 Pennington Everett Baby. 27 Jun 1944 - 27 Jun 1944 (Plat A)
S-16-24 Penovich Mike
J-31-7 Pensa J. B.
Peoples Lois Hall 4 Dec 1921 in Preston, NV - 29 May 1971 in Reno, NV. She was a Licensed Practical Nurse.
Old-4 Peranti Pacific
Perich Mike 3 Sep 1925 - 10 Nov 1928
G-74-10 Perich Nick Age 6 months, died in Ely, NV in Mar 1926. Buried 18 Mar 1926
J-88-6 Periles Joe
C-18A-6 Perilla Nick
S-29-29 Perkins Arlene
S-29-28 Perkins
M-43-4 Perry James Franklin 1866 - 1942 "Grandfather" Father of L. F.
L-2-5 Perry Jessie Alice 1897 - 1939 "Mother" Mrs. L. F.
L-2-4 Perry Louis Franklin 1892 - 1961
B-30-3 Perry William C. Age 44 years, died 9 Dec 1934 "Father"
B-30-4 Perry
S-13-20 Pescio Benedetta
S-21-18 Pescio Emma M.
S-21-19 Pescio J. B.
AA-10-26 Pescio John C.
Z-C-2 Pescio John Lawrence 27 Sep 1883 in Italy - 1 Mar 1971 in Ely, NV. Came to America in 1903. Married Marie in Ely, NV in 1921. He was a general contractor.
Z-C-1 Pescio Marie R. 1891 - Mrs. John L.
S-13-21 Pescio Tony R.
AA-10-24 Pescio
AA-10-25 Pescio
S-21-17 Pescio
J-2-4 Pete (Indian) Age 100 years, died of old age in Ely, NV May 1913. Indian Medicine Man. Buried by the county 20 May 1913. White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 48
J-5-2 Pete (Indian) Age 70, died of paralysis in Card House Canyon in 1915. Buried 2 Feb 1915
Old-5 Peters Mary Ellen 1866 - 1930. Mrs. William J.
Old-5 Peters William John Age 43 years, born 1864, died May 1907. He and Neil Munroe and John Magnuson helped form the first fire fighting team in 1899. He was from Ward, NV. Married Mary. White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 305, 174.
S-23-26 Peterson Albert H.
Old-4 Peterson Cecil Laverne 1924 - 1927
Old-4 Peterson Chas. Born in Sweden, age about 34 years old, died Aug 1907, buried 8 Aug 1907.
N-11-8 Peterson Clair E. Irene (Hammer) 3 June 1930 - 21 Jan 1945
N-10-5 Peterson Clark (or Clara)
Old-2 Peterson Darrell Ray 13 Jan 1931 - 30 Oct 1933
S-D-11 Peterson Donald W. Baby
N-72-92 Peterson E. L.
S-5-7 Peterson Emma
S-23-25 Peterson Gladys
R-61-5 Peterson Helen
Old-2 Peterson Jean (Janette)
Old-2 Peterson Kent
S-12-29 Peterson Mabel
R-58-1 Peterson Maun Tyre 25 Mar 1923 - 25 Nov 1950 in Korea. Husband of Gwen. His is one of 35 names on the White Pine War Memorial on the court house lawn.
M-C-14 Peterson Mrs. A. S.
N-11-7 Peterson Nora J.
S-12-30 Peterson Percy Lamar Born Sept.27,1903 in Utah, died Feb.2,1990 at #14 First Street in McGill NV. 86 years old, Widowed Office Clerk for KCC. SSN# 530-01-2164. Father - Hanes Peterson, Mother - Eunice Wilkerson. Informant - Anna Holland.
G-76-14 Peterson Richard C. 19 days old, died of bronchitis in McGill, NV in 1927. Buried 4 Jan 1927
S-5-6 Peterson Richard W,
AA-29-16 Peterson
R-58-2 Peterson
R-58-3 Peterson
S-5-5 Peterson
S-D-17 Peterson Baby Boy.
F-5-5 Petrelli John
Petrelli Nick Born Bitritto, Italy 16 Dec 1883 - 1 Jun 1959. Killed in an auto accident in Murry Canyon on Hwy 6. Had a Riepetown business for 45 years. "Brother." A overheated stove in Nick Petrilli's Reipetown building started a fire that burned down the greater part of town in 1924. Buildings owned by Petrelli, Data Brothers, Veto LeConte and John Manzoni were destroyed in the blaze.
F-5-6 Petrelli
Old-3-15 Petroech George
M-37-1 Phalen Beatrice L.
C-28-8 Phalen Flora R. Lane 13 Jan 1876 - 10 Feb 1931 Mrs. Henry.
C-28-5 Phalen Frank
C-28-7 Phalen Henry P. Born on the Phalen Ranch in Elko County, NV 14 Mar 1875 - 20 Jul 1952. Married Flora Lane of Eureka, NV. Brother of William F. Father of Nola Magnum. He worked for the NNRR and was the White Pine County Court House custodian for the last 18 years of his life.
M-44-4 Phalen J. A. Russell
Old-2-172 Phalen James Age about 50, of Ireland, died Feb 1907 and was buried 28 Feb 1907.
C-28-6 Phalen Leroy
A-15-4 Phalen William Age 48, died of TB in Kimberly / Ruth, NV on 17 Mar 1925. Miner for NCCC.
Phalen William F. 26 Mar 1877 - 3 Mar 1953. Brother of Henry and Maud Green
Old-1-370 Phelps James About age 40, died Aug 1907 and was buried 21 Aug 1907.
Old-3-76 Phillips Dave
B-37- Phillips Elizabeth 1862 - 1938 Mrs. William More
Old-4 Phillips N.
S-C-45 Phillips Scott Baby
B-37-2 Phillips William More 1863 - Jan 1917, age 60, died of diabetes. Married to Elizabeth. Buried 18 Jan 1917
Old-3 Phillips William P. 6 Jan 1888 - 12 May 1935
AA-24-9 Piccinini Antoinetta (Tonita)
AA-24-8 Piccinini Dominic
AA-4VFW-36 Piccinini James (Jim) Daniel Died Jan.6,1990 in Salt Lake City Utah. VFW. Buried 12 Jan 1990
R-30-8 Piccone Dan
F-9-8 Pick B. L.
A.L.-59 Pickel Lester Brewer Jr. 23 Apr 1923 - 18 Dec 1961. S1 US Navy WW II
S-19-3 Pickens Harriet
H-63-2 Pickford Pearl A. Age 37 years, male, died of pneumonia Feb 1920. Buried 23 Feb 1920.
N-74VFW-10 Picollo Batista
AA-16-2 Picollo Duilio B.
AA-7-32 Picollo Marie H.
N-14-4 Pierce Arthur
AA-4VFW-32 Pierce Dorothy
M-30-7 Pierson Alfred "Alf" 1885 - 1943
L-3-5 Pigg John

Clarence Raymond

Born to Ethel Lou Souter and Herbert Pilkinton, Born November 18, 1919 in Nampa, Idaho; Died February 13, 1991 in Wendell, Idaho at the age of 71 of heart failure.  Cremated.  Headstone for C. R. Pilkinton placed at the gravesites of Thomas Henry O'Neill and Alice Boyd O'Neill (grandparents). Source: Heather Pilkinton  toneill@northrim.net

Evelyn Agnes Wicklund

Born April 26, 1925, to John Wicklund and Rachel James in Webster, Wisconsin.  Died September 8, 1996 in Wendell, Idaho, at the age of 71of heart failure.  Cremated. Headstone for E. A. Pilkinton at the gravesites of Thomas Henry O'Neill and Alice Boyd O'Neill (grandparents in-law). Source: Heather Pilkinton  toneill@northrim.net

J-68-6 Pine White Pine Jim Anna Age 86, female, died of apoplexy Jan 1917. Buried 13 Jan 1917
AA-21-21 Pinegar Robert Born July 24,1926 in Idaho, died June 12,1991 at the W. B. R.. hospital in Ely NV. 64 years old, Married to Florence Neff. Timber Faller for the Lumber Industry. SSN# 518-26-1135. Father - Henry Pinegar, Mother - Beulah Price. Florence Pinegar 945 16th Street E. Ely NV.
AA-21-21 Pinegar (Cremation)
AA-21-21 Pinegar (Cremation)
Pinsmore Ethel Madge 6 Dec 1877 - 30 Oct 1916 "Baby and Mother"
L-8-6 Pintar Marko Born in Yugoslavia 28 Aug 1883 - 25 Jul 1956 in Fresno, CA. Married Roza. McGill Smelter worker 1906 - 1947
Z-B-11 Pintar Mile (John)
B-46-22 Pintar Nicola "Nick" 6 Sep 1911 - 3 Jul 1935. Auto accident in UT. Nick Pintar was involved as a passenger in a car wreck on Jan 7, 1933 between Nick Mahoney and E. Linnell, where 4 teenagers were killed. Nick was injured. Inscription on tombstone reads: Ovdje Pociva Umiru Bozjem. Spomen Dizu Otax Majka (Roughly translated to read: Here rest in God's peace. Monument is raised by father and mother.)
L-8-7 Pintar "Roza" Rose Brokovich Krmpotic 17 Feb 1882 - 21 Mar 1939 Mrs. Marko
Z-B-10 Pintar Yeka Helen 4 Jul 1892 - 8 Nov 1964 "Mother"
Piscevic Luka 15 Oct 1880 - 12 Jan 1951 Brother of Joso.
Piscevich Joso 1882 - 1944 Brother of Luka
Piscevich Jure 1871 - 1939. Native of Yugoslavia.
R- Piscevich Louis 25 Jan 1890 - ____ Louis and wife lived at 581 Murry St. in Ely, NV. They were the 13th couple to be married in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on 8 Jul 1909. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1959.
R- Piscevich Muka 2 Feb 1889 - 10 Mar 1970. Mrs. Louis.
H-78-5 Piscovich Anne (Anna) 1876 - 8 Oct (Aug?) 1915, age 45, buried 6 Aug 1915
O-27-3 Piscovich Clara Born in Udbina, Yugoslavia on 20 Aug 1883 - 25 Aug 1959 in Ely, NV. Married John in 1908 in Udbina, Yugoslavia. Moved to Ruth, NV in 1910.
(Plat A) Piscovich Illa 1919 - 1930
S-22-4 Piscovich Irene P.
Piscovich Ivan Born in Australia in 1868 - May 1913, age 45 years. He was from Ruth, NV and died of TB. Married miner.
N-72-77 Piscovich J.
A-8-4 Piscovich Jno.
O-27-2 Piscovich John 22 Jul 1872 - 30 Mar 1954 Husband of Clara
H-80-7 Piscovich June
C-21-4 Piscovich (Piscevich ?) Katarina "Katie" Jun 1914 - Feb 1929
C-21-6 Piscovich Louis
Old-4 Piscovich Mary 5 months old, died in McGill, NV on 30 Sep 1910 of exhaustion and malnutrition. Daughter of George and Vraka.
O-25A-11 Piscovich Mike 22 Jul 1909 - 7 Aug 1961 "Father and Husband" Son of Clara and John.
N-15-8 Piscovich Nick 12 Apr 1912 - 11 Feb 1955
S-22-3 Piscovich Pete
C-21-5 Piscovich
G-61-15 Piscovich
G-74-5 Piscovich
N-72-97 Piscovich Baby
O-25A-10 Piscovich
Pistone Frank 2 Oct 1860 - 7 Feb 1941
A.L.-20 Pistone Mike 26 Dec 1897 - 28 Jun 1946 NEV Vet
Pistone Theresa 1862 - 1909 Mrs. Frank
G-54-15 (G-54-5 ?) Pistovich Geo. Baby, male, died in McGill, NV Aug 1913. Buried 28 Aug 1913.
G-53-9 Pistovich George Baby, male, 1 1/2 months old, died in McGill, NV Sep 1914 of infantile diarrhea. Buried 6 Sep 1914.
H-73-7 Pistovich Mike Age 45, died of TB in the Steptoe Hospital May 1913. Buried 15 May 1913.
D-10-6 Pitts Mary Jane 19 Jan 1863 - 27 Dec 1926. Age 63, died of heart disease in McGill, NV. Buried 29 Dec 1926
H-67-6 Pitts William Age 43 years. Killed in the Ruth Mine in Aug 1918. Buried 31 Aug 1918
B-35-3 Place Charles G. (A?) 1886 - 1935
A-33-2 Plantz John Age 50, died of TB in Nov 1918. Buried 23 Nov 1918
M-6A-1 Platt Joe
G-82-2 Poce Rosy 1 month old female, died of intestinal obstruction in McGill, NV Oct 1924. Buried 14 Oct 1924
Pocina Oudje Age 39, 1888 - 10 Aug 1927
AA-2-33 Podurgiel Frank Joseph Born Jan.7,1951 in Connecticut, died Sept.23,1988 in an auto accident going to Alligator Ridge Mine. 37 years old, Married to Glenda Jacaway. Truck Driver for Road Construction. SSN# 045-42-8865. Father - Francis Joseph Podurgiel, Mother - Hazel Marie Stockdale. Glenda Podurgiel Box1111 Ely NV. 89301
AA-2-32 Podurgiel
G-58-10 Polis Theodore Baby died of inanition in 1916. Buried 3 May 1916.
AB-3-29 Polish Geraldine Black Born Jan.18,1921 in Utah, died April 5,1990 at 675 Murry Street in Ely NV. 69 years old, Married to John Polish. School Teacher SSN# 530-01-9373. Father - Seymour Pratt Black, Mother - Melba Kathryn Baker. John Polish 675 Murry Street Ely NV.
S-D-52 Polish Jennifer L. Baby. 2 Nov 1970 - 15 Jan 1971 in McGill, NV of axphyxiation. Her parents were Michael John and Buithi Tem Polish.
AB-3-27 Polish
AB-3-28 Polish
AB-3-30 Polish
H-93-6 Politass
S-14-28 Poljack Nick
B-2-6 Polovich Bozo
H-61-5 (H-62-5 ?) Polyzois Constantine Age 55, died of an acute illness Jul 1921. Buried 28 Jul 1921
J-53-2 Ponce Margareto Male age 39, died Jan 1927 of a severed jugular in Ruth, NV. Buried 9 Jan 1927
J-87-1 Ponder O. A.
B-2-5 Ponkiver J.
J-70 between 5&6 Pony Adeline Age 5 months, died of malnutrition Aug 1917. Buried 12 Aug 1917
J-38-1 Poodgie Soozie
G-83-13 Poole
N-72-7 Pope Edgar Robert 20 Dec 1892 - 3 Feb 1970
S-1-17 Pope Elvira
Old-1 Pope L. Alveida 13 Feb 1921 - 25 Jul 1932. Daughter of Edgar R. and Laura Sim Pope.
Old-1 Pope Lula
AA-2-24 Pope Newell
S-D-14 Pope Thomas Edgar Baby
AA-2-23 Pope
O-22-6 Popich John
Popovich Milo (Mile) 1875 - 17 Apr 1917 U Lopcu Lilia
K-1A-8 Porter George
Old-1 Porter Mrs. R.
R-42A-4 Potter James Newell 26 Jun 1871 - 15 Aug 1960
M-23-7 Poulakidas Constantina Stanatopoulos 1883 - 1955 Wife of Theodore
AA-12-6 Poulakidas Lorna
M-23-8 Poulakidas Theodore 1875 - 1944 Husband of Constantina
AA-12-7 Poulakidas Tom Born June 14,1919 in Riepetown, Nevada, died June 11,1990 at 1060 Ave. E in Ely NV. 70 years old, Married to Lorna Pearce 10 May 1940. Mobile Crane Operator for KCC. SSN# 530-05-3078. Father - Theodore Poulakidas, Mother - Constantina Stanatopoulos. Tom Poulakidas Box 733 E. Ely NV. 89315. US Army WW II
L-7-8 Poulich George Evan
R-24-1 Poulos Andrew W. 14 Dec 1888 (1885) in Greece - 30 Jan 1971 in Ely, NV. He was a retired KCC employee. Never married.
Z-D-42 Poulos Antonio "Tony"
S-9-22 Poulos Ekaterina
G-64-13 Poulos Fotiney Baby female, died age 2 months of a gastric problem Oct 19191, buried 20 Oct 1919
G-74-2 (G-70-2 ?) Poulos George Age 2 months, died of colitis in McGill, NV Apr 1927. Buried 19 Apr 1927
G-74-9 Poulos Gust Age 6 months old, died of pneumonia in McGill, NV Dec 1925. Buried 9 Dec 1925
G-74-12 Poulos Gust Jr. Age 4 years, was run over by an automobile in McGill, NV May 1924. Buried 6 May 1924 (Baby plot)
Z-D-41 Poulos Irene
S-9-23 Poulos James
M-C-9 Poulson George Victor Jr. 17 Jun 1944 - 19 Apr 1953
M-20-6 Poumbo John
M-30-5 Powell Albert Considine 1872 - 1943
A-50-6 Powell Percilla (Pricilla) Age 53 years, died of Bright's Disease Apr 1929. BPOE. Mrs. A. C.
M-59-8 Powers Amesta
M-60-1 Powers Parker Amy
S-23-11 Pratt Agnes 25 Aug 1995. Cremation
S-25-16 Pratt Dale
S-23-10 Pratt John
S-23-9 Pratt Pauline
S-23-15 Pratt
S-23-8 Pratt
H-44-6 Prauge Anna Mae
R-17-7 Pray Milton Andrew 20 Apr 1883 - 7 Nov 1953
O-20-8 Predovich Eli 1888 - 1949. Brother of Deva Jukich
M-32A-1 Prentice J. R.
B-2-3 Prepich Dan
J-76-3 Pressey Dean Indian baby, male, age 2 years, died of convulsions Jun 1921. Buried 21 Jun 1921
J-3-1 Pressey Infant Son Indian Baby, age 3, male, died of TB in Ely, NV 6 Jul 1913. Son of Nathan and Maggie. Buried 9 Jul 1913 by the county.
J-46-5 Pressey Irene
J-70-6 Pressey Ivan Age 29 days, male, died of jaundice 1917. Buried 1 Aug 1917
J- Pressey Maggie Age 52, died 22 May 1938 Married Nathan.
J-47-8 Pressey Nathan
J-63A-1 Pressey Robert Indian. Age 18 years, died in Ely, NV of TB in Mar 1923. Buried 30 Mar 1923.
N-54-8 Preston Angus Earl 1885 - 1970. Married Mertye. McGill Banker for many years. Good story in the Daily Times 20 Sep 1957.
N-54-7 Preston Mertye E. 1892 - 1948. Mrs. A. E.
A-47-5 Pretsas John Age 34 years, died of an accident which crushed his skull in Ely, NV Mar 1926. Buried 18 Mar 1926.
S-3-27 Price Elvin K.
AA-20A-16 Price Irene
S-C-16 Price Travis P. Baby
O-25-7 Price Baby Girl
S-3-28 Price
S-D-8 Price Baby Boy
J-69-1 Price (?) John W. Age 54, died of general debility Sep 1917. Buried 14 Sep 1917
G-75-7 Prichard (Twins)
Old-4 Prichard Guy Jr. Age 3 hours, died from a premature birth Jun 1926. Buried 21 Jun 1926
J-89-8 Prim Herbert Eric
R-7-3 Prince Chester Allen Born and died 9 Jun 1964. Grandson of Hope.
R-7-2 Prince Gary Clarence 8 Apr 1939 - 7 Jun 1953. Son of Hope.
R-7-1 Prince Hope Jensen 17 Apr 1916 in Preston, NV - 1 Jan 1971 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Clarence P and Rebecca Hermansen Jensen. Mother of Gary C., wife of Ross. (Rawson) M. Prince in Eureka, NV 30 Sept 1932. He was a White Pine Assemblyman at the time of her death. They operated Prince's IGA Shopping Center.
Prince Infant Girl 13 Mar 1962 - 13 Mar 1962. Born and died in Carson City, NV. Daughter of Robert and Sandra Prince.
R-6-4 Prince Ross Married Hope Jensen. He was a county commissioner in 1958 and operated the Prince Grocery Store.
AA-3-38 Prince Wayne
AA-3-37 Prince
Old-5 Pritchard Charles H.
R-44A-9 Pros John 13 Mar 1892 in Prosperino - 13 May 1968
S-7-27 Prosser Sadie
S-7-28 Prosser William J.
J-2-2 Proulx Joseph 50 years old, died of pneumonia in 1913. Buried 4 Mar 1913 by the county. He was an unemployed day laborer.
AB-10-8 Proutsos Louis C.
AB-10-7 Proutsos
M-A-3 Prowse Martha May 14 Nov 1870 - 19 Dec 1956. Mother of Mrs. George Eldridge of Spring Valley, NV.
N-27-3 Pruitt Julia
Z-D-4 Psianos Mike 1887 - 22 Feb 1965
S-2-31 Pucket Elmer Lee
H-55-4 Puebla Jack
S-8-10 Pugh Dorothea C. Saderup Born December 9,1901 in Utah, died April 10,1995 in Ely NV. White Pine care center. Age 93, Widowed home maker 530-20-0436 Lived in Lund NV. Father-Christian Saderup, Mother- Christine Olinslager. Informant- Joan Stewart. Died 3:40 P.M.
S-D-53 Pugh Russell G. Baby
S-8-9 Pugh Vernon 8 Oct 1900 in Salt Lake City, UT - 1 Mar 1971 in Ely, NV. Married Dorothea Saderup. Came to the area in 1920. He was a NNRR pipefitter.
S-8-11 Pugh
B-11-3 Pupovac Vajo K. (Bajo?) 2 Aug 1897 - 5 Nov 1930
N-5-7 Purcell
N-5-8 Purcell
A-4-8 Purseley Harry G. Age 43, died of a hemorrhage Feb 1916. Buried 13 Feb 1916
S-1-4 Pursell Bessie
S-1-3 Pursell Ed
S-1-5 Pursell Edward V.
AA-2-15 Pursell Richard
AA-2-14 Pursell
S-1-6 Pursell
Old-4 Puryear Richard Baby


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