Old Cem - Yelland Plot __?__ Mrs. Santa Yelland Age 29 years old, died East Ely, NV Sep 1922 of obstruction of the bowel. Buried 29 Sep 1922 in the Yelland Plot
K-1-6 Mdebauviers Abel Jean  
N-75VFW-6 Meadows Harold B.  
Z-A-20 Meadows      
A-4-5 Meager Frank   Age 34 years, died 9 Jul 1922 of a gunshot wound. Murdered by W. R. Davenport in front of the Star Taxi Company on Aultman Street in an argument over a prize fight.
J-1-8 Meahan (Mean) Daniel   75 years old, died of natural causes in Ely, NV. Buried by the County 2 Feb 1913
G-78-8 Medak (Medic ?) Jennie   Age 16 years old. Shot and murdered in her parents home in Ruth, NV 14 Feb 1925 by Stanko Jukich, a 29-year old Yugoslavian miner. She had been betrothed at an early age to Jukich but she wanted to marry another. Jukich killed her in a fit of rage because she spurned him. Jukich was executed in the Nevada State Prison gas chamber at Carson City 21 May 1926.
T-3-10 Medina Lourdes   Mrs. Nelson Medina
T-3-9 Medina Nelson A. Born 14 June 1927 in New Mexico, died 2 Jan 1996 at the William B. Ririe Hospital in Ely, NV. 68 years old, heavy equipment operator for KCC. Married Lourdes. Father - Onescimio Medina, Mother - Fedencia Trujillo.
S-14-13 Meecham Arthur    
B-20-6 Meecham Josie E.   1875 - 1932. Mrs. W. G. "Mother"
B-20-5 Meecham William G. 1879 - 1970. Husband of Josie. "Father"
S-14-12 Meecham      
T-13-13 Meeker Margaret M. Hunt Born 10 Jun 1919 in Arizona, died 15 May 1995 Ely, NV. Age 75, divorced Supply Supervisor for the USAF. Father - Alfred Jasper Hunt, Mother - Bessie B. Stacey. Deed to Ernest Hawkins.
H-71-1 Mehalides John   Age 23 years old, died Apr 1917 of suspected spinal meningitis. Buried 23 Apr 1917.
O-30-6 Mejia      
N-74VFW-3 Melby Herbert W.  
T-15-1 Melby Inez Jean Fenwick Born 28 April 1926 in Idaho, Died 23April 1995 in Ely, NV. Age 68, widowed Certified Nurses Aide. Father - William J. Fenwick, Mother - Erma Martin.
A- Melcome William Earl 25 Nov 1944 - 25 Nov 1944 (1964?) LDS.
A-58-3 Mellos A. J. (Taily)  
A-58-2 Mellos Aristotle Taily Michael Eli  
A-10-2 Mellos Gus    
B-18-1 Mellos Sana    
A-48-7 Mellos William T. (Bill)  
C-14-4 Melville Doyle    
C-14-5 Melville Wade    
H-45A-6 Melvin John   1860 - 1953
O-31-4 Meneakis George    
J-57-1 Meney Thomas   Age 77 years, died Ely, NV 1923. Buried 2 Apr 1923.
R-52-6 Menghini Andrew   1903 - 1951
R-52-5 Menghini Irene    
AA-3-33 Menzies Leslie Morris Born 29 Nov 1920 in Utah, died 31 Aug 1992 at 346 Weber Street in Ely, NV. Age 71 years old, warehouse supervisor for KCC. Father - Robert B. Menzies, Mother - Margaret Morris. Married Ann.
AA-14-31 Mercer William (Ben)  
B-18-4 Mercham John   1869 - 1947. Brother to Rudy
B-18-3 Mercham Rudolph   1876 - 1934. Brother of John.
O-27-4 Meriades Therros   1887 - 1952
O-28-1 Meriades (Mariades ?) Sophie   1890 - 1956
A.L.-23 Merich Ely    
O-22-5 Merich Sophie    
  Merich (Mesis' ?) Joseph   25 Nov 1892 in Austria - 27 Feb 1913 Kimberly, NV. Died from hemorrhage and shock in an mining accident. It was his second day on the job.
B-9-2 Merichi Andy    
A-20-4 Merrill Edwin   Age 47 years, died March 1925 of suspected Miner's Consumption. He was the City Electrician. Buried 13 Mar 1925.
R-60-2 Merrill Esther Ida Clotfelter 1 Jun 1891 Hillsboro, IL - 26 Oct 1956. Wife of William B. "Mother" Source: Sarah Ernst swernst@yournetworld.net
I-12-7 Merrill Eva Louise   1859 - 1934. Mother of John E.
Old-3-35 Merrill George    
R-72-2 Merrill Jack   Married Faye Eardley
I-12-5 Merrill John "Shorty" Elmer 1882 - 1951. Son of Eva. He was a night watchman in McGill.
AA-10A-10 Merrill William Brownhill  (Bertram?) 19 Feb 1881 - 10 Mar 1964. Married Esther. He was an early McGill "Bull Gang" boss. Father of William B. Jr., John Edward "Jack", and Helen Louise Merrill Crosser. Source: Sarah Ernst swernst@yournetworld.net
R-60-1 Merrill William O.  
AA-10A-9 Merrill      
R-72-3 Merrill      
S-7-24 Merritt Angelina Maud Roberts Born March 24, 1897 in Pontypridd, Wales, England. Died January 1,1990 in Anaheim, California Angelina joined her husband Howard in McGill in 1927. She was a housewife and was an active member of the McGill Community Church. She also worked for Kennecott Copper Corp. during WWII  Source: Lamar Fransen lamarzy@netscape.net
S-7-25 Merritt Howard  

Born August 7, 1897 in Redruth, Cornwall, England. Died 1963 in Ely, NV. Howard came to the U.S. in 1923. He worked as a miner in Eureka, NV for a short time . He relocated to McGill, NV where he worked as a butcher. He later worked for Consolidated Copper and later Kennecott Copper Corp, as a painter and foreman of the Smelter" Bull Gang".  Source: Lamar Fransen lamarzy@netscape.net

AA-20A-12 Mesechoff Elizabeth    
R-1-3 Mesemeris George    
F-4-3 Mesia      
G-78-8 Mesic John Tom   Age 19 days, died Mar 1925 in McGill, NV of an intestinal obstruction. Buried 11 Mar 1925.
Old-2-153 Mesic Martin   Age 23 years - 7 Jul 1912. Killed with his brother and eight others in the tragic powder explosion at the Star Pointer Mine at Ruth, NV.
AA-14-11 Mesic Mildred    
Old-2-166 Mesic Nikola   Age 20 years - 7 Jul 1912. Killed with his brother and eight others in the tragic powder explosion at the Star Pointer Mine at Ruth, NV.
AA-14-12 Mesic Thomas    
G-78-15 Mesic      
G-82-5 Mesic      
R-54-6 Mesich Antonia Asich Stimac 16 May 1885 in Novi, Yugoslavia - 6 Oct 1960 Ely, NV. Mrs. George. "Mother"
R-54-5 Mesich George   24 Apr 1890 - 30 Jul 1955. Married Antonia. "Father"
A-17-2 Messinger Anita   Age 44 years, died of cancer Jun 1920. Buried 16 Jun 1920
C-38-1 Meszaros (Mezaros) Rozina   18 Aug 1918 in Hungary - 1 Aug 1959. A beauty operator and Hungarian refugee, living in Phoenix, Arizona, she was killed in an auto accident 20 miles north of McGill, NV. She had no known relatives.
AA-11A-2 Metcalf Elsie    
S-16-13 Metcalf Margaret    
AA-2-9 Metcalf Raelyn Barnson Died between 1982 and 1995. Daughter of Orin R. and R. Genice Barnson. She was of Ruth, NV.
S-16-14 Metcalf Wallace    
AA-2-10 Metcalf      
AB-7-18 Metcalf      
AB-7-19 Metcalf      
AB-7-6 Metcalf      
AB-7-7 Metcalf      
Old-5 Metzger Jane   Age 85 years, died 1928. She married first to John Mezgar, the brother of George and they adopted Diana A. Burger Mezgar Davis in 1876 in Canada. They came to White Pine County in 1877. John died in 1878 / 1879 and was buried in Hamilton, NV. She then married George and they lived in Ward where he operated a brewery. Then they moved to Ely and operated the E. H. Brewery on Campton Street.
Old-5 Metzger (Mezger ?) George   Age 68 or 69 years old, born in Germany, died 29 Apr 1904. Buried 1 May 1904. Married his brother's widow, Jane. He was an early Brewery owner. Built the Queen Ann style home at 591 Campton Street in Ely, NV. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 88)
A-53-6 Meyer Catherine   1875 - 1940, Mrs Thomas
A-53-5 (6 ?) Meyer Thomas   1871 - May 1918. Age 46, died in Ely, NV of T. B. Married Catherine. Buried 26 May 1918.
  Meyer Willis Edward 1879 - 1943
B-36-8 Meyers "Lena" Magdalena Wilhelmina Giesler 11 Apr 1875 Centerville, Nebraska - 12 Feb 1968 Ely, NV. Married John Wm. Meyers 3 July 1902 Spearfish, SD, later they divorced. They had: Grayce (Mrs. E. R.) Miller, Ruth (Mrs. Wm. H.) Gallagher {first child born in East Ely, NV 24 Jul 1907}, Robert H. G., Gertrude Hardin, and "Sunny" Martin. Lena's story and picture in Ely Daily Times 3 May 1967 page 2.
Old-4 Meyers "Lena" Magdalena Wilhelmina Giesler 11 Apr 1875 Centerville, Nebraska - 12 Feb 1968 Ely, NV. Married John Wm. Meyers 3 July 1902 Spearfish, SD, later they divorced. They had: Grayce (Mrs. E. R.) Miller, Ruth (Mrs. Wm. H.) Gallagher {first child born in East Ely, NV 24 Jul 1907}, Robert H. G., Gertrude Hardin, and "Sunny" Martin. Lena's story and picture in Ely Daily Times 3 May 1967 page 2.
G-60-2 (1 ?) Meyers George H. (Baby) Born and died Sep 1915. Age 3 hours old. Premature birth. Buried 28 Set 1915.
AA-8-4 Meyers Robert Henry 7 Jan 1915 - _____ Son of Lena
G-55-6 Meyers Ruth Bertha   27 Jan 1913 - 30 Jul 1913. Died in McGill, NV from influenza.
AA-8-3 Meyers      
C-38-1 Mezaros Rosina   See Meszaros (Mezaros)
G-58-13 Miakulin Louis    
I-1-6 Michael John Keith 30 Sep 1879 Scotland - 11 Aug 1957 CA. KCC machinist at Ruth.
M-7-1 Michelis Della    
M-7-2 Michelis (Michaelis) Joseph H. Shot himself on the Lackawanna Road in the 1950's. Had worked at the White Pine Motor Co.
D-27-3 Micku (Miche) Laurin (Larvin?)   Died 29 Mar 1939. ILL Corp. 12 Inf. 6 Div.
M-25-3 Mifflin Howard E.  
M-25-2 Mifflin Leo "Lee"   1921 - 1943
M-25-4 Mifflin Maude    
M-25-1 Mifflin      
AA-4VFW-26 Mike Johnny   Born March 6,1910 in Nevada, died June 23,1991 at the William B. Ririe Hospital in Ely, NV. 81 years old. Married Irene Allison. Cattle Rancher. Father - Alex Mike, Mother - Sophie Andrews. VFW
  Miles James Arthur 20 Apr 1904 - 2 Nov 1904. Infant of J. F. and Minnie R. Buried 4 Nov 1904.
Old-1 Miles Josiah "Si" F. 5 Nov 1865 Corriene, UT - 28 Apr 1933. Son of Joshiah and Leah. Steptoe Valley rancher, WP County Treasurer 1902 - 1908, WP County Assessor 1908 to ___. Married Minnie O'Hare and had: David Francis, Cyril Daniel, Leah Margaret and George Joseph. Brother of Helen Miles Campbell. (Davis, History of NV page 1258)
Old-1 Miles Minnie O'Hare 31 Oct 1869 - 22 Apr 1958. Mrs. Josiah. Daughter of Michael O'Hare and Margaret McNally. Teacher and helped start the Ely Public Library. She was the first organist for the Sacred Heart Catholic Church when it was built in 1906.
G-86-8 Milisavsevich Mike   Age 1 year 3 months, died May 1920 of meningitis. Buried 25 May 1920 in the 3rd grave south of G-62-10.
B-31-3 Millard Ed   18 Apr 1847 - 11 Jan 1932. Married Libbie S. West 21 Oct 1875 in Kansas and they had a son, Frank. Ed was a Millwright, farmer, general engineer and surveyor. He and his family came to this area in 1902 and re-treated the old Chainman Mine tailings at the site of present day Broadbent Park. He was considered to be the last living member of the GAR in White Pine County at the time of his death. Co. C 7 ILL Inf. Civil War Vet. "Husband and Father"
B-31-1 Millard Frank   Born Burden, Kansas 22 Apr 1880 - Died Phoenix, AZ 8 Jul 1960. Son of Libbie and Ed Millard. Married Anna E. Miller from New Jersey 3 Dec 1908 in the first wedding ceremony conducted in the newly built St. Bartholomew Episcopalian Church in Ely, NV. They had son, Robert. General engineer and surveyor. Ely's first City Engineer. He designed the Ely City Hall and Fire Station, the County Hospital, Ely Grade School and other commercial and public structures. Engineer of the year 1958-59 (Good story in EDT 30 Jun 1959. White Pine, Lang Syne by Effie Read page 276, Copper Times by Jack Fleming page 40)
B-31-2 Millard Libbie S. West 21 Oct 1857 - 19 Mar 1930. "Wife and Mother" Mrs. Ed. Mother of Frank.
B-31-7 Millard Robert W. Son of Frank and Anna. Ely's second City Engineer. General Superintendent at Consolidated Copper Co. at Kimberly, owned Lincoln Construction Co., and built the State Highway over Robinson Summit. His office was located at 614 High Street. Robert was the second WP Public Museum Chairman replacing Utahnna Gottfredson, in 1957 (She served the first 6 months as Chairman). Board members then were: Bob Millard, Bill Wagner, Vice-Chairman, Ellen Evasovic - Secretary / Treasurer (who replaced Pat Robison), Utanna Gottfredson, Darwin Lambert, Lucille Isabell, Chas. D. Gallagher. (EDT 13 Jun 1958)
B-31-4 Millard      
B-31-5 Millard      
B-31-6 Millard      
G-86-6 Millen Draga    
  Miller "Boots" Earl Ray Jr. Alive in 1998. Son of Earl Ray Miller and Grayce Meyers. Elected White Pine District Attorney in 1955. A list of his convictions ran in the Ely Daily Times 1 Nov 1958. Winfield Hunt attempted to murder him 11 Aug 1958 for representing Hunt's estranged wife in a divorce case. Boots and Eddie O'Terry leased land at the western end of High Street from "Babe" Fields and built the Green Lantern in the fall of 1959.
A.L.-32 Miller A.    
C-14-2 Miller Alonzo "Lon"   6 Feb 1892 - 20 Apr 1938
R-54-9 Miller Burton Arthur 29 Feb 1904 - 12 Nov 1960. Married June Harrah. "Father"
  Miller Draga   Stillborn female baby Apr 1920. Buried 22 Apr 1920 south of G-62-10
I-masonic-3 Miller Earl Ray 22 Dec 1884 - 1978. Married Grayce Meyers. Resided at 701 Ave F. Owned the East Ely Garage, Miller Motel and Miller Cast Stone Works. He was instrumental in the building of the Hotel Nevada in 1929. Father of "Boots"
S-8-12 Miller Eban    
S-8-19 Miller Edna Spradlin  
O-9-2 Miller Elnora   1870 - 1947. Mrs. Monroe Miller. Sister of Irene Read.
S-10-4 Miller Eva Louise Born and died Sep 1932.
Daughter of Andrew and Bertha Miller lost in childbirth.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

N-72VFW-11 Miller Frank Joel 29 Oct 1925 - 24 Apr 1971. NEV Vet.
M-30-8 Miller Greg Henry 3 Jun 1875 - 17 ___ 1943. Son of Hyrum and Caroline
Old-3-88 Miller Henry R.  
N-25-5 Miller Hershel   13 Nov 1921 - 4 Nov 1966. Missouri Vet
  Miller Infant   Born in UT, died age about 2 and 1/2 years in Feb 1907. Buried 12 Feb 1907.
H-68-6 Miller James   15 Dec 1881 Baltimore, MD - 4 Jan 1959 Ely, NV. A Newark Valley miner.
J-83-5 Miller James   Born and died Oct 1923 in Ely, NV from a premature birth. Buried 26 Oct 1923
M-15-1 Miller Jas.    
B-19-3 Miller Joe    
O-9-1 Miller Joe    
S-10-30 Miller John K. Born March 16, 1908 in North Dakota, died at Winnemucca, NV 19 Feb 1992. 83 years old, divorced Lead Man for KCC. Father - Jacob Miller, Mother - Christine Schniebly. Informant - Rhonda Miller.
R-54-10 Miller June Harrah 10 Jun 1907 - ____ Mrs. Burton
M-26-6 Miller L. K.  
A.L.-6 Miller Lee   4 Dec 1914 - 25 Dec 1945. NEV Vet.
AA-24-31 Miller Lucille    
S-10-29 Miller Margaret    
G-57-13 Miller Mary   Age 4 and 1/4 years old, died Oct 1916 of tonsillitis. Buried 1 Nov 1916.
M-26-8 Miller Monroe   1880 - 1943. Husband of Elnora.
N-72VFW-11 Miller Morton J. 5 May 1930 -23 May 1993. Cremation, Ashes were scattered, Headstone only.
M-26-5 Miller Mrs. L. K.    
M-58-8 Miller Mrs. Mike    
D-10-2 Miller Orval H.
Orval was born in White Pine County on April 15, 1909 and died November 20, 1936. He was the son of Mary Elizabeth Thomas Miller Heusser and Hyrum Miller and the brother of Andrew, William, and Agnes Miller and Elmer, Evelyn, and Walter Heusser.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

L-8-5 Miller Ray    
AA-20A-4 Miller Rosalie    
  Miller Stanley Claude   15 Mar 1893 - 11 July 1956. Found dead in his cabin at the Flangus Housing in the west end of town of natural causes. Oregon WW I Vet. Buried in the American Legion plot.
A-3-6 Miller Theresa   Age 67 years, died Sep 1914 of Nephritis in Ely, NV. Buried by the County 29 Set 1914. She may be buried in Sec J 1- (1, 2, 7, or 8)
J-1-9 Miller Thomas H. 60 years old, died 1 Jan 1913 of Epilepsy / alcoholism in Ely, NV. He was a grocereryman. Buried 9 Jan 1913
  Miller Thomas Seth 1883 - 1944
M-B-13 Miller William "Dragline" Ransom Died in 1954. He promoted fake fights and the famous "Badger Fights" (Copper Times by Jack Copper Times by Jack Fleming p. page 4.)
A.L.-253 Miller      
AA-20A-5 Miller      
AA-24-29 Miller      
AA-24-30 Miller      
AA-24-32 Miller      
A.L.-58 Milley Gideon Powell 9 Nov 1890 - 31 Jul 1963. MONT Pvt. 30 Co 8 Bn 166 Depot Brig. WW I
I-4-5 Millick Al    
Old-4 Millick Albert J. 27 Jul 1882 - 17 Aug 1955. "From Cornwall"
R-58-7 Millick Amelia    
Old-4 Millick Andrew Jackson (John ?) 1834 - 1919. An 1874 Pioneer. Built first house in Ward, NV. He was a cabinet maker. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 83)
O-25-4 Millick Arthur G. 22 Jun 1880 - 20 Nov 1953
I-6-6 Millick Charles Ernest 1876 - 1924. Died age 48 in Ely, NV of an intestinal obstruction. Buried 24 Aug 1924.
N-63-7 Millick Dick (Arnold) R. 20 Jul 1922 - 20 Nov 1943. NEV Vet.
Old-4 Millick Emily LeMaster Age 77 years, died Dec 1915 of influenza. Mrs. A. J. Cooked at the Paymaster Mine. Buried 22 Dec 1915. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 83)
Old-4 Millick John Henry 1871 - 1908. Buried 29 Jul 1908.
R-59-5 Millick Minerva Elsie 21 Jan 1874 - 11 Oct 1970. Mother of Richard.
O-4-8 Millick Richard "Dick" Arthur 1862 - 1945. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 170)
R-58-8 Millick Richard "Dick" Arnold 10 Sep 1894 - 21 Mar 1956. "Father" On War Memorial on Courthouse lawn for WW II.
S-D-33 Millick Terry D. & Larry H. Baby
M-3-5 Mills Robert Orville 7 month old son of Thomas G. and Priscilla Long Mills died in East Ely, NV 11 Jan 1960
J-75-4 Milmore Joseph   Age 40 years, died Jun 1916 of obstruction of the bowel and buried by the County 20 Jun 1916.
K-7-6 Milobar Kate    
H-65-10 Milobar Lucius (Locis ?)   7 day old male died Oct 1918. Buried 15 Oct 1918.
G-80-8 Milobar Mary Louise 1 year old daughter of Louis and Mary died Jul 1924 of Cholera in East Ely, NV. Buried 6 Jul 1924.
G-62-10 Milobar Michel   4 months old, died Oct 1917 of diarrhea. Buried 31 Oct 1917
K-7-7 Milobar Mike   1879 - 1936
G-54-11 Milobar (Milabaro) Katie   6 month old female. Died in McGill, NV 1913 and was buried 3 Oct 1913. Owner of lot is Pete Milabaro.
H-78-1 Milobar (Milaboror) Luckor (Loka)   Age 24 years, died 4 Aug 1914 in a powder explosion at Copper Flat. Buried 6 Aug 1914.
Old-3-43 Milosevic Nick   Age 20 years, died 3 Jul 1911 of peritonitis. He was single. Buried 5 Jul 1911.
B- ? Milosevich Rade   1885 - 1947
Old-4 Milymour Ruth    
J-89-7 Miner H.    
M-34-4 Minniacai Ralph    
B-12-1 Minnicci M.    
Old-2-226 Minniem James Arthur  
H-53-7 Minosuke T.    
A-10-3 Miranda Victor   A Spaniard who was killed 25 Oct 1924 between Kimberly and Riepetown when a truck loaded with iron plate overturned and rolled down an embankment. NCC employee.
B-9-3 Mirando F.    
O-12-6 Mirdez Eulojio   11 Mar 1882 Mexico - 1 Dec 1957 at the home of Benny Reyes in Kimberly, NV. A KCC employee here since 1923, never married, no known relatives.
O-8-8 Mirich Dmitar "Mike"   Born Gornya, Trebina, Yugoslavia 1858 - 1945. Husband of Milica
E-4-4 Mirich Joe   20 years old, died from hemorrhage and shock in East Ely, NV. Buried 28 Feb 1913
A-21-2 Mirich Miladin   1884 - 6 Oct 1926. Age 40 years, died from pneumonia in McGill, NV. Buried 8 Oct 1926.
O-8-7 Mirich Milica "Baba"   Born Karlovac, Yugoslavia 1868 - 1947. Mrs. Mike
A-11-5 Mirich Vado (Vajo ?)   Age 34 years, male, died of pneumonia Mar 1920. Buried 9 Mar 1920.
S-14-26 Mirkich Jerry    
S-14-18 Mirzoian Khorean    
AA-20-12 Misculin Edna    
L-18-1 Misculin Kate Zivick  
L-18-2 Misculin Nickola "Nick"   7 Jan 1891 Smiljan, Jugoslavia - 26 Sep 1937
AA-20-13 Misculin      
  Miskonn Joseph   9 Mar 1882 - 24 Aug 1930
AA-4VFW-27 Mitchell Donald R. Died March 15,1991 in Oatman Arizona.
S-5-11 Mitchell Harvey F.  
H-71-7 Mitchell Steven   Age 47 years, died Oct 1916 of TB of the kidneys. Buried 16 Oct 1916.
H-74-4 Miura Eikuro (Yekuro) Gekur   Age 41 years old, male, died of pneumonia 1918. Buried 3 Dec 1918.
H-66-3 Miyamoto K.   1880 - 2 Mar 1919. Age 38 years old, male, probable homicide.
S-24-14 Moates Edward    
AB-9-4 Moats Lillie Marie Cox Born 24 Nov 24, 1921 NV - 12 Mar 1995 Ely, NV. Widowed homemaker. Father - John Cox, Mother - Annie Elizabeth Prothereo. Buried 17 Mar 1995. LDS service. Informant - Eleanor Blackham.
  Moey William   Of Cromwell, England, age about 52 years, died Aug 1905. Buried 26 Aug 1905
Old-1-353 Mohan John    
O-9-8 Mohar Emil    
C-0-4 Mohart A.    
B-26-5 Molison      
B-26-6 Molison (Molleson) Fine   1858 - 1934
I-7-2 Moller F. A. Age 40 years, male, died of pneumonia Mar 1920. Buried 28 Mar 1920.
J-51-2 Molly Indian   Age 60, died of pneumonia in Ely, NV. Buried 20 Mar 1926.
Old-4 Molynur R.    
Old-4 Molynur (Molyneaus) Maynard B. Age 4 years old, struck and killed by an automobile at Lane City, NV Dec 1925. Buried 29 Dec 1925.
G-62-6 Momcilonich Marilyn R. 4 days old, died Aug 1918 of tetanus. Buried 9 Aug 1918 (G-63-8 ?)
O-1- Momcilonich Nick   Died 19 Jan 1945 (1931 ?) Lt.
A-11-4 Monaghan Joseph P. Age 45 years, died Mar 1919. Buried 31 Mar 1919.
G-60-11 Monaghan Joseph   1 month 7 days old, died 1917. Born with a cleft palate and harelip. Buried 2 May 1917.
Old-2 Monaghan Pearl J. Born and died 27 Nov 1933.
  Monday Fenton   1857 - 1931. Married Ollie
  Monday Ollie M.   1870 - 1931. Married Fenton.
S-24-26 Monson Elmo   2 Mar 1909 - 10 Feb 1976. Of McGill, NV. KCC machinist. Married Ina.
S-24-25 Monson Ina Kate Larsen Died May 30,1990 in South Ogden, Utah. Mrs. Elmo.
H-94-5 Monson John    
Baby S-C-49 Monson Trent D. Baby
S-23-12 Montierth Rex Donald 11 Dec 1912 - 30 Sep 1974 at 947 Mill Street, Ely, NV. Miner. Married Hilda.
A- Montlione (Montiliuni ?) Joseph A. 11 Apr 1915 - 8 Jan 1933, age 18 years old. Killed in head-on automobile wreck near McGill, NV will three other teenagers: Chris Collis, Charles Eberle, and Robert Baker. Jerry Mahoney was driver of the other car.
AB-4-9 Montoya Elaiza Martinez Born Sept.12, 1914 in New Mexico, died Jan 9, 1990 Ely, NV. Married Higinio. Homemaker. Father - Narcizo Martinez, Mother - Manuelita Martinez. Deed to H. B. Montoya
AB-4-10 Montoya Higinio Baca Born Nov.03, 1908 in New Mexico, died Dec. 28, 1992 Ely, NV. Widowed Track Foreman for NNRR. Father - Pilar Montoya, Mother - Sarafina Baca. Buried 6 Jan 1993. Informant - Sally Trujillo. Deed to H. B. Montoya
  Montrose C. C.   Of Kentucky, age about 38 years old, died Jun 1906 and buried 15 Jun 1906.
G-55-8 Moon Charles William Baby, 11 days old, died East Ely, NV May 1913 of premature birth and malnutrition. Son of Clifford and Alice. Buried 28 May 1913. Lot owner - C. M. Moon.
Old-4 Moon I. C. Age 68 years, died Ely, NV of alcoholism Aug 1915. Buried 25 Aug 1915 south of Mrs. Moon.
J-52-3 Moon Mike   Age 6 years old, died in Ely, NV Sep 1923 of TB meningitis. Buried 17 Sep 1923.
Old-4 Moon Mrs. I. C.    
K-8-2 Moore Clyde Britt 22 Apr 1886 - 19 Oct 1938
Old-4 Moore Flora Inez


9 Mar 1862 Richland, Iowa - 15 Nov 1928 Ruth, NV. Mrs. William J. Flora Inez Moore was born Flora Inez Angstead at Richland, Iowa, and married William Jesse Moore on 26 October 1892, at Fillmore County,
Nebraska, where she and her husband were long time residents. She was injured in an automobile accident while vacationing in California in early 1928, and succumbed to her injuries while recuperating at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Peter P. Norregard, nee Vera Lucille Moore, at
Ruth, NV, on 15 November 1928. Info courtesy of Leslie J. Norregard, Sandy, UT
A.L.-138 Moore Frank S.  
A-42-4 Moore G. W.  
Old-4 Moore J. L.  
K-8-7 Moore James Thomas 26 May 1922 - 29 Oct 1935
M-35-4 Moore Joseph    
  Moore Joseph   Of Ireland, age about 67 years old, died Apr 1904. Buried 11 Apr 1904. (In Ely cemetery?) (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read)
  Moore Joseph L. Age 70 years, died in Ely, NV of pneumonia Oct 1926. Buried IOOF services 30 Oct 1926. Of Cherry Creek, NV.
Old-1-301 Moore Josh L. Of Cherry Creek, NV (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 100)
A-42-2 Moore K.    
K-8-3 Moore Katherine B.  
Old-4-429 Moore Mr.    
L-17-3 Moore Mrs.    
Old-4-430 Moore Mrs.    
AA-3-4 Moore Robert J.  
J-85-8 Moore T. F.  
Old-4 Moore William Jesse 26 Oct 1863 - 10 Sep 1934. Married Flora. William Jesse Moore was born 26 October 1863, at Napolean, Henry County, Ohio, and was a long time resident/farmer in Fillmore County, Nebraska, where he married Flora Inez Angstead. He was residing with his daughter, Mrs. Peter P. Norregard, nee Vera Lucille Moore, at Ruth, NV,
at the time of his death of 10 September 1934. Info courtesy of Leslie J. Norregard, Sandy, UT
S-26-3 Moore William T.  
K-8-6 Moore      
S-26-4 Moore      
Old-3-68 Moorehead Mary    
T-17-19 Moorehead      
T-17-20 Moorehead      
AA-8-20 Moorello Charles    
  Moorhead John R.   Of Iowa, about 49 years old, died Jan 1906. Buried 8 Jan 1906.
Old-4 Moorman Grace Ernst 1872 - 1911
O-17-5 Moorman Selma Zadow 1874 - 1964. Mrs. William O. Daughter of Emma Zadow
O-17-6 Moorman William Otto 29 Oct 1868 - 15 Sep 1948. Married Selma. Ely City Marshal 1919 - 1921
N-17-3 Moraitis Charles Christ 24 Oct 1943 -
L-4-7 Moran Edward Miller 1861 - 1938
M-43-2 Morene Andrew Tony 1890 - 1940
M-43-3 Morene Carolina Gilda 1880 - 1941
A.L.-241 Morgan Albert S.  
Old-1-375 Morgan Brigham   Age about 56 years from CA, died Apr 1907. Buried 30 Apr 1907.
H-67-3 Morgan David V. Age 35 years, killed in the Ruth Mine Aug 1918. Buried 16 Aug 1918.
A.L.-241 Morgan Doris Catherine Cremation.
M-46-7 Morgan Jack   1870 - 1944
Old-1-316 Morgan Robert Evans 14 days old, died 1908. Buried 1 Jun 1908
L-16-3 Morgan Yerna Lee  
C-15-7 Morgan      
A-10-3 Morindi Victor   Age 45 years, died Oct 1924 in an automobile accident at Kimberly, NV. Buried 28 Oct 1924.
AA-3-9 Morley Ann Lillian Born Aug.12,1910 in Colorado, died Dec.2,1990. George Morley
N-49-3 Morley D.    
N-50-2 Morley Eliza P.  
AA-26-33 Morley Ernest F.  
AA-26-32 Morley Ezra   1877 - 1962
AA-3-10 Morley George A. He was severely injured with 28 others in a McGill, NV converter explosion on 5 Jul 1959.
N-49-2 Morley Ike    
N-50-1 Morley Orlando    
AA-26-31 Morley      
N-49-4 Morley      
A-32-6 Morley (Morbey ?) Gertrude Morley Age 25 years, died Apr 1918 in Ely, NV of pneumonia. Buried 26 Apr 1918.
S-3-23 Morretti Blanche    
S-3-22 Morretti Marco   18 Oct 1887 Italy - 27 Sep 1961 at his Ely, NV home at 1114 Lyons Ave. A miner, here for 40 years, worked for Caesar Caviglia. Married Blanche.
S-19-19 Morris Charles    
A-26-8 Morris Frank   34 years old, died of a gunshot wound. Buried 5 Jan 1919
M-48-1 Morris Gene    
J-76-5 Morris Joseph   Age 80 years old, died Mar 1920. Buried 31 Mar 1920.
A-39-7 Morris Mary Ellen Age 49 years old, died 15 Dec 1916 at the Northern Hotel on Aultman Street, Ely, NV of toxemia. Buried 17 Dec 1916. (Ely Record 27 Mar 1976)
G-77-13 Morris R.    
B-4-4 Morris Steve    
  Morris Thomas O. 1888 - 1947
Old-3-59 Morrison Alexander C. Age about 50 years old, died Jan 1907. Mining man and former Clerk of Teller County, Colorado. Spanish American War Vet. CO E 1 Colo Inf. Buried 23 Jan 1907.
G-57-7 Morrison Baby   Born prematurely Jan 1914 in Kimberly, NV. Buried 24 Jan 1914. Owner of lot is Ed Morrison of Kimberly.
G-58-7 Morrison Baby   Baby girl born prematurely. Died May 1917. Buried 19 May 1917
G-54-10 Morrison Edwin   Lived 2 and 1/2 hours and died Jan 1916. Premature birth. Buried 2 Jan 1916.
M-38-1 Morrison Pearl    
N-65-2 Morrison Robert L. 29 Aug 1897 - 22 Mar 1950 (1951 ?)
  Morros Constantine Peter 1895 - 1941
Old-2 Morrow Sadie Patterson 25 Dec 1884 in CA - 26 Sep 1911, age 26 years 8 months 2 days. Widow, died of TB. Daughter of G. W. Patterson.
J-69-8 Morse Frank E. Age 54 years, male, died Feb 1917 of heart failure. Buried 24 Feb 1917.
G-84-6 Morse      
  Morten Asher Robert 11 May 1904 - 7 Jan 19_6. OK Pfc. Btry. B. Fld. Artly. WW I.
A.L.-43 Morten G. B.  
AA-7-9 Morton Glen E.

Born in Viola, Idaho known at the time as Fort Viola.
Youngest of 9 children of James and ? Shimmerhorn Morton. He was a refrigeration repairman that moved to Ely in 1965.
Information by Betty Morton Parry & Robert Morris rbmorris@pmt.org

AA-7-10 Morton Helen  

Born in South Dakota to Stephen Wood and Helene Olsen
Wood. Moved to Ely in 1965. A homemaker that raised 5 children. Source: Robert Morris rbmorris@pmt.org

  Mortonson Gregory Lee 28 Oct 1952 - 3 Nov 1952
B-13-3 Moskolin Joe    
B-3-6 Mount Elijah   Age 90 years, died Ely, NV Apr 1927 of heart failure. Buried 29 Apr 1927.
M-13-4 Mountrie C.    
Old-479 Moyer Melva Grace 7 months old, fell between the bed and wall and strangled to death in Ely, NV Dec 1925. Buried 30 Dec 1925.
Old-4 Moyle John   1858 - 1940. Married Minnie.
Old-4 Moyle Minnie   1866 - 1960. Mrs. John
S-4-17 Moyles Russell    
J-75-1 Moysoglon Moysy   Age 42 years old, male, died Dec 1913 of a gunshot wound at the County Hospital. Buried by the County 20 Dec 1913.
Z-C-6 Mudd Bessie L. Cremation.
G-80-9 Muir Baby   Stillborn male in McGill, NV Aug 1924. Buried 17 Aug 1924
  Muir Carl   10 Apr 1876 Eberhardt, NV - 10 Jul 1958 in SLC, UT. Son of Alex. He was a Hamilton, NV freighter via pack trains, merchant for many years, before moving to Ely about 1930 where he operated a Union Oil Distribution Bulkplant. Married Jean who died Dec 1954.
S-20-1 Muir Enoch B. A Doctor for KCC 1934
S-20-2 Muir Mary    
Old-4 Muleet M.    
I- Muller Frederick Anton 17 Feb 1878 - 24 Mar 1920.
Z-C-40 Muller Joseph C.  
S-7-6 Mulliner Jack    
C-24A-8 Mulliner John   17 Jun 1881 - 3 May 1969. Married Susan. "Father"
S-7-7 Mulliner Mae R. Lehman  
C-24A-7 Mulliner Susan Amanda Vincent 31 Dec 1887 S. Jordan, UT - 9 Apr 1959. Married John 31 Dec 1907 SLC, UT. In area since 1939.
C-24A-6 Mulliner      
K-3-2 Mulvahill William    
K-5-8 Mulvaney Frank    
G-88-1 Mulvaney      
C-27-8 Munday E. R.  
C-27-7 Munday Mrs. M. M.    
B-21-2 Mundwiller Edwin   Cremation.
B-21-2 Mundwiller Vivian   Cremation.
Old-4 Munroe Mary Josephine Age 31 years, died Feb 1920 of pneumonia. Buried 26 Feb 1920 and buried south of Neil.
Old-4 Munroe Mrs. Neil   Of Ireland, died age about 50 years Nov 1907. Buried 19 Nov 1907. Mrs. Neil Operated a rooming house at 356 Aultman Street in Ely, NV during the 1880's and 1890's. It was the only rooming house in Ely at the time. The building caught fire and was badly damaged in Apr 1958 while housing the Roundup Bar.
Old-4 Munroe (Monroe ?) Neil   Helped start the first Ely fire fighting team with Bill Peters and John Magnuson in 1899. Owned a hotel. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 272)
N-72-20 Munson A.    
N-43-3 Munson Brigham W. 2 Mar 1888 - 1 Dec 1947. Married Cora. "Father"
Old-2 Munson Carol G. 11 Jan 1933 - 16 Jan 1933
N-36-6 Munson Clarence   Died 1947. Married Lydia.
N-43-4 Munson Cora E. 16 Apr 1888 - 16 Apr 1945. Mrs. Brigham. "Mother"
R-50A-3 Munson Coy A. 1903 - ____ Married Lois.
R-39A-2 Munson Coy L. Jr.  
N-71-11 Munson Jack   He was the sixth General Manager of the NNRR 1979.
A.L.-53 Munson James Udell 7 Nov 1932 - 15 Feb 1965. NEV AIC USAF Korea Vet.
N- Munson Lawrence W 15 Apr 1945 - 2 Aug 1956.
R-50A-2 Munson Lois Starns 1906 - 1968. Mrs. Coy.
N-36-5 Munson Lydia A. 9 May 1890 - 18 Nov 1975. Mrs. Clarence.
AB-3-31 Munson Ray Milton Born June 24, 1916 in Utah, died Sept.15, 1991 at # 17 Ave D in McGill, NV. Married Georgia Michelson. Pattern Keeper for KCC. Father - Silas P. Munson, Mother - Serine Hansen. Deed to Ray Munson
O-19-5 Munson Thelma Rutherford Born March 24, 1912 in Nevada, died Oct. 6, 1995 in Elko, NV. Divorced homemaker. Father - Howard Rutherford, Mother - Clara Andrews. Informant - Betty Roberts.
O-19-6 Munson Warren J. 4 Nov 1904 - 25 Jul 1964
AB-3-32 Munson      
R-39A-1 Munson      
N-14A-3 Munter Anna   1865 - 1949
N-16-2 Munter August "Gus"   4 Mar 1872 - 31 Jan 1946
J-65-3 Munter R. H. Age 75 years, died from the Spanish Influenza epidemic Nov 1918. Buried 20 Nov 1918.
O-32-4 Muratides Anna (Anatoly)   Feb 1894 Trapezouti, Turkey - 9 Jul 1956. Mrs. George. In area since 1930.
O-33-1 Muratides Anthony    
O-32-3 Muratides George J. 31 Jan 1884 (1874 ?)Trapezouti, Turkey - 1958. In the area since 1912. Retired Foreman of pipe fitting shop in Ruth, NV.
M-18-8 Murchison Nora    
M-29-5 Murchison Roy Lee Died Jan 1962
AA-16-26 Murdock Lavar S.  
  Muroya Manji   Died 17 Nov 1924 at Ruth, NV of cerebral apoplexy. Japanese.
A-29-7 Murphy Anthony   Age 38 years old, died in Ely, NV of pneumonia 9 Feb 1925. Worked at Ruth, NV for NCC. Buried 12 Feb 1925.
C-29A-4 Murphy Dennis Bert 27 May 1898 - 30 Jan 1976 Unatilla, OR. Married Sylvia. Car Inspector for NNRR. US Navy WW I.
O-3-8 Murphy John Joseph 1888 - 1946. A Fire Chief in 1912. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 279)
Old-1-349 Murphy John Joseph Died 13 May 1907
K-3-3 Murphy Sadie    
C-29A-2 Murphy Sylvia Eunice Steele 19 Jan 1905 Red Cloud, Nebraska - 19 Mar 1959. Married D. Bert in Ely. Daughter of Elizabeth and Milton Steele.
T-13-16 Murphy Virginia   Died 1998 in Ely, NV. Built the Stardust in 1965. Deed to Carol Luce 641 Parker Ave.
S-17-8 Murrish Earl   Died 17 Nov 1973 Married Thelma
S-19-14 Murrish Thelma Clara Born July 12, 1905 in Utah, died March 1, 1976 in Ely, NV. Father - James Anderton, Mother - Sara Barney. Married Earl Murrish
M-A-8 Murry Jim   One of two brothers who gave Murry Creek and Murry Canyon their names. Buried in Ely's first cemetery.
J-98-8 Murry John   Age 57 years, died 1914 at the County Hospital of acute nephritis. Buried by the County in J-72-1 3 June 1914
L-19-1 Muscrave Mrs. R.    
L-19-2 Muscrave      
H-77-1 Musetta, (Musitor) Marko (Marke)   1875 - 4 Aug 1914, age 38 years old, killed in a powder explosion at Copper Flat. Buried 6 Aug 1914.
  Musgrove Edna   1880 - 1943. Sister of Marianna Divingzzo
  Musgrove Madeline   15 Feb 1867 - 5 May 1933. "Mother"
H-54-7 Myama K.    
A-30-3 Myers Anna   Age 30 years old, died Nov 1916 of heart trouble. Buried 5 Nov 1916
N-62-2 Myers Richard C. 1917 - 1948
N-62-3 Myers S. O.  
I-10-5 Myers W. C.  
N-62-4 Myers      
A-10-7 Myrich Edna   Age 29 years old, died Ely, NV Jun 1924 of alcoholism and syphilis. Buried 5 Jun 1924
M-59-3 Myrup Henry Allen 3 Sep 1906 - 27 Sep 1966. "Son of J. H. and J" NEV Vet.
M-59-1 Myrup Joseph Henry 1879 - 1939. Married Josephine 22 Jun 1898. "Father"
M-59-2 Myrup Josephine Higham 19 Sep 1880 Centerville, UT - 4 Oct 1958. Mrs. J. H. Daughter of Joseph and Harriet Buckley Higham
    Muro Rociva 1881 - 1918


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