Ely L


N-18A-6 Labarry Maria    
N-18A-5 Labarry Raymond    
M-35-7 Labate Dominick    
N-69-13 Labate Francis    
N-69-14 Labate Loreto    
M-35-6 Labate      
Old-5 Laberteaux A. J.  
J-45-7 Lacont A.    
G-74-13 Lacont      
G-81-11 Lacont      
H-70-6 Ladagiannis James    
Old-1-355 Lafferty A.    
N-17-6 Laforges Mike    
AA-1A-10 Laforges      
D-41-7 Lage Henry    
D-41-8 Lage Martha K.  
M-43-7 Lage Mrs. Walter    
D-41-5 Lage Walter    
M-43-8 Lage Walter    
C-17-4 Lager Elsie R.  
K-1-1 Lager Gust    
O-19-1 Laird Adam    
O-7-8 Laird Baby    
S-D-28 Laird Cora L. Baby
A-57-4 Laird Fred    
A-57-3 Laird Mrs.    
O-19-2 Laird Sybille F.  
S-29-46 Laity      
S-29-47 Laity      
B-7-7 Lajas Frank    
M-45-7 Lake Agnes Mae  
S-21-26 Lake Alexander    
S-21-25 Lake Bernice    
R-20-1 Lake Bertha    
R-49-4 Lake George F.  
Old-4-398 Lake Richie Lee(Baby)  
Old-4 Lake S. C.  
I Masonic-3-7 Lake Tom    
B-36-2 Lakeson Ethel M.  
A-19-1 Lalick Eva    
A-19-2 Lalick Nick    
A-9-4 Lalis Joulu    
H-71-8 Lallas Andrew    
G-64-15 Lalovich Steve    
L-6-1 Lambert Ada    
R-56-2 Lambert Della E.  
H-69-3 Lambert Nick    
R-56-1 Lambert Pierre    
L-6-2 Lambert Walt    
Z-C-18 Lamount Betty    
C-10-7 Lamount William    
C-10-6 Lamount      
M-44-6 Lampros Steve N.  
AB-7-28 Lampros      
A.L.-69 Lanahan L.    
M-31-5 Lander George    
S-24-10 Lane Cecil    
AA-21-9 Lane Edward Roscoe  
M-23-6 Lane H.    
AA-10-29 Lane Marjorie    
AA-10-30 Lane Robert    
A.L.-171 Lang Donald Charles  
D-24-7 Langford Henry    
S-12-26 Lani Albert F.  
S-18-28 Lani Benjamin    
AA-21-7 Lani Juanita L.  
S-1-15 Lani Lawrence    
N-16-6 Lani Leroy    
AB-4-4 Lani Marcheta J. Born June 14,1923 in Utah, died April 18,1991 at St. Mary's Med. center in Reno NV. 67 years old, married to Thereon J. Lani, homemaker SSN# 530-10-0589. Father - William Elmer, Mother - Augusta Thiessen. Resided at 29 Elysium Drive, Ely, NV
S-18-27 Lani Ruth E.  
AA-21-8 Lani      
AB-4-3 Lani      
AB-4-5 Lani      
E-4-5 Lani     Cremation.
E-4-5 Lani     Cremation.
S-12-23 Lani      
S-12-24 Lani      
S-12-25 Lani      
H-57-7 Lansburgh Charles    
N-72-48 Lant P. A.  
J-2-3 Lanter Dick (Indian)   19 years old. Buried 7 Mar 1913
M-47-7 Laplander Knute    
G-78-3 Laplander      
A-24-4 Larrageta Josephine   5 years old, died from burns. Buried 16 Jan 1919
H-75-6 Larrea Emmanuel    
S-14-7 Larrea Ygnacio    
B-16-3 Larry M.    
AA-5VFW-14 Larsen Richard    
R-66-4 Larsen Rodney    
N-64-6 Larsen Stephen    
AA-12A-1 Larsen      
AA-12A-2 Larsen      
AA-12A-3 Larsen      
R-1-2 Larsh W. F.  
K-15-1 Larson Albert    
J-22-5 Larson Andrew    
A.L.-44 Larson B.    
K-16-8 Larson C.    
K-15-1 Larson Chester Leroy  
K-16-1 Larson Chester    
S-21-16 Larson George    
S-5-2 Larson H. C. (Bob)  
D-26-1` Larson Henry    
J-38-6 Larson Peter    
Old-2 Larson R. G.  
R-55-14 Larson Rachael    
S-25-12 Larson Terry D.  
R-22-3 Larson      
S-21-15 Larson      
S-25-10 Larson      
S-25-11 Larson      
S-5-3 Larson      
S-6-3 Lascaray Martin    
A-36-1 Laterner Elizabeth    
S-9-10 Lathrop Boretta Edgar  
S-9-11 Lathrop Gordon H.  
H-77-5 Latitis George    
G-66-11 Latkovich Mike    
C-17-5 Laurenson Lynn    
C-17-6 Laurenson Magnus    
C-13-4 Laurenson Phila    
AA-14-18 Lavciria Enes    
AA-14-18 Lavciria Lila   Cremation.
S-16-17 Lavin Palma Mary Born October 27,1912 in Nevada, Died January 17,1995 in Nevada. 82yr Widowed homemaker. 530-05-1438 Father-Joseph Zerga, Mother Mary DeMartini.
S-16-18 Lavin Tony    
Old-4 Lawler John A.  
Old-1-380 Lawler Sadie D.  
A-5-1 Lawrence D.    
H-79-7 Lawrence Mamie    
B-4-7 Lawron Ellen   Born Lee Co., MS. Feb. 1862. Died Dec.2, 1927. 75yrs. Place of death Co. Hospital. Cert. Dr. Rand. Widowed housewife. Father, John Aderhold. Mother, Susie Cook. grt. . grandaughter. Sondra Rogers. Buried 5 Dec 1927. No headstone. W.P. Mort. records: Next of kin Ellis Lawron (son)
A-40-6 Lawson William    
R-16-1 Laxaque Antone    
R-30-5 Laxaque Baby    
R-16-2 Laxaque Catherine    
R-16-2 1/2 Laxaque Pascal   Cremation.
R-30-6 Laxaque      
R-30-7 Laxaque      
O-3-5 Lay J. T.  
J-80-7 Lazaroff Mike    
H-79-1 Lazarov Pete    
I-12-1 Leahigh Del    
Old-5 Leahigh Freeman J.  
Old-5 Leahigh Freeman R.  
AB-4-6 Leandro Leon Jr. Died Sept. 29,1990 in Portland Oregon. Deed to Frank Leon of Ely, NV
Old-274 Leany Edward    
G-66-1 Leccump Eugene    
M-18-8 Lee (see Murchinson)    
O-12A-8 Lee Baby    
S-C-41 Lee Brandon J. Baby
F-6-1 Lee Chinaman    
L-6-4 Lee Clarence    
R-66-3 Lee Clark Isaac  
AA-4VFW-35 Lee Delbert Eugene Born Jan.9,1924 in California, died Jan.27,1990 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. 66 years old. Married to Lora Hughes, Truck driver. SSN# 555-20-9267. Father - Raymond Jeffrey Lee, Mother - Ann Devlin. VFW.
C-23-8 Lee Doris    
AA-2-7 Lee Eloise   Born June 26,1931 in Utah, died Feb.10,1991 in Ely. 59 years old. Married to Ordie Lee Jr, of Ruth, NV. House Keeper in Nursing Facility. SSN# 528-42-0555. Father - Charles Alvin Torgersen, Mother - Mary Sophia Nielsen.
B-29-3 Lee Guy W.  
M-29-3 Lee Isaac    
S-1-18 Lee Joyce    
M-29-4 Lee Mrs. I.    
AA-2-8 Lee Sherman R.  
J-56-6 Lee Terry Lynn  
M-29-2 Lee Theodore    
B-29-4 Lee Tillie    
A.L.-40 Lee W.    
AA-2-36 Lee      
AA-2-6 Lee      
G-79-8 Lee      
M-18-1 Lee      
M-18-2 Lee      
M-18-7 Lee      
M-29-6 Lee      
O-25-5 Lee      
Z-D-38 Lefevre William    
N-11-1 Legans James    
R-15-5 Legero Rose    
Old-1-361 Lehman Baby    
S-7-7 Lehman Mae R. Mulliner  
AB-8-34 Lehman Melvin   Born March 24,1919 in Indiana, died Sept.11,1995 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. 76 yrs. old. widowed, Track tamper operator for KCC SSN# 566-36-6797 Father - Henry Lehman, Mother - Rosella. Informant - Dorothy Marich of Ruth, NV.
H-85-5 Leibhardt Mathilda    
K-7-2 Leigh Farrel E.  
G-A-7 Leigon      
AA-7-36 Leithiser Samuel    
AA-7-35 Leithiser      
S-20-23 Lemas Maria Eleutoria  
J-61-7 Lemay Ed    
M-49-7 Lemich Bessie    
C-28-3 Lemich Joe    
M-49-8 Lemich Mike    
F-7-1 Lemovich Mike    
A-52-3 Lencer Noah    
A-45-4 Lenis George    
A-45-3 Lenis Martha C.  
R-42A-2 Lennox Rose    
R-42A-1 Lennox William J.  
F-9-6 Leo Albert    
Old-3-41 Leo Frank    
M-14-7 Leomke Dutch    
Old-3 Leon B. C.  
AB-4-6 Leon Leandro    
C-18A-3 Leon Leandro    
N-72-80 Leonard J. F.  
J-52-7 Leonard James    
T-3-3 Leonard Paul   Cremation. Deed to Nettie May Leonard, McGill NV.
O-30-1 Leos Tony    
B-13-1 Leropulos Tom    
H-94-3 Leroy Russell    
AB-3-14 Lesher Harold Howard Born March 7,1914 in Iowa, died Oct.17,1991 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. 77 years old, divorced Carpenter. SSN# 438-14-8743. Father William Lesher, Mother - Jennie Coffee. Informant - Delores Marie Manchester of McGill, NV..
A-13-5 Letsos Chris    
R-48-6 Leutsinger Loren    
M-32-4 Levasso Frank    
A.L.-5 Leverson B.    
N-58-1 Levra John A. (Cremation) Born Jan.15,1914, died June 28,1991 in Grass Valley Nevada.
N-58-2 Levra John A. Cremation.
N-58-3 Levra Lily    
N-58-2 Levra Ugolina    
AA-20A-31 Levra Victorine P.  
AA-20A-32 Levra      
  Lewin Joseph    
N-72-13 Lewis Ed. L.  
M-39-1 Lewis Frank H.  
R-62A-1 Lewis Gary    
Z-C-38 Lewis Grant    
A-45-1 Lewis Harry    
G-63-5 Lewis Infant    
Old-1-263 Lewis Laura E.  
S-1-42 Lewis Robert E.  
O-18-6 Lewis Verle    
R-62A-2 Lewis      
S-1-41 Lewis      
AA-17-7 Ley Alvina    
AA-17-8 Ley      
H-72-7 Liaskas Louis    
AA-21-37 Liebrock John B.  
Old-4 Liebsack J. L.  
AA-14-8 Liebsack      
AA-14-9 Liebsack      
AB-4-17 Lieby Alice Amanda Born July 31,1913 in Utah, died Dec.5,1990 at the Washoe Med. center in Reno. 77 years old, widowed homemaker SSN# 530-09-4155. Father - David Kerr, Mother - Eva Carling. Informant - Delbert Davies.
A-21-1 Ligana John E.  
E-6-4 Lightfoot Baby    
Old-2-96 Liguri Lina    
S-10-10 Linden Clara M.  
S-10-11 Linden Halvor    
S-26-22 Lindhal Renne E.  
AA-21-14 Lindsley David E.  
A-12-7 Lindsley Johnny    
AA-21-13 Lindsley      
G-59-3 Lines Baby    
O-4-5 Link Oscar    
Old-4 Linn Baby    
R-36-1 Linnell Andrew    
R-52-8 Linnell Babies    
R-49-8 Linnell Bettye Elizabeth  

Born May 14, 1917 in Winnemucca Nevada, Died Oct. 
1973, in Englewood California. Soc Sec # 530-05-3148 Married Erling Vincent Linnell. They had four children, all boys.

R-49-8 Linnell Erling Vincent Sr.

Born Nov. 28, 1916 in Round Mountain Nevada, died 
Jan 1985 in Ely Nevada, Soc Sec# 530-01-2294, Married Bettye Elizabeth Herline, He served in the Korean war.

R-36-2 Linnell Inga K.  
AA-17-1 Linnell Katharine   Born March 7,1930 in Nevada died Nov.19,1991 at W.B.R. Hospital. age 61 Widowed Dental assistant 530-18-1816 Father George Jukich Mother Mildred Dragosavic. informant Teena Dobrescu
R-25-1 Linnell Lennert    
R-26-1 Linnell Llewelyn    
AA-17-2 Linnell Robert    
R-25-1A Linnell      
R-25-2 Linnell      
R-25-3 Linnell      
R-25-4 Linnell      
A.L.-16 Linquest A. D.  
I-11-4 Linscot Ernest    
O-19-4 Linsea Anna    
O-19-3 Linsea Lee Roy  
K-7-3 Linsley George    
K-7-4 Linsley Mrs. George    
H-70-8 Liosis Harry    
N-72-76 Lipparelli C. L.  
S-20-24 Lister Lida    
S-20-25 Lister      
R-55-7 Littledyke Alma (Al)  
N-54-4 Littledyke David Leroy  
R-55-8 Littledyke Deloy    
N-54-1 Littledyke G. R.  
N-54-3 Littledyke Mary Roundy  
N-54-2 Littledyke Sam    
R-55-5 Littledyke      
R-55-6 Littledyke      
R-59-6 Littlewood E. S.  
R-59-7 Littlewood      
Old-2 Llewellyn Bessie    
S-C-38 Llewellyn Christina   Baby
H-63-4 Llewellyn Reese Edward

Father of Kathy. Married "the first woman elected official in White Pine County". Source: Kathy Llewellyn Sestanovich KLSestanov@aol.com

B-14-3 Lockett F. C.  
A-17-7 Lockett Grace E.  
Z-D-15 Lockett Loren K.  
B-28-8 Lockett M. C.  
G-57-1 Lockhart      
E-7-4 Lockwood Clara B.  
R-67-3 Lofthouse Charles A.  
R-67-4 Lofthouse      
K-1-1 Loget Gust    
G-76-4 Lombardi      
A-18-8 Lonchar Dan    
B-7-10 Londos A. L.  
R-11-1 Londos Harry    
R-10-10 Londos Irene    
B-7-1 Londos Mrs. N.    
R-10-9 Londos      
R-11-2 Londos      
R-11-3 Londos      
R-11-4 Londos      
B-32-4 Long H. D.  
I-8-2 Long John E.  
N-8-4 Long Leon    
I-9-3 Long Louis    
N-9-1 Long Mrs. B.    
Z-D-54 Long Ruth E.  
B-32-3 Long William    
Z-D-55 Long      
A.L.-196 Looney Fred D.  
R-55A-3 Looser B.    
G-73-15 Lopace      
AB-10-10 Loper      
AB-10-9 Loper      
AB-6-1 Loper      
H-82-2 Lopez A.    
N-72-98 Lopez Twins    
G-84-3 Lopez      
G-A-8 Lopez      
J-31-2 Lopez      
Z-C-19 Lorimore Carmie    
G-82-8 Lorratilla      
B-2A-4 Lotty T. M.  
Z-C-41 Lovejoy Beryl    
J-1-5 Lovelace R. H. 50 years old, died of Epilepsy. Buried 19 Feb 1913
Old-4 Low Son of C.C.    
S-14-27 Lowe Ace    
Old-4-415 Lowe Sadie    
I-9-5 Lowe Sargent W.  
J-84-8 Lowney C.    
J-65-5 Lowney James    
S-17-20 Lucas Clara Delores Born June 28,1907 in West Virginia, died Feb.18,1991 in the care center in Ely NV. 83 years old, widowed homemaker. Father - James W. Arthur, Mother - Clara Dotson. Informant - Barbara Stoddart.
S-17-21 Lucas Kenneth R. Sr.  
S-17-21 Lucas Kenneth Jr.  
S-3-20 Lucas William D.  
AA-10-37 Luce Dave A. Died in Arroyo Grande CA. on 9 Mar 1995. Buried 16 Mar 1995. Deed to Dave Luce of Ely, NV
C-12-8 Luce Eugene    
C-12-7 Luce Sara B.  
AA-10-36 Luce      
G-73-13 Luce      
N-72-15 Lucero B. L.  
R-64-3 Lucero Consuelo    
R-55-15 Lucero Fred O.  
G-78-4 Lucero      
C-21-2 Luchesi Ann    
C-21-2 Luchesi Arthur    
Old-2-121 Luchesi Biagio    
B-22-1 Luciacono Fred    
AA-21-15 Lucketich Matt    
Old-2 Lucy J.    
AA-20-17 Lujan Alice S.  
N-15-5 Lujan Dave    
Z-C-22 Lujan Helen    
AA-20-16 Lujan      
R-3-6 Lujianna Jesus    
R-3-5 Lujianna      
O-21-2 Lukich Mike    
F-7-2 Lukich Pete    
H-54-3 Lung Tong    
J-31-8 Lung      
O-8-1 Lusetti John    
O-8-2 Lusetti Mrs. J.    
AA-13-7 Lusetti Vincent    
AA-13-6 Lusetti      
M-43-5 Luther Clara Fay  
M-43-6 Luther Connie Jean (Reeves)  
M-47-6 Luza Lake    
C-12-4 Luzzetti Nat    
H-55-2 Lykins Jim    
K-1-3 Lyle John W.  
E-3-4 Lyons Mike   50 years old. Buried 14 Dec 1912
S-C-24 Lystrup David Lavar Baby


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