Old-2 Henderson Claire    
R-39-9 Henderson Edith    
G-66-9 Henderson Infant    
Old-1-343 Henderson Jacob    
R-39-4 Henderson Josephine    
J-87-6 Hendrickson Matt    
O-31-8 Hendrix Nancy    
Z-C-35 Hendrix Troy Lee  
G-54-14 Hengstler Baby    
AA-14-21 Hennings Leonard Leo  
AA-8-33 Hennings Milfred (Mick)  
AA-14-20 Hennings      
AA-8-32 Hennings      
AA-5VFW-20 Henrickson George    
B-23-8 Henroid A.    
R-53A-5 Henroid Albert R. Sr. Died April 5, 1991 in Clarkston Washington.
B-24-8 Henroid Arthur    
B-23-1 Henroid Eugene A.  
B-23-4 Henroid Fred    
Z-D-2 Henroid Gustave    
AA-8-13 Henroid Gwen    
B-23-5 Henroid Irene    
C-26-7 Henroid John    
B-24-7 Henroid Kath.    
R-53A-6 Henroid Mary Elizabeth  
B-23-6 Henroid Mrs. E.    
B-23-3 Henroid Pearlean    
F-9-7 Henroid R. E.  
C-8A-3 Henroid Violet Irene (Webb) Born August 25,1904, Died April 16,1961
B-23-7 Henroid W. W.  
AA-21-16 Henroid Wayne Allen  
B-24-1 Henroid Willard J.  
C-8A-4 Henroid William    
Z-D-1 Henroid Wilma L.  
AA-21-17 Henroid      
AA-21-18 Henroid      
AA-21-19 Henroid      
B-23-2 Henroid      
B-24-2 Henroid      
B-24-3 Henroid      
B-24-4 Henroid      
B-24-5 Henroid      
B-24-6 Henroid      
C-26-6 Henroid      
C-26-8 Henroid      
Z-D-3 Henroid      
J-66-7 Henry John (Indian)  
Old-5-450 Henry John V.  
D-25-2 Henry Luis    
M-18-4 Henshaw H. R.  
S-8-23 Hepner Frank    
S-8-22 Hepner Grace E.  
M-2-7 Hepworth Emily    
M-2-8 Hepworth Frank    
Old-4-441 Herdman John    
R-36-10 Herline Mina  

Born July 3, 1897, died April 1974

J-87-2 Herman E.    
R-34-8 Hermansen Chris    
AA-12-5 Hermansen Marcus    
R-34-7 Hermansen Nellie    
AA-12-4 Hermansen      
AA-8-25 Hernandez John    
J-84-4 Hernandez Leon    
AA-2-5 Herrick Walter Adolph Born Jan. 6, 1909 in Utah, died Nov. 20, 1990 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. 81 years old, married to Ordene Bostwick. Weatherman for the U.S. Weather Bureau. Father James Pierpont Herrick, Mother - Elizabeth Lohhead. Deed to Walter Herrick
AA-2-4 Herrick      
R-19-5 Herron Adaline    
Old-2 Herron Sally    
L-7-5 Herselle Camille    
G-54-2 Hervey Baby    
R-64-4 Hesselgesser Harry E.  
N-65-15 Hesselgesser Irwin    
R-65-1 Hesselgesser Mary F L  
AB-2-8 Hettich Mollie (Connally) Born Jan. 5, 1925 in New Mexico, died Dec. 3, 1990 at #6 6th St. in McGill NV. 75 years old. Married to Larry Hettich. Janitor for KCC. Father - Fidel Gallegos, Mother - Octavinia Trujillo. Informant David Sandoval.
F-1-4 Heusser Albert  

Born March 4, 1836 in Zurich, Switzerland, died Jan. 22, 1915 of injuries received in a car accident on Dec. 14, 1914. (per Ely Record Microfilm #28)

Albert Heusser arrived in Connecticut in 1852 and became a blacksmith and wheelwright in Ellington, Connecticut

"Albert Heusser came to Nevada in 1871, had a very interesting association with the history of White Pine County and its county seat. He was the first blacksmith at Ely, and he also erected the second building in the city. That old structure is still standing as a memorial to the pioneer past. Albert Heusser's chief interests were ranching and cattle raising He lived in this part of Nevada for over half a century. His children besides are William A., of Ely; Mary Jane and C. G. of  Manchester, Connecticut"  (per Nevada , Volume II, page 436 by James G. Scrugham) 

Albert Heusser was elected to a four year term as White Pine County Commissioner in 1898. Heusser Mountain and Heusser Springs (*north of Ely) are named for Albert Heusser.

Albert Heusser's ranch was located one mile southeast of Bassett Lake on either side of Duck Creek. The ranch was sold to M. M. Johnson of Ely in 1906 for $40,000.00. Albert was a member of Ely's Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. No. 29

He had three sons, William A. , Charles W., and Crane G. and a daughter, Mary Jane.

July 20, 2007 Source:

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

G-57-2 Heusser Baby  

Baby lost in childbirth by Bill and Ethel Heusser on January 2, 1915.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

B-12-5 Heusser Ernest Henry

Ernest was born April 10, 1918 and died Dec 11, 1931. He was the twin brother of  Emmet Heusser.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

F-1-3 Heusser Ella (Electra) Levada Houghton

Born Electa Levada Houghton on August 29, 1842 in Union, Connecticut, died July 20, 1915. Ella was the youngest of nine sisters and one brother.

Married Albert Heusser on May 1, 1864.

Ella was the great-granddaughter of Captain Thomas Lawson of the Revolutionary War Connecticut Militia. Having lost three children in childbirth, she returned to Connecticut in 1882 to deliver her last child who was named Crane Gallagher Heusser in honor of William Crane Gallagher. It is not known when she subsequently returned to Nevada. Ella and Albert Heusser lived in Ely at 296 Ely Avenue.

Had three sons, Charles W. and William A, Crane G, and a daughter, Mary Jane.

July 20, 2007 Source:

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

B-12-6 Heusser Emmett


Emmett was born April 10, 1918 and died April 2, 1973. He was the twin brother of Ernest Heusser.

He was a cobbler who was last employed by the Ely Shoe Store. he never married and lived with his mother at 296 Ely Avenue.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

B-12-8 Heusser Ethel T.

Ethel Julia T. Heusser. Born August 8, 1885 in Alabama and died January 22, 1975 in Ely.

Ethel was a beautician who met Bill in Alabama while he was attending barber college. She was an excellent cook and southern hospitality was a way of life for her.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

B-12-7 Heusser Kenneth E.

Kenneth was born April 17, 1960 and died August 9, 1972 in a traffic accident. He was the son of Albert and Wilma Heusser.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

L-1-5 Heusser Mary Elizabeth Thomas Miller

Mary Elizabeth Thomas Miller Heusser was born in Elko County May 10, 1879 and died in Ely on June 1, 1939. She grew up on the Thomas Ranch in Clover Valley. She was a daughter of Jack and Elizabeth Thomas who are buried on the Byron Bohne Ranch in Elko County. She married Hirum Miller and  had four children - Andrew, William, Orval, and Agnes. She divorced Hyrum Miller in 1910. She married Charles Heusser on August 4, 1913 and had three children - twins Elmer and Evelyn and Walter.

 She owned a small ranch near Baker and had grazing permits for several head of cattle from 1918 thru 1926. The numbers range from seven to eighteen. She was a  midwife and assisted in the birth of babies in Spring Valley and Snake Valley working with Doctor Ririe. Among the last babies she helped into the world were her grandchildren Neil, Loraine, and Kenneth. She sewed patchwork quilts.

She was the sister of Joseph S. Thomas ( D-11-1) and Oliver C. Thomas (K-3-5). 

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

B-11-5 Heusser William Albert

William Albert Heusser Sr. Born August 12, 1875 in Steptoe Valley and died June 10, 1952 in Ely.

Bill went to a barber college in Alabama where he met his wife Ethel. He owned and operated his own barber shop in Ely. He also owned and rented several houses which he had inherited from his father Albert. After he retired from barbering, he had a small convenience store in the front rooms of the 296 Ely Avenue House. The store had a penny candy section and his nephew Elmer's children were given a considerable discount on posted prices.

Bill and Ethel were the parents of William Albert Jr., and twins Ernest Henry and Emmett Thomas.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

D-10-3 Heusser Walter Marcus

Walter was born in Ely on November 19, 1918 and died on May 2, 1935. Walter was killed by an accidental shotgun blast while hunting with his best friend. The family never blamed Walter's friend.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

F-1-1 Heusser    

Probably one of the two children lost in childbirth to Ella and Albert Heusser

A third child was lost in Connecticut which is documented in the family bible which is in my sister Connie Kliewer's possession.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

F-1-2 Heusser    

Probably one of the two children lost in childbirth to Ella and Albert Heusser

A third child was lost in Connecticut which is documented in the family bible which is in my sister Connie Kliewer's possession.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

S-12-14 Heusser Elmer


Elmer was born in Ely on October 25, 1915 with  twin sister Evelyn. He grew up in Ely and on the family ranch near Baker. He served in the Civilian Conservation Corps during 1934. He worked underground for Nevada Consolidated Copper Corporation from 1936 through 1948. He was a member of the International Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union. His last employee classification was welder and ore car repairman. He went to work for Kennecott Copper Corporation in 1949 and was still on the payroll when he died of a heart attack in 1967. His last employee classification was as a heavy equipment mechanic. He as a member of the International Association of Machinists Union.

Elmer married Adrienne on February 3, 1940 and they are the parents of  Connie, Charles, and Dennis. Elmer was primarily involved with his family when not working to support them. He enjoyed fishing and hunting. He was very good with animals and the family dogs were well trained. He encouraged his children to become as educated as possible and supported them in their efforts.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

N-72-4 Heusser William Albert Jr.

Albert was born Oct. 7, 1916 in Ely and died Nov. 24, 1970 in Ely.

Albert served in the US Army during WWII and saw service in North Africa and Italy. He worked as a painter and a mechanic and was last employed at the White Pine County Maintenance Department Shops. He married Wilma Burton on February 18, 1952 and is the father of William, Kenneth, and Elizabeth.

Charles W. Heusser
265 Karen Way
Tiburon, Ca 94920

S-12-13 Heusser      
A-8-8 Hewitt Mary E.  


L-13-2 Hexem Bertha    
L-13-1 Hexem Gilbert (Albert?)  
L-13-3 Hexem Lars   Born November 9, 1910 in Utah, Died March 5, 1995 in Nevada. (W.B.R.) Never married, Carpenter,  age 84. Father- Albert Hexem, Mother Bertha Legernes. VFW Deed to Arthur Hexem
AB-7-31 Hexem      
AB-7-32 Hexem      
L-13-4 Hexem      
Old-4 Hexem      
AB-4-18 Hiatt      
AB-4-19 Hiatt      
AB-4-20 Hiatt      
AB-3-16 Hibbard Eldred Carroll Died Sept. 9, 1991 in St. George Utah.
AB-3-15 Hibbard      
AB-29-8 Hickey Mary E.  
Old-4 Hickman John    
AA-17-5 Hickman      
AA-17-6 Hickman      
E-6-3 Hickox E.    
E-6-2 Hickox Lyle    
J-93-3 Hicks Beverly    
A-51-8 Hicks Billy Bruce  
AB-2-36 Hicks F. B. (Bud) Born May 22, 1922 in Texas, died on Ave. C. in Ely, NV. Nov. 4, 1992. 70 years old, widowed, Drilling contractor. Father - James Arwine Hicks, Mother - Louise Jane Newman. Informant - Jimmy Hicks
B-10-7 Hicks Fred    
AB-2-35 Hicks Lucille Lattie Born Feb. 9, 1918 in Texas, died March 7, 1992 at the care center in Ely NV. 74 years old Married to F. B. Hicks, Owner - Manager of Sunbeam coal Co. Father - James Luis Cain, Mother - Emaline Underwood. Informant Chris North. Deed to Jimmy L. Hicks
S-7-3 Hicks Roy L. Jr.  
A-42-8 Hicks William    
AB-2-31 Hicks      
AB-2-32 Hicks      
AB-2-33 Hicks      
AB-2-34 Hicks      
N-65-14 Hickson Paul    
O-20-2 Hienback Charles    
O-20-4 Hienback Mildred    
S-15-3 Higley Earl T.  
G-58-11 Hildebrand Baby    
S-8-3 Hildebrand Jesse    
S-8-4 Hildebrand Pearl    
A-11-7 Hill Adam    
N-61-1 Hill C. L.  
S-2-37 Hill Devear Roy  
C-8A-6 Hill Earl    
Old-5 Hill Elizabeth E.  
S-10-25 Hill Frank G.  
H-83-8 Hill James    
S-5-23 Hill Margaret Helen  
R-47-6 Hill Mary    
S-5-22 Hill Oscar    
N-42-2 Hill Pearl    
Old-2-127 Hill Sidney    
S-5-20 Hill Thomas    
J-86-5 Hill William    
Old-4 Hill William E.  
S-10-24 Hill      
S-10-26 Hill      
S-2-38 Hill      
S-2-47 Hill      
T-11-14 Hill      
A-2-2 Hillan John    
AA-7-6 Hillberg Ben Amin F.  
C-6-4 Hillen Annie Rosevear Born 1869, Died 1946
C-7-1 Hillen Robert    
AA-10-33 Hillyer Shirley    
Old-1-264 Hilp Baby    
O-15-7 Hiltz Charles    
I-9A-3 Hislop Lucille    
S-15-11 Hitchings Clifford    
S-15-10 Hitchings Leota E.  
S-1-9 Hitchings Lester    
C-8-3 Hitchings Maude    
S-1-10 Hitchings Rose    
H-79-8 Hmianis George G.  
Old-3 Hockett Mrs. N.    
Old-4-412 Hodson James    
Old-4-413 Hodson Mrs. M.    
AA-29-5 Hofeins      
AA-29-6 Hofeins      
Old-4 Hogan C. A.  
I-8-3 Hogan George    
E-6-7 Hogan James D.  
L-9-4 Hoggan Lillian W.  
R-33-5 Holder Jessie (&Martha Baum)  
N-28-7 Holder John    
R-33-6 Holder William    
G-63-1 Holder      
G-82-13 Holder      
Z-C-54 Holey George    
Z-C-55 Holey Mattie    
AB-2-5 Holland Anna Mary Farmer

Born 4/21/1933 Mt Vernon Ill. - 12/7/1994 Las Vegas, wife of George Emery. 1st married Gerald Sheridan in Ill, 2 daughters Gloria (Sutherland) and Debbie (Morley). 2nd marriage to George Emery Holland of McGill, 2 daughters: Kathy (Brunson) and Georgann (Mayer).  Source: 2/1999 - George F. Holland II, Plano, TX Geoff@airmail.net

R-27-5 Holland Clara Isabelle


b. 5/12/1904 Cherry Creek, to George Emery McMurray of Clayton Ill and Mary C. Ryan "Thomas". * d. 3/02/1964 McGill, NV, widow of George Francis Holland. She worked for Kennicott. She had 1 brother John Leonard McMurray b. 2/16/07 - d. 6/8/1944 on Normandy Beach WWII, and two step-sisters, Agnes and Blanche Thomas. Agnes Thomas was a postmaster at Cherry Creek, she died in California. (*Mary C. Ryan "Thomas" "McMurray" was in 1900 census and gave birth in 1907 to John Leonard, however she was not in the household for the 1910 census. Believe that she died between 1907-1910.)   Source: 2/1999 - George F. Holland II, Plano, TX Geoff@airmail.net

A.L.-108 Holland George


B. 8/23/1891 in Schellbourne, NV, son of James Daniel Holland (in Cherry Creek cemetery), d. 5/30/1947 at home in McGill, NV, worked for Kennicott, wife Clara Isabelle McMurray, 2 children Kenneth Owen and George Emery.  Source: 2/1999 - George F. Holland II, Plano, TX Geoff@airmail.net

AB-2-6 Holland George Emery Born Nov. 22, 1927 in Nevada, died April 4, 1992 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. 64 years old, married to Ann Farmer. Pipe fitter for KCC in McGill. Father - George Francis Holland, Mother - Clara Isabelle Mc Murry. Deed to Anna Holland 14 1st Street McGill NV.
R-29-2 Holland George Thornton  
AA-5VFW-12 Holland Kenneth Owen

B. 8/13/1925 in McGill, NV, d. 9/18/1982 in Las Vegas, NV. Wife Barbara Louise Mackie of Blackfoot Idaho, they had 8 children. Vet of WWII, Coast Guard, he was a Teamster and drove truck in California and Nevada 30+ years. Parents were George Francis Holland and Clara Isabelle McMurray.  Source: 2/1999 - George F. Holland II, Plano, TX Geoff@airmail.net

AB-2-3 Holland      
AB-2-4 Holland      
AB-7-10 Holland      
C-8A-7 Hollenbeck Andrew    
C-8A-6 Hollenbeck Pearl    
M-56-6 Holler Charles    
A-30-2 Holliday James A.  
Old-2-158 Hollister Elizabeth    
R-46A-3 Holman E. L.  
R-29-3 Holman Eva L.  
R-29-2 Holman George Thornton  
S-8-1 Holman Harry    
S-19-25 Holman Sarah    
S-8-2 Holman      
C-3A-7 Holmes Lou J.  
Old-2-217 Holmes S. N.  
M-28-6 Holmstrom A. B.  
R-14-2 Holy R. K.  
M-C-18 Hon Mrs.    
J-64-4 Hong Lem    
N-72-100 Hood Robin G.  
N-38-8 Hoogasiani Sam    
N-67-7 Hoon R. E.  
S-8-20 Hooper Augusta    
Old-1 Hooper Tom    
Old-1 Hooper      
Old-1 Hooper      
N-51-2 Hoots Eva    
Baby S-C-34 Hoots Marko E.  
A-49-4 Hope Charles    
J-38-3 Hopkins George    
S-3-3 Hopkins Leona Lee  
D-13-2 Hoppe Louis Albert  
H-86-5 Hopson C. M.  
R-44-6 Horlacher Paul    
R-44-5 Horlacher      
R-44-7 Horlacher      
R-44-8 Horlacher      
G-65-15 Hornbeck Baby    
S-3-4 Hornbeck Eileen    
S-10-34 Hornbeck Victor Lee  
K-4-7 Horotumain Arsog    
N-26-2 Horton Anne M.  
N-33-8 Horton C E "Dutch"  
Old-4 Horton D.    
N-66-3 Horton Lester    
G-74-3 Horton      
G-74-6 Horton      
N-26-1 Horton      
N-26-3 Horton      
N-26-4 Horton      
N-32-5 Horton      
N-66-2 Horton      
B-1A-3 Hoskins John    
H-87-6 Hosono Charles    
J-88-4 Hotcreek Anna    
A-4-6 Hough Mary    
R-17-9 Houghtaling Aron A. ("Shorty") Born 1910 Died 1978
M-30-2 Houpandos Elet    
Z-B-7 Hours Paul    
N-2-2 House Dick    
N-2-6 House Ervin B.  
N-2-5 House Mildred    
N-2-1 House Richard O. Jr.  
J-57-3 House W. J.  
N-2-3 House      
N-2-4 House      
N-2-7 House      
N-2-8 House      
M-20-1 Houston Bob    
S-2-10 Howard Laura Z.  
S-2-10A Howard      
N-11-4 Howarth Birdie    
N-11-3 Howarth Joe E.  
S-1-2 Howe Jane    
S-1-1 Howe John    
N-23-7 Howe Steven T.  
N-72-18 Howell Twins    
S-2-1 Howes Billy    
Baby S-D-44 Howes Stacie Lee  
S-2-48 Howes      
Old-1-290 Howey Owen    
Old-2-203 Hoyt Ed.    
Old-3-33 Hoyt Ed.    
N-23-3 Hoyt Harold    
AA-21-38 Hoyt Hazel Sylvia  
H-65-3 Hoza Joe    
M-40-3 Hubbard William Walter  
M-40-4 Hubbard      
Old-3-63 Hubbs George    
J-3-3 Huber John    
Old-2 Hudgens Baby    
Old-2 Hudgens Baby    
R-5-1 Hudson Alice D.  
I-6-1 Hudson Orson    
R-4-4 Hudson Tom    
N-14-1 Hudson Walter    
R-5-2 Hudson      
AA-23-64 Huebener Velma    
L-1-6 Huesser C.    
L-1-5 Huesser Mary E.  
Old-2 Huff Baby    
D-13-6 Huffstatler Jim    
N-3A-1 Hug Charles  

Born Feb. 6, 1872 in Providence, UT. Died Sept 16, 1946 at 74 years of age. He was a crane operator for Kennecott, a copper mine company. Parents - Rudolf Hug and Mary Nesser both from Switzerland. He was married to Ella Procter, and divorced. She moved to Tonapah, NV to open a Millinery shop and later married Clarence Kind and moved to Reno. Ella and Charles had one son together, my grandfather, Procter Hug who settled in Reno and became superintendent of schools of Washoe County. There is a high school named after him there. Charles married Elizabeth Ann Hug later, I don't know the date. Source: Elyse Hug Pasha  Midge1234@aol.com

N-3A-2 Hug Ann  

She was born May 29, 1883 in Salem, Utah, died May 19, 1957. Parents were David Evans and Ann Jenkins Ward. Mrs. Charles Hug. She was his second wife. Source: Elyse Hug Pasha  Midge1234@aol.com

Old-4 Huggard Baby    
Old-1-293 Hughes Baby    
R-9-3 Hughes Dan    
G-63-10 Hughes Ruth    
O-27-6 Hughes W.    
R-9-4 Hughes      
M-24-6 Hull Anna J.  
A-42-5 Hull G. C.  
A-42-6 Hull Margaret J.  
M-24-5 Hull Marion J.  
Old-5-454 Hull Mrs. M.    
Old-5-455 Hull Q. W.  
G-65-6 Hull Robert M.  
M-24-7 Hull Walt    
AB-2-13 Hull      
AB-2-14 Hull      
AB-2-15 Hull      
Old-5-452 Hull      
Old-5-453 Hull      
F-11-5 Hume Ward    
Old-4 Humphrey Roswell    
Z-D-20 Humphreys Charlotte    
C-19-1 Humphry Dudley    
G-75-2 Humphry      
T-2-1 Hunt (Janice)   Janice Hunt Reno NV.
T-2-2 Hunt (Janice)   Janice Hunt Reno NV.
AA-29A-7 Hunt Darrin R.  
S-19-6 Hunt James C.

Born March 20,1885 in Sedalia, Kansas. He died January 15,1974 at his Ely home of a
brief  illness.  Married Mary Bell Morris  September 30, 1911 in Holton, Kansas.  He taught in schools in Colorado.  In 1938 they moved to Ely where he worked as a switchman for Nevada Northern Railway. Daughters; Myrth, Dorothy, and Fern.  Sons; Leo and
Charles.  He also raised his grandson James Busch. Sisters; Elfie and Cecil.  Brother; Russell, Elton, Richard, Fred, Dale, Dallas and Otto.  Father; Daniel Webster Hunt.  Mother; Mary Emma Hamlin. Source: Kami Lopez kalopez69@yahoo.com

S-19-7 Hunt Mary Bell Morris

Born April 4, 1888 in Union Star, MO.  She died of natural causes March 26, 1985 at her daughters home in Twin Falls, ID.  She married
James C. Hunt on September 30,1911.  She worked in the post office and general store in Preston, Nebraska. Moved to Ely in 1938, where she was a homemaker. Daughters; Myrth, Dorothy, Fern and Daffadon
(preceding her in death). She also had infant twin daughters that preceded her in death.  Sons; Leo and Charles. She raised her grandson James Busch.  Sister; Nellie. Brothers; Charles Leo.  Father; John
Morris and Mother; Nannie Florence Johnson. Source: Kami Lopez kalopez69@yahoo.com

S-25-26 Hunt Ruby    
S-13-13 Hunt Shasta    
Old-3-64 Hunter James    
AA-20-2 Hunter John R.  
N-66-4 Hunter W. L.  
S-20-13 Huntington Ann    
S-20-14 Huntington Glen    
S-20-12 Huntington      
C-16-7 Huntsman Pete    
C-3-7 Hurgen Mrs.    
C-3-8 Hurgen William F.  
C-12-6 Hurington      
M-12-4 Huron John E.  
L-14-2 Hurst C. A.  
L-4-2 Hurst Clarence D.  
C-1-4 Hurst George    
C-1-3 Hurst Sally W. Born 1875, Died 1962
C-29A-1 Hurst William    
Old-2 Hutchins Don    
I-4-4 Hutten Earl    
S-22-22 Hutton      
S-22-26 Hutton      
B-10-3 Huvestich Paul    
A.L.-150 Hyland Joe    
R-48-3 Hyland John    
R-48-4 Hyland Theresa    
R-48-5 Hyland      


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