M-B-9 Hagan Earl    
M-B-10 Hagan Eleanor Francis  
A-36-7 Hagens D. F.  
A-36-6 Hagens Lucille    
A-37-8 Hagens      
J-70-4 Hager Hiram R.  
Z-D-28 Hai Quan Fong  
Old-4 Haight George H. Infant  
H-73-3 Haigware Aigro    
Old-5 Hair W. E.  
H-72-3 Hakkaramer Adam    
Old-2-208 Halaftes Nick    
S-2-43 Hale Charles D.  
S-2-39 Hale Gladys May  
M-9-7 Hale Knight Claudia  
R-56-9 Hale Mrs. B.    
L-1-2 Hale Nettie    
R-56-6 Hale Ross W.  
R-56-13 Hale William    
Old-5-449 Haley Elizabeth    
Old-5-448 Haley John    
Z-D-34 Hall Clinton M.  
L-13-7 Hall David Lee  
S-2-19 Hall Edna Mary  
AA-25-10 Hall Eleanor    
S-19-16 Hall Helmer    
AA-25-13 Hall Joseph    
N-23-1 Hall Leonard    
R-1-10 Hall Margaret    
S-23-2 Hall Mary Dee  
S-23-4 Hall Ondra Delana  
Z-D-50 Hall Onieda    
Old-4 Hall Son of H O    
R-1-11 Hall Steve Ledford Born Aug. 3, 1908 in Kentucky, died Oct. 24, 1990 at 785 Bell Ave. 82 years old. widowed coal miner. SSN# 405-10-7526. Father - Carlo Britton Hall, Mother - Nancy Adeline Ledford. informant - Jerry Hall.
S-23-1 Hall Theodore T.  
S-3-10 Hall Twins    
A.L.-28 Hall Van    
S-4-5 Hall Virgil D.  
Z-D-51 Hall William Glen  
AA-25-12 Hall Zona    
AA-25-11 Hall      
L-13-8 Hall      
O-30-8 Hall      
S-19-15 Hall      
S-19-22 Hall      
S-19-23 Hall      
S-4-6 Hall      
O-17-7x8 Hallak Lavon Zadow  
C-10-5 Haller Chris    
G-57-11 Haller Elsie    
G-80-13 Halling      
S-3-10 Halloran George &Hall twins  
S-3-11 Halloran Hermine    
H-63-6 Halloway William    
N-72-47 Halstead Baby    
N-50-8 Halstead Charles    
N-49-6 Halstead George    
Old-2-15A Hamilton Elizabeth    
C-26-5 Hamilton Ida    
A-41-2 Hamilton Joe    
A-27-7 Hamilton John    
AA-7-8 Hamilton Ruth    
A-31-6 Hamilton William H. H.  
Old-2-191 Hamilton William    
O-15-4 Hammer J. C.  
S-11-30 Hammock Vernon H.  
G-79-15 Hancock      
G-81-9 Hancock      
R-35-78 Hand Twins    
N-72-60 Hand      
B-41-2 Hanish Richard E. 81 years old. Buried 1 Feb 1919
M-60-7 Hanks G. A.  
M-60-8 Hanks Helen    
M-60-6 Hanks Louisa    
Baby S-D-41 Hanks William David  
M-60-5 Hanks      
N-72-70 Hanna Baby    
D-25-3 Hansborough Edwin    
I-12-3 Hansen Einar M.  
M-53-5 Hansen Lawrence    
A-14-2 Hansen Paul Andrew (Davy)  
M-A-6 Hansen Pete    
R-33-8 Hansen Pete    
M-53-5 Hansen William E.Baby  
T-1-10 Hansen      
T-13-11 Hansen      
T-13-12 Hansen      
T-1-9 Hansen      
Old-3 Harbin      
Old-3 Harbin      
Old-2 Harbison John    
N-21-6 Harchaux Joe    
N-21-5 Harchaux Mrs. J.    
J-80-8 Harder Carl    
Old-4 Harder Clarissa Baby  
A.L.-225 Hardin E.    
S-2-27 Hardin Jennie M.  
B-36-6 Harding Gerty    
Old-2 Harding R. L.  
B-36-5 Harding      
B-12-2 Hardy Al H.  
M-5-5A Hardy Baby Lil  
B-1A-5 Hardy Dick    
N-72-93 Hardy E. L.  
R-29-8 IOOF Hardy Elvin H.  
R-29-7 IOOF Hardy Emily    
AA-7-40 Hardy Franklin    
N-27-8 Hardy George N.  
M-2-3 Hardy Lil    
L-7-1 Hardy Newron G.  
C-9-3 Hardy Rex R.  
Old-2 Hardy W. H.  
Old-2 Hardy Walt    
AA-7-39 Hardy      
B-1A-8 Hardy      
C-9-4 Hardy      
B-40-3 Harghton Mike    
M-39-6 Hargrove C. C.  
M-39-5 Hargrove Mrs. C. C.    
L-6-5 Harky John    
Old-1-247 Harlow Sant.    
H-45-5 Harmomond Donald    
Old-2-197 Harmon Ralph J.

An aged man who was found dead in bed in his cabin on Murry Street on July 25, 1906. He had come to NV in 1872 and had resided in and about Ely for the last nineteen years prospecting and mining. He had a daughter living in Boston. Nicknamed "Captain." Served during the civil war as a pvt in Co. B, 13th Maine Vol., and later as a 1st Lt. in the 80th U.S. Colored Cavalry. He had recently sold mining property in the copper belt for $20,000.

M-16-7 Harned A. E.  
R-54-11 Harrah George    
R-54-12 Harrah Mrs. George    
J-91-2 Harriad W. M.  
J-68-3 Harrington Andy    
Baby S-C-52 Harrington Baby Boy  
AA-5VFW-37 Harrington John Jr.  
Old-3-67 Harrington Myrtle H.  
M-14-5 Harris Arch    
A-1-8 Harris Bert    
C-28-4 Harris D. C.  
AA-4VFW-31 Harris Daisy D.  
Z-C-10 Harris Edward Calvin  
AA-19-16 Harris Gary Allen Born June 11, 1932 in Nevada, died Dec. 1, 1991 at the care center in Ely NV. 59 years old, divorced Equipment operator for the Sate. SSN# 728-01-1671. Father - Walter Harris, Mother - Laura Myrup. Informant - Sherry Pintar.
AA-5VFW-11 Harris James Benjamin  
Old-1-305 Harris James H.  
M-C-4 Harris Louise    
Z-C-9 Harris Lula Mae  
S-1-19 Harris Maude Gall  
Old-5 Harris Maurice H.  
A-57-6 Harris Mildred A.  
M-C-3 Harris S. Lou  
A-30-8 Harris W. L.  
AA-19-18 Harris Walter    
AA-19-17 Harris      
G-33-8 Harris      
S-4-23 Harrison Erma    
AA-18-30 Harrison Todd    
S-4-22 Harrison Tony    
AA-18-26 Harrison      
AA-18-27 Harrison      
AA-18-28 Harrison      
AA-18-29 Harrison      
I-6-8 Harsh Daniel    
Old-2-117 Hart Brarle    
H-43-5 Hartz John    
Old-1-255 Harvey J. R.  
AA-23-11 Harvey Muriel E.  
Old-4-400 Harvey Tom    
AA-23-10 Harvey      
AA-25-9 Harward William C.  
AA-25-8 Harward      
B-26-4 Harwood Cathe    
A.L.-39 Harwood William    
B-26-3 Harwood William    
Old-2 Harwood      
Old-4 Harwood      
H-94-8 Hasapis Gus    
AA-18-19 Hase Ben    
AA-18-20 Hase Daniel    
H-90-6 Hase George    
H-90-8 Hase Hisa    
H-90-7 Hase Manzo    
AA-10-27 Hase Suzuko    
AA-10-28 Hase      
AA-18-17 Hase      
AA-18-18 Hase      
AA-13-22 Haslem Andrew    
AA-13-31 Haslem Montez    
T-2-11 Haslem     Deed to R. L. Haslem Hiko NV.
T-2-12 Haslem     Deed to R. L. Haslem Hiko NV.
R-35-4C Haslum Baby    
B-2A-3 Hassen A. A.  
H-88-1 Hatata Inyora    
N-39-4 Hatfield Pearl Andras  
A.L.-146 Hatfield Ralph W.  
Old-4 Hathaway Rachael    
Old-4 Hathaway Ruth    
Old-3 Hawk F.    
R-24-7 Hawkes Hazel    
L-1-7 Hawkes J. W.  
L-1-8 Hawkes Mrs. J. W.    
R-24-8 Hawkes William    
N-72VFW-5 Hawkins Stanley    
R-66-5 Hawkins      
R-66-6 Hawkins      
Z-C-46 Hawley Charles    
G-59-11 Hayes Baby    
H-72-58 Hayes Baby    
N-44-2 Hayes Mrs.    
N-44-1 Hayes William    
S-5-4 Haymond      
R-49-2 Hayward Earl    
N-63-1 Hayward Fred    
H-58-6 Hayward Harry B.  
S-23-13 Hayward Vickie    
R-49-3 Hayward      
N-15-3 Headrick William    
A-32-1 Heany James    
A.L.-258 Heath Sid    
M-36-2 Hebrew Edna Ann  
M-36-1 Hebrew Elmer B.  
AA-10-39 Hecker Beverly Dolores Born April 6, 1925 in North Dakota, died May 8, 1991 at 214 Fay Ave. in Ely. 66 years old married to Paul Hecker. Homemaker SSN# 530-70-8848. Father - Pearl Keys, Mother - Florence Monroe. Informant - Sandy Salisbury.
S-8-6 Heckethorn Dale Gordon  
S-10-36 Heckethorn Dee W.  
N-54A-1 Heckethorn Ed    
AA-12A-9 Heckethorn Gene Dee Died May 23, 1992 in Salt Lake City Utah. Deed to Anne Marie Heckethorn
AA-12A-8 Heckethorn      
S-10-37 Heckethorn      
S-8-7 Heckethorn      
C-13-3 Heenan Cora    
S-5-39 Heidenrich Frank L.  
S-5-40 Heidenrich      
O-20-4 Heinback Mildred    
AA-9-6 Heinbaugh Richard    
AA-9-5 Heinbaugh      
AA-4VFW-25 Heit George C. Born March 11, 1917 in Colorado, died Oct. 13, 1991 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. 74 years old, married to Stella Wynn. owner-operator of Ely Roofing. Father George C. Heit, Mother - Barbara Herline. VFW
AA-2-21 Heit Jack T.  
AA-3-12 Heit Morris    
AA-20A-15 Heit Tina R.  
C-2-5 Helbig Anna   Born 1873
C-2-6 Helbig George   Born 1867, Died 1936
A-33-7 Heller William    
Old-2 Henderson Claire    
R-39-9 Henderson Edith    
G-66-9 Henderson Infant    
Old-1-343 Henderson Jacob    
R-39-4 Henderson Josephine    
J-87-6 Hendrickson Matt    
O-31-8 Hendrix Nancy    
Z-C-35 Hendrix Troy Lee Born Aug.10, 1925 in Oklahoma, died July 2, 1989 at 1501 Ely St. 63 years old widowed, Chef at a resort SSN # 569-22-4961. Father - Floyd Lee Hendrix, Mother - Evelyn Sooders. Informant - Troy Hendrix Jr. County burial
S-5-35 Hill (James & Shirley)   (perpetual care & 1 Full size + 1 cremation) Deed to James Hill Bountiful UT.


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