Ely G


Location Name Comments
H-72-60 (06?) Gabanis, George Age 21, died 1915 when he was crushed between railroad cars. Buried 10/11/1915
G-59-6 Gable, Bertha
G-59-6 Gable, Katherine Dorothy died at birth in 1916 from a hemorrhage of the umbilical cord. Buried 8/19/1916
D-28-1 Gable, Robert A.
Old-1 Gaby, Charles W. 13 Mar 1870 - 29 Oct 1918, age 50 of an intestinal obstruction, buried 11/1/1918. He designed and built the Victorian home located at 458 High St. in 1905 for Thomas Rockhill.
Old-1 Gaby, Maude Tilford She and her sister, Lillian Tilford, were the first two people to be baptized by the first Episcopalian minister, Rev. A. Miller in 1902. Mrs. She may not be buried here.
H-44-3 Gaglardi, Battisto 1883 - 1957
Z-B-5 Gaitan, Juan G.
Old-3-620 Galagher, Thomas age ca. 60, died Jan 1907, of Ireland, buried 17 Jan 1907.
AA-26-19 Gale,
Z-B-42 Gale, Clarence
AA-26-20 Gale, Farrell

Gale Farrell was the owner of the Ely Flying Service and was the pilot of the airplane that crashed in the summer of 1980 in the Schell Creek Mountain range while dropping tools to fight a forest fire to the fire fighters. Killed were Todd Harrison, Daniel Hase and Joe Bass.

S-5-24 Gale, James F.
A-25-6 Galich, Maudi 
I-15-6 Gallagher, Charles D. 1887 - 1977, photographer, Nevada Senator for 7 terms, youngest son of W. Crane. His was the first birth recorded in the White Pine Courthouse in Ely, he never married, he was a teacher and his photo studio was located at 401 Murry St. (Read page 174)
Old-5 Gallagher, Clifford ?Bud? 1884 - 1912, miner, killed in an Alaskan snow slide, son of W. Crane.
(Old-5) Gallagher, Ella Dec 1907 - Jan 1908, age 10 months, buried 12 Feb 1908, daughter of John and Margaret, twin of Emma, sister of William (WP Co Recorder office Deaths book 1 53)
Old-5-442 Gallagher, Ella Sophia Rowe Born in Peacham, VT in 1853, she died in Yerington, NV in 1939 at the age of 86, Mrs. W. Crane. Married 18 Mar 1873 and had 9 children. Five lived to adulthood. John H, Guy L., Laura M., Charles D., and Minnie M.
(Old-5) Gallagher, Emma Dec 1907 - 1907, age ca. 5 months, buried 30 Aug 1907, daughter of John and Margaret, twin of Ella, sister of William.
Old-5-441 Gallagher, Guy L. Born in Hamilton, NV in 1875 - 1947, killed while fighting a range fire, prospector, son of W. Crane
Old-5 Gallagher, Ida Louis 23 Nov 1880 - 20 Nov 1902, died age 22 of typhoid fever. Was engaged to marry William Stewart when she died. Daughter of W. Crane. She was a bookkeeper and played the piano and organ.
Old-5-444 Gallagher, John H.

14 Feb 1874 Eberhardt, NV - 1948, married Margaret Harris (b. 9 Sep 1898) of Cherry Creek, had 5 children including infant twin daughters, Violet and Florence (b. 7 Sep 1901), and William (b. 16 Oct 1903). Ely Councilman (1911 - ) and Mayor of Ely 1935 - 1948, eldest son of W. Crane and Ella Rowe. He operated a feed store and grocery store. (Read page 113)

Old-5-4470 Gallagher, Minnie Allen Born in Hamilton, NV 1888 - 1932, died of sleeping sickness, married Bob Allen in 1915.
B-36-7 Gallagher, Ruth Meyers died 1981, married and divorced from William, sister of Sunny Martin
Old-5 Gallagher, William 16 Sep (Oct?) 1903 - 9 Oct 1960 NEV FM 2 USNR WW II, married and divorced Ruth Meyers. Son of John H.
Old-5-443 Gallagher, William Crane

Born in Sackville, New Brunswick 11 Jun 1850, died of a stroke on 17 May 1918, married Ella in Peacham, VT 18 Mar 1873, he was an April 1870 Hamilton, NV Pioneer, State Senator (1904), County Commissioner (1887 - 1903) He purchased the Caldwell Ranch 17 miles north of Ely on Duck Creek by 1879 (1875?) to 1904 and the area was called Gallagher's Gap after him. He and Ella had 9 children. Their Ely town home was located at 604 (629) Murry Street since 1907. It was said to be the oldest residence in Ely, being built in the spring of 1888 by Wm. Laurenson. (Read page 113, 293)

Old-5 Gallagher, William Crane Jr. 14 Mar 1879 - Aug 1880, drowned in Duck Creek and may be buried on the Gallagher ranch.
AA-9-27 Gallegos,
AA-9-28 Gallegos,
N-72-86 Gallegos,
N-72-9 Gallegos, Fidel 24 Apr 1894 - 24 Jan 1971
N-72-34 Gallegos, Frank
S-29-510 Gallegos, Octavania
AA-5VFW-80 Gallegos, Orlando
N-72-84 Gallegos, Patricia
S-1-38 Gallegos, Rosemary
AA-20-15 Gallegos, Tina Ann
B-19-2 Gallo, Pete
Old-1-309 Gallow, William
O-21-3 Galovich, Mike N. 1895 - 1948
R-56-8 Gamboa, John (Jose) 14 Nov 1896 - 22 Jul 1955 "Father"
R-4-5 Gamboa, Pedro 1898 - 1952
G-63-13 Gancla, Baby
Old-3-47 Gapovovic, Toma
F-6-3 Garaffi, Pietro ?Peter? 1884 - 1916, age 32, died of TB, buried 8/8/1916
Garaghan, Michael B.

Born 20 Sep 1844 in Ireland - ? In 1876 he was in business in Ward and Osceola with the late (1913) T. C. Poujade and John Versan until 1888. Moved to Ely, NV 1893. He was a WP Co. Recorder and Clerk for 10 years. He served on the State Legislature for 2 terms. He was a mining man. (History of NV by Davis p. 1145; Nevada's Turbulent Yesterday by Don Ashbaugh p. 321) He may not be buried here.

S-17-13 Garamendi, Maria
S-17-14 Garamendi, Samuel
B-25-6 Garatnada, John
B-25-5 Garatnada, Sant
AA-16-7 Garcia,
G-84-4 Garcia,
G-85-1 Garcia,
G-85-2 Garcia,
S-29-13 Garcia,
AB-4-7 Garcia, (Edith)
AA-26-9 Garcia, Anselmo
O-3-10 Garcia, B.
M-49-2 Garcia, Catrene
N-49-5 Garcia, Dorothy McQueen 25 Mar 1926 Ely, NV - 19 Sep 1958 Reno, NV.
S-29-12 Garcia, Felix
AB-4VFW-40 Garcia, Frank Born Oct.9,1918 in New Mexico, died Nov.2,1995 at Doutres Trailer Park in Ely NV. 77 years old, Married to Florence Saibs, Cattle rancher, Father - Margrito Garcia, Mother - Eleanor Crespin. Informant - Ralph Garcia Ely NV
S-D-48 Garcia, Jessica N. Baby
AB-4-8  Garcia, Joe Born Feb.3,1903 in Spain, died Jan. 25, 1990 at his home - 890 Ave. B. 86 years old. Married to Edith Thompson, under-ground miner,  Father -Jose Garcia, Mother - Isabel.
N-14-6 Garcia, Joseph Andrew 4 Feb 1948 - 31 Jan 1968 NEV WW I, his name is one of 35 names on the White Pine War Memorial located on the courthouse grounds. (Ely Daily Times 12/11/1995)
(O-33-_ ?) Garcia, Jrurna A. Born and died 7 Jun 1957
AA-5VFW-34 Garcia, Leopoldo Orlando
H-84-3 Garcia, Lucy 4 May 1919 - 4 Oct 1953
Garcia, Maria Socorro 9 Sep 1874 New Mexico - 3 Oct 1957. Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Max Romero, at 133 W. Aultman St, Ely, NV. Daughter of Anecito and Paulito Mastas Velasquez.
Garcia, Marino 30 Aug 1907 - 6 Jul 1948
H-92-8 Garcia, Mary
O-12-2 Garcia, Monico (Monici) 8 May 1937 - 11 Dec 1957, "Our son" Auto accident on the Ruth Highway. Son of Alfredo Garcia of Old Ruth, NV.
H-91-2 Garcia, Phillip Porfono 25 Aug 1934 - 23 Jun 1960, NEV SP BVD Ord Co
AB-3-21 Garcia, Rosie Rykovich Born March 26,1992 in Nevada, died June 16, 1992 at the care center in Ely NV. 73 years old, divorced laundress,  Father - Nick Rykovich, Mother - Pearl Tartan. informant Jerry Sena Ely NV.
J-49-9 Garcia, Salvador 
M-16-2 Garcia, Sererino  1902 - 1951
L-20-3 Gardner,
R-72-9 Gardner,
R-8-5 Gardner,
S-71-2 Gardner,
O-33-2 Gardner, Baby born and died 7 Mar 1957
Gardner, Carrie Langston Theobold 1898 - Sep 1961. Of Reno, NV. She married Leo.
Gardner, Claude Claude was the self appointed "Mayor of Taylor, NV" and was the last resident of that deserted mining town. He was age 12 when his family moved there from Pine Valley, UT. He was alive in 1958. (Don Ashbaugh's Nevada's Turbulent Yesterday p. 322)
G-81-5 Gardner, Coze Jube age 1 month, male, died 1924 in Ruth, NV from pneumonia, buried 12/30/1924.
R-71-1 Gardner, David & son David
I-3-5 Gardner, Hugh 1890 - 1945 "From Cornwall"
R-72-10 Gardner, Jerry
R-72-4 Gardner, Jesse
L-20-4 Gardner, Joseph Nash 1892 - 1928, "English descent"
R-8-6 Gardner, Julius C. 14 Jul 1889 - 17 May 1954
Gardner, Robert Wayne 18 Aug 1940
H-90-3 Gardner, Roy J.
F-11-s1/2 10 Gardr,
(Sec B?) Garitonandia, John (Jose)    22 Feb 1899 - 17 Apr 1943
(Sec B?) Garitouandia, Santiago 16 Aug 1874 - 3 Feb 1935, "Father"
F-11-33 Garrett, Dorothy Marie (Zakula)
Garrett, Florence Welch 22 Dec 1892 - 22 Apr 1912. Age 20, died from childbirth septicemia.
AA-20-18 Garrett, Frances  (Yturiaga)
H-92-6 Garrett, John
Old-2 Garrette, Lawrence
Garrick, Joseph S. 1894 - 1930
Z-D-5 Garrison, Carol A.  Hill 21 Jan 1925 - 21 Feb 1965  "Mother"
S-6-19 Garro, Joe
S-6-18 Garro, Marie Castro  Born March 22,1902 in Oregon, died Nov.11,1990 at Washoe Med. center in Reno. age 88. widowed barber, Father - Fred Castro, Mother - Natalia Aabala, informant - Joseph Garro
S-24-11 Gartland, Thomas 23 Jul 1905 NY - 29 Feb 1976. Lived in Baker, NV for the last 10 years. Retired.
J-51-6 Gartman, Victor age 49, died in 1923 of uremia in Ely, NV, buried 11/10/1923
Garvich, Petar 1892 - 1944
F-11-8 Garzand, Jonell Born June 2,1941 in Utah, died Feb.19, 1991 in Las Vegas. Never married, Office machine mechanic.  49 years old Father - Aldophus Garzand, Mother - Nellie Jones. informant LaRae Fletcher.
Gasparovic, Tonia Age 39, killed in the Star Pointer mine when the explosion killed 10 men on 7 July 1912.
N-48-4 Gasporich, Anna Sankovich 2 May 1880 Udbina, Yugoslavia - 25 Nov 1956 McGill, NV. Here since 1909. Mrs. George
N-48-3 Gasporich, George Died in McGill, NV in 1948
AA-5vfw-35 Gass, Ted Z.
J-30-5 Gaston, William
A-42-1 Gates, Lucinda Rosana age 60, died 1920 of cancer, buried 7/17/1920
AA-29-33 Gatti, John
S-5-25 Gatti, Marion Florence
D-26-4 Gauen, Gaven Bryan M. died 11 Sep 1937, MRIZ Pvt 158 Inf 40 Div
AA-20A-39 Gaufin,
AA-20A-40 Gaufin, Arthur (Art) Miller

Born Aug.14,1907 in Utah, died Jan.24,1992 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. 84 years old, Married to Vera Chambers, Pharmacist / Co-Owner of the Ely Drug Store with Clarence Swain. Father - Carl Gaufin, Mother - Rhoda Miller. The Ely Daily Times 26 Jun 1958 has a good story of the history of the drug store.

B-18-2 Gaul, Charles
R-48B-1 Gay,
R-47A-4 Gay, Catharine
A-4-2 Gay, Mrs. Hilda age 23, died 14 Jun 1915 in E. Ely from childbirth, buried 6/18/1915, Mrs. William
R-47A-3 Gay, William 10 Sep 1889 Cornwall, Eng. - 19 Nov 1959 Portland, OR. "Husband" Married Katherine Keig of McGill, NV. Came to the US ca 1910.
R-48B-2 Gay, William Roberts
G-53-7 Gaye, John age 3 months, died 1914 in McGill, NV, buried 7/1/1914
(G-55-14) Gayer, Peter J. 7 days old, died 29 Apr 1913 of heart failure in Kimberly, buried 4/30/1913, lot owner John Gayer of Kimberly. Son of John and Anna.
J-91-1 Gearing, Charles
A-5-3 Gebhart, Carl age 49, died 1922 of kidney cancer, buried 1/7/1922
D-40-4 Geeby, Anna T.
Old-3 Geiger,
Old-3 Geiger,
Old-3-66 Geiger, Fred B. 1890 - 1925, 35 years old, died in E. Ely from pneumonia, buried 6/16/1925 (Plat A)
A-41-3 Geiger, William age 45, died 1922 from heart failure in Ely, NV, buried 11/26/1922, BPOE 1469
Gekas, Pauline 1906 - 19__ , Mrs. Theo
Gekas, Theo 1891 - 1969, married Pauline
H-76-6 Gelexis, Andrew
Old-4 Gendron, Infant
AB-2-39 Genung,
AB-2-40  Genung, Carl Henry  Died Sept.18,1990 in St. George Utah. Married Frances. An Ely Fire Chief.
S-9-31 George, Agnes McVee
Old-4 George, Daughter of H. C. born and died 28 May 1910
J-1-10 George, Indian Died of exposure 1913 in Indian Camp Ely. Buried 1/8/13 in (J-1-2-6-7?) By the county
Old-2 Georgiopulas (Georgeiopulos), Stive G. Age 35, born in Arcadia, Greece, died 20 Oct 1911 of peritonitis in Ely, NV.
  Geraghty, G-76-8
Geraghty, Gertrude 1881 - 1936 (sis-in-law)
S-9-8 Geraghty, Helen
R-46-1 Geraghty, Jack B. Died 9 Oct 1958 in Carson City, NV. He was a former WP Co, Recorder and auditor. His son Guy accidentally killed Richard C. Johnson.
Geraghty, Jesse T. 1910 - 1924, son of William and Jessie
Geraghty, Jessie Hannah 1884 - 1963, Mrs. William, "Slav"
Geraghty, Susan Helen 8 Apr 1917 - 19 Jan 1936
Geraghty, Susanna Josephine 1852 - 1926, "Mother"
S-9-9 Geraghty, Tom
Geraghty, William 1877 - 1941, married Jessie "Irishman"
Gerry, Annie Tamblyn 1880 - 1951, sis-in-law to Mayme R. Tamblyn
B-17-4 Gertz, Baby
B-17-3 Gertz, Lilli
R-57-6 Gesas,
R-57-7 Gesas,
R-57-5 Gesas, Charles "Charlie"

21 Nov 1892/ 93 in New York - 6 Oct 1955 in Wyoming. "Husband, father." Son of Harry Gesas and Anna or Annie Filtzer. Charlie Gesas (Geezas) was killed in a plane crash that occurred in the Snowy Range near Medicine Bow, Wyoming. He was a co-owner of the "Big 4 Whore House"

Z-C-39 Gettman, Marie
R-1-1 Gharity (Geraghty), Ernest J. "Ernie" 5 Mar 1880 - 18 Apr 1956
A-55-2 Gharity (Geraghty), Jessie Thomas age 13, male, died 1924 of pneumonia in Ely, NV, buried 5/4/1924
A-55-3 Gharity,
A-55-6 Gharity,
A-55-7 Gharity,
A-55-5 Gharity, Gert
A-55-8 Gharity, Jessie Helena
A-55-1 Gharity, Jim
A-55-4 Gharity, Susan
H-79-6 Ghiradelli, Joseph "Joe" Born in Italy, he died 15 Jul 1923, age 67 (69?), of the measles in Ely, NV, buried 7/19/1923
O-31-2 Giannopulos,  N.
AA-13-2 Giannopulos, Emily  Born Dec.12, 1912 in Turkey, Died Feb.14,1991 in Reno NV. Widowed homemaker, Father - Intzoglou, Mother Vasilia. Informant Frank Giannopulos McGill NV.
L-31-6 Giannopulos, Nick
AA-13-3 Giannopulos, William
G-58-4 Giannotsoles, Christ Phillip 1 month 21 days, died 1915 of colitis, buried 8/4/1915
AB-8-12 Gianoli,
AB-8-13 Gianoli, Albert C. President of the First National Bank of Ely (1963 to post 1986) and Treasurer of the Mt. Wheeler Power Co. He was married to Barbara Cahill and they had five
children; Paul Gianoli, John Gianoli, Nancy Gianoli Knudsen, Lisa Gianoli who survived him and baby Gina Marie that died shortly after her birth.  Source: Jerry J. Cahill @ WhitePine55@aol.com
AA-23-56 Gianoli, Domenica Arimone Born in Italy. Mrs. Eligio.
AA-23-55 Gianoli, Eligio (Joe) Of Prospect, NV.
A-2-7 Gianoli, John  age 50, died 1913 in Ely, NV of general debility, buried 7/15/1913
S-D-20 Gianoli, Marie   Baby Gina Marie, daughter of Albert C. and Barbara Cahill Gianoli,  died shortly after her birth.  Source: Jerry J. Cahill @ WhitePine55@aol.com
S-C-50 Gianopulos, Matthew Nevin Baby
F-11-13 Gibson,
F-11-15 Gibson, Ada
O-25-6 Gibson, Baby female, born and died 22 Aug 1961
AA-3VFW-32 Gibson, Bob M.
F-11-16 Gibson, Earl J.
A-25-5 Gibson, Harry A. age 30, died 1918 of heart problems, buried 12/6/1918
F-11-14 Gibson, Paul
A.L.-118 Gidley, Harold A. 17 Dec 1899 - 22 Mar 1965, UTAH Sea USN WW I
AB-3-1 Gidley, Melba
G-74-15 Gigletti, Charlie age 1 year, died 1923 in McGill, NV of colitis, buried 10/8/1923
R-36-6 Gikas, Pauline
R-36-7 Gikas, Theodore
B-13-2 Gilanis, Tom
Old-4 Gilbert, Ed age 33, a constable, he was killed 13 Oct 1907 by Saunders while protecting a prostitute. Buried 10/15/1907, (Read page 299)
S-15-2 Gilbert, Fred
Old-4 Gilbert, Joe teamster who lived at Bastian Creek for many years (Read page 94, 275)
Old-4 Gilbert, John C. age 31, buried 3/1/1916 in the 2nd grave north of #417, lot owner is M. C. Shellenbarger
Old-4 Gilbert, Susan
N-14a-10 Gilbert, Vivian (Lillian Elva?) 1885 - 1947 "Mother"
S-22-15 Giles, Bessie
S-22-16 Giles, Claud
N-19-1 Giles, John Tom  E. 30 Jan 1872 - 8 Dec 1939, "Father"
N-19-2 Giles, Lucy Armina 19 Mar 1877 - 1 Jul 1948, Mrs. J. E., "Mother"
B-7-5 Gilespie, Con age 36, died 16 May 1929
I-9-8 Gilespie, Thomas
A-11-1 Gilheany, Mike age 33, died 1918 of pneumonia, buried 12/13/1918
R-10-2 Gill, Frank M.. 9 Dec 1895 (1905) SLC, UT - 2 Jul 1971. In WP for 46 years. KCC locomotive engineer.
C-3b-5 Gill, Julia (C?) Korine Johnson 29 Jun 1918 S.C. - 15 Oct 1959. Of Arizona. Died of injuries received 21 miles north of Ely, NV in an auto accident.
(Plat A) Gillen, John
D-26-7 Gillette, Seymore L. died 26 May 1930, NEV Cpl Coast Artly
G-79-3 Gillies,
S-6-2 Gillis, Anna
A.L.-33 Gillis, John  Duncan 4 Oct 1889 - 13 Nov 1954 UTAH
S-5-17 Gillis, Michael
D-24-1 Gillisa, Rachael
Gillmore, Timothy J. Age 49, he died 23 Aug 1911 in the Giroux mine fire at Kimberly, NV with 5 others. See Wilberling.
Old-2 Gilmore, May (Minnie?) Could this be the Minnie Gilmore who was a "denizen of the underworld? White Pine Lang Syne by Effie Read page 85, 190)
A-6-5 Gilroy, Thomas age 42, in 1923, his throat was cut at White River, buried 9/8/1923
S-D-36 Gingell, Gina Marie  Baby 
R-39A-3  Gingell, Loretta Frances Born March 5,1918 in Wyoming, Died January 19,1995 in Reno Nevada.76 yrs old. Widowed Homemaker Father - Admin. Benjamin, Mother - Frances Robison. LDS service.
R-39a-4 Gingell, Orson R.
J-99-7 Ginnenni, Pete 
Gioanni, Antonio A-Bergeri? 15 Jun 1865 in Briglio, Italy - 2 May 1916 in Ely "Tonnell?"
M-31a-1 Girard, Carl
Old-5 Giroux, Harold Eugene 25 Sep 1905 - 7 May 1907
M-31a-5 Girradot, E. P.
R-48-7 Gisimopolus, Louis
S-10-13 Giusti, Disolina
S-10-14 Giusti, Paul
Giusti, Victor Melardi 14 Dec 1900 - 7 Jan 1959
AA-20-1 Givens, Clifford E.
Z-C-25 Gjerde, (Sanchez), Melanie
H-68-8 Gjukich, Luka age 41, died 1918 in McGill, NV of uremia, buried 5/14/1918
O-28-3 Glanos, H.
H-45a-3 Glaser, Fritz
Z-D-8 Gleaton, Sophie 23 Mar 1912 - 16 Mar 1965
AA-5a-VFW-1 Gledhill, Albert
S-19-27 Gledhill, Grant
S-17-22 Gledhill, Leslie
S-19-28 Gledhill, Pearl B. Henderson Born December 6,1912 in Colorado Died May 23,1995 in Nevada, enroute to W.B.R. hospital age 82. Widowed homemaker. Father-C. W. Henderson, Mother Mamie Dunham
A-53-3 Gleen, R. (See Glenn)
(A-52-2 or 3?) Gleen, Robert James Age 2 months, died 1917 of marasmus, buried 10/29/1917
N-19-5 Glenn,
R-24-6 Glenn, Delbert 6/30/1995
N-19-6 Glenn, Francis R. 13 Sep 1900 - 5 Sep 1951, son of Robert and Mary
R-24-5 Glenn, Mary  Hazel Hawkes 14 Aug 1910 Tonapah, NV - 6 Jul 1970 at her McGill, NV home. Daughter of John J. Hawkes and Kathy Crowley. Married John D 16 Nov 1939 in Ely, NV. Nurse.
N-19-7 Glenn, Mary Tyler 1876 - 1963, Mrs. Robert
N-19-8 Glenn, Robert 1873 - 1940, married Mary
E-5-5 Glessner,  (Steven), Loa
A-50-8 Glover, William age 48, died from  "moonshine" 1926 in Ely, NV, buried 11/19/1926, BPOE
A-36-4 Glynn,
A-36-2 Glynn, Della 10 Jan 1880 - 18 Feb 1923, died of goiter in Ely, NV, 43 yrs. old, buried 2/23/1923
A-36-3 Glynn, John J. 8 Aug 1877 - 1 Sep 1948, married Della
S-20-20 Goad, Olen S.
S-20-19 Goad, Pearl L.
S-29-24 Goen, Betty Goen East Ely NV
S-29-23 Goen, Barney C. Jr. Betty Goen East Ely NV 2/12/96
S-17-15 Goff,
S-17-16 Goff,
S-17-24 Goff, Layton V.
S-17-17 Goff, Maynard Lamont
S-17-23 Goff, Violet Mae
N-13-3 Goforth, Alfred E. Born Feb.19,1948, Died June 12,1948
Gohanna, Mark He died 26 Dec 1924 of a gunshot wound to the neck inflicted by Chas. Waddy at McGill, NV by the careless handling of a gun. Negro.
A-25-7 Golich, Dan
G-65-1 Golich, Louis
Old-2 Golich, Milka 1884 - 1928
Z-A-8 Gomez,
S-D-1 Gomez, Angelo  Baby
M-B-3 Gomez, Cruz 3 May 1881 - 20 Sep 1953
Z-B-54 Gomez, George Sr.
Gomez, Isadoro 15 May 1907 - 24 Dec 1954
Z-A-9 Gomez, Joe
M-50-3 Gomez, Sacho
J-64-3 Gomez, Steve age 19, died 1918 of pneumonia in Ely, NV, buried 5/3/1918
AA-4-4 Gonzales
G-55-2 Gonzales,
G-84-7 Gonzales,
G-A-6 Gonzales,
M-31-2 Gonzales,  Esquepula  1881 - 1945
S-C-22  Gonzales, Alvin Ray Baby 8/28/91 Stillborn Infant. Leroy Griffin Ely NV.
AA-4-5 Gonzales, Andres
S-22-27 Gonzales, Celestino (Saul)
O-27-7 Gonzales, Dennis Albert 6 May (5 Jun?) 1959 - 27 Nov 1960. Infant son of Joe R. and Clorinda Martinez Gonzales.
AB-3-33 Gonzales, Edonila E. Martinez Born July 07, 1914 in New Mexico Died April 14, 1992 at W.B.R. Hosp. E. R. room. 7:55 A.M. Married to Celestino Gonzales. Maid in the motel industry.  Father-Juan Baptista Martinez,  Mother- Rafaelita Gutierrez. informant Mary Allred Gloria Schuh Ely NV.
A-38-5 Gonzales, Emelio age 24, died 1927 in Kimberly, NV of heart problems, buried 3/21/1927
H-83-2 Gonzales, Frank
G-61-4 Gonzales, John Rounds stillborn  male, died in Ely, NV, buried 4/18/1925
AB-3-34  Gonzales, Jose Celestino

Born April 9,1907 in New Mexico, Died May 20,1994 in the White Pine Care center age 87. Widowed, Underground miner-copper industry. Father-Damian Gonzales Mother-Guilleyma Alarid. informant Mary Allred 10:25 P.M. service W.B. Mort. novau Gloria Schuh Ely NV. 

S-C-18 Gonzales, Joseph  Lee  Baby 
S-2-29 Gonzales, Robert
M-31-7 Gonzales, Sarah Louisa 1914 - 1943
O-22-8 Good, Lou His legs had been amputated and he got around on a low platform in 1936. (Effie Read page 296)
C-33-8 Goodman,
C-33-5 Goodman, John Henry

11 Dec 1883 Provo, UT - 1936. In 1906 he mined in the Black Horse district. Moved to Ely to work for Campton Merc. Co. in 1907. 1909 he bought the McGill store with his brother, W. C. Married Emily Fraser 3 Jul 1902 and had Ruth, Leah, and Jean. (Read page 127, 128)

D-8-4 Goodman, M.& Baby
Old-1-319 Goodman, Margaret
D-9-2 Goodman, Margaret "Maggie" Jessie Hall 1882 - 1928 (1926?), "Mother" (Death cert in WP Co Recorders office Death book 1 53 says she was buried 12/17/1926) Mrs. W. C.
Goodman, Myra M. Of Utah, age 9 mos, died 1907, buried 22 Oct 1907
D-9-3 Goodman, Myrtice L. 1900 - 1962, Mrs. Horner
C-33-7 Goodman, Schloeder Edwin
C-33-6 Goodman, Schloeder Geraldine She ran a boarding house for teachers in 1940's (Borchert page 69)
D-9-1 Goodman, William Carl

11 Jan 1880 Provo, UT - 1969, married Margaret "Maggie" J. Hall of Mecur, UT 22 Jun 1904 and had daughter, Margaret Amy b. 20 Jul 1905. "Father". He came to Ely 28 Mar 1907 and worked at the Graham Merc. Co. and the Campton Merc. Co. He moved to McGill in Dec 1909 and went into partnership with his brother, John H. and he co-owned the "Bank Club" W. C. was a NV Assemblyman in 1912. Opened up the Goodman / Tidball Merc. Store in Ely in 1921. The brothers turned their Ruth Store sideways to save on paying more money than needed to the KCC. (Jack Fleming Copper Times p. 105)

Z-D-44A  Goodwin, Betty Lynn  Died Oct.19,1990 in Burlingame California. Laura Goodwin San Bruno CA. Cremation.
Z-D-44A Goodwin, William D. Cremation.
J-81-6 Gorman, Baby Boy Stillborn 13 Mar 1912. Infant of Felix and Bridget of McGill, NV.
C-15-5 (-16-8?) Goshen, Dan Age 45, died 1926 from suffocation in an ore chute at Kimberly, NV, buried 10/13/1926
AA-5A-2 Goss, Edward G.
(Old 4 or 5) Goss, Samuel R. 1874 - 1937
AA-6-1 Goss, Tillie G. opening & closing.1/12/96
C-3-6 Goterland, Irene E.
Old-1-255 Goulter,
Old-1-254 Goulter, Mrs. F.
O-32-2 Govanis, Tom
A-31-4 Govern, T. G.
S-6-31  Goyhenetche, Jean  Born Nov.25,1915 in France, found dead Sept.18,1992 at 617 Murry St. in Ely. 76 years old, divorced Livestock buyer,  Father Jean Goyhenetche, Mother - Dominica  Coscarart. informant Jean Boundy. Ely NV.
B-17-8 Grace, James
AA-20A-33 Grady, Katherine
C-23-4 Grady, William 1854 - 1930
Graham, Chas. H. Age ca 40, of NY, buried 8 Dec 1905
N-11-5 Graham, Edward 4 Oct 1877 - 24 Dec 1945
Graham, William B.

Born 5 Aug 1854 PA - . He located at Cherry Creek in 1873; Ward in 1875, was partners of the Hilp Bros. In Cherry Creek Merc. Business 1883. In 1888 he bought the general store of David Felsenthal at Taylor and then moved to Ely. He operated the store until 1906 and incorporated into the Graham Merc. Co. Sold out in 1908 and opened a men's furnishings, goods business. Ely Postmaster. Married Katherine Stewart of Taylor 26 Jan 1887 and had Emma, Katherine (married E. A. Porter of SLC, UT). The Ely Daily Times 16 Jul 1958 says he grubstaked Edwin Gray and Dave Bartley on taking option on the Ruth and Kearsage Mines from D. C. McDonald and two other men. History of NV by Davis p. 1205.

H-71-4 Grake, Kasnaa
H-69-5 Gramatic, Theros age 32, died 1917, buried 1/28/1917
Old-1-297 Grandall, Leona
A.L.-60 Grandland, Adolph 24 Dec 1908 - 8 Oct 1961, MONT Pfc WW II
Granoli, John 23 Feb 1851 Italy - 13 Jul 1913. Pneumonia. Miner of Lane City.
S-9-7 Grant,
B-31-8 Grant, Anna M.
S-9-6 Grant, J. Reed
A.L.-256 Grant, James 18 Jul 1890 Buffalo, NY - 6 Mar 1958. Died at his McGill, NV home. Married Minnie Barnes 11 Feb 1924. Retired KCC smelter machinist. , MICH
B-25-4 Grant, Jesse
R-33-7 Grant, John Edward 1927 - 1949
Z-C-8 Grant, Mary Elizabeth Of McGill, NV, she was naturalized Feb 1959. ED Times 24 Feb 1959,
A-12-1 Grarillias (Gravilles), Alfonso age 28, died 1920 of pneumonia, buried 2/2/1920
A-49-5 Graves, Amenzo Albert age 55, died 1921 of a hemorrhage, buried 5/22/1921
M-38-4 Gravich, Pete
AA-21-4 Gray,
G-75-12 Gray,
G-75-13 Gray,
R-57-15 Gray, Grant Married Vera.
Old-2 Gray, James Robert died 8 Jun 1933, age 30?
A-17-8 Gray, Lillian age 25, died 1919 of bichloride poisoning, buried 12/27/1919
R-30-1 Gray, Lorn Carl 1890 - 1951, married Mabel
R-30-2 Gray, Mabel Jeannette 1890 - 1963, Mrs. Lorn
N-71-14 Gray, Mrs.  Helene E. 30 Sep 1896 - 18 Mar 1957
R-57-16 Gray, Vera Wilkinson 7 Oct 1907 Washington, UT - 17 Jan 1971 Ely, NV. Married Grant 11 Jun 1928. Mother of Grant Norman and Margie Munson.
AA-21-5 Gray, Verlyn F.
N-71-15 Gray, W. Howard Died by 1987. Attorney, partner of C. E. Horton.
Old-1 Grear,
Old-1 Grear,
Old-1 Grear,
Old-1 Grear,
Old-1 Grear, (Grier?) Baby
Old-1 Grear, C. L.
Old-1 Grear, Mrs. N.
D-40-4 Greeby, Ammat
R-38-6 Greefer,  J.  F.
R-38-5 Greefer, Amelia George Painter's grandmother, was a madam / prostitute
M-15-2 Green, Albert
S-12-20 Green, Blanche Died Aug 1967. Married Theodore
(Old-2?) Green, Charlotte E. 1880 - 1932
D-26-5 Green, Dr. George Wesley died 20 Oct 1930, UTAH 1st Lt 58 Motor Amb Co, American Legion commander in charge of Memorial Day Services in 1925
N-17-8 Green, Glenn Edward 17 Apr 1917 - 1 Dec 1956 Elko, NV. WWII VET
Green, Harry B. 6 Jan 1907 - 2 Apr 1966
N-1A-8 Green, Hazel 27 Apr 1898 - 21 Oct 1967
AA-8-18 Green, Helen Edna Helen Green McGill NV 8/4/95
N-63-3 Green, Henry
AA-8-19 Green, Jerome Charles
Green, Larry Robert Died 4 Mar 1946
M-15-3 Green, Leah Died Jan.2,1993 in Salt Lake City Utah.
AA-20A-38 Green, Madeline (Mickey)
Green, Mary Age ca 78, died 1908, buried 1 Feb 1908
N-56-5 Green, Maude Pet 1881 - 1969, Mrs. Pat. H.
N-56-6 Green, Patrick Henry 1875 - 1946, married Maude
F-11-3 Green, Patsy Fern 17 Mar 1903 - 9 Dec 1937
Green, Sandra Jean Baumgartner Died 19 Jul 1945
S-12-21 Green, Theodore J. "Ted" 9 Mar 1910 Atlantic, IA - 6 Apr 1976. In Ely in 1937, mine inspector for NV Bureau of Mines 1958 - 1975. Married Blanche.
G-62-3 Greenan, (Gruver?) Infant stillborn male, buried 8/22/1917
G-53-10 Greenan, Baby stillborn, buried 9/9/1914
Old-4 Greenan, James
A.L.-70 Greenwell, Jerry D. 26 Jul 1938 ID - 20 Dec 1958 Ft. Gordon, GA. Auto accident on way home to Ely for the holidays. Son of L. D. and Genevieve Hiatt Greenwell; brother of Sheriff Dick Greenwell of Ely. NEV Pvt USA
Old-4 Greenwood, Jacob 14 Feb 1845 - 8 Mar 1910, age 65, died of nephritis, in the area for 20 years.
Greer, Amelia Roxey 1896 - ___
Greer, John Ebenezer 1882 - 1940, married Amelia
S-D-0 Gregerson, Dora M.  Baby
S-C-46 Gregerson, Trina Baby 
I-2-7 Gregovich (Gregorich), John 1883 - 1954
C-6-2 Grenig, Edward Henry 18 Apr 1884 - 27 Apr 19 __, NEV Pvt Student Training Corps WW I, married Mary, he and Stan Draper built the new "Commercial Club" at New Ruth, NV, co-owner of the "McGill Club Bar"
C-6-3 Grenig, Mary Alma 10 Jul 1893 - 8 Dec 1931, Mrs. Ed.
C-6-2 Grenig, Montana Cremation. Robert Grenig Scottsdale AZ.  8/3/95
A-6-3 Greve, Henry B. Age 76, died 25 Dec 1924 in his room on High Street from pneumonia. He had been here more than 20 years and was an early miner, and did odd jobs.
D-38-7 Grider, Clarence L.
C-11-1 Grier, Anne M. Welde Born Sept.18,1903 in Utah, died April 24,1995 in the Ely care center. age 91. Widowed homemaker resident of McGill NV. Father - John Welde; mother - Hanna Reese. Informant - Stella Schroeder. She died at 1:45 A.M. Cremation.
Grier, Charles 31 Jul 1860 - 17 Jun 1930, married Edna
Grier, Edna G. 16 Apr 1868 - 21 Jan 1954, Mrs. Charles
S-1-21 Griffin, Allen Lee Age 4 years old, killed in a car accident in January of 1963. Source: Sharon Parker   Shpa@kscable.com
Z-B-41 Griffin, Daniel D.
S-1-21 ? Griffin, Debra Ann
J-81-6 Griffin, Dorothy
AB-5VFW-10 Griffin, Mitchell Gordon Died July 31,1990 in Salt Lake City Utah. VFW
Old-2 Griffin, Mrs. Susie
R-37-3 Griffith,
R-37-4 Griffith,
O-26-7 Griffith, Baby
Old-3 Griffith, D. E.
Old-1 Griffith, Joseph E. 1873 - 1952, married Nellie
Old-1 Griffith, Mrs. Nellie Kedzie 25 Dec 1868 - 12 Nov 1937, Mrs. Joseph
R-37-1 Griffith, Nancy Lorene July 14, 1963 in Ely, Nevada - September 29, 1979 Salt Lake City, UT. Tenth and last child of  Harold and Edna Wright Griffith. Sibling of Charles, Robert, Danny, Lee, Richard, Raymond, Carlyle, Alan, Rae Annette (Higbee) and Barbara (Baker). Murdered at the age of 16 years old on the 30 mile road 3 miles off of Highway 50. She was beaten, raped, doused with White Gas and set on fire by 25 year old Robert Ybarra Jr. sometime during the evening of September 28, 1979 or morning of September 29, 1979. She had suffered severe burns over more than 75% of her body, seared lungs from inhaling fire, and a fractured skull. Her assailant was arrested, tried and found guilty and sentenced to die for this crime because of its heinousness. Over 20 years later, he is still in the Ely Maximum State Prison on death row. He has filed 70 appeals at the expense of Nevada taxpayers. Her story and trial details can be found at http://www.webpanda.us/white_pine_county/Griffith/index.html
R-37-2 Griffith, Richard Owen 23 Nov 1949 - 19 Oct 1968, Killed in the Viet nam war. His name is on White Pine War Memorial on the courthouse grounds. Brother to Nancy.
S-C-48 Griffiths, Don Evan Baby
R-7A-1 Griggs, Cliff C. Jr. 1901 - 1954
Old-4 Grimes, Douglas Oslo 5 days old, died 21 Oct 1911 in East Ely, NV of colitis, son of Charles and Nellie.
N-27-7 Grizzle, M. G.
A.L.- Grosebeck, Burt J.
1870 - 1948 Grosser, Edna Hill
R-17-8 Grouell, L. E.
Old-4 Grow, Betty Lou McVey born and died 11 Jun 1953
B-16-8 Grthunpols, Lou. H.
O-8-6 Grubic (Grubich), Mihailo "Mike?" 2 Mar 1888 - 15 Sep 1952, married Mary
N-69-3 Grubic, "Sino" E. "Sam" 22 Nov 1886 - 22 Aug 1964, "Father", born in Yugo., married Mara D.
A-10-1 Grubic, Delich Mary
AA-4VFW-28 Grubic, Duncan Died Jan.2,1991 in Salt Lake City Utah. VFW
O-8-5 Grubic, Mrs. Mary A.. Born Donja, Trebinga, Yugo., died 17 Jan 1946, age 59 years 7 months, Mrs. Mike
N-69-4 Grubic, Mrs. S. (Mara D.) 21 Nov 1886 - 1 Jan 1953, born in Yugo.
R-21-7  Gruden, Anna  10 Jun 1872 Guderfelt, Austria - 17 Sep 1958, Mrs. Joe
R-21-8 Gruden, Joe 7 Oct 1875 - 29 Jan 1950 (1951?), married Anna
Old-1-304 Grunditz (Grundez), Charles S. Died 1903. He was the County Recorder at his death. Saddle and harness maker, lost his leg at Delamar (mine?) (White Pine Lang Syne by Effie Read page 48)
AB-8-21 Gubbine,
AB-8-22 Gubbine,
AB-8-23 Gubbine,
AB-8-31 Gubbine,
AB-8-32 Gubbine,
AB-8-33 Gubbine, Ty
Guenago, Celestine 16 Jul 1900 - 6 Dec 1943
E-2-5 Guide (Guidi), Gianna age 32, female, died 1918, buried 10/31/1918
N-68-6 Guidi, Giannia 1886 - 1918, Mrs. Joe
N-68-5 Guidi, Joe 1884 - 1949, married Giannina
C-3B-4 Guild, Elmer E. 27 Jun 1888 (1889?) Oregon - 8 Jan 1960 Ely, NV. Married Vera Wilson 9 Nov 1923 Filmore, UT. KCC Electrician in 1924.
C-3B-4A Guild, Vern W.
S-13-17 Guillen, Joe M.
R-57-12 Guisti, Victor M. AKA as Pergrossi. 14 Dec 1900 Delamar, NV - 6 Jan 1959 SLC, UT. Married Patricia Bradshaw. At one time he was associated with the Monte Neva Hot Springs in Steptoe Valley. He was a bar / casino owner.
J-88-2 Guittera, F.
S-21-3 Gulley,
S-21-5 Gulley, Betty
S-21-4 Gulley, Guy Cremation. Margaret Smith Ely NV 1/17/95
S-21-6 Gulley, James R.
A.L.-105 Gully, Wallace Phillip 13 Nov 1925 - 13 Aug 1947, NEV Sgt USMC WW II
A.L.-257 Gum, George
S-24-6 Gunderson, Henry Walter 26 Aug 1898 - 1 Feb 1976. Married Lavina. Civil Service employee.
S-24-7 Gunderson, Lavina
AA-13-8 Gunderson, Warren
A-6-6 Gunn, Ed J. age 49, crushed in a cave-in at Kimberly, NV in 1923, buried 9/4/1923
Old-5 Guptill (Gurtill), Martin age 76, died 1 Apr 1899
Old-4-421 Guss, S. R.
AA-15-35 Gust, Masonic
AA-15-34 Gust, Russell Masonic
J-22-6 Gustoferson, Alex
M-29-8 Gustofson, Karl
AA-7-12 Gutekunst, Margaret
J-45-8 Gutierrez, Andre age 35, found dead in his room in 1923 at Ruth, NV, not suspicious, buried 12/28/1923
Z-B-6 Guttierez, Marin 1896 - 1968
G-55-14 Guyer, Peter
S-7-4 Guymon, Frances
H-57-6 Guymon, Miriam D. 27 Apr 1916 - 8 Mar 1970
A-22-2 Guzman, Tomasa M.  Infant
A.L.-100 Gyure, Dazo




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