Ely C


Location Last Name First Name Middle Name Information is from Ely Cemetery records, newspaper obits, books, tombstones, death records and family info.
G-60-14 C__?__ Hagiware   Age 24, male, died 1917 of a fractured skull, buried 6/26/1917
(Sec D) Cable Robert Oliver Died 20 Jul 1934 NEV PFC USMC
A-25-8 Cadra Vincent S. Age 35, died of pneumonia 1918. Buried 11/27/1918
H-77-3 Cadra Peter   Age 55, died 1915, buried 9/20/1915
G-87-1 Caffeg Robert    
S-4-24 Cahill Arthur P. Born in Raton, NM to George Alexander and Mary Stadler Cahill Oct 3, 1903. Father was a locomotive engineer with many lines in the West, settling in Ely, NV in 1911 to work for the Nevada Northern until his death.  Art attended school in Ely prior to joining the railroad at age 15.  He rose through the ranks to be a locomotive engineer and a machinist.  He was active in East Ely politics.  At his death on Feb.16, 1964 he was the Master Mechanic (Chief Mechanical Officer) for the line, running all the shops in the Ely yard.  He worked for NNRY for 45 years.  He was buried on Feb. 20, 1964.  Source: Jerry J. Cahill @ WhitePine55@aol.com
S-4-25 Cahill Alice   Born in Evalith, MN to George Alexandre and Eva Martin Perrier on Jan. 18, 1907.  She moved to Ely as a young girl when her father worked in the pit for Nevada Consolidated Copper as a shovel operator.  She married Art Cahill in 1925 and had three children, Barbara Gianoli, Joyce Brown and Jerry Joseph Cahill.  She was active in the Altar Society of Sacred Heart Church as well as the "Y.L.I."  She died of non-Hodgkins (Burkitt's) lymphoma as a result of the nuclear fallout in the area.  She died on July 29, 1989 and was buried on Aug 4, 1989. She lived in Ely for 77 years. Source: Jerry J. Cahill @ WhitePine55@aol.com
Old-1-317 Cahill Agnes   Age 21 days, died Feb 1908. Buried 15 Feb 1908.
Old-1-358 Cahill James    
A-7-8 Caines Mrs. Tom   Age 55, heart trouble, died 1920, buried 2/22/1920
A-7-1 Caines Tom   age 65, died 1921 of alcoholism, buried 4/1921
M-2-6 Calhoun     Baby
AA-3-28 Calhoun Jo Ann    
J-65-2 Call William E. age 60, died 1918 of peritonitis, buried 10/17/1918
O-30-5 Call Kyle    
  Callaghan J.    
N-65-5 Callahan Frank   4 Mar 1896 - 19 Nov 1948, Veteran
Old-4 Callahan Sophia    
K-1A-1 Callegas Alec    
B-5-4 Callos (Calles) Nick   26 Dec 1898 - 28 Nov 1928, of McGill
  Callow William   Age about 36, died Apr 1908. Buried 28 Apr 1908.
O-3-2 Calloway Minnie E. (Eloise) 22 Feb 1882 - 11 Jan 1943, Mrs. Frank
O-3-1 Calloway Frank Eugene 1876 - 1961, husband of Minnie
O-3-3 Calloway Duggan   25 Feb 1914 - 29 Mar 1940, son of Frank and Minnie
O-5-4 Calloway Mr.    
O-5-3 Calloway      
  Cameron Donald J. 4 Feb 1866 in Canada - 20 Nov 1912. Mine Contractor who died of gastritis
R-20-4 Cameron Milton Howard 2 Jul 1877 - 15 Nov 1951
J-74-7 Cameron     Age about 50, male, died of 1915 of pneumonia, buried 12/15/1915 by the county.
G-60-15 Camomile Jane Lily   1 month 21 days, died 1917 of colitis, buried 7/11/1917
H-41-1 Camp William P.  
A-6-8 Camp Richard C. Age 76, died in Nye County 1923, buried 5/16/1923
  Campbell Jack Byron 25 Oct 1926 Twin Falls, ID - 17 Jan 1945 Ely, NV. See Duval.
  Campbell Laura S.   17 Feb 1863 - 2 Dec 1945, second wife of William D.
R-2-6 Campbell Ernest Walter 21 Apr 1951 - 25 Jun 1953, "Son"
  Campbell George Miles 13 Jul 1881 - 9 May 1961, F&AM "Father" son of Helen
  Campbell Helen Edwina Miles 3 Apr 1852 - 20 Jul 1881, sister of Josiah Miles
  Campbell William D. 25 Dec 1847 - 20 Oct 1932, played music at Cherry Creek dances (Effie Read White Pine Lang Syne page 104)
S-19-17 Campbell Inga    
Old-1 Campbell Greg G.  
C-2-2 (1?) Campbell Ernest E. Born 1869, Died 1926, age 57, in Ely, NV, from a cerebral hemorrhage caused by flying timber. He was a city night constable 1923 - 1926. Buried 12/19/1926, (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 295)
J-99-8 Campbell Harry S  
B-42-6 Campbell William G.  
Old-1 Campbell William P.  
J-30-2 Campbell John    
Old-1 Campbell Mrs. W. B.    
Old-2-227 Campbell William David 1886 - 17 Mar 1907 in Reno, NV, son of W. D. And Laura Campbell. Buried 20 Mar 1907.
A.L.-259 Campbell Russell D. 21 Jun 1915 - 6 Nov 1962, NEV PFC 1907 Svce Comd Unit WWII
AB-5VFW-8 Campbell Gerald    
S-19-17 Campbell Inga B.    
B-42-5 Campbell R. A.  
N-47-2 Campbell J. D.  
J-63A-4 Campbell Susie   Indian. Very old, died of old age 1923, buried 6/13/1923
B-42-1 Campbell      
B-42-2 Campbell      
B-42-3 Campbell      
Old-2 Campton Sadie J. 10 Jul 1878 - 15 Dec 1893, age 15, granddaughter of Jerome B. Mathewson, a Hamilton merchant. She was the daughter of Aaron Denio Campton and his second wife, Ella Mathewson. A. D. Campton was the County Recorder on 31 Dec 1885 when the Hamilton, NV Court House burned down.
N-14-7 Cannon Austin Pixley "Spud" 1888 - 1945, managed Capitol Club, and shot off a finger of Harvey Riley while trying to shoot a hole in his hat at 30 yards. (Nevada's Turbulent Yesterdays by Don Ashbaugh p. 317/18) (Borchert I'm Just One of those Bastards page 46)
N-14-5 Cannon Ermie (F?) J.   1877 - 25 Nov 1960 in Santa Cruz, CA. Mrs. Austin. She taught school here for many years. Her only child, Marjory Cannon McKay died about 22 years ago. Sister of Dorothy Smiley.
N-14-6 Cannon Marjorie McKay (MacKay her married name?) 1912 - 1941, daughter of Austin Cannon
N-14-8 Cannon      
AB-7-4 Canterbury      
AB-7-5 Canterbury      
A-37-1 Capp Frank William Age 52, died of heart problems in Ruth on 7 Nov 1924, buried 11/11/1924 (note- the Ely Daily Times 10 Nov 1924 calls him R. A.)
J-63-8 Captain John   Shoshone Indian leader, died Aug 1922, age 75 or 85 of eystitis, buried 8/28/1922, (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 274, 294)
J-73-7 Captain George   Age 60, died of general debility at Ely, NV, 1914. Buried 2/20/1914 by the county
N-73-11 Carey Samuel    
M-43-1 Carilini Herman    
K-5-3 Carlberg Helen   1874 - 1930 Mrs.
M-46-6 Carlbsorman Helen    
M-46-5 Carlbsorman Thar    
N-34-1 Carlburg Mary    
  Carlburg Charles    
J-92-3 Carlette H.    
R-4-2 Carlgreen Rosana Odgburn  
R-4-3 Carlgreen      
R-4-1 Carlgreen (Carlgren) August E. (W?)   31 Mar 1879 - 14 Nov 1953, "Father"
K-14-1 Carlgreen (Carlgren) Rachel Ann   22 May 1900 - 21 Feb 1937
O-7-4 Carling Florence Farnsworth 25 Jun 1896 - 22 Sep 1928, "Daughter"
S-D-2 Carling Gretchen Ann   Baby
S-18-22 Carling Art   this lot from Lee Cue. Lot was under the name of G. B. Cue. (6-1-95)
S-29-36 Carling     Arthur or Geneil Carling Ruth NV. 01/08/96
S-29-35 Carling     Arthur or Geneil Carling Ruth NV.01/08/96
S-3-15 Carlini Letizia   Mrs. Felix
N-17-1 Carlini Felix   26 Feb 1895 - 21 Aug 1944, Veteran
I-14-3 Carlson John Anton Born in Sweden in 1868 - died 1945 (1942?), married Jennie Anderson, one-half sister of John Manguson (Anderson?), miner and prospector, and bullwhacker. He came to Cherry Creek at the age of 18 years with John Manguson from Sweden. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 101)
C-5-7 Carlson Carl Peter 1861 - 1927, age 66, died in E. Ely of cancer, buried 5/2/1927, a NCC highly skilled reverbatory foreman (Jack Fleming Copper Times page 10)
S-14-4 Carlson Edward Ned  
S-14-3 Carlson Marjorie W.    
O-1-6 Carlson Clifford A.   30 Mar 1910 - 31 May 1971
R-48-8 Carlson H. W.  
J-49-6 Carlson Charles    
J-56-5 Carlson     Baby
I-14-2 Carlson Jennie Anderson  
H-45-3 Carlyle L. W.  
M-12-1 Carman Charles    
S-1-28 Carnes Mary Ann    
S-1-37 Carney Agnes Marie    
Old-2 Carney     Mrs.
(Old-4) Carothers Catherine Atkins 1848 - 1937, died of old age, Mrs. Joseph, (in Buntin lot)
D-38-4 Carothers Virginia Josephine 1875 - 1966, (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 188)
(Old-4) Carothers Joseph Scarborough 1833 - 1890, married Catherine. He first located at Shermantown, NV in 1868. Joseph Carothers was referred to as the "Father of Taylor, NV" because he was responsible for interesting the Aultman heirs to invest in developing the Argus Mine at Taylor. He had four children: Alice (Mrs W. H. Buntin), Ida (Grey), Virginia and William J. (Joseph is buried in Buntin lot) (Nevada State Historical Papers 1923) (Nevada's Turbulent Yesterday by Don Ashbaugh page 322.)
(Old-4) Carothers William James 1873 Mineral City, NV - 1909 (1911?), son of Catherine and Joseph (in Buntin lot)
(Old-_) Carothers Alice Buntin Married name is Buntin, buried 6/20/1917 in unnumbered lot in the Old cem adjoining Joseph S. Carothers on south. Daughter of Joseph and Catherine. Married W. H. Buntin. Owner of lot Miss J. J. Carothers.
Old-4 Carothers     Mrs.
(Old-4) Carothers (Carrothers) Catherine   1848 - 1923
M-58-2 Carpenter Laura Beverly   10 Aug 1879 - 30 Dec 1970, wife of Richard. Mrs. Laura Carpenter was the instructor of the Lane City School when it closed in 1947 due to the lack of students. (Ely Daily Times 19 Nov 1957 page 3) Cremation.
N-27-1 Carpenter Henry Jarod 1862 - 1939, brother of Clancy.
Old-5-395 Carpenter Lucille Magnuson 20 Jul 1902 - 23 May 1963, Mrs. J. C. "Jack", daughter of John H. (A?) Magnuson.
M-58-2 Carpenter Tanda Nora   17 Aug 1902 - 26 Jan 1959, wife of Wm. H. Cremation.
Old-5-394 Carpenter John C. "Jack" A John Carpenter discovered the Tea Cup mine with Peter Corning on 21 Sep 1872.
N-27-2 Carpenter Clancy William 27 Oct 1876 - 1 May 1963, brother of Henry J.
M-58-2 Carpenter William Henry 12 Jun 1903 - 19 Nov 1966, husband of Tanda
Old-5 Carpenter Louisa Riepe 22 Aug 1890 - 3 Apr 1912 (?), Age 24, died 1914 of puerperal septicemia in Ely, NV. Daughter of Henry Riepe who died in 1894. Louisa's mother married second to J. A. Manguson. Louisa Riepe married Albert J. Carpenter 9 Jun 1911. Albert worked for the NNRR as a conductor in 1898 and was county treasurer in 1911. She was buried 4/5/1914. Owner of lot Albert J. Carpenter of Ruth.
M-58-1 Carpenter Richard B. 1873 - 1939, husband of Laura
Old-3-34 Carpenter Louis   Of Ward, NV. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p.188)
S-2-30 Carpenter      
G-58-3 Carpenter Baby   Stillborn male, buried 7/1/1915
S-2-31 Carpenter      
N-14A-5 Carr Laura Anna   1888 - 1969
C-17-7 Carr George A. 1 Mar 1873 - 4 Nov 1929
  Carratelli Theodore   1923 - 1925, died in E. Ely, NV of osteonytis of left tibia, buried 5/24/1925
AA-9-39 Carrick Nichole    
AA-9-40 Carrick Kathy    
R-32-2 Carrick Joe    
S-9-36 Carrick      
T-3-11 Carrick      
T-3-12 Carrick      
R-32-3 Carrick (see Coppin)      
M-14-1 Carrier E. D.    
O-4-4 Carrol Mary K.    
A-40-1 Carrol (Carroll) Thomas Bernard 1894 - 1913. Killed by an accidental discharge of his shotgun while in a boat hunting ducks at Comins Lake. Age 20, died of a gunshot at Comins Lake, buried 9/24/1913, lot owner Thomas Carroll of E. Ely.
(Old-_) Carrothers Joseph S. Died during the 1890's. He was a mine / mill expert.
D-38-4 Carrothers Virginia   Born in Ward, NV. Teacher (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 77)
Old-4 Carrothers James S.  
  Carson Austin Dewey Born and died on the same day in 1998. Son of Kurt and Amy Thomas Carson.
R-48-8 Carson Meta C. Matthes 1884 - 1968, Mrs. Harold W.
M-23-2 Carson Elsy (Elgy) Donna   1878 - 1963, Mrs. John F.
A-6-1 Carson Charles C. Age 70, died of pneumonia 1922, buried 3/26/1922
AA-23A-3 Carson Dewey Everett Born Feb.16,1929 in Colorado, died Dec.22,1990 in Ely NV. Married to Marietta Cooper. Owner of Carson Inc. General Engineer Contractor. SSN 530-?8-3794 father - Werrin J. Carson, mother - Alma Yanter. Marietta Carson Ely, NV
(R-48-_) Carson Harold Watt 1882 - 1954, married to Meta
M-23-1 Carson John Florin 1871 - 1944, Married Elgy
AB-8-18 Carson Cory Dale Born June 12,1963 in Ely NV., died Oct.8,1992 in Ely NV. Never Married, desk clerk at the Hotel Nevada. SSN 530-68-7657. father - Boyd Carson, mother - Kay Monson Boyd Carson McGill NV
AA-20-29 Carson Linda R.    
A-6-2 Carson Mrs. N.    
R-29-4 Carson Ivy    
AA-20-30 Carson      
AA-2-3 Carson      
AA-23A-1 Carson      
AA-2-2 Carson      
AA-23A-2 Carson      
AB-8-10 Carson      
AB-8-19 Carson      
AB-8-20 Carson      
AB-8-8 Carson      
AB-8-9 Carson      
I-14-2 Carson      
R-30-10 Carson      
(Plat A) Carstendine Earl Robert Age 3 days, died 19 Sep 1944
R-36-5 Carter Helen Ruth Cooper (Copen?) Gibson 9 Aug 1926 in Malad, ID - 9 Dec 1971 in Salt Lake City, UT. Daughter of Floyd and Ruth Goddard Copen
A.L.-213 Carter Rex J. Jr.  
A-33-8 Carter Fred Miller 1890 - 1918, age 26, buried 10/8/1918
N-23-6 Carter Timothy G. NEV 20 Mar 1949 - 15 Jul 1969. Marine Corp. Killed in Viet Nam. One of 35 names on the White Pine Memorial near the courthouse. (Ely Daily Times 12/11/95)
J-38-2 Carter Arthur    
N-72-57 Carter P. A.  
(O-17-_) Cartwright Andrew James 6 Dec 1871 - 1943, husband of Agnes. He was a Hamiliton, NV school teacher, Ely School Principal 1900 - 1906, In Nov he became a Justice of the Peace and he was Ely, NV's first Police Judge.
O-17-4 Cartwright Agnes Mary Zadow 1879 - 1962. She married A. J. Cartwright on 26 Dec 1901 and had a daughter, Lucille. (History of Nevada by Davis, Volume II)
A.L.-152 Cartwright Thomas Joseph 10 Oct 1886 - 15 Dec 1968 TEX Pvt. USA WW I
J-92-2 Casebolt Tom    
Old-3-50 Cashimes Peter    
G-57-10 Castaldo Sebastiano   Male infant who died 1915 at birth during a breech delivery, buried 12/17/1915
L-17-7 Castell Paul    
L-17-8 Castell      
Old-1 Castillo Maria Purification  
Old-1 Castillo Joe Louis 1916 - 1931, son of Jose
Old-1 Castillo Jose   1879 - 1966, Father of Joe L.
S-10-23 Cates William H.  
S-10-22 Cates Lydia    
R-57-9 Catlin William Ezra   29 Dec 1875 - 12 Jan 1971, husband of Laura
R-56-12 Catlin Laura Austin Inks 24 Dec 1878 in MO - 17 Nov 1956 in San Francisco, CA at her daughter's of a long illness. wife of Wm. E.
S-9-34 Caviglia Josephine    
S-9-5 Caviglia Jane Pescio  
S-7-33 Caviglia Kathryn    
(A-40-1) Caviglia Caesar   A 1907 manganese miner of the Tamberland area. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p.192)
(Sec D) Caviglia John   NEV Pvt. 112 Inf. 28 Div, died 23 Jan 1941
S-9-33 Caviglia John    
S-9-4 Caviglia Tommy   Died in an auto accident Nov 1965, Bank manager of McGill Bank, Town Council Chairman, and White Pine Deputy Sheriff.
S-7-34 Caviglia Caesar   This may be the man who became a Catholic Priest and was pastor of St. Peter's Parish in Henderson, NV.
S-9-12 Caviglia      
S-9-3 Caviglia      
S-9-35 Caviglia      
S-9-36 Caviglia      
S-9-10 Caviglia (see Lathrop)      
R-36-4B Caylor John   Infant
AA-2-29 Caylor      
AA-2-30 Caylor      
(Sec C) Cazier Lewis O. 6 Oct 1889 - 7 Apr 1969, son of Owen and Elizabeth
I-11-5 Cazier Georgina   25 Nov 1872 - 10 Feb 1955, "Mother" Mrs. James
B-32-8 Cazier Gerald M. "Jerry" Fisher ? 29 Sep 1941 - 20 Oct 1957
C-20-8 Cazier Elizabeth   1868 - 1951 Mrs. Owen
C-19-3 Cazier Samuel Edmund 1858 - 1929, married Mary, brother of Owen
B-35-4 Cazier Edcil (Ebenezer?) Brother of Owen and Hiram
N-58-7 Cazier Ruth Vowels  
B-32-2 Cazier Hannah   1880 - 1931, mother of Verna. Mrs.
S-25-1 Cazier James A. (S?) 1861 - 1941, married Georgina
AA-23-1 Cazier Roy F. "Frog" Son of Roy E.
N-73-9 Cazier Albert John 19 Jul 1972, aged 67 years 3 months 18 days.
Z-D-14 Cazier Russell A. 8 Aug 1908 - 20 Feb 1971
C-19-4 Cazier Mary   1870 - 1954, Mrs. Sam
S-21-9 Cazier Clarence    
L-3-1 Cazier Hiram   1873 - 1938
AA-23-3 Cazier Roy E.    
I-14-4 Cazier James    
B-32-1 Cazier Joe    
B-32-7 Cazier Verna   1899 - 1915, daughter of Hannah
S-21-8 Cazier Mary   Mrs. Clarence
C-19-5 Cazier Owen   1866 - 1931, married Elizabeth, brother of Sam, bought George Hayden Ranch on the White River. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 59)
Z-D-13 Cazier      
S-12-12 Celaya Sibertio    
S-3-12 Celaya Paul    
S-12-11 Celaya      
A-32-7 Cerjnuex (Cerjreux) Alphonse   Age 39, died of infection 1918, buried 1/4/1918
S-3-19 Cervantes Bravo T.    
B-6-7 Chabers Tom    
Old-2 Chachas Ellen (Irene Ai Katerine)   1896 - 1938, born in Lamia, Greece.
AB-2-30 Chachas Theodore John Born Feb.25,1934 in Utah, died Nov.13,1990 in Ely NV. Married to Marilyn Salvi, Owner - Operator of Junction Motors. SSN 530-20-5956. Father - John G. Chachas, Mother - Evelyn Tsimopulos. informant Marilyn Chachas. Ely, NV
T-1-11 Chachas Christ G. Born Nov.10,1910 in Greece, died Dec.5,1995 at the Sunrise Hospital & Med. Center. in Las Vegas. Naturalized Feb 20, 1959 in Ely, NV. 85 years old. Married to Katherine Sambanis, resided in McGill, NV. Miner, SSN# 522-40-9116 Father - George Chachas, Mother - Katherine. George Chachas Ely NV.
N-67-2 Chachas Mary Stefanis Died in Bountiful Utah 7/10/90
N-67-5 Chachas John G.  
N-67-1 Chachas Angelo    
N-67-13 Chachas Angelo    
N-67-3 Chachas Bessie   9 Oct 1929 - 5 Mar 1948, "Daughter and Sister"
N-67-4 Chachas Evelyn   Born April 20,1909 in Greece, died Jan.3,1990 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. Married to John G. Chachas, homemaker, SSN 530-66-5809 Father Theodore Tsimopolous mother Helen.
AA-3-25 Chachas Gust    
N-67-11 Chachas      
AA-6-8 Chachas      
AB-2-29 Chachas      
N-67-10 Chachas      
N-67-12 Chachas      
N-67-14 Chachas      
N-67-8 Chachas      
N-67-9 Chachas      
T-1-12 Chachas      
T-1-13 Chachas      
T-1-14 Chachas      
T-1-15 Chachas      
L-14-3 Chaddick William    
H-81-1(H-72-A?) Chalmers Sheldon Frank Age 45, died of a gunshot wound in 1925. Buried 5/1/1925
M-33-7 Chalteo Alex    
AA-23-23 Chamberlain Edwin "Judd" George Died age 91 years in 1980. Piano Player.
AA-23-22 Chamberlain      
H-52-3 Chamberlane B. H.  
  Chambers Tom   1895 - 28 Sep 1926, age 31. Boxing promoter who promoted Jack Dempsey.
N-59-3 Chambers Royal D. 8 Aug 1893 (18 Sep 1892?) - 18 May 1959 in Reno, NV. Retired Nevada State Maintainance employee. Married Mabel.
N-59-4 Chambers      
N-60-1 Chambers Mabel   Mrs. Royal.
Old-3-18 Champlin (Champolean?) John   Age about 34 years. Murdered. Shot and Killed 20 Sep 1910 at Gilford Meadows on Duck Creek by S. T. King. Native of France, he lived at Duck Creek, NV. His body was brought to McGill, NV for inquest.
R-64-3 Chandler Harry   Died 14 Jul 1872, age 85 years 9 months 11 days
G-62-4 Changos (Chanyos) Kosanora   (Kasanbry?) Age 6 months, female, died of cholera in 1917, buried 8/23/1917
H-63-4 Chanoyan Mike   Died 1919 of shock at age of 34 years old, buried 12/1/1919
F-11-N1/2 of 9 Chapin Doris    
  Chapin     A Nealy H. Chapin, along with W. A. Leonard, purchased the Ely Record in the spring of 1907. Chapin was elected Senator in 1912. (History of Nevada by Davis page 1121.)
H-66-1 Chapman Glyn S.    
M-49-4 Chapman Tracy    
L-7-2 Chapman Tom    
  Charcalis Ann Marie   23 May 1947 - 26 May 1947. Daughter of James and Marie Carlson Charchalis.
AA-5VFW-5 Charchalis Constantine G. (Teno)   30 May 1921 - 21 Apr 1984. Son of Susie and George. Brother of Louise Wassenberg.
R-60-10 Charchalis George Demetrious Born 7 May 1888 Lamia, Greece. Died 14 Jan 1972, age 83 years 10 months 7 days. Husband of Susie.
R-60-9 Charchalis Susie L. Wiloughoby 29 Jun 1888 - 23 Jan 1975. Wife of George.
L-9-1 Charchallis     Baby
AA-4-6 Charles Gerald Jr. "Little Jerry"  
A.L.-147 Charles George Cleveland Jr. Died 5 Jul 1972, age 43 years 11 months 8 days
S-D-6 Charles Mona Rose   Baby
Z-C-53 Charles Cleveland Chester 24 Dec 1895 Silver Park, NV - 5 Jul 1970 at his home on Campton Street in Ely, NV. Ranch Laborer.
AB-3-13 Charles Katherine   Born Aug.23,1909 in Pennsylvania, died Dec.16,1995 at the White Pine Care Center in Ely NV. 86 years old, divorced Homemaker. SSN# 187-20-1731. Informant Ione Jackman Ely NV
AA-4VFW-18 Charles Alvin    
Z-C-52 Charles Ina    
AB-8-4 Charles      
AB-8-5 Charles      
O-16-7 Charleson Frank    
AA-20-28 Charter Colleen    
AA-20-27 Charter      
  Chase W. Burgens  
B-9-5 Chase R. A.  
Old-2-118 Chase Rollin L.   S1 Surg. No. _ Stew D US Navy
Old-4-482 (baby plot) Chase Phyllis Jean   Stillborn female in 1925 in E. Ely, buried 4/10/1925
A-30-1 Chase Marion   Age 29, female, died of toxemia 1916, buried 5/5/1916
S-29-2 Chastain Eugene Arthur  
AA-24-9 Chastain Catharine    
A.L.-142 Chauncey Roy C.    
S-D-7 Chavez Nancy Lee   Baby
Z-B-31 Chavez Gloria Jean   21 Apr 1957 - 21 Jun 1971 of drowning at Cave Lake near Ely, NV. Fourteen year old daughter of Fred L. and Criselda Montoya Chavez of 48 Sunshine Street in Ruth, NV.
Z-D-18 Chavez Fidel Virgil 1 Jan 1919 - 8 Aug 1967
Z-B-31 Chavez Grizelda   Cremation
Z-A-11 Chavez Lesher   Born 18 Dec 1907 - ___
Z-A-10 Chavez Seniada   7 Sep 1908 - 29 May 1966, Mrs. Lesher
Z-B-31 Chavez Fred   Cremation.
G-14-12 Chavez      
D-27-8 Cheel Carl D.   Died 16 May 1932 UTAH Pvt. 1c Air Service
H-64-4 Chekouras Harry   Age 47, died of pneumonia 1918, buried 11/29/1918
L-20-7 Chell     (see Miner Shields)
L-20-8 Chell     (see Ruth Shields)
AL-20-5 Chell      
L-20-6 Chell (Cheel) Lillie Myrtle)   1866-1939 Mrs.
  Cherokee Bob     Age ca 40, buried 14 Sep 1906 (Death cert. In White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths)
S-D-43 Cherpeski Shaunna R.   Baby
S-13-19 Cherpeski Alexander J.    
S-13-18 Cherpeski Metella M.    
AA-7-13 Chester Joseph Clark    
H-65-4 Chich      
N-68-4 Chiechie Michele   13 Dec 1881 - 22 Oct 1952
G-66-2 Chigris Baby   Stillborn female 1920, buried 10/1/1920
A-50-5 Chinn Margaret Thompson Born in Penn. 1888 Died April 7,1918 at her residence in McGill, age 36 years, 7 months of a pulmonary embolism. Service at the Episcopal church. Married to William Chinn, Father - James Thompson from Ireland, Mother - Mary M. Cookin of Penn. BPOE
D-26-3 Chopaten (Chopetal) Frank W.   ARIZ Pvt. 34 US Vol. Inf., died 11 Jan 1936
  Chorgas (Korgan) Peter   10 Jun 1896 - 10 Jan 1955, Korgan was his original surname spelling and it was Americanized to Chorgas.
  Chovich Guy   About 40 years old, died May 1908. Greek. Buried 1 Jun 1908.
H-60-5 (H-61-8?) Chow Lug (Liey) "Deafy" Male, age 84, died in Ely, NV of apoplexy Dec 1924. Here for 30 years, he had a store then sold vegetables. Buried 12/16/1924
H-55-1 Choy Lou    
C-21-1 Chrisler Mrs. C.    
M-57-6 Chrisman Louise Ehler  
A-50-5 Chrisman Margaret Eola   26 Dec 1885 - 21 Apr 1940, "Our True Friend" Mrs.
F-11-N1/2 of 10 Christ (Christ) Loretta B.   5/15/1998 1942 - 26 Oct 1942
(F-11-_) Christ (Crist) Dora Lola   1 Dec 1940 - 11 Feb 1941 (next to L. B. Christ)
Old-1 Christain J. W.      
O-10-1 Christainsen Don    
O-10-2 Christainsen      
O-10-4 Christainsen      
O-10-3 Christainsen (Christiansen) Marie   Infant, born and died 10 Sep 1948
R-59-2 Christainson Kate E. Durant 22 Sep 1903 - 11 Dec 1962, married Leonard, "Mother"
R-59-1 Christainson Leonard Peter 19 Jan 1903 - ____ , married Katie, White Pine County Commissioner 1963, of Ely.
R-58-4 Christainson      
S-26-24 Christensen Charles Arnold  
S-D-50 Christensen David M.   Baby
R-22-6 Christensen Don    
S-5-33 Christensen Roy    
S-4-1 Christensen Amelia    
C-22-6 Christensen Mrs. M.    
S-5-34 Christensen Luella    
Old-4 Christensen Carl    
  Christenson Infant son   Died 19 Jun 1971 in Ely, NV. Son of John and Judy Christenson.
G-80-12 Christienson Lu Dean   2 days old female, died 1923 in McGill of heart disease, buried 9/6/1923
Old-1 Christman      
H-91-1 Christman Harry    
Old-1 Christman Lou    
G-A-16 Christman      
Old-1 Christman      
Old-1 Christman      
Old-3-37 Christon (Chrestu?) Nick   Age between 35 and 40 years. Resided Copper Flat, native of Vaceleko, Greece, left wife and children in Greece. Died January 11, 1911 near pit of NV Copper Mining Company by a slide of rock from top of bank caused by a blast set off in vicinity of steam shovel # 5. Jury determined that he was negligent and caused his own death while answering a call of nature.
S-4-7 Christopherson Edward L.    
S-14-between1&2 Christopherson Alberta Estelle   Born Oct.12,1919 in Nevada, Died Oct.31,1991 in the care center in Ely. Divorced Homemaker, SSN 528-42-5102. Father - Osborne Christopherson, Mother - Gladys Lake. Informant - Lois Smith Cremation
S-14-1 Christopherson Osborne    
S-14-2 Christopherson Gladys    
G-74-1 Chuirch      
  Chung Gee Yo   Born in China, he died 12 Nov 1912 at the age of 59 years old, when he took some medicine he had gotten from a Chinese Doctor in San Francisco, CA. A saloon porter, he had been here for 5 years. Married.
N-71-9 Church Adelia   1889 - Sep 1956. Mrs.
AA-9-35 Churchfield Arlene Ethel Nelson Emerson Born in What Cheer, Iowa. Father Elias Wilbur Nelson. Mother Pearl Ruby Neal.  Married 1.) Wilmer Elvin Emerson; had two daughters Sharon Emerson Mellos Saal and Gerry Emerson Harris Mathis. Came to Nevada in 1947; married 2.) Milton Churchfield; no children. Worked for Kennecott as a janitor in the corporate offices in McGill until her retirement.  Source: Gerry Mathis gerrym@rabbitbrush.com
AA-9-36 Churchfield Milton James Died by Aug.22,1985? Born Wells Nevada. Father James P Churchfield (born in Iowa) (The Churchfield family helped to build the Lahontan earth dam). Mother Eva R Persons (born Ruby Valley Nevada). Milton attended school in Cherry Creek Nevada. Before WWII he worked on the Picollo Ranch in Butte Valley and delivered mail on horseback in the Butte Valley area. Served in US Army from 10-11-42 thru 12-06-45 with General George Patton in battles and campaigns in Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes. Rhineland and Central Europe. After WWII worked for Kennecott on the bull gang and then as an oiler in the mill until his retirement.  Source: Gerry Mathis gerrym@rabbitbrush.com
G-65-3 Cieovich Louis    
M-15-6 Cinfio Ralph Sr.   21 Nov 1902 in Italy - 1 Sep 1960 Salt Lake City, UT. Married Mary Taddy. KCC boiler maker. (story of 26 July 1956 Ely Daily Times)
K-18-1 Ciokis I.    
S-C-54 Ciscar Teresa Ann Baby  
S-C-53 Ciscar Teodoro A.   Baby
Old-3 Claighorn      
not buried here Clark Fred   Historical Note - Druggist Fred Clark was the first Mayor of Ely, NV. Clark Street is named for him. He built a house in the 600 block of Clark Street behind and across the street fron O. D. Skaggs Store in 1905. Fred Oldfield lived next door. The Hunter family bought the house from the Clarks and lived in it many years.The house, purchased from Ivan Call burned down 18 Jan 1960.
L-14-8 Clark Anabelle   Mrs.
  Clark Ursula   13 Jul 1844 - 19 Jul 1938
  Clark Maurine   Sep 1938 - Dec 1938
S-15-7 Clark Dennain G. "Buddy"  
R-45-6 Clark Howard Dexter 25 Aug 1934 - 13 Mar 1950, son of Dan B.
Old-2 Clark Burton Carl 9 Nov 1943 - 10 Nov 1943 Baby
A-48-1 Clark George (Joe?) Plummer Born 20 Mar 1852 in Illinois, died 24 (26?) Jul 1926, age 75, when he became lost on the desert near New Tippett. He was an aged prospector. His body was found in a barren gulch some 8 miles from his cabin at Red Hills between Red Hills and the Boundy Brothers Ranch. Buried 9/6/1926. ILL. Vet. (31 Aug 1926 Ely Daily Times)
B-41-6 Clark A. Hood    
Old-2 Clark Doris   Baby. Born and died Oct 1941
A.L.-8 Clark Glen Lyle UTAH, 24 Mar 1898 - 4 Dec 1949
R-45-7 Clark Daniel Brown  
S-15-5 Clark Guye Riley 5 Oct 1902 IA - 8 Oct 1971. Married Marge Gray. KCC accountant.
H-36A-5 Clark Ed D.  
H-81-2 Clark H. N.   Age 64, died 1925 from a suicidal gunshot wound at the Duff Homestead near Preston, buried 8/11/1925 (in H-72-_ or H-81-2?)
J-98-2 Clark J. R.    
S-15-6 Clark Margie    
Old-4 Clark Ben   25 Mar 1899 - 23 Jul 1968, "Husband, Father"
Old-4 Clark Jane    
Old-4 Clark Mary    
B-45-1 Clark Mrs.    
B-41-6 Clark      
B-45-2 Clark      
B-45-3 Clark      
R-45-5 Clark      
S-12-34 Clark      
(J-66-5) Clark J. R.   Age 60, male, died of peritonitis in Ely, NV in 1919, buried 6/2/1919
  Clark Annie   1866-1950
A.L.-21 Claunch Donald Q.   IDAHO 1911 - 1952
  Clay Stanley   16 May 1891 UT - 17 Aug 1911 Illipah, NV. Son of E. W. Clay of NY. Age 20 years 3 months 1 day. Died of fractured skull. Runner of wild horses.
R-27-1 IOOF Clays Clifford Daniel 19 Dec 1901 Brigham Canyon, UT - 11 Dec 1959 at his McGill, NV home. Married Myrtle in Ely, NV in 1925. KCC carpenter. UTAH Vet.
R-27-2 IOOF Clays Myrtle Scelli Mrs. Clifford.
A.L.-121 Clayson Leland Peter "Pete" 29 Nov 1920 - 17 Nov 1966 NEV Sgt. CMP WW II
I-1-4 Clayson Edgar Thomas 28 May 1901 Muncie Creek, Spring Valley, NV - 16 Jan 1976 in Alabama. KCC employee. Married Anna.
I-2-1 Clayson Anna D.    
C-10-4 Clayson Robert    
J-58-6 Cleary J. E.   Age 55, died of heart trouble in 1919, buried 1/22/1919
  Cleghorn Ruby   9 Nov 1944 - 19 Nov 1944
D-13A-7 Clemens Thomas H.   Died 26 Jun 1941, MONT Cpl. 484 Aero Squad
N-72-91 Clement T. S.    
F-11-7 Clements Viola Johanna   Born and died 5 Aug 1938
  Cleveland Betty   14 Nov 1921 - 25 Jan 1948
J-51-4 Cleveland Dorothy   Age 8 months, died in 1925 in Ely, NV of colitis, buried 9/30/1925
Old-4 Cleveland Grover   1893 - 13 Mar 1932
J-68A-4 Cleveland Roy   Age 2 months, died 1922 of pneumonia, buried 4/21/1922
J-39-8 Cleveland Mint   An Indian who resided in Spring Valley, NV.
J-51-3 Cleveland Alice   Age 29, died 1925 of cancer in Ely, NV, buried 9/5/1925
C-14-3 Clevenger William Hood   7 Apr 1889 - 30 May 1957
C-14-3 Clevenger Lottie    
  Clifford Budd   1884 - 1912 (in Gallagher plot)
N-28-6 Cline C. W.   He was murdered at Steptoe City just above McGill. He was found dead in a coal bin, had been hit over the head with a whiskey bottle. Building caretaker.
B-1-7 Clinton Harry   (Effie Read White Pine Lang Syne page 228)
AA-7-19 Cloward Veono    
D-13-7 Coath George   Died 13 Jan 1940, UTAH Pvt. US Army
F-11-2 Coats Baby    
AA-16-4 Cobb George Edward Born Jan.6,1906 in Nevada, died May 3,1991 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. 85 years old, widowed Electrician for KCC. SSN# 530-01-3448 Father - John Cobb, Mother - Lucy Andrews. informant - Lee Cobb.
S-1-30 Cobb Harry H.    
AA-16-3 Cobb Laverna C.    
Z-C-3 Cobb Alverette    
N-16-8 Cobb Harold    
S-8-26 Cobb Charles    
S-8-25 Cobb Fannie    
Z-C-4 Cobb Ivan B.    
S-1-29 Cobb Anna    
R-35-58 Cobb Baby    
S-17-4 Cobb Ray    
  Cobb Arnold Theodore 14 Dec 1906 - 10 Dec 1955, Vet
Old-4 Cobb      
S-17-5 Cobb      
S-8-24 Cobb      
D-22-2 Cobb John Howard 12/2/1998 1877 - 15 Nov 1939
  Cobb Jack Lamar Born and died 1 Mar 1953
A-14-1 Cobernte Carol    
A-14-1 Cobernte E. L.    
L-4-6 Cobo Ben    
Old-4 Cochran Milton Henry 1839 - 1906
S-22-21 Cochran Bertha Bell    
R-19-1 Cocks (Cocke) Henry Ligon 1878 - 1951
A-31-1 Coe Viola   Age 30, died 1917 of gastric problems, buried 1/27/1917
B-46-21 Coffin George    
Z-C-14 Colaizzi Amadeo DiMartino  
Z-C-13 Colaizzi Antimina   34786
Z-C-12 Colaizzi Vince    
A-14-7 Colburn Irvin W. Jr.   26 Apr 1901 - 17 Dec 1923, age 22, Railroad engineer, scalded to death from a train wreck at the Ruth Liberty Pit, buried 12/20/1923, (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 238)
A-14-8 Colburn I. W.    
A-14-6 Colburn      
A-14-5 Colburn      
A.L.-164 Cole William Ed. 8 Oct 1916 - 1 Mar 1976. KCC foreman. Married Laura. Died of a heart attack.
Old-3 Cole Walter   About 32, a painter, died Jan 1907 when he froze to death while he was drunkenly making his way to the Smelter. Buried 24 Jan 1907. (Ely Record 27 Mar 1976)
J-76-6 Cole Maggie   Age 65, Indian female, died of pneumonia 1920, buried 3/1/1920
H-72-3 Coleff Nick   Age 40, killed by a fall of rock 1916, buried 2/15/1916
N-24-1 Coleman William   In Feb 1933 he was one of the ringleaders in one of Ely's famous "Badger Fights."
Old-2-133 Coligan Andrew    
A-47-6 Colivian John    
AA-21-31 Collette      
AA-21-32 Collette (see Doan)      
  Collier Giles Turner Jr.   19 Mar 1920 - 22 Jun 1933
S-1-8 Collier Anna Lee    
S-1-8A Collier George    
(G-78-7?) Collins Carol Emma   1 month old, premature birth, died in McGill in 1925, buried 2/7/1925
O-4-7 Collins James Matthew 1875 - 1944. Attorney.
R-6-2 Collins Marie   1857 - 1930, married Millard, "Grandmother"
O-20-5 Collins Clara Webster  
M-50-20 Collins Lala (Lulu) L.   1927 - 1954
A-3-2 Collins John F.   Age 40, born in Pittsburgh, PA, died in Ely, NV 1914, buried 7/20/1914
A-8-7 (A-9-7?) Collins Jackson C.   Age 1 year, died of nephritis in 1922 and was buried 8/1/1922
R-6-1 Collins Millard T.   1867 - 1952, married Marie, "Pa" Operated a brickyard and hardware store on Aultman Street. His son Joe operated the Collins Hotel.
Old-4 Collins Emmie   Baby. Indian. 15 May 1912 - 27 Aug 1912. Daughter of Indian Jim and Emma Collins.
A-8-7 Collins     cremation
A-8-7 Collins     cremation
R-6-2 Collins Jon    
  Collis Geraldine Ann   20 Sep 1948 - 29 Sep 1949 Baby
B-64-3 Collis Panagula   1887 1971, a Greek
B-14-8 Collis Chris   8 Oct 1918 - 7 Jan 1935, age 14, killed in a car wreck with other teenagers, Charles Eberle, Robert Baker and Joe Montilione between McGill and Ely when they were returning home from a basketball game. The other driver was was Jerry Mahoney.
  Collum Thea R.   4 Dec 1878 - 5 Feb 1922
  Collum Merritt C.   1903 -1924
D-25-4 Colombo John   Died 5 Jul 1932, NEV Pvt. 116 Supply Tr 41 Div
I-16-4 Comins Amanda Minnie Stauts 19 Jun 1849 of Philadelphia, PA - 3 Jul 1945, she became Mrs. H. A. in Carson City, NV 12 Dec 1867. They had Henrietta (Mrs. A. N.) McDonald and Minnie (Mrs. D. C.) McDonald.
I-16-3 Comins Henry Adoniram 10 Jun 1836 Penobscot Co., Maine - 12 Dec 1917, died from pneumonia on his 50th wedding anniversary to Amanda Minnie Stauts and was buried 12/16/1917. He was an 1869 White Pine Pioneer who had businesses in Hamilton, Ward, and Cherry Creek. Henry A. sold the Ely townsite to Aultman Company in the early 1870's. A lumberman, in 1885 he established a ranch on Steptoe Creek southeast of Ely til 1907. He represented White Pine County in the lower house in 1875, became Senator 1877 & 1879 while he was in Cherry Creek. Became a Senator again in 1889 to 1899, then later went into real estate in Ely. He built the house at 749 Campton Street in 1907. H. A. bought the old Carnahan Ranch whose owner died in 1876 in a hay mowing accident. Carnahan Lake, now called Comins Lake, is named after him. (Fleming Copper Times page 38-40) (History of Nevada by Davis page 1114)
H-91-4 Commons William Oatis 18 Aug 1887 Hartville, Indiana - 15 Dec 1961 at his home on North Street, Ely, NV. Carpenter. No known relatives.
O-15-6 Comstock Charles Wilson 1903 - 1952
H-53-2 Condos Nick    
Old-2 Condos (aka Costopulas) Theodore   4 Apr 1893 Doris, Greece - 29 Aug 1912. Crushed to death under Rail road cars in the Ely yard. Age 19 years 4 months 5 days.
  Cone Ellen Christina Smith 18 Apr 1895 - 3 Feb 1913. Married. Died of pneumonia in Ely, NV. Age 27 years.
  Cone Violet   Age 2 years, died Jun 1905. Buried 16 Jun 1905.
  Cone Ellen   Oct 1885 - Sep 1927
  Cone Violet   Age 2 of NV, buried 16 Jun 1905 (Death cert. In White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths)
(Old-_) Cone Mrs. Jessie   Female, age 40, died 1912 of pneumonia at Cone's Ranch, buried 1/1(?)/1913
C-16-16 Cone William O.    
Old-4 Cone Ellen C.   1 Mar 1892 - 10 Jul 1918, Mrs. Jessie H.
Old-4 Cone Elva C.   21 Dec 1909 - 14 Oct 1920, age 10 years, died of scarlet fever and was buried 10/18/1920
Old-4 Cone Jesse H.   15 Dec 1882 - 22 Jul 1919, married Ellen, "Erected by Mrs. T. S. Eastwood, daughter"
Old-3 Cone J. H.   Infant aged 4 days. Died July 1907. Buried 3 Jul 1907.
Old-3 Cone Violet   Died 1911, aged 1 year 10 months 9 days
Old-4 Cone Infant   Jun 1907 - Jul 1907, son of Jesse and Ellen
A-29-8 Conklin Thomas P.   Age 50, died 7 Dec 1924 of an embolism in E. Ely, buried 11/15/1924. He had been here for 15 years.
C-19-7 Conlin Elmer Bertram 1885 - 1930. He operated a house of ill repute in June 1922. (Ely Daily Times 3 Jun 1922)
C-19-6 Conlin      
Z-B-29 Conner Charles M.    
Z-B-28 Conner Lillian    
Old-1 Conners D.    
J-91-3 Conners A.    
Old-1-276 Conners Narcissus   14 Dec 1846 - 5 Mar 1911, wife of E. D.
AA-29-40 Connor Katharine F. Bakaric Died 1981, daughter of Mike and Lucy Krmpotic Bakaric
  Connors Mrs.   The popular woman cook at the old Carnahan Ranch (now the CCC Ranch near Comins Lake), Mrs. Connors, a widow, after the death of Mr. Carnahan in 1876, moved 15 miles south of the Carnahan Ranch were she had stables, stage station and established a main stopping place between Ward and Osceola, NV. Connors Station was also sometimes called Rosebud Station. Connors Pass is said to be named for her in one version of the story. Mrs. Connors may be the Mrs. E., age 78, died 1906 listed below. 
Old-1-277 Connors E. D. (O?)   67 years old, died 1913 Mrs. George Jackson. Buried 3/18/1913
A-9-5 Connors Richard Griffin Age 70, died 1924, buried 4/27/1924
  Connors Mrs. E.   Age ca 78, of Ireland, buried 23 May 1906 (Death cert in White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths)
  Connsten C. R.    
Old-3 Cononelos Dorothy M. Borchert Born Mar.3,1928 in Utah, died Jan.21, 1992 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. 63 years old, Married to Solon Cononelos, Father - Harry Borchert, Mother - Josephine Burke. Informant - Solon Cononelos Ely N. Solon ran grocery and furniture stores in McGill.
R-55-16 Cononelos Louis "Luka"   15 Aug 1885 Greece - 9 Jun 1971 in Salt Lake City, UT. Married Nina Tsa Copoulos 29 Sep 1912 in Pueblo, CO. 1906 Businessman of McGill. A Greek Boss.
R-55-17 Cononelos Nina Tsa Copoulos 15 Oct 1896 - (alive 1971), Mrs. Louis
H-68-5 Cononelos Nick   Born in Louka, Greece, he was age 42 when he died 30 Oct 1917
A.L.-149 Cononelos Peter    
AB-2-12 Cononelos Solon   He owned Cononelos Furniture Store in Ely. Married Dorothy. He was the son of Louie Cononelos, a "Greek Boss" at McGill.
S-1-36 Conrad Berta Kaye Hughes Born November 4,1909 in Utah, died Mar.28, 1991 at the White Pine Care Center. 81 years old, widow (Mrs. Henry) homemaker, SSN# 528-28-6190. Father - Henry Hughes, Mother - LaRene King. informant - Henry Carl Conrad Jr.
  Conrad Jim R.   17 May 1940 - 7 Dec 1941
  Conrad King   14 Sep 1929, son of Henry and Berta
S-1-35 Conrad Jennings G.    
Old-2 Conrad Joseph A.   5 Mar 1911 - 23 Jun 1923, age 12
Old-3 Conrad Douglas   21 Sep 1936, son of Henry and Berta
Old-3 Conrad George   1931, son of Henry and Berta
G-55-13 Conrad Baby girl   9 days old, died 1913 in McGill of a hemorrhage, buried 4/13/13, owner of lot John Conrad of McGill
Old-3 Conrad Burton   4 Jul 1933 - 8 Aug 1933, son of Henry and Berta
S-1-37 Conrad Henry   Boy Scout Leader. KCC design engineer.
G-60-5(4?) Conrad Baby   Stillborn male, died 1915, buried 12/7/1915
Old-2 Conrad Ernie    
Old-3 Conrad Irm    
AA-21-34 Conrad      
G-73-12 Conrad      
G-73-9 Conrad      
G-76-5 Conrad      
Old-4 Conrad      
Old-3-11 Constantina (Constantino?) Hercules   Died 1908. Buried 3 May 1908.
M-37-7 Constantine Barbara   10 Jan 1907 - (alive 1972), Mrs. Gust, his second wife, she was brought over from the old country.
M-37-6 Constantine Gust   24 May 1890 - 2 Dec 1967
  Cook Mildred   1918 - 1919
R-38-1 Cook David William 1890 - 1949, married Jennie G.
AA-14-30 Cook Lawrence    
R-38-2 Cook Jennie Gray 17 Feb 1893 - 22 Nov 1954, married David W.
AA-14-29 Cook Athalee    
(A-39-6) Cook Mildred   age 7 months, died of pneumonia, buried 2/25/1920
  Cook James Bobby 1920 - 1937
Old-2-113 Cook . Charles D    
  Cooper William "Bill"   He lost an arm while he was working as a crusher operator on a Lane City job for Gibbons Construction Co.
M-5-7 Cooper Lida Annette   1870 - 1947, Mrs. Joe
S-29-3 Cooper William (Bill) T. Sr.    
S-11-11 Cooper Opal Geraldine   Died Sept.21,1990 in Northern Montana Hospital, Hill Montana Cremation.
I-7-6 Cooper William Walter 1871 - 1926, age 55, shot and murdered at the Piermont Mine, buried 10/29/1926 in the Mason plot. He was the mine boss and was shot and killed by James Miley over a claim dispute.
T-7-18 Cooper Erlinda S.   Erlinda Cooper Ely NV
M-5-8 Cooper Joseph Samuel 17 Oct 1867 - 28 Aug 1951, "Father"
B-46-18 Cooper Leonard P.   1861 - 1935, married Mollie
S-11-12 Cooper Eugene W.
"Born May 5, 1908 in Norman, Ok.  Arrived in Ely in 1956 with his wife Geraldine, owned and operated the "EL-Y" Motel for a few years, then employed by Kennecott Copper Corp. at the McGill Smelter in the Reverberatory Dept. where he worked until his death during the summer of 1967 at the age of 59.  In addition to his widow, three sons survive Eugene:  Eugene Cooper Jr. of Newark, Calif. (serving in the U.S. Navy) and his wife Dixie (Dugan);  Max Cooper of McGill (also employed at the Kennecott Smelter) and his wife Mary Ann (Rupe);  Gerald (Jerry) Cooper of Ely (a junior at the College of Southern Utah).  At the time of his death, Eugene had a total of six grandchildren." Gerald Cooper 2006 baldeagle@ionet.net
S-19-26 Cooper Bert    
B-46-19 Cooper Mollie   30 Oct 1872 - 22 Apr 1954, married Leonard, sister of Lillie Boykin
M-21-6 Cooper Cecil   1908 - 16 Oct 1988. Son of Killy Turner.
S-29-4 Cooper      
S-19-25 Cooper (see Holman)      
M-5-5 Cooper (see Adman)      
M-5-6 Cooper (see Adman)      
M-4-4 Cooper (see Babich)      
M-4-1 Cooper (see Tony Adman )      
M-4-3 Coots Melvin R.  
AA-2-8 Coots Peggy L.    
AA-24-22 Cope Gloria    
AA-24-23 Cope      
A.L.-137 Copeland Robert W.    
J-52-8 Copeland William "Bill"   Age 43, died 1923 in Ely, NV from "excess drinking of liquor", buried 10/22/1923
Old-2 Copeland Mrs. Leslie AKA Clara Dean   Age 26 years old. Died January 29, 1912, suddenly, of asthma (or heart problems) in her bedroom at the house known as the "Mint" in Riepetown, NV. Witnesses: Margaret DeWitt, Mike Harrington, and Elyda Murum Steen.
R-36-3 Copen Floyd M.    
R-36-9 Copen Gary Joe    
N-65-4 Copen Gene D.   19 Aug 1921 - 18 Apr 1949
R-36-4 Copen Ruth G.    
N-65-13 Copen Henry    
A-56-6 Coppeke L.    
O-5-6 Coppin Florence Ruth   Jan 1899 - Sep 1942, Mrs. Ed
R-32-3 Coppin Florence    
O-5-5 Coppin      
B-9-7 Corak Anton J.   26 Jan 1895 - 10 Oct 1929
Old-2-208 Corbelos Sam   Age 38, died 1 Nov 1911 of TB in East Ely, NV. Greek laborer in the copper pit.
S-15-1 Corbett Harvey S.    
J-65-1 Corbin G. W.   Age 55, died 1918 in Ely, NV of pneumonia, buried 6/5/1918
R-45-2 Cordano Charles "Charley" John   24 Sep 1902 - 20 Mar 1950, married Georgia. Brother of Pete. Of Cherry Creek area. Ranch. Operated the Currie Hotel in Currie, NV.
R-45-3 Cordano Georgia (Gregoria) Zaldo 27 Nov 1897 Valcarlos, Spain - 10 Apr 1961 Ely, NV. "Mother" Married 1. Pete Mariluch who died. Married 2. Charles Cordano in SLC, UT Dec 1931. She operated Spokane Rooming House, Copper Rooms, Plaza Hotel, Commercial Hotel and the Ely Hotel and Café.
R-45-1 Cordano      
R-45-4 Cordano      
L-4-4 Cordero Lorenci    
AA-2-39 Cordoni Teresa   Born Aug.21, 1903 in Italy, died 8 Sep 1992, at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. 89 years old, widowed homemaker SSN# 530-18-5160. Father - Elmido Belluomini, Mother -Elisa. Informant - Nora Caylor.
AA-2-40 Cordoni Angelo   Died Jun 1988?
AA-19-6 Cork Vera    
AA-20-6 Cork Luella    
AA-20-7 Cork Ferris    
  Corlo Pedote Guiseppa About 22 years old, an Italian laborer, died 22 Feb 1912 at Copper Flat (Ricoh?) when he was struck on the head by a rock from a blast. This last name may be Pedote.
I-6-4 Cornell Harry "Henry"   28 Oct 1886 - 29 Oct 1918, Age 32, died of pneumonia, buried 10/31/1918, Masonic order
G-79-13 (baby plot) Cornforth Baby   Male, died 1925, premature birth in E. Ely, NV, buried 9/21/1925
G-A-21 Corona      
AA-9-2 Cortezo Carlin    
R-20A-2 Cortezo Lillie   1886 - 1950
(G-65-7) Cortish Milka   Female, age 3 years, died 1918 of pneumonia, buried 12/16/1918
A-5-5 Corwall William Cornwall   Age 43, died 1923 in Ely, NV of TB, buried 4/29/1913
AA-21-6 Cossette Margaret R    
S-24-28 Cossette Joseph L.    
F-10-9 Cossette Jean    
  Costel Paul   1872 - 1937
Old-1 Costella Joe    
Old-1 Costella      
H-63-6 Costellano (Costello) Marie   Age 30, died 1918 of pneumonia, buried 11/19/1918
AA-8-40 Cota Constance    
(G-53-13) Cotel (Estel Eitel?) Helmet   10 days old, hemorrhaged in McGill in 1914. Buried 10/_/1914, lot owned by Charles Eitel (Estel?)
S-29-15 Cottrell Edice    
S-29-14 Cottrell      
O-23-2 Couches C. D.    
A.L.-36 Couchis George "Pete"   22 Dec 1928 - 11 Jan 1955, UTAH Cpt Co D 94 Bn 7 Armd Div
E-5-4 Coughlin Charles F.   Age 22, died 1916 of peritonitis, buried 5/17/1916
Old-1 Cour Elizabeth Mary   1866 - 1931, married Wm. H.
Old-1 Cour William Henry   1866 - 1948, married Elizabeth M.
AA-26-36 Coutts James N.    
AA-26-34 Coutts      
AA-26-35 Coutts      
AA-26-14 Couture Frederic    
(Old-457) Cove Jessie H.   Age 35, male, murdered ("Homicide") 1919, buried 7/26/1919
G-79-13 Coverforth      
J-57-2 Coverly Jess B.   Age 37, male, murdered ("homicidal") in 1923, buried 1/26/1923
Old-1-311 Cowan Patrick    
J-69-5 Cowan Jess B. (Don M. )   Died of alcoholism in 1917, buried 3/23/1917
A-14-1 Cowperthwaite Evelyn Lora   03/20/1919 - 08/23/1923, age 4, died of diphtheria in Ruth, buried 8/23/1923
AA-4VFW-34 Cox Gerald Ontie   Born July 3,1926 in Nevada, died Feb. 13,1990 At the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. 63 years old. Widowed Steelworker For KCC. SSN# 530-12-2839 Father - John Cox, Mother - Annie Elizabeth Prothero. Informant Donna Gubler. VFW.

Gerald's father (John) and Mother (Anne) should also be in your listing
somewhere. Also Joseph (brother to John) and Agnus Cox ( twin sister to
Anne!!). I am sure they are buried in White Pine. At one time there were
about 20 Coxs in McGill plus 40 others related by
marriage.  Source: Kenneth J Cox (Grandson of John and Nephew to Gerald), 6906 Glenn Dale Road, Glenn Dale Maryland 20769 vertex1969@erols.com

AA-12-1 Cox Roma M. Wilkerson wife of Gerald Ontie Cox. Source: Kenneth J Cox (Grandson of John and Nephew to Gerald), 6906 Glenn Dale Road, Glenn Dale Maryland 20769 
B-12-4 Coyle Hugh    
A.L.-41 Coyne A. B.    
O-31-7 Cozart James D.   1958 - 1958
A-29-7 Crabley Anthony N    
R-70-18 Cracraft Tammy Lynn    
R-70-16 Cracraft      
R-70-17 Cracraft      
R-70-19 Cracraft      
M-32-6 Craig Thelma Harkey   1899 - 1950
M-41-5 Craig Harvey Austin   4 Dec 1936 - 6 Feb 1957. Shot in self-defense while participating in a "Gang Rumble" by George M. Allen, the son of Thelma Miller of 1292 High St. Harvey was the son of Mrs. Harvey Craig of 1124 High St. (Ely Daily Times 17 Dec 1956)
M-32-7 Craig Mrs. H.    
M-41-6 Craig Martha    
B-15-1 Craig Lat.    
AA-10-10 Craig      
AA-10-9 Craig      
S-3-26 Crandall Harry E.    
  Crandall Leona   17 Jul 1902 - 6 Jul 1907. Native of UT, buried 7 Jul 1907.
N-24-8 Crane Rodney Lane   28 May 1949 - 9 Mar 1969, Spec 4 Medic 25th Infantry Div., NEV, Killed in Vietnam, one of 35 names of White Pine Memorial near courthouse (Ely Daily Times 12/11/1995)
M-54-3 Crane Edwin    
G-73-11 Crane Twins    
Z-C-28 Craver Raymond    
S-1-12 Craw Frank N.    
S-15-4 Craw Rulon    
AA-16-9 Craw Frank    
AA-16-8 Craw      
H-36A-7 Crawford John    
G-61-10 Craz (Cruze) Manila   Age 3 2 months, female, died 1922 of pneumonia, buried 2/10/1922
Old-1-254 Cripps Frank A.   Age 18, of UT, died Oct 1907. Buried 30 Oct 1907.
  Crisler Cora Leona   2 Jul 1880 - 18 Nov 1951
  Crist Dora Lola   12/1/1998 1940 - 11 Feb 1941 (next to L. B. Christ)
(G-65-2) Critkovich Louis   Age 3 months, died 1918 of pneumonia, buried 11/25/1918
A-13-3 Crocker Everett John   1854 - 1923, age 69, died of TB in Ely, NV, buried 5/5/1923
J-99-5 Crocombe George    
S-3-6 Croonenberg Henri    
A-47-2 Cros Emma    
H-83-1 Crosby Andrew    
(A-47-2) Cross Emma   Age 43, died 1925 in Ely, NV from an auto accident, buried 8/4/1925 Mrs.
B-25-4 Crosser Jessie I. (J?)   7 Feb 1870 - 5 Sep 1965, F&AM
B-25-3 Crosser Ethel M.   1910 - 1934, daughter of Jessie
B-21-3 Crosser Clara   Cremation.
B-21-3 Crosser Paul   Cremation.
AA-23-72 Crossman Archie Robert   Born Sept.16,1916 in Utah, died June 29, 1991 in Alamo NV. 74 years old divorced locomotive engineer for railroad. SSN# 530-09-1477 Father - Archie Angus Crossman, Mother - Jean Lathean Informant - Mary Robertson Ruth NV
S-1-28A Crossman Donald R.    
S-1-25 Crossman Jean    
Old-2 Crothers Virginia    
Old-2-189 Crow Jim    
S-22-5 Crowe Frank    
S-22-6 Crowe Ione    
A-22-7 Crowley Jeremiah   Age 40, died 1917 of delirium tremens, buried 10/2/1917
M-32-5 Cruciana (Crucianni) Cruci (Cruce)   1872 - 1961, operated a 2nd hand store in Ruth, rock-driller. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 236 says he beat up a Reipetown prostitute and was a thief.) However, some family members, on a research trip to Ely in 2003, state they were unable to find any documentation that Read's info was true.
Old-4 Cruciana Cruciani (Criciani) Ben (Beni)   1873 - 1934 Operated Ely 2nd hand store (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 237)
Old-2-129 Crukovic (Crnkovic?) Stjepan (Stjefan?)   Age 42, killed in an explosion of powder at Copper Flat Star Pointer Mine on July 7, 1912. Remains recovered as far as possible. 10 men killed.
Old-2-130 Crump Daniel G.   31 Oct 1852 MO - 29 Aug 1911 (1912?), age 60, saloonkeeper. Married Mary C. Died of Esysipolas.
Old-2 Crump Mary C.   Age 82 years 1 day, died 7 Feb 1947 Mrs. Daniel G.
N-68-8 Crump Ruth O.   24 Jul 1904 - 4 Nov 1947
N-68-7 Crump      
M-11-4 Crurrue Est.    
N-23-4 Crustales Pete    
AA-5VFW-4 Cue Bertrum Gordon    
R-21-4 Cue Clara Maude   28 Jan 1877 - 18 May 1954 Mrs. M.
R-52A-4 Cue James Iryl    
R-52A-1 Cue Sherry Kay   14 Sep 1948 - 2 Jul 1967
N-63-2 Cue Carl James   19 Nov 1945 - 2 May 1967, NEV, name on White Pine Memorial near courthouse.
S-18-23 Cue Deloris    
R-52A-3 Cue      
R-21-3 Cue James    
S-18-22 Cue     Pending transfer to Art Carling. Lee Cue original deed holder.
R-51A-1 Cue (see Parker)      
M-33-2 Cuellar Beatrice    
A-54-2 (4?) Culbert John Joseph "Joe"   23 Jan 1867 - 29 Jan 1922, age 55, died of pneumonia, buried 1/31/1922, married Alice. Father of Gerald "Jerry"
AA-25-7 Culbert Gerald A "Jerry"   Born 5 Sep 1907 Butte, MT. Died 1979. Pharmacist at Steptoe Drug 1936 - 1944, at McGill Drugstore 1945 and purchased McGill Drugstore in 1953. Married Elsa.
AA-25-6 Culbert Elsa Cordes Died in 1994, Mrs. Jerry, married 1937. The family donated their intact McGill Drugstore to the White Pine Museum in 1996. (Ely Daily Times 1/31/1996, 2/19/1996)
A-54-3 Culbert Alice E. O'Donnell 1873 - 11 Jul 1952, Mrs. J.
Old-1-384 Culish Mike   About 40, of Austria, died Apr 1907. Buried 28 Apr 1907.
Old-3 Culley John    
AB-4-1 Cullins Timmy Ray   Born Aug.3,1967 in Nevada, died Feb.27,1992 in Ely NV. Married to Connie Marques, Crusher operator for the mines. SSN# 530-94-5562. Father - William Norman Cullins, Mother - Kathleen E. Blair. Informant
A-50-3 Cullom Merritt F. R.   Age 20, male, died 1924 in E. Ely, NV of peritonitis, buried 3/6/1924. BPOE
A-50-4 Cullom Mrs. R. H.   Age 43, died 1922 of pneumonia, buried 2/9/1922, BPOE
O-4-6 Cullom (Cullam) Richard Henry   1872 - 1944
M-23-4 Cumins Mrs.    
N-45-8 Cummings Forrest V. 1 Nov 1903 - 1 Jul 1971. Parents were Wm. A. and Lorena Cummings. Married Helen Wilfong in Ely in 1927. Post Office Custodian.
R-43-11 Cummings Lizzie J. Marks Mrs. George L.
A-54-8 Cummings William H. (A.)   Age 58, died 1918 of influenza, buried 12/2/1918
S-19-12 Cummings Mary Louise Stevenson   Born Nov.19,1934 in Nevada, died April 15,1990 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. 55 years old, married to Robert Cummins, homemaker SSN# 530-18-6733. Father - Herbert Stevenson, Mother - Bernice Ryan. cremation.
N-45-7 Cummings Helen    
(A.L.-_) Cummings George Lawrence 24 Oct 1890 Elwood, KS - 25 Apr 1958. Killed in an auto accident on Highway 66, 25 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ. Carpenter. Married Lizzie Marks 9 May 1920 at Wichita, KS. KANS. Cpl. Co M 9 Bn
  Cummings Lorena Ann Varnard 1866 - 1946, "Mother"
  Cummins Infant   Age 3 months, died Jan 1907. Buried 8 Jan 1907.
Old-2-150 Cummins H. L.   Infant son, age 4 months, died in Kimberly, NV, 26 Jan 1907 and buried next to a sister. Ely Mining Expositor 31 Jan 1907.
Old-2-149 Cummins Vernal    
Old-2-125 Cummins Claude    
Old-2-126 Cummins Arthur   Age 4 1/2 years, died July 1907. Buried 4 Jul 1907.
N-13-4 Cundick Melvin   1930 - 1943
AA-16-16 Cunningham Elizabeth    
Old-3-65 Cunningham J.   Age about 40, died Jan 1907. Buried 10 Jan 1907.
AA-16-15 Cunningham      
AA-17-4 Cunningham      
Old-2 (Plat A) Cupid Mary Buswell   1843 (?) - 1926, Age 73 or 82, died of cancer in Ely, NV, buried 1/31/1926 in Jackson plot in Old cem (2?), "Mother" She conducted a dry goods and notions store in Ward and Taylor, NV. Her first husband, ___ Jackson, died in Ward, NV in the 1870's. She married her second husband, Johnnie Cupid and he died in the 1880's.
S-6-1 Cupp Otis    
R-43A-9 Curless Ann    
R-43A-10 Curless      
B-1-5 Curley Harry    
R-52-7 Curry (Currie) Robert L.   24 Jan 1878 - 9 Nov 1952
  Curtis John   Age ca 78, of NY, buried 8 Oct 1904 (Death cert. In White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths)
M-29-1-1/2 Curto Zina (Skinner)    
S-21-13 Curto Nettie Bell    
Old- Curto Thomas M.   Stillborn male, 1918, buried 2/27/1918 in a Sillyman grave in Old cem.
N-31-3 Curto D. C.    
  Curto Amanda Silliman   1881 - 1944, Mrs. Dominick
  Curto Dominick Pietro   1878 - 1944, married Amanda. He was Manager of the Ely Power & Light Company in 1933.
S-21-14 Curto Robert   Died 5 Mar 1974. Killed while fighting a fire and a wall of a building collapsed on him. The Ely Fire Department's first fatality.
Old-4 Curto William N.   Born in Eureka, NV, 25 Dec 1882 - 1981. In 1909 he started Curto Transfer and Storage Company and hauled cordwood and freight. (Centennial Edition of Ely Daily Times page 13, pictures and story)
N-31-1 Curto      
N-31-2 Curto      
N-31-5 Curto      
N-31-6 Curto      
N-31-7 Curto      
N-31-8 Curto      
N-32-1 Curto      
N-32-2 Curto      
N-32-7 Curto      
N-32-8 Curto      
S-21-10 Curto      
S-21-11 Curto      
N-72-99 Curto Faye   14 Jul 1949 - 7/15/1949
Old-4 Curto Clorinda Foppiano 1895 - 1936, Mrs. William
AA-20A-35 Cvitkovich Lucille Anna Ellis 24 Nov 1922 -
S-16-8 Cvitkovich Mildred "Millie"   6 Jun 1921 in Floriston, CA - 4 Oct 1971 in Ely, NV. Parents were Joseph and Eva Milobar Cvitkovich. Sister of John and Mike. She was a bookkeeper in Los Angelos, CA. Died while visiting here.
AA-5VFW-17 Cvitkovich John    
Old-2-94 Cvitkovich Jura   Age 40, died 7 Jul 1912. Explosion of powder at Star Pointer Mine at Copper Flat. Remains recovered as far as possible. 10 men killed. 7/7/1912
S-14-16 Cvitkovich Nick   1915 McGill, NV - 30 Jan 1970 SLC, UT. Son of Matt and Rose Cvitkovich. KCC Skimmer at McGill, NV.
S-2-12 Cvitkovich Eva    
S-2-11 Cvitkovich Joseph    
AA-20A-36 Cvitkovich      
S-14-15 Cvitkovich      
Old-3-74 Czerniz Christ   Born 1876 in Austria - 20 Jan 1910, age 34. Died of a knife wound at McGill, NV. Single, laborer. (Czeroliz?)




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