Ely B


Location Name Information is from Ely Cemetery records, newspaper obits, books, tombstones, death records and family info.
M-4-4 Babich, Sam 15 Mar 1887 in Gjurgjic, Yugoslavia - 17 (?) Mar 1958. Found dead in his Campton Street home from a heart attack. KCC retired employee.
AA-5-9 Baca, Fred J. Born 26 Jul 1929 in Ignacio, CO, died Sep 1988 in W.B.R Hospital in Ely. Heavy equipment operator for KCC. Son of Simon & Rosalia Munoz Baca. Korean War Vet. Left children: Leonard Baca of Concord, CA; Freddie Baca, of Ely, Lisa Baca of Ely, Amarante Baca of Las Vegas, Felix Baca of Sunnyside, UT, Manuel of Ignacio, CO., Lawrence Baca of Seattle, WA, Cordie Baca Martinez of East Carbon, UT, and Lucy Baca of Denver, CO.
N-27-318 Bacca, Joseph Anceto Apr 1879 - 3 Aug 1944, "Husband, Father"
G-55-10 Baccovich, John 21 Feb 1913 - 7 May 1913, infant son of Steve and Rosa Baccovich of Ruth, NV. Died 2 mos. 16 days at Ruth from a gastric problem.
A-52-6 Bach,  
A-52-7 Bach, Gertrude age 4, pneumonia, buried 02/17/1918
A-51-7 Bach, Phillip 1876-1917, died of a skull fracture, buried 03/17/1917
J-46-2 Bacon, William age 69, homicide, murdered by his friend George Teague, who was drunk and beat him to death with a broom; buried 06/15/1926. (White Pine Lang Syne, Effie Read p. 185)
G-55-10 Baeza,  
A-37-7 Bagby (Bagsby), Charles aged 80, died in Ely, buried 03/17/1925. 45 ILL Inf. Civil War Vet. 1875 area Pioneer blacksmith and miner. He left a wife whom he had been married to for forty years.
A-37-6 Bagby,  
G-64-5 Bagdonovich, Nicholas age 3, TB meningitis, died in Ruth, buried 04/06/1918
AA-17-3 Bail, Lillian  
N-17-2 Bailee, Bob  
  Bailey, Donald B. 1881-1949
O-16-3 Bailey, O.  
E-3-5 Bain,  
E-4-8 Bain, William J. age 57, pneumonia, buried 01/21/1917
Old-5 Baird, Alexander "Alex" Bruce Born 14 Apr 1874 in Braidwood, Hill Co., IL, died 1938, IOOF, son of James and Isabel Baird. He married Ella Rowe Gallagher, daughter of W. C. Gallagher. He was a city marshal 1909-1911, Sheriff 1905-1906; Served in State Assembly 1907 and 1912. Father of Robert Kent Baird. (White Pine Lang Syne by Effie Read p. 171; History of Nevada by Davis page 1612.)
  Baird, Arthur Pride 2 Jul 1886 - 1937, born in Taylor, NV, never married, brother of Orval, believed to have committed suicide at Taylor, NV.
F-7-6 Baird, Baby  
R-6-3 Baird, Elizabeth "Lilla" "Bella" Macadam Born 8 Aug 1900 in Scotland, died 29 May 1976 in Las Vegas. She was the daughter of Margaret Cameron & Robert Macadam. She was Mrs. William Baird and the mother of Rita (Mrs. Jon) Collins; grandmother of Pamela Collins, Candace Olson, Jona Collins and Melissa. Collins.
Old-5 Baird, Ella Rowe Gallagher 1877 - 4 May 1900, age 23 years 3 months 21 days, Mrs. Alex. She was born in VT, daughter of W. C. Gallagher and died of typhoid fever. Had one son, Robert Kent Baird born 24 Oct 1899.
A. L.-27 Baird, George W. NEV SFC 680 Aero Sq. Born 17 Jun 1889 in Taylor, NV, died 16 Aug 1954, married Lucy McKernon
  Baird, Helen A. Earle 15 Sep 1884 - 30 Jan 1971, Mrs. Orval R.
O-435-IOOF Baird, Isabel Stevenson "Bella" Born Stirlingshire, Bannockburn, Scotland 20 Sep 1852 (1854?), died 7 Feb 1922, age 69, cancer, buried 02/08/1922, Married James Baird 12 May 1870 in IL., and had 10 children. Her husband James died Dec 1892 / 1893 in Los Angeles of consumption and is buried there. Mother of Orval R. Baird, Arthur P. Baird, James S. Baird, Alexander Baird, Robert A. Baird, William Baird, and George W. Baird lived to adulthood. Isabel was a first cousin to Will Bruce, age 25, a cowboy - miner who enlisted from White Pine County, NV to serve in the Spanish / American War of 1898. Bruce acted as an unofficial war news correspondent to the White Pine News and became one of the two White Pine County, NV fatalities of that war. The other Spanish American War fatality from White Pine County, NV was Charles Ed. Sewart. (Jack Fleming)
S-5-18 Baird, Lucy McKernon  
  Baird, Margaret A. 20 Mar 1940 - 28 Apr 1940
  Baird, Orval R. Born in Taylor, NV 31 Aug 1882 or 1884 - 1948, married Helen Earle. He was the manager of the company store at Ruth, NV for several years.
I-2-8 Baird, Philip Roger 4 Nov 1927 - 18 Jul 1955, son of G. W. & Lucy
  Baird, Robert A 9 Jul 1875 - 1935, born in Illinois, married Josephine Jackson. Pvt. "I" 7th U. S. Infantry
  Baird, William L. 7 Aug 1882 - 1953, born in Niptown, White Pine, NV, never married.
G-86-2 Bakaravich,  
(G-62-1 area) Bakaravich, Baby stillborn female, buried 2 May 1920 in 4th grave south of G-62-1, south of Mary Brady's grave.
(G-65-5) Bakaravich, John age 2, pneumonia, buried 12/12/1918
AA-10-8 Bakaric,  
AA-10-7 Bakaric,  
B-45-5 Bakaric, Lucy "Baba Lu" Krmpotic 17 Jan 1888 in Udbina, Yugoslavia - 13 Mar 1984 at the W.B.R Hospital in Ely, NV. Daughter of Peter & Mary Sumac Krmpotic, Married Mike Bakaric. Came to U.S. in 1919 She was a member of St. Michael's Church and the Western Slavonic Lodge. Children: Mary Bakaric Cipech of Billings, Alice Bakaric Woolfe of Redding, CA., Ann Bakaric Lager of Tacoma, WA, Mildred Bakaric Hoskins of Eugene, OR, Lucy Bakaric Barnes of Dunsmuir, CA, Eve Bakaric Papez Rosecraig of McGill, NV, Steve Bakaric of McGill, NV, Joe Bakaric of Reno, NV, and Katherine Bakaric Conner (who preceded her in death in 1981)
B-45-6 Bakaric, Mike "Mile" Born 8 Apr 1898 Udbina, Yugoslavia, died 6 Feb 1967, in SLC, UT. He was the son of Ivan John and Mary Cvitkovic Bakaric. Married "Baba Lu" Krmpotic, machinist at KCC, of McGill.
(A-?) Bakaric, Stepjen Age 22, died 1918
S-1-14 Baker,  
Old-3 Baker, (Mrs. J.) Eliza Hamley 1867-1939, age 72, wife of John R. R.
N-42-3 Baker, Baby  
Old-2 Baker, Donald D. 1933-1933
C-22-5 Baker, Ed  
C-22-7 Baker, Elmer D. 13 Sep 1870 - 3 Dec 1939, married Luella S.
  Baker, J. Robert 1915-1933
A.L.-254 Baker, James J. UTAH 22 Aug 1890 in Ogden, UT - 29 Jun 1957, a KCC employee since 1933, never married, died in McGill, WWI Vet.
Old-3 Baker, Jno.  
  Baker, John F. 5 Jul 1950 - 4 Aug 1950
Old-3 Baker, John R. R. 1872-1937, age 65, married Eliza Hamley
N-42-4 Baker, John Robin Ronsevell 16 Nov 1898 (1896?) in Ishpeming, Mich., died 19 Sep 1977 while camping near Fallon, age 78, carpenter for KCC, son of John and Eliza Hamley Baker. Moved to Ely in 1911. Left Carole Kellar of Rainier, OR and Diane Baker of Longview, WA.
(C-22-?) Baker, Lulu 1910-1930, daughter of Elmer & Luella
R-53-7 Baker, Margaret Lucille Henriod Craw Pool Born 30 (3?) Oct 1941 in Ely, died 25 Sep 1978 in Ely. Died from being shot two times by her 13 year-old son with a 30-30 rifle at their mobile home at 2151 Ruby Street. Waitress and school bus driver who loved to bowl and play softball. Daughter of Albert and Mary Hamilton Henroid. Children: Cheryl Craw, Cecil Pool, and John Baker. Brothers: Albert Henroid of Ely, NV, John Henroid of Clarkson, WA, and Leonard Henroid of Lewiston, ID.
L-19-4 Baker, Mrs. Henry  
C-22-8 Baker, Mrs. Luella Sarah 31 Jan 1876 - 23 Nov 1959, Married Elmer D.
S-1-13 Baker, Orville  
M-11-5 Baker, P.  
  Baker, Pauline Barton 22 Feb 1914 - 20 May 1938
Old-2 Baker, Ralph E. 1935-1935
(Plat A) Baker, Robert age 18, died 1933 (same as above?)
B-1A-6 Baker, Robert age 17, died Jan 1932 in a car wreck between McGill and Ely, three other teens died with him: Chris Collis, Charles Eberle and Joe Montilone. The driver of the other car was Jerry Mahoney.
Old-4-483 Baker, Thomas 8/23/1924 - 9/10/1924 18 days, premature birth, died at McGill, buried 09/12/1924
C-29A-8 Baker, Violet Lou Harris 22 Jul 1899 - 15 Nov 1958 in Ely, NV, "Our Mother" Mrs. Chas. Sr.
B-14-4 Bakhorn,  
K-1-2 Bakhorn, Louise  
S-14-22 Bakke, Esther Died Jan 1969 in Hermiston, Oregon. Mrs. Hans
S-14-23 Bakke, Hans Alfred Born 16 Oct 1901 in Norway, died 29 Apr 1969 in W.B.R Hospital in Ely, NV. Fairgrounds caretaker. Married Esther ____.
G-50-19 Bakovich,  
G-65-5 Bakovich, John age 26, pneumonia, buried 22 Nov 1918
L-7-3 Balansatqui, Felix  
AA-23-5 Baldwin, Dennis Wm. Sr. Born 9 Feb 1952 in Oakland, CA, died 2 Sep 1980, son of William T. and Frances Burkhart Baldwin, married Cheryl. ____. A Warehouseman.. Brother of Dana Badker of Ely. Children: Dennis Wm. Baldwin Jr. and Christopher Roy Baldwin.
K-10-1 Baldwin, Fred Carlyle 9 Feb 1886 - 22 Jan 1938, married Honor
K-9-4 Baldwin, Honor Ann 22 Mar 1876 - 18 Feb 1937, Mrs. Fred
O-26-2 Baldwin, Maude Emma Nuckells 12 Jan 1890 in Weis City, Kansas, died Sep 1981 in Reno. Mrs. Walter.
O-26-3 Baldwin, Walter S. "Casey" 24 Dec 1871 - 27 Aug 1953, tool man and fireman for KCC. Md. Maude.
AA-16-30 Ball,  
N-4-3 Ball, Robert Dean NEV 28 Jul 1919 - 9 Oct 1945, son of Nellie and George L.
AA-16-28 Ball, Clara Theola Merrill 3 Dec 1912 in Richmond, UT, died 1 Jun 1988 in Salt Lake City, UT. Daughter of Louis Edgar Merrill and Clara Hendricks. Married Frank E. Ball 8 Jun 1939. School teacher at McGill and Ely. Children: Robert M. Ball and Lloyd C. Ball. Sister: Audene Merrill Connor.
AA-16-29 Ball, Francis "Frank" Everrand 1 Feb 1915 in McGill, NV - 2 Jan 1998. Son of George and Nellie Laura Emma Compton Ball. Married Clara Theola Merrill 8 Jun 1939.
AA-16-31 Ball, George Manager for Campton Com. Co and Goodman / Tidball stores. McGill merchant
N-4-1 Ball, George Leland 5 Aug 1874 - 11 Apr 1962, married Nellie.
  Ball, George Wm. "Bill" Born 19 Dec 1911 in Kimberly, NV, died 5 Jul 1989 at his McGill home. Controller for KCC, married Wilma, son of George L. and Nellie Compton. 1942 Navy Vet. LDS Church member. Children: William Dean Ball, Judy L. Ball Watts, and Gayle J. Ball Robison. Siblings: Frank Ball, Col. Ray Ball, Robert Dean Ball, Georgia Ball Draper, Lina Ball Kirkham, Marjorie Ball Martineau.
B-33-1 Ball, Helen Zelda 1918-1932
N-4-2 Ball, Nellie Compton 3 Nov 1877 - 14 Sep 1957 in Reno, NV, age 79. Mrs. George L. was a schoolteacher before marriage and lived in McGill from 1914 to her death.
Z-B-44 Balle,  
Z-B-43 Balle, Ruby Delle Jensen Castro 21 Jul 1932 in Salina, UT, died 12 Mar 1969 in Ely, daughter of Rhud Castro and Ruby Jensen, married Dee J. Ball Sr. Children" Dee J. Ball Jr., Randalyne Dana Boyd, Geary Rhud, James Christian.
A-56-3 Ballman, Charles age 68, pneumonia, died in Ely, buried 06/10/1926
(H-64-9) Balomenas, Tom age 52, heart disease, died at McGill, buried 06/29/1924
N-9-4 Baltas, Sam George 1895-1945
N-11-6 Bamgartner, Baby  
S-24-21 Ban, Louis Born 26 Jul 1888 in Yugoslavia, died 18 Sep 1975 in Ely, NV, age 87 years. KCC worker for 30 years. Sacred Heart Catholic Church services.
I-6-7 Banbarg (Banbury), George 1874-1928
O-28-2 Banian, N.  
Old-2 Banks, Jordan age 50, died 21 Feb 1912, black man (colored) boot black, here for 4 years, died of stomach cancer.
M-41-7 Bankson, Gertrude Springs Born 6 Oct 1904 in Longmont, CO, died 6 5?) Apr 1986 at the W.B.R Hospital in Ely. Daughter of Robert Springs and Anna Cornelison. She was a Cherry Creek Postmaster 1948-1963. LDS member. Husband Robert died 1975 and was buried in Benkelman, NV. A sister, Ada Zehrung in Napa, CA, survived her.
G-55-9 Bannard, Baby stillborn, died in Ely, buried 05/14/1913, owner of plot is F. R. Bannard
H-71-5 Barber, George H. age 64, buried 03/19/1916
D-13A-2 Barber, Robert John "Jack" NEV AVN Radioman 3c USNR 20 Oct 1921 - 25 Jun 1943, of McGill, died in a bomber crash in Florida while on a training mission.
Z-D-26 Barcatta (Barcotta?), Matt 6 May 1904 in Telluride, CO, died 9 Sep 1977 in Ely, NV. Partner in Melody Music company . Married to Mary of Santa Monica, CA. Children" Frank Barcotta, Shelly Barcotta and Shawna Barcotta Kogan
N-16-4 Barcatti, Rubino 2 Sep 1909 - 12 Jan 1946
B-40-5 Bardimess, Maude Althea 27 Sep 1879 - 17 Apr 1961, "Mother" Daughter is Lida Lani, grandma of Leroy Lani.
S-12-8 Bardmess, Ward Clifford "John" 15 Aug 1912 in Eureka, NV, died 10 Apr 1986 at home of Rick House in Fallon, NV, Cattle Rancher of Currant Creek, Duckwater area. Married Jean Murray. Children: Billie Jean Bardmess Martak. Siblings: Lida Bardmess Lani, Mabel Bardmess Fleming and Maude Bardmess Harris.
  Bardosy, Stephen 10 Nov 1915 - 16 Jul 1992. Son of Stephen and Susan Czespo. Children: Susie Bardosy and James Bardosy. Siblings: Bill Bardosy of Waukegan, IL and Blanche Angle of Tucson, AR. Is he buried here?
AA-9-14 Barela,  
AA-9-13 Barela, Mary Martinez 27 Sep 1921 in Vadito, NM, died 14 Nov 1985 in Salt Lake City, housewife, married George.
S-15-14 Barela, Thomas (Alfred Tomas) 2 Jan 1954 in Las Vegas, NM, died July 1970 in an auto accident west of Ely, age 16. Son of Mr. And Mrs. Tomas Barela of Ruth, NV. Siblings: Eddie and Earnest Roy Barela and Linda Barela Maes of Mora, NM; Grandfather: Ramon Romero of Cleveland, NV; Grandmother Francis Barela of NM.
H-59-10 Barger, Richard 13 Dec 1935 in Long Beach, CA, died 9 Apr 1981 in Ely, age 45, son of Tomas Ramon and Emma Romero.
E-5-3 Bargeri, Antonio  
G-81-12 Barker, Norman David 1 day old, premature birth, buried 01/24/1923
G-62-2 Barkovich, Steve 11 months, gastric problems, buried 08/06/1917
C-11-6 Barkow, (Baby) Ann Marie 19 Feb 1940 - 4 Feb 1943, died at her home in McGill at 14 G St of a kidney tumor, daughter of Fred Wm, a comptroller for KCC and Lucille Hughes. Fred W. Barkow died in Reno in 1993.
AA-16-27 Barlow, Velma Scott Born May 17,1904 in Fay, Nevada, died Oct.23,1994 at the El Rancho Trailer Court. in Ely NV. 90 years old, widowed Motel Maid. Father - Harry Valentine Scott, Mother - Luticia Jane Morris. Informant - Daughter Neta Craw of Ely, NV. She married Rulon F. Murdock 16 Aug 1922 in Greenville, UT. Son Douglas R Murdock of Miami, FL; sister Florence Silcott of Las Vegas, NV.
R-3-3 Barnard,  
R-3-2 Barnard, (See Jones M.)  
R-3-4 Barnard, Huntington 23 Jun 1916 in Garfield, UT, died Sep 1971, age 55, Owner of Lincoln Hwy garage. NEV Maj. USAF, married Jeanne Jones of Duluth, MN. His mother, Mrs. D. L. Barnard survived him as well as siblings Alice Franks of Michigan City, IN and David L. Barnard of Las Vegas, NV.
C-1-2 Barnes, Alexander 1869-1939 BPOE, "Uncle"
O-12A-1 Barnes, Baby  
C-17-3 Barnes, James  
B-4-6 Barnes, K.  
Old-3-30 Barnes, L  
H-78-6 Barnes, Orpha Estella age 27, died of marasina in Ely, buried 11/21/1914
AA-8-24 Barnes, William Buster 28 Oct 1917 in Pueblo, CO - 13 May 1985 in Ruth, NV. Son of Clifford and Stella Matusha Barnes. Left two sons and a daughter. VFW, US Navy.
AA-29-15 Barnett, Almam 18 Jun 1925 in Ida, Ark. - 7 Aug 1989. Son of William and Lurie Davis Ray Barnett, brother of Vester Ray of Myrtle Point, OR, and (sisters) Mabel Eads, Jean Stekly, and Jewell Flood; father of: Kathleen O'Leary of McGill, NV, Mary Alain Fish of Reno, NV, Kenneth Barnett of Salem, OR. He was a "Friend of NV Northern Railway"
H-76-8 Barnett, T. (I.) W. age 35, male, toxicalification of brain, died Steptoe Hospital, buried 3/2/1914
A. L.-24 Barney, R.  
AA-29-29 Barnson,  
  Barnson, Edna Sprague  
AA-29-30 Barnson, Lester Melrose 11 Mar 1913 in Junction, UT - May 1981. Married Mary Frazier 13 May 1948 and worked for KCC. Father of Lester Leroy Barnson, Mary Roene Mortensen and Gloria K. Ford. Brother of Cleonda Howes, Helen Davis and Della Reynolds, all of UT.
AA-16-14 Barnson, Orin Ray 8 Dec 1924 in Junction, UT - 12 Dec 1982 in Ely, NV. Son of John and Amy Brinkerhoff Barnson, married Geneiece Marshall 28 Mar 1949. WW II Navy. Left sons Bryant Ray (Gloria) Barnson and Ronnie Lee (Louise) Barnson, both of Ruth, NV, daughters Raelyn Metcalf of Ruth, NV, Judy Ann (Donald) Morrison of Glenwood, UT, Brenda (Robert) Linnell of McGill, NV. He left sisters: Lorin Elsinore, Carol Kanab, Della Reynolds, Cleonda Howes and Helen Davis, all of UT.
AA-16-13 Barnson, Rachel Geniece Marshall Born July 31,1926 in Minersville, Utah, died Oct.20,1995 at #2 first Street in Ruth NV. 69 years old, widowed homemaker. Father - Ernest Clyde Marshall, Mother - Emma Augusta Eyre. Married Orin R. Barnson 16 Feb 1946. LDS Mission. Informant - Brenda Linnell.
O-15-10 Barr, Andrew Cornelius "Andy" 2 Jul 1876 - 14 Apr 1956
S-3-14 Barr, Caroline  
C-17-2 Barr, Thomas  
H-87-2 Barrera, Juinati  
M-36-5 Barret, Emma Ann 1863-1945
Old-1-265 Barrett, Edward  
  Barrett, John J. PA 1911-1952
A. L.-74 Barrett, Lawrence Alton COLO PVT. Genl. Hospital WWII 3 Aug 1886 - 19 Nov 1960
N-65-9 Barrett, W.  
A. L.-26 Barrith, R.  
H-68-1 Barron, Bert age 38, died from "violence," at Kimberly / Ely, buried 06/1/1918
A. L.-64 Barrot, L.  
Old-1 Barrow, Isaac Monroe Born 30 Jul 1860 in Logan Co., KY, died 18 Nov 1916 in Ely, age 60, pneumonia, buried 11/29/1916 in an unnumbered grave adjoining and directly east of # 373 in Old Cem.
J-87-7 Barto, John  
(Old- ) Bartolomeo, Giuseppe Carlo See Pedote - 1890 - 22 Feb 1912
S-16-4 Barton, Delva M. 19 Jul 1906 in Circleville, UT - 29 Sep 1997 in Ely, NV. Married Owen Barton 15 Sep 1926 in Salt Lake City, UT. Daughter of Brigham and Cora Crowne Munson, sister of Evah Bybee. Mother of Delos, Carrol, Uarda Jensen, Darlene McKenzie.
S-16-11 Barton, Gwen Robinson  
S-16-12 Barton, Harold D. 14 Apr 1930 in Tropic, UT - 8 Oct 1970 in Ely, NV. Son of Owen K. and Delva Barton. Married Gwen Robinson. Children: Bonnie Lou (later Creaghe), Laurie Ann (later Robison), and Harold Dean Barton, all of McGill. Siblings: Delos Barton, Carroll Barton, Uarda Jensen, Evelyn Roberts, and Darlene McKenzie, all of NV. Worked at KCC, Korean War Vet
AA-3-22 Barton, Harold Dean 22 Feb 1962 in Reno, NV - Killed in an auto accident Apr 1988, age 26 years. Son of Harold and Gwen Robinson Barton. Left daughter Lelania Rushell Barton of Bosler, WY.
Old-1-294 Barton, Lawrence C. 1904-1907. Native of UT, buried 14 July 1907
Old-1-296 Barton, Leone (Eloni) 1903-1909
S-16-3 Barton, Owen K. 15 Dec 1898 in Circleville, UT - Dec 1973. Married Delva. Worked at KCC. Father of Owen D., Carrol J., Urarda Jensen, Evelyn Roberts, Darlene McKenzie, Ada Sudweeks, and Leo Barton.
M-44-8 Bartsas, John 18 Mar 1880 - 30 Jun 1940, "Father," married Sophia
M-44-7 Bartsas, Phillip  
M-57-5 Bartsas, Sophia age 64, died 9 Jan 1955, "Mother", wife of John
Old-4 Bascomb, Mary Lucille 1909- 15 May 1912. Died of pneumonia, age 2 years 7 months. Daughter of Daniel and Charity Bascomb.
M-B-2 Bass, Ira 1889-1953
B-21-7 Bassa, Steve  
C-23-1 Basset,  
  Basset, May Adams See Adams, May
C-23-2 Basset, Mrs. Ada  
AA-11-7 Basso,  
AA-11-8 Basso,  
O-1-3 Basta,  
G-74-14 Basta, George 3 months, pneumonia, died in McGill, buried 12/15/1923
A-8-2 Basta, Janko 22 Aug 1921 - 29 Jul 1928
O-11-5 Basta, M.  
A-21-A6 Basta, Marko J. 1883- 30 Nov 1924, age 42, pneumonia, of McGill; died in Ely, NV; buried 12/03/1924, "Father" He left 9 children, all under age of 14 years old. One son, Sam "Socky" Basta, went on to become UN-Reno Dean of Students.
O-1-2 Basta, Mary 14 Feb 1894 (1891?) in Yugoslavia - 18 Nov 1970 in Ely, NV, "Mother" Married Mike Basta and had daughters: Mildred Cordell, Ruby McCowan, Alice Mae Orphan, and Mike "Katie" Mirich, one son, Harold Basta, and stepchildren: Mike, Nick, and Babe Welch. Belonged to the Serbian Orthodox Church.
(O-23 or 24?) Basta, Mike 1884-1950
O-1-1 Basta, Mike J. Sr. 1885-1939
B-6-2 Basta, Nick  
O-1-4 Basta, Nick  
A-21-A5 Basta, Nick (Nikola) A. 1924-1925, age 1 year, gastric problem, died Ely, buried 09/08/1925 north of lot 21
  Basta, Richard 7 Jul 1926 - 31 Jul 1936
Old-3 Bastas, S.  
R-16-5 Bate, Joseph H. 1881-1951, brother of Richard
R-16-7 Bate, Mary Elizabeth 25 Feb 1880 - 14 Dec 1960, Mrs. Richard
Old-1 Bate, Norman L. 1919-1932
R-16-6 Bate, Perceval V. "Percy" 17 Nov 1914 - 7 Dec 1950, youngest of 8 children of Richard and Mary
R-16-8 Bate, Richard E. 10 Mar 1880 - 30 Dec 1954, Married Mary E.
A-20-8 Bath (Batho), Marjory Fay 22 Jan 1913 - 3 Jun 1923, age 10 pneumonia, died Ely, buried 06/06/1923, only daughter of Tessie and Tom
A-20-5 Bath,  
AA-25-29 Bath,  
S-2-15 Bath,  
S-2-16 Bath,  
G-54-5 Bath, Baby stillborn female, died Ely, buried 05/22/1914, owner of lot, T. A. Bath
  Bath, Beulah F 18 Jan 1888 - 20 Dec 1956, mother of Earl
  Bath, Earl F. 8 Sep 1890 in Laramie, WY - 4 Feb 1942, first son of Thomas A. and Tessie. He arrived in Ely in 1907, served on the first volunteer Fire Dept., and became chief until his death.
B-28-1 Bath, Earl Francis 8 Sep 1930 - 4 Feb 1942, son of Beulah (?)
AA-25-30 Bath, Forrest Glenn 27 Aug 1911 - 2 Feb 1988 in SLC, UT. Son of Earl and Beulah Fuller Bath. Married Eileen. Brother of Norman Bath, left children: Robert and Don Bath.
S-2-9 Bath, Mary Emack Duvall 18 Dec 1913 in Cheraw, SC - Feb 1980 in St. George, UT. Daughter of Gideon and Mary Emack Duvall. Married Thomas O. Bath and had: Thomas, James, Virginia Ford and Mary Caroline Hilton. Sisters" Margaret Branch, Cyrene Morris, and Virginia Braswell. Brother John Duvall.
A-20-6 Bath, Tessie Grace Spell 29 Nov 1884 in Council Grove, KS - 3 Nov 1965, (Tessa Gail Spell?) Mrs. Thomas, daughter of Margaret Spell. Arrived in Ely on the Ogden Special on Railroad Day, 29 Sep 1906.
A-20-7 Bath, Thomas Andrew (Albert?) 17 Aug 1870 in Boone, IA - 22 Jun 1929 in Ely, NV, married Tessie Spell. He came to Ely in 1905. Operated the Montana Saloon with his cousin, Louis Bath. Was County Treasurer 1912 - 1929.
S-2-8 Bath, Thomas O. 19 Apr 1907 in Canyon City, CO - 25 Sep 1963. Married Mary. E. D. Founded Bath Lumber and Building Supply on West Aultman Street. The family later moved the Lumber Co. to its present site at 1800 Ave G and expanded the buildings.
  Battoveace, Etarboe Born 1872 in Argos, Greece, died 29 Apr 1940
A-23-6 Bauer, Fred age 21, accidental suffocation. buried 01/17/1918
M-30-1 Bauer, Jack  
Old-2-168 Bauer, Walter R. Died ca. 7 Jan 1912 at the age of about 35 years old. He was born in NY, was a married miner. He was killed in a powder blast at Ruth, NV. His body was found 9 Jan 1912.
R-59A-1 Baugham (Baughman), Roy M. 16 Oct 1893 - 26 Jan 1956
N-15-1 Baugham, Roy D. 3 Apr 1921 - 29 Dec 1943
R-33-5 Baum, Martha Ann Died Oct.16,1990 in Desert Aire Washington
R-22A-2A Bautistas, Robert (Baby) Born and died 1 Apr 1971, son of Fred and Mary Ann Benevidas Bautistas. Maternal Grandparents: Joe Benevidas and Mrs. Pete Garcia.
Old-1 Beach,  
A.A-16-7 Beach, Harold 33 years old, pneumonia, buried 02/14/1919
Old-1 Beach, James Died age 79 years in June 1930. Pioneer, bought the Ragsdale property in Mineral City (Lane City) for taxes in 1901 (Effie Read book page 264)
AA-16-17 Beager,  
  Beager, Albert 30 Jun 1922 - 12 Oct 1982, son of Albert and Grace Jones Beager. Married Frances. Siblings: Jay, Virginia Palmer and Ethel Smith. Son: Bill Beager and Janice Jones of Ely, NV.
O-26-5 Beager, J. (Baby)  
AA-16-18 Beager, Lee  
  Beagle, James 1851-1930
AB-9-15 Beal, (Fern) Fern Beal 730 AVE. M. Ely NV.89315 (Gayle Stafford Las Vegas NV.)
AB-9VFW-16 Beal, Frank Monroe Born Sept.24, 1925 in California, died Nov.29, 1995 at 730 Ave. M in Ely NV. 70 years old, married to Fern Stevens. Salesman of Auto parts. Father - Leonard A. Beal, Mother - Irene Charles Beal Johnson. Left sisters: Virginia Palmer and Ethel Smith. VFW US Navy WW II.
G-84-2 Bean,  
Old-4-436 Beard, Arthur  
Old-4-431 Beard, Helen  
Old-4-432 Beard, Jim  
Old-4-435 Beard, Mrs. L. S.  
Old-4-434 Beard, Robert  
Old-4-433 Beard, William  
T-11-6 Beardsley,  
T-11-8 Beardsley, Traded lot T-11-5 for T-11-8, T-11-5
T-11-9 Beardsley, Dale  
T-11-7 Beardsley, Ruth M. Shaw Born Dec.8, 1913 in Robbstown, Texas, died Aug.23,1995 at #5 Keystone in Ruth Nevada. 81 years old, married to Dale Beardsley 7 Apr 1954 in Ely, NV, homemaker. Father - Arthur Shaw, Mother - Nellie Warbeck (Later Mrs. Vern White.) Ruth left children: Claude House, Daley Foutes, and Marilyn Sanford. A son, Richard Owen House, died Sep 1956.
G-A-10 Beasda,  
G-A-9 Beasda,  
AA-11A-1 Beasley, Josie Burdick 18 Aug 1887 in Nebraska - 11 Oct 1987, age 100 years. Daughter of William and Emma Kellogg Burdick. 7th Day Adventist.
H-47-8 Beasley, Ralph  
AA-21-22 Beauchamp,  
AA-21-23 Beauchamp,  
M-5-4 Bechants, H.  
Old-1-308 Beckenridge, J.  
AA-27-5 Beckham, Earl  
AA-27-4 Beckham, Florence 9 Dec 1913 in Brigham, UT - 28 Dec 1987 in Ely, NV. Left a son Larry Overson. Member of Eastern Star.
C-20-5 Beckman, Mrs. E.  
G-7A-2 Beckstead, George Ray "Shorty" 19 Aug 1914 in Spanish Fork, UT - 9 Oct 1984 in Ely, NV. Son of George Ray and Clara Elizabeth Peterson Beckstead. Left Sister Ivern Gardner and children" Kathleen Baker, Clara Kipp, Dell Beckstead and Dennis Beckstead. US Navy WW II
AA-3-7 Beckwith,  
S-D-4 Beckwith, Christina Sue (Baby) Born and died in Permasens, Germany April 1969. Daughter of Ralph Lynn and Susan Wilson Beckwith. Granddaughter of Ralph Leo Beckwith and Harold Wilson.
S-6-23 Beckwith, John Leo 20 Jul 1894 in Fillmore, UT - 23 Oct 1980 in Mt. Carmel, UT. Son of Joseph and Annie Powell Beckwith, brother of Isabel Wolford. Married Larell Brunson (Bernita?) and had: Lavar, Ralph Leo, Earl, Jewell, Nelda Spear and Carol Hull. Worked at KCC and belonged to the LDS church.
S-6-22 Beckwith, Lorell  
AA-3-8 Beckwith, Ralph Leo Born Dec.14,1919 in Utah, died May 23,1992 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. Industrial Relations Supervisor for KCC. Married to Margie Bradley 13 Sep 1939 in SLC, UT. Father - John Leo Beckwith, Mother - Larell Brunson.. Ralph Beckwith 1250 Ave. L Ely NV. 89301 Had Ralph Lynn, Jack Carlyle, Dee Leon, Shirley Ann Thompson, Dawn Ella Brouse. Brother to Lavar Beckwith, Earl Beckwith, Jewell Beckwith and Carol Hull. .WW II Vet
  Beckwith, Sadie Nancy 12 Aug 1926 in Pleasantville, NV - 11 Feb 1998 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Lynford Earl and Marye Carmen Sawyer. Sister of Earl Sawyer. Married Joseph Earl Beckwith. Mother of Nancie Provost, Donald Joe, and Sid. She was an LPN.
Old-2-119 Bee, John  
N-65-10 Beecher, Wilson W. MONT. 1913 - 22 Oct 1952
A-1-6 Beeson, F. (E. L.) buried 3/22/13; in remarks it says "Henry Adopho by order of the county."
Old-3 Beeson, L.  
Old-1-250 Begniue, Addie  
  Behank, Daisy Died 14 Apr 1912, aged 18 years of pneumonia and measles. Single, Indian. Parents were Tom or Bill Behank and Minnie. Daily was born in Hot Creek, NV. Four other children of Minnie's had died in the last 3 years of TB.
  Behank, George Old-1-248 Died Apr 1910 in Ely, NV at the age of 1 year 2 months. Son of William Behank. Buried 25 Apr 1910.
Old-1-269 Behank, Grant  
J-1-13 Behank, Leon (Luni?) 1 year 3 months old, died of measles in Ely, buried 11/5/12 by the county in (J-1-4-5-9?)
(J-3-4) Behank, Lottie age 16 1/2, TB, County hospital, buried 01/18/1915
J-75-5 Behank, Nevada age 16, female, TB, died Ely, buried 12/18/1913 by county
I-5-3 Behling, Charles H. 16 Sep 1892 - 2 Jan 1920
  Beland, Helen Aquafondata Dreitzler 26 Oct 1920 in Cobre, NV - 1 Feb 1994 in McGill, NV. Daughter of Carmine and Francesca Carlini Aquafondata. Sister of Tony Fondi, Connie Lewis, Vi Gledhill and Carmen Merrill. Children: Nina Spradlin and Vicki Udy. Member of the BPOE Does.
R-14-4 Belander, Elzina R. 1887 - 1954, wife of O. Alfred
R-14-3 Belander, O. Alfred 1867 - ____
B-7-6 Belcher, William  
A-6-A2-8 Beli (Bell), Samuel age 71, paralysis, died Ely, buried 12/31/1923
S-11-15 Bell,  
S-11-16 Bell, Andrew  
S-21-21 Bell, Clifford 13 Jul 1896 - Mar 1974. Married Elsie Paulsen and had John Elmo, Virginia Morley, and June Copen. Worked at KCC.
S-21-20 Bell, Elisa Paulsen 26 Nov 1905 in Aarkus, Denmark - 3 Jun 1993 in Ely, NV. A son, Clifford Bell Jr. preceded parents in death.
  Bell, Erma A. Frank 21 mar 1905 in Cherry Creek, NV - 8 Jul 1996 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Hugo Rudolph and Ann Elizabeth Csteinstrum Frank. Had children: Robert, Jimmy H., Marjorie Link and Beverly Murphy. She belonged to the Methodist church and was a Rebekah member.
H-64-3 Bell, George age 70, malnutrition, buried 08/07/1918
C-25-5 Bell, Mrs., Ellen  
H-79-4 Bell, Richard age 40, embolism, died E. Ely, buried 08/01/1923
AA-5VFW-36 Bellander, Clifford Nielson 23 Nov 1911 in Ephriam, UT - 8 Nov 1984 in Ely, NV. Son of Albin and Anna (Marie) Nielson Bellander. Married Olivia and had Carole Douglas, and Charles N. Waters. Siblings: Joyce Allen, Rhea Craner, Marthella Jordan, and Emerson Bellander. Clifford was a rancher. WW II Vet.
AB-5-6 Bellander, Emerson R. Born Jan.26,1910 in Ephriam, Utah , died Feb.11,1994 at the White Pine Care Center in Ely NV. 84 years old, Divorced Rancher. Father - Albin Bellander, Mother - Marie Nielson. Informant - Ron Jordan.
  Bellander, Olivia E. 25 Jun 1915 in Bath, Maine - 25 Aug 1998 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Harold and Olivia Maines Hart. Married Clifford. Mother of Charles N. Waters and Carold Douglas.
C-22-3 Bellinger, (Mrs. M.) Harriet A. 1871 - 1950, "Mother," married Merritt
D-7-6 Bellinger, Albert B. Died 24 Nov 1932, IDAHO Pvt. 316 Engrs 91 Div
C-22-4 Bellinger, Merritt 1865-1929, "Father," married Harriet
Old-1-262 Bellinger, Mrs. C. L.  
S-18-20 Bellino,  
Old-2 Bellino, (Baby) Paul Frank 15 Sep 1939 - 25 Jan 1940
S-20-15 Bellino, Lucy  
  Bellino, Maria Lucille 13 Feb 1901 in Ogden, UT - Jan 1974 in Ely, NV. Married Paul Bellino and had: Mike, Pauline Fondi, Rose Owen and Bobi Ballard. Sister to Mrs. Veto Ferro.
S-18-21 Bellino, Mary Pastorelli 1 Jul 1924 in Bitritto, Italy - 12 Mar 1972 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Leo and Filomena Cinfio Pastorelli. Catholic. Married Michael Bellino and had Laurie, Michael, and Paul. Sibling of: Loretta Pastorelli, Frances Sankovich, Dorothy Robison and Steve Pastorelli..
F-7-7 Bellino, Paul  
S-20-16 Bellino, Paul  
Z-C-36 Beloqui, Jesus Berasategui Born July 17,1939 in Pasages de San Pedro, Guipuzcoa, Spain, Died May 18,1989 in the White Pine Care center. Sheep herder never married, Father - Bernardo Berasategui, Mother - Ignacia Beloqui. Informant Joaquin Gomez County. Brother of Milagros and Maria.
D-55-8 Bemy, Infant  
AB-8-35 Benavides,  
AB-8-36 Benavides, Laurentino Lara Born Oct.2,1952 in Juchipila, Zacatecas, Mexico, died Dec.3,1992 aged 40 years at Atlas Gold Mine in Eureka Co. NV. 40 years old, married to Josephine "Josie" Lucero, Truck driver for mining industry. Father - Luis Benavides, Mother - Felicitis Lara. Children: Pete Maes, Danny Maes, Jeff Maes, and Robert Maes. Sibling of: Luis, Enes Becerra, Lola and Reynalda.
AA-24-25 Benavidez, "Gilbert" Florentino 6 Mar 1929 in Bingham Canyon, NV - Jun 1979 in Ely, NV. Son of Felix and Rosana Trujillo Benavidez. Married to Laura. Sibling of Henry, Mary Lopez, Lucy Roberts, and Elma Bassham.
M-C-16 Benavidez, Felix Jose "Joe" 25 Sep 1895 - 20 Mar 1954, married Rosana
M-C-17 Benavidez, Rosana Truiz 12 Jul 1897 - 7 May 1964, wife of Felix
J-56-8 Bencome, Baby  
  Benefield, male Buried in Ely's first cemetery
(Sec A) Benmartens, Mary Lou 9 Apr 1912 - 17 May 1918
C-24A-3 Bennett,  
G-83-15 Bennett,  
D-40-1 Bennett, (Mrs. Geo) Anna "Kime" Anna Beulah "Kime" 1867-1931,
Old-2 Bennett, Albert Joseph 1 Feb 1865 - 21 Jun 1929, age 64
AA-29-34 Bennett, Blanche Mary Knighton Peterson Born April 27,1909 in Ogden, Utah, died Nov.19,1989 At the W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. Widowed homemaker Father Samuel Knighton, Mother - Hazel Leavitt. Informant Robert Peterson. Married second to Casper H. Children" Bob Peterson, Gene Peterson. Raymond Bennett, and Marilyn Tallman. Sibling of George, Sam, Wayne, Wendell and Bill Knighton and to sisters, Katherine Foster and Virginia Lewis. Member of the LDS church.
M-10-2 Bennett, C.  
AA-29-35 Bennett, Casper "Cap" 17 Aug 1913 in Downey, ID - 30 Jun 1982 in Ely, NV. Married Blanche Knighton and had Raymond Bennett and Marilyn Tallman.
M-B-1 Bennett, E.  
AA-21-25 Bennett, Florence Brown Born 11 Sep 1910 in Cozad, Nebraska, died Nov.26,1993 at #17 Second Street in McGill NV. 83 years old. widowed homemaker, Father - Isaac Brown, Mother - Fay Woodside. Informant - Gary Bennett. Children: Betty O'Brien, Beth Howells, Shirley Hill, Gary and Don Bennett. Sister of Warren Brown.
D-40-2 Bennett, George E. 1870-1939, married Anna B. "Kime"
S-3-18 Bennett, Gladys  
  Bennett, Hazel Kelley 17 Oct 1891 in Hales, UT - 15 May 1979. Daughter of Albert and Nancy Chapman Kelley. Married Phillip Bennett 25 Dec 1912 and had: Albert, Phyllis Romero, and Mary "Babe: Kogan
A-21-8 Bennett, Hugh Thomas Died 16 Sep 1924, age 52, pneumonia, died Ely, buried 09/18/1924
C-24A-2 Bennett, Joseph Earnest 23 Apr 1912 - 11 Apr 1959 8 miles north of Ely on the Paris Ranch of a heart attack. Son of Clarence H. and Nellie E. Bennett. Married Nita Cooper 1944. KCC electrician of McGill. NEV Ssgt 621 Base Unit AAF WW2
Old-2 Bennett, Mrs. A.  
A-21-6 Bennett, Mrs. Tom  
O-33-3 Bennett, Nellie E. Beckwith 4 Nov 1890 - 13 Sep 1957. Died in SLC, UT. Mrs. Clarence Harvey Bennett.
N-46-2 Bennett, Phil & Hazel D.  
  Bennett, Phillip Parley 1889 - 1943
AA-21-26 Bennett, Ralph Theodore 2 Jul 1905 in Rockport, MO - 21 Feb 1989. Son of John Ruben and Clara Adamson Bennett. Married Florence and had Betty O'Brien, Beth Howells, Shirley Hill, Gary and Don Bennett.
A-21-7 Bennett, Tom Dealt the Roulette wheel and 21, Borchert book page 51
G-76-11 Bennett, Verna N. age 3, pneumonia, died McGill, buried 01/29/1927
G-54-8 Bennett, William Baby, died E. Ely, buried 12/18/1913, owner P. P. Bennett of E. Ely
A-9-6 Bennett, William Sabin age 53, alcoholism, died Ely, buried 04/04/1924
AA-18-11 Benninghove, Janice Catron 1 Feb 1940 in Geary, OK - Aug 1981 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Charles and Marjorie Crane Catron. Married George Benninghove and had Shaun Benninghove and Marjorie Sneddon. Sister to Charles Catron.
R-50-7 Benson,  
  Benson, Alethea R. Pedlar 5 Oct 1903 in Butte, Montana - 17 Jul 1988 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Charles R. and Bessie Bryan Pedlar. Married Matt Benson 14 Oct 1920 and had Matt Jr., Jim and Marie Roberts.
Old-4 Benson, Amelia 1872-1928, Mrs. Nels Ed.
Old-4 Benson, Ed (Nels Edward) 1871-1951, married Amelia
R-46A-1 Benson, James Adamson 13 Nov 1907 - 23 Feb 1963. Married to Margaret Laura Hyland NEV. Vet.
R-46A-2 Benson, Margaret Laura Hyland Born in Bingham Canyon, UT 65 years ago - Mar 1974 in Ely, NV. Married to James A. Benson. Sister of Mary Slaughter and Richard V. Hyland.
R-50-6 Benson, Matt 13 Sep 1896 in Church, England - 29 Jul 1983 in Ely, NV. Son of Tom and Catherine Benson. He came to the US in 1918. Married Alethea Pedlar in 1920.
A-52-1 Benson, Miss Doris Mae Died 21 Oct 1917, age 15, fever, buried 10/23/1917
A-43-7 Benson, Mrs. Catherine 25 May 1940, age 70, "Mother," Mrs. Tom
N-63-5 Benson, Thomas Jr. NEV 16 Jun 1905 - 14 Jan 1950
A-43-8 Benson, Tom 26 Dec 1945, age 76, "Father," married Catherine
R-50-5 Benson, Walter 10 Jan 1911 - 8 Apr 1967 NEV.
G-81-13 Bent, Edna Roe 1 month 14 days, stomach trouble, died Ely, buried 10/30/1922
B-19-1 Benyon (Beynon), John F. 13 Nov 1902 - 7 Nov 1954
B-46-27 Benyon,  
G-82-1 Berali, A.  
L-18-3 Bereincua (Berincua), Dominic Damian, 1893 - 1938
L-18-4 Bereincua,  
A-24-5 Berencetine, Mary  
(A-40-4) Berg (Berag), Ed BPOE 1469
B-64-5 Berge,  
B-64-4 Berge, Byron Thomas 5 Mar 1905 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota - 16 Jul 1971 in Ely, NV. Son of Thomas and Alice Ward Berge. Married Lucy Novich in 1959. Brother of Dorothy Nelson.
S-18-15 Berger, Alfred 10 Oct 1903 in Germany - May 1973. Son of Ferdinand and Ann Grover Berger. Married second to Treva Soloman in 1947 and had Gladys Waldrow, Ruby Cerne, Charlotte Schnitzen, Marie Martz, Ellie Mazmarian and Heddie Ziegler. Brother of William and Fred Berger.
S-20-21 Berger, Treva Soloman 29 Jan 1908 in Grand Rapids, MI - Jul 1980. Married Alfred Berger and raised his children by his first wife.
(E-5-3) Bergeri, Antonio age 46, heart failure following operation, buried 05/04/1916
S-23-4 Bergerud, Ondra Delana Hall Swetich Passarelli 19 Aug 1944 in Coldiron, KY - Sep 1975 in Las Vegas, NV. She died "mysteriously" one day before testifying as a witness to the murder of Richard Moss Snyder that occurred in Las Vegas, NV on Feb. 7th 1973 . Legally changed name to Passarelli in 1972. Married Wyan Bergerud, a Casino Pit Boss, in 1973 / 74. Daughter of Carlos Delancy and Sally Smith Hall. Sibling of Carl Hall, Elsie Metcalf, Grace Kelly, Violet Johnson and Shirley Burris. Son: Robert Michael Swetich Jr. born 1965. Source: Robt. Swetich OndraPassarelli@aol.com  A Memorial website dedicated to her is located at www.Myspace.com\OndraPassarelli
A.L.-55 Berhman (Behrman), Earl NEV Pvt. Co A 2 Prov Regt WWI 1 Oct 1897 - 26 Jul 19__
  Bernal, Lizabeth 12 Aug 1960 in Los Angeles, CA - 1 Mar 1980 in Grants, NM. Daughter of Lupe and Lorretta Allison Bernal. Sibling of Lupito, Larry, Leonard, LeRoy, Leslie, Luana, Lenore, and Lynette Bernal. Granddaughter of Pete De La Luz and Preceliano Bernal.
L-16-2 Bernardino (Bernardini), John 1867-1937
  Bernd, Francis L. 27 Oct 1921 in Austin, NV - 12 Oct 1975 in Ely, NV. Son of Frank W. Bernd. Married Gloria and had Lynn, Lyle, Janet Basso and Judy Bernd. Brother of Mabel Wilson and Arlene Benson. Worked at KCC. US Army Medical Corps.
(A-24-5) Bernenatine, Mary age 30, pneumonia, buried 22 Nov 1918
R-71-8 Bernhardt, Vivian Age 78 - (12?) 13 Jan 1976 in Costa Mesa, CA. Married (second?) Warren Bernhardt. She had Byron Edgerly and Sharon Rose. Jehovah Witness.
R-71-3 Bernhardt, Warren Frederick 1917 in IL - 20 Aug 1973 (75?). Married Vivian. WW II Vet.
Old-2-180 Berry, John US Marine Corps
M-21-3 Berryman, Earl James 1906-1947
Old-2 Berryman, Elenora Lynn 1869-1939, Mrs. J. A. She was the daughter of Ephraim Adelbert and Mary E. Lynn was born in Blackhawk, Gilpin County, CO on June 29, 1868 or 69. She married James Andrew Berryman in 1885 in Central City, CO. Source - Lylas Lynn Munn munnhouse@email.msn.com
Old-2 Berryman, James A. 1866-1925, age 59, heart failure, died E. Ely, buried 10/29/1925, husband of Elenora
M-16-8 Bertha, Jake  
J-53-6 Berzon, Frank age 50, nephritis, died Ely, buried 01/08/1927
Old-4-3 Besich, B.  
L-6-3 Betlin, Frank 1879-1940
B-35-1 Bett, Archie  
B-35-2 Bett, Mrs. Archie  
Z-B-22 Bever, John Alonzo 14 Jul 1901 - 29 Jul 1965 (Des Moines, IA), married Nellie
Z-B-21 Bever, Nellie (Nonie) Henderson 25 Jan 1902 in Kansas City, MO - 16 Dec 1970 in SLC, UT. Daughter of Orrin and Mary Bush Henderson. Married John Bever 26 Sep 1934. Sibling of Orian Henderson and DeDe Kronthal. Stepmother of J. A. Hyman and Peggy Walker.
N-26-6 Biale, Baby  
R-56-3 Biale, C. (Giovani B.) 3 Dec 1879 - 2 Aug 1962, married Theresa
  Biale, Eva Milabar 1919-1943
R-56-4 Biale, Fred Verson 11 Nov 1914 - 10 Feb 1955, "Husband, Father," son of Theresa and Giovani
N-26-8 Biale, Louis (Louie) Angelo 3 Dec 1916 in Oakland, CA - 5 Feb. 1990 in Salt Lake City, UT. Married Darlene. Father of Roger and Dennis. Cremation.
N-26-7 Biale, Mrs.  
  Biale, Ronald 25 Jun 1945 - 17 Aug 1945
R-57-1 Biale, Theresa Mary 18 Jan 1891 - 28 Mar 1969, married Giovani Biale in 1912. Children: Louie Baile and Kate Torgerson
A-34-4 Biami, Pauline  
A-34-3 Biami, Pete  
S-2-34 Bianchi,  
S-3-30 Bianchi,  
S-3-32 Bianchi, Abramo George 18 Mar 1958 in Ely, NV - Feb 1978 in Ely, NV, aged 19 years. Son of Val and Betty Bianchi. Sibling of Ben and Valeri Bianchi. Grandson of Ben Fortner and Valentino Bianchi.
S-2-35 Bianchi, Abramo Valentino 28 Aug 1892 in Sumirage, Varese, Italy - 15 Jul 1983 in Ely, NV. Son of Valentino and Virginia Brianzni Bianchi. Married Nettie and had Virginia Carpenter, Vicki Barela, and Val Bianchi. Worked at KCC.
D-54-1A Bianchi, Carol Ann Ashworth 1 Aug 1942 - 24 Aug 1994. Daughter of Curly and Fern Ashworth. Married Bill Bianchi and had Byron and Marci Bianchi.
S-3-31 Bianchi, Netti Mae Buckmaster 12 Nov 1907 in Monticello, Minn. - 27 Sep 1996 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Henry Amon Buckmaster and Beatrice L. Rand. Married Abramo Valentino and had Val Bianchi and Virginia Carpenter.
H-57-5 Bianchi, Pete 6 Apr 1897 - 8 May 1970 in Ely, NV. Related to Ciscar Bianchi.
S-26-13 Bibiano, Margaret McQueen 19 Oct 1919 in Ely, NV - Jan 1982 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Harry and Marie McCurdy McQueen. Married second to Maximo Bibiano on 18 Jun 1955, and had Edward Bianchi. Children by first marriage: Madeline Stanton Kaamasee, Alfred Stanton, and Roderick Stanton. Sister of Ramona Antelope and Josephine Charley.
S-26-14 Bibiano, Maximo 17 Feb 1913 - 8 Jun 1976 in Ely, NV. Son of Manuel and Maria Bibiano. Married Margaret McQueen and had Edward.
L-5-4 Biccilli (Gigilli), Lillian 1901-1938
M-56-1 Biccilli,  
R-22A-28 Bida, Baby  
S-26-8 Biehler, Edith Anna Wood Harris Wood 19 Aug 1908 in Lawton, OK - Jul 1977 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Joseph and Edith Elizabeth Harris. Mother of Jim Wood, John Wood, and Bill Wood.
M-A-10 Bienas, Joe  
Old-4 Biggane (Biggone), Margaret 30 May 1911- 15 Sep1912 of cholera. Daughter of J. W. and Marry Ellen L. Daly Biggone.
AA-9-7 Bigger, Jeanette Rhoda Grimes Born June 23,1909 in Manchester, Kentucky, died Sept.28,1992 in White pine care center Ely NV. Widowed homemaker 83 years old. Father - Gilbert Grimes, Mother - Laura Nell Sparks. Informant: Ione Jackman Ely NV. Sister of Martha Brewer.
AA-9-8 Bigger, Joseph H. 8 Nov 1900 in Billings, MT - 3 Oct 1985 in Ely, NV. Son of Joseph and Carol Bigger. Married Jeanette Wallace. Banker.
  Biggs, David Age 51, died 23 Aug 1892 (buried with Campbell's)
  Biggs, Leah F. 18 Oct 1838 - 8 Oct 1898 (buried with Campbell's), wife of David
G-64-2 Bigich, Mary  
B-64-8 Billett, Arthur Edmund 19 Jul 1915 - 17 Jul 1971 in Ely, NV. Married to Ruth. Sibling of Paul D. McDermott, James F. Billett, Emily M. Bellinger, Marie N. Breman, Agnes H. Pratt, Edith K. Nelson, and Hazel A. Bianchoni. US Army, received the Purple Heart.
B-64-9 Billett, Ruth  
(J-69-2) Billey, Baby age 1, male, pneumonia, buried 09/27/1917
J-70-8 Billie, Grace (Indian) age 16, female, buried 05/19/1917
M-51-4 Billy, Anna  
J-63A-5 Billy, Baby (Indian) female, suffocated at birth in Ely, buried 11/22/1922
  Billy, Webb 1 Apr 1890 at Duckwater, NV - found dead 8 Apr 1958 at the Indian Colony on Pine Street, Ely, NV. Ranch hand. Left a son, Raymond Billy and a sister, Mrs. Tessie McQueen.
  Bilnas, Joe 12 Mar 1904 - 18 Jul 1955
N-36-7 Bingham, Lila  
  Binney, Bessie V. 4 Jul 1901 in Middletown, NY - 12 Mar 1997 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Herbert and Mary Cummings Culver. Mother of Betty Youlden.
AA-3-40 Birch,  
N-72-52 Birch, A. baby boy, born and died 27 Dec 1945
E-3-2 Birch, Edward  
J-68-7 Birch, John (Indian) age 14, TB, buried 12/20/1916
AA-3-39 Birch, Perla Edo Born July 6,1924 in Nevada, died Oct.19,1995 at 632 East 11th Street in Ely NV. 71 years old, Married to Wallace Birch. Homemaker, . Father - Manuel Edo, Mother - Josephine Urrizalqui. Children: Manuel James Birch, Josephine Annett, Madeline Delores Davis.
A-7-4 Bircman, William  
  Birkmeyer, Baby Born and died 9 Feb 1942
R-23-5 Birmingham, Norma Southworth  
R-23-6 Birmingham, Raymond Tomlin (Thomas?) 26 Sep 1923 in SLC, UT - 29 May 1969. Son of Victor and Emily Havorsen Birmingham. Married Norma Southworth. Children: Raymond Leslie, Earl Quinn, Darrell Kay Birmingham. Sibling of Victor, Bernice Burton, Elaine McIntosh and Emily. Nevada Northern Railroad Conductor.
N-68-9 Birmington,  
N-68-10 Birmington, Victor Erastus 27 Nov 1890 - 10 Oct 1947, "Father" Forman at Ely Lumber Yard and Coal Co.. Married Emily Halverson in Chico, CA. Father of Ray T. Burningham. (is this a spelling change of the surname name or typo?)
(A.L-) Birnie, Robert UTAH Pvt. Co C 346 MG Bn 8 Jun 1887 - 6 Jun 1954
Z-B-18 Biscamp, Emma O'Dell 3 Nov 1971 age 41 years 10 months 4 days
M-6-2 Biscilli, Joe  
Old-2 Bishop,  
T-19-2 Bishop,  
J-63-6 Bishop, Bertha age 40, gastritis, died in Ely, buried 05/02/1922
T-19-1 Bishop, Joseph E. 10 Mar 1912 in Garrison, UT - 9 Jul 1995 in Ely, NV. Son of George and Mary Stout Bishop. Married Virginia Stout. Children: Madeline Liebsack, Junior Elmer, James Delbert, Robert Lee, Raymond Devon Bishop and Kenneth Curtis Andrews. Buried 7/12/95
  Biska, John 25 Dec 1890 - 21 Feb 1966 WYO Pvt. 37 Co Trans Cps WWI
AA-5VFW-33 Bixby, Zane 14 Feb 1921 in Deer River, Minn. - 12 Oct 1982 in Ely, NV. Son of Marion and Sybil Fox Bixby. Father of Donald, Marshall, Zane Jr. and Leah Draper.
Old-3 Black,  
F-11-8 Black, Baby  
  Black, Melba Katherine Baker 26 Jul 1898 in Richfield, UT - May 1971 in Ely, NV. Daughter of John R. and Anna K. Jensen Baker. Married Seymore Black. Sibling of Mrs. John Polish, Sylvia Dajani, Mrs. Robert Swain, Alta Black and Richard Baker.
O-24-8 Black, Mrs. Ellen May 16 May 1931 - 23 Feb 1956
A.L.-143 Black, Ralph 17 Dec 1896 - Aug 1974. No known survivors.
  Blackburn, Holly Ann 12 Feb 1956 - 14 May 1956
A-35-4 Blackburn, Jesse age 87, died of a concussion of the brain, buried 05/03/1919
AA-21-24 Blackburn, Lester  
O-10-6 Blackett, Dick  
AA-10-13 Blackham, Arda June 21 Jun 1927 in Mt. Pleasant, UT - 25 Jan 1987 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Alma and Emily Coates Allred. Married Montel H. Blackham 14 Oct 1944 in Moroni, UT. Children: Ronald, Steve, Elaine Blackham, Judy Smith, Ruth Drake, and Cindy Adams. Sibling of Ruth Dyson, Mont, Alan and Bruce Allred.
AA-10-13 Blackham, Art  
B-18-5 Blackham, James R. 4 Aug 1865 - 8 Aug 1934
R-22A-1 Blackham, Lois  
AA-10-14 Blackham, Montel H. 1 Oct 1915 in Moroni, UT - 5 Jul 1989 in Ely, NV. Son of Hyrum and Elsie Draper Blackham. Married Arda June Allred and had Ronald M., Steve R., Elaine Blackham, Judy B. Smith, A. Ruth Drake, and Cindy Adams. He worked for KCC as a converter / skinner foreman..
R-22-4 Blackham, Virgil 15 Jun 1903 - 18 Nov 1961
S-11-26 Blackmore,  
S-11-27 Blackmore,  
  Blackmore, Emma Pearl 15 Mar 1886 in Leadville, CO - 1971 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Mark and Emma Lug Hepner. Married first to Frank Fisher; second to Fred Blackmore. Children: Pearl Pritchard, Virginia Bishop, Alice Harvey, Howard, James and Frank Fisher. Stepchildren: Robert and Lewis Blackmore and Marie Bodmer and Ruth Dzancin.
S-11-28 Blackmore, Fredrick Married second to Emma Pearl Hepner. Children by first wife: Robert and Lewis Blackmore, Marie Bodmer and Ruth Dzancin
  Blackmore, Robert Joseph 28 Jun 1914 in Ogden, UT - 24 Mar 1997 in Ely, NV. Son of Frederick Joseph and Gertrude Bowman Blackmore. Married Dorothy. Father of Joseph William II and Jacqueline Ruth Crane Walker. Army Air Corp WWII
  Blackwood, Janeil Eardley 15 May 1918 in Lund, NV - 20 Feb 1984 in Boulder City. Daughter of Vern and Ruth Eardley. Sibling of Jim Eardley, Faye Merrill, Merle Jolly, Maxine Powers, and Maureen Crose. Married Neil Blackwood 4 Jul 1937 in Nevada City, CA. Children: Valerie Christiansen.
A-41-4 Blackwood, John W. age 65, asthma, died in Ely, buried 14 May 1922, BPOE 1469
L-16-5 Blackwood, Terence Alfred age 43 - Killed August 1937. His back was broken in a mine accident. He was from Kimberly, NV.
AA-20A-24 Blair, Angelina Elminda Salazar 25 Dec 1921 in Allison, CO - 13 ___ 1986 in Las Vegas, NV. Daughter of Ezequel and Elosia Archuletta Salazar. Married Joe Blair Sr. 3 Oct 1940 and had: Ray, Joe Phillip Jr., Henry, Paul Romero, Barbara Albia, Irene Gomez, Gloria Carson, Bonnie Draper, and Kathleen Cullins.
Old-3 Blair, George Age about 25 years - Feb 1908. Buried 17 Feb 1908.
I-A-2 Blair, James 1885 - 1936
  Blair, James Max "Homer" 29 Jun 1933 in Bridgeport, NE - 15 __ 1997 in Ely. Son of Ralph and Florence Frickey. Brother of Vernon Scott, Paul, Joey G. Hardin, Shirley Ann Anderson and Phyllis M. Boyce.
I-4-3 Blair, John 22 Nov 1882 - 27 Mar 1965, "From Cornwall"
AA-5VFW-27 Blair, Joseph Phillip Garcia 11 Aug 1917 in Durango, CO - Died _____ . Son of Porfiro and Carmelita Gallegos Garcia. Later adopted by Thomas J. and Kathleen Archuletta Blair. Sibling of Ben and Ralph Garcia. Married Angelina Alminda Salazar Sr. 3 Oct 1940 and had: Ray, Joe Phillip Jr., Henry, Paul Romero, Barbara Albia, Irene Gomez, Gloria Carson, Bonnie Draper, and Kathleen Cullins.
S-16-10 Blair, Maggie 20 Dec 1867 in Eureka, NV - Dec 1970 age 106 years. Married to William Blair and had John Blair, Anna Lucy Young, Helen Peluage, Elizabeth Bergonan, and Mary Celaya.
A-9-8 (A-8-4?) Blair, William 1849-1925 (?), Age 78, nephritis, died Ely, buried 03/02/1924
Old-1-270 Blair, William D. Age about 35 years - died May 1908. Buried 27 May 1908.
C-28-2 Blake,  
C-28-1 Blake, William  
A-33-1 Blakovich, Steve  
A-34-4 Blami, Pauline  
A-34-3 Blami, Pete  
N-69-11 Blanc,  
N-69-12 Blanc, Walter  
D-38-6 Blanchard,  
D-39-8 Blanchard,  
D-38-5 Blanchard, Don  
AB-3-9 Blanco, Alica Teresa Griffin Born May 5,1964 in Ely, NV. Died Sept.16,1990 at the Blue Diamond Ranch. Near Eureka, NV. Homemaker. Married to David Blanco. Father - Dale Eugene Griffin, Mother - Mary Margaret Celaya Griffin Tillman. David Blanco Eureka NV. 89316. Her adopted parents were Gary and Dee Willard. Sibling of Linda Robison, Laura Waddle, Caroline Griffin, Barbara Long, Theresa Davis, LeeAnn, Gary Willard, Arthur R. Willard, and Steve Guitar.
Old-2 Bland, J.  
  Blankenhorn, John B. 16 Nov 1855 - 1938
  Blankenhorn, Louise 2 Feb 1861 - 1951 (cremated)
G-77-12 Blarney, Mildred E. 1 month, pneumonia, died McGill, buried 12/6/26
Old-1-350 Blatnick, John  
R-23-8 Blatnick, Joseph 17 Feb 1889 in Yugoslavia - 3 Apr 1969. Son of John and Josephine Dabrahia Blatnick. Brother of Antonio Blatnick. Married Rose Mikolich in 1935 and had Mary L. Elicequi, Betty Smallfield, Josephine Bryant and Robert Blatnick.
R-23-7 Blatnick, Rose Mikolich 6 Aug 1910 in Eldridge, MT - 30 Jul 1985 in Ely, NV. Children: Mary Lou Elicequi, Betty Smallfield, June Erickson, Frank Kopland, Edward Gasser and Robert A. Blatnick.
(Sec C?) Bleak, William G. 1871 - 1931
  Bleuss, Frank Paul 2 Apr 1940 in San Francisco, CA - 11 Feb 1998 in Ely, NV. Son of Frank C. Bleuss and Maxine E. Merritt. Married Carol. Father of Frank, Paul, Gayle Pullman, and Maxine Bleuss.
N-66-1 Blevins, Ida Schmidt 9 Sep 1902 in St. Paul, Minn. - 21 Sep 1987 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Carl and Ida Zick Schmidt. Married Paul S. Blevins. Children: Diana Brown, Kenneth, James, Samuel, Lucille Tuger, and Carole Birch. Jehovah Witness. Cremation.
N-66-1 Blevins, Paul Steven 15 Feb 1902 - 20 Aug 1940. Married Ida Schmidt.
G-83-6 Bliss,  
AA-11-9 Bliss, Rosemarie Gorman 27 Sep 1930 in Lebanon, KS - 6 May 1986 in Reno, NV. Daughter of Verlin and Aimee Gorman. Sibling of Leland Gorman. Married Warren Bliss 5 Apr 1947. Children: Dan, Bobby, Linda Goff, Kay Gambrick, Glenna Baker, and Joyce Lujan.
AA-11-10 Bliss, Warren 26 Sep 1929 in Ruth, NV - 14 Apr 1986 in Reno, NV. Son of Elmer and Emily Hepworth Bliss. Sibling of Carol Reed. Married Rosemarie Gorman and had Dan, Bobby, Linda Goff, Kay Gambrick, Glenna Baker, and Joyce Lujan.
  Bloch, Harold A. 1885 - 1918
B-2-8 Bloom, George  
B-32-6 Bloom, Samuel L. 25 Jul 1857 - 15 Dec 1931
M-17-5 Bloom, W.  
M-46-3 Bloonqua, C.  
J-80-5 Bobart, William  
J-82-8 Bobert, Mark  
Old-3(Plat A) Bobo, Robert (Richard?) Allen born and died 2 Nov 1943
(G-55-10) Boccovich, John 22 months, Enter Enterlites, of Copper Flats, buried 5/7/1913
C-8-2 Boes, Frank Arthur 1863-1933 BPOE, married Mary Ellen
C-8-1 Boes, Mary Ellen Born 1871, Died 1947, Mrs. Frank
AA-17-11 Bogden,  
AA-17-12 Bogden, Nicholas  
C-12-3 Boger, Kate  
  Boggich, Delia Born and died Sep 1929
G-74-4 Bogich,  
H-62-5 Bohatiotic, Gust  
AB-8-37 Bohrn, (Frances Ellen)  
  Bohrn, Danny Lee 23 Jan 1949 in Twin Falls, ID - 29 Jun 1987 in Tooele, UT. Son of Orville and Frances Roberts Bohrn. Father of Walter, Mandy and Cindy Bohrn. Brother of Howard Bohrn, Doris Metcalf, and Christine Bohrn. US Army Viet Nam Vet.
AB-8-38 Bohrn, Orville Wilbur Born Feb.16, 1925 in Yale, Oklahoma, died July 2,1992. 2 miles North of State Route 486 of a gunshot. Crusher operator for KCC. Married to F. Ellen Roberts, Father - Abraham Lincoln Bohrn, Mother Sheila Mae Workman. Frances Bohrn McGill NV. Father of Doris Metcalf, Christine Powell and Howard Eugene Bohrn. Sibling of Warren Bohrn, Gertrude Cooper and Lottie Schmidt.
AB-5VFW-9 Bohrn, Robert Lincoln Born Aug. 14,1932 in Idaho, Died July 16,1992 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely. Married to Dorothy Thornal, Crane man for KCC. Father Earl Allen Bohrn, Mother - Cora Hilton. VFW Dorothy Bohrn McGill NV.
  Bohrn, Virginia "Ginger" 5 Nov 1946 in Canyon City, C) - 18 May 1991 near Ely, NV. Daughter of Raymond and Esther Voss DeWall. Sibling of Barbara Robbins, Shari Gray, and David DeWall. Married second to Kenneth Bohrn. Mother of Dawna Brewer, David Oxborrow; stepmother of Wade and Rhonda Bohrn.
Old-4 Boich, Nick  
A-2-6 Bojno, Barney age 38, injured in an accident at Copper Flats, buried 8/27/1913
S-14-21 Bojorques, John 28 Apr 1893 in Sonora, Mexico - 23 Mar 1969 in Ely, NV. He had worked for KCC and had a brother and sister in Mexico.
G-53-1 Bokovich, Anna age 2, gastrointestinal problem, died in Kimberly, buried 9/3/1914
R-48A-2 Bolander, Elmore A. 15 Nov 1912 - 8 May 1962, married Marcile
R-49-8 Bolander, Marcile E. Manson 1 Jun 1910 - 20 Sep 1971. Mrs. Elmore. Children: Curtis and Ken Bolander and Shirley Sharp. Sister of George Manson and Lela Rogantine.
H-82-1 Bolomenas, Tom  
S-6-10 Bonetpels, John  
  Bongois, George Age 28 years old - 7 July 1912. Greek. Killed with nine other men in the Star Pointer mine from a powder explosion. Did not speak English.
Old-2 Bonner, Pat died 1910. He was a partner with John Magnuson when they owned the Gem Saloon in Lane City, NV, September 1897.
R-55-2 Booker, Anna Mae 2 Feb 1898 - 1 Jul 1968, "Mother" Married Karl W. Booker. Mother of Mrs. David Appleton
R-55-1 Booker, William Edward 9 Dec 1935 - 16 Feb 1955, "Son"
Old-1-382 Booth, Edwin Age about 40 years - Died Apr 1907. Buried 13 Apr 1907
H-67-2 Boozas, Gust age 23, buried 9/1/1918
S-21-7 Borchert, Harry C. 10 Feb 1884 in Cherry Creek, NV - Feb 1975 in Ely, NV. Son of John and Margaret Borchert. Brother of Earl Borchert. Father of Irvin Borchert, Dorothy Cononelos, and Kathryn Topholm. Married Josephine Burke 1906 in SLC, UT and they were later divorced.
R-56-6 Borchert, Josephine Burke 15 Aug 1885 at Schellbourne, NV - 17 Mar 1971, daughter of William. And Eliza McManus Burke. Hotel NV housekeeper, married and divorced Harry. (Borchert , "I'm one of those Bastards" page 9) Mother of Irvin E. Borchert, Dorothy (Mrs. Solon) Cononelos, and Kathryn (Mrs. Gunnard) Topholm
B-9-4 Borges, Manuel

Manuel Borges Sr. was a miner most of his life. He lived and worked in Utah, Nevada, and California. He married Mary Young in 1901 in Tooele County, Utah. She died in Eureka, Utah on October 12, 1921 from a postpartum hemorrhage. His 8 living children remained in Utah after Mary's death but Manuel returned to Nevada for work. On May 26, 1929, one week after arriving in the Riepetown mining camp, Manuel succumbed to Tuberculosis and "Miner's consumption" at age 58. He was buried on June 16, 1929 in Ely. Source: Stephanie Petty  petty.mike@chello.at

  Borich, Nick Jr. 6 months 1 day - 21 Dec 1911. Son of Nick and Mary Jurick Borich. Died in Riepetown of an intestinal infection.
H-69-2 Borich, Steve Stipe 1858-1918, age 60, died of a skull fracture at McGill, buried 3/27/1918
B-8-5 Boris, Lou  
Z-A-45 Bostic (Bostick), Dallas 21 Mar 1898 in Dallas, TX - Nov 1989.
(IOOF plot-419) Bostick, Bert Age 48, heart failure, died E. Ely, buried 10 May 1925
AB-11-9 Boteilho,  
AB-11-8 Boteilho, Barbara A. Drake 6 Feb 1942 in Oakland, CA - 25 May 1994. Mother Lola Drake Coyle. Father (step?) Sid Coyle. Sister to Dale Drake. Married Joseph A. Boteilo on 4 Jul 1959. Children: Lennie and Joseph Jr. Boteilho.
J-66-3 Boto, J.  
N-70-6 Botts (Bolts), Glenson Jack Jr. 1929-1947
N-70-7 Botts,  
N-70-8 Botts,  
Old-2 Bougios, George  
R-8-3 Boulware, Aubry Franklin Fred 10 Jul 1870 - 20 Aug 1954, married Inez E. Hill. Diabetes.
R-8-4 Boulware, Inez Ethel Hill 29 Jul 1891 in Colorado - 26 Jun 1982 in Albuquerque, NM. Daughter of Alfred and Sylvia Marshall Hill. Sibling of Charles C. Hill. Mrs. Aubry, teacher at Kimberly for Riepetown children (Ely Daily Times, 11/28/95) Inez began her Kimberly teaching career in 1926 to 1949. Then she taught at Ruth from 1949 to 1966.
N-46-4 Boundy, Andy (Andrew) 1880 - 1954
  Boundy, Betty Jane 3 Mar 1934 in Oleta, CA - 4 Jun 1998 in Ely, NV. Married Paul Boundy. Mother of Charles Keith Nicholls and Anthony John Nickolls. Sister of Delores Hardwick and Florence Pinegar.
N-45-3 Boundy, John Andrew Sr. Born Feb.14,1901 in SLC, Utah, died 8 Feb 1991in the Emergency room W.B.R. hospital in Ely NV. Married to 1. Mabel Rose, 2. Zelma Ingle on 25 Nov 1974, Milling engineer for KCC, father - John Boundy, Mother - Mabel Bews. Brother of Vera Boundy. Children: John Boundy Jr., Robert A, Paul, Pete, and Wallace Boundy, and Janice DeLeon, Bonnie Carter. VFW. 2/18/91
N-45-4 Boundy, Mabel Rose 1901 - 1966, Mrs. John Andrew Boundy Sr.
N-45-1 Boundy, William 1877 - 1957, brother of Andy
N-45-2 Boundy, William Died 1948. A bachelor of Cherry Creek. Died of diabetes.
N-47-1 Boundy, William "Will" Blaide 1926 - 1943, son of Mabel
  Boundy, Zelma Sill Ingle 19 Feb 1919 in Maple Grove, MO - 3 May 1996 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Charles and Agnes Mullen Sill. Children" Charles, Larry, Mike and David Ingle, Gay Boundy, Janice DeLeon, Bonnie Carter.
H-75-7 Bourikas, Gus age 30, accident at Copper Flat, buried 1/3/1914, owner SVS&M Co of McGill
J-23-8 Boutilier, Ed  
O-31-3 Bouzis, Phil  
O-23-6 Bowen, Anne Sertic 17 Aug 1917 - 4 Sep 1996 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Mike and Anna Sertic. Sister of Lucille Bennett. Married Casey Bowen and had Larry and Ron Bowen. Worked at KCC.
A-10-A3 Bowen, Benjamin Thomas age 41, found dead of heart failure in Ely, buried 9/7/1924
O-23-7 Bowen, Casey Byron 24 Jul 1916 - 31 Aug 1950. Married to Anne Sertic.
Old-3 Bowen, John  
Old-3-57 Bowen, Mike Age about 50 - died Jan 1907. Irishman. Buried 26 Jan 1907.
M-41-8 Bowen, Otis 1904 - 12 Jul 1940, distant relative of Bowen in Reno. He was killed on a shovel in the Ruth Mine.
D-41-8 Bower,  
G-83-5 Bower,  
D-41-6 Bower, Jack 5 Jun 1927 - 25 Sep 1928
S-9-1 Bower, Joseph E. NEV 21 Jun 1929 - 3 Aug 1965, one of 30 names on the White Pine Memorial near the courthouse. (Ely Daily Times, 12/11/1995)
S-9-2 Bower, Ruth Helen 9 Aug 1908 in Watson, Oregon - 29 Sep 1972 in Ely. Daughter of Heinrich Adolph and Martha K. Lage. Sister of Alethea McGuire. Married Francis Elmer Bower 17 Aug 1924 and had Richard Bower and Bonnie Hagen.
J-81-7 Bowering, Nile  
Old-5-439 Bowman, Hugh E. Born near Cooperstown Pennsylvania 11/23/1846, Died in Ely NV. 01/15/1916. Youngest son of 7 children. Married to Milvia Illidge. father of 10 children. Father - Hugh Bowman, Mother - Hanna Weber Bowman. Pony Express rider, then mining engineer. Age 69, apoplexy, buried 1/20/1916, IOOF
Old-5-437 Bowman, Milvia Illidge Born Sept. 13,1859 in Oregon City Oregon, died in Ely NV. 06/04/41 age 81. Youngest of 13 children, mother of 10. Wife of Hugh Bowman. Father - Alfred Illidge, Mother - Elizabeth Jaques Illidge of England.
Old-2-151 Boyer, George .
O-21-4 Boyko, Tony  
K-2-6 Boylan, Ilene  
H-62-6 Boyle, Charles 7 May 1852 - 10 Jul 1919, age 66, cancer, buried 7/17/1919
Old-4 Boyle, O.  
AB-8-14 Boyter,  
AB-8-15 Boyter,  
AB-8-16 Boyter,  
AB-8-17 Boyter, Jessica Lynn 5 Feb 1993 in Las Vegas, NV - 7 Feb 1993 in Las Vegas, NV. Daughter of Reed Boyter. Sister of Jorge. Granddaughter of Cindy and Danny Lane and Lynn Boyter.
S-1-40 Bozzi, Rocco "Joe" 18 Apr 1892 in Italy - Apr 1977 in Ely, NV. Brother of Prudence Bozzi.
  Braden, Joseph D. 16 Aug 1935 in Bloomer, Wisconsin - 12 Dec 1994. Married to Vi. Children: Joseph D. Braden Jr., Brandi Jo Kovall, Robin Jacaway and Jody Jewett. Brother of Joann Dutton, Norma Jenneman, Betty Martin and Sharon Wagner.
A-13-4 Bradford, J. W. age 45, heart disease, died Ely, buried 6/26/1923 in (A-14-4?)
AA-1-5 Bradley,  
N-37-6 Bradley,  
R-34-1 Bradley,  
R-40A-3 Bradley,  
R-40A-4 Bradley,  
R-53-12A Bradley,  
S-22-2 Bradley,  
S-26-16 Bradley,  
AA-18-4 Bradley, (James)  
AA-18-3 Bradley, (Mary)  
R-34-2 Bradley, Amy  
  Bradley, Boy Died Mar 1908 and Buried 24 Mar 1908.
AA-14-34 Bradley, David Vincent 14 May 1964 in Ely, NV - Feb 1983 in Duck River, Tenn. Son of Burke and Diane Smith Bradley. Brother of Melissa Bradley. Married Stacy.
  Bradley, Floyd Ray "Bill" 25 Nov 1913 - 27 Jun 1948. Parents- Willie Clifton Bradley and Emma Jane Terry. Died as a result of a plane crash near Beatty, NV. The newspaper article said he was a "well known contractor". He was married to Rose Zelda Lee (name listed on their marriage certificate) at the time of his death. They had several children, one of whom is Joseph Charles who is also buried in the Ely Cemetery. Source:  momndad11@juno.com
O-26-6 Bradley, Jimmie Michael born and died 1 Apr 1961.
S-26-17 Bradley, John  
  Bradley, Joseph Charles Died 24 Apr 1989 at the age of 46 years in Kemmerer, WY. Son of Floyd and Rosa Lee Bradley. Brother of Floyd, Ray, Vernon, William Bradley. Married Geraldine and had Joseph Charles II, Terry J., and Tamara Lynn Bradley, Pamela Dean Wilcox, Geraldine Barrett and Tiffany Bradley.
S-18-4 Bradley, Loran 5 Oct 1908 in Ely, NV - Apr 1974 in Ely, NV. Son of Zephaniah D. and Annie M. Simonson Bradley. Brother of Delile, Randall, and Milton Bradley. Married Erma Jensen 19 May 1939.
  Bradley, Mary A. 6 Apr 1915 in White Fish, MT - 8 Aug 1997 in Ely, NV. Mother of Jim, Joseph C., and Jacqueline Bradley.
  Bradley, Milton 9 Feb 1912 in Preston, NV - Sep 1976. . Son of Zephaniah D. and Annie M. Simonson Bradley. Brother of Delile, Loran, and James Bradley. Married Gwen and helped raise his stepdaughter Dawna Hairspureru.
R-31-8 Bradley, Mrs. Harriet A. 1871 - 1956
  Bradley, Opal Mae Jensen 27 Jul 1921 - 3 Jul 1996 in Ely, NV. Married 1. Charles LeRoy Jensen, 2. R. "Bud" Bradley. Children: Rowena Olson, Claude Jensen, Doug Jensen, Linda Priddy, Stepson Colin Bradley.
A-37-3 Bradley, W.  
(H-66-4) Bradley, W. C. age 50, male, buried 10/6/1918
N-37-7 Bradley, William (Effie Read book page 210?)
Old-1-368 Brady, Fred A. Age about 40 - died Oct 1907. Buried 25 Oct 1907.
G-86-3 Brady, Mary Louise age 1 2, buried 2/25/1920
G-86-4 Brady, William R. 2 months 21 days, pneumonia, buried 2/20/1920
Z-D-12 Bragg, Charles  
S-16-8 Brambrick, Harrison B. 2 Mar 1898 in Cherry Creek, NV - 29 Jan 1971 in Aberdeen, WA. Son of Thomas Brambrick. Father of Thomas and Eugene Brambrick. Worked for KCC.
G-82-11 Brand, Hilde  
A-16-8 Brand, Myrtle Frances age 11, pneumonia, died Ely, buried 5/1/1918
Old-1-262 Brandt, Mary  
AA-24-18 Branham, Bernis Gordon 18 Apr 1911 in Elkton, Todd Co., KY - Feb 1979. Nickname of "Tuck." Brother of Eva Martin, Mrs. Mark Ganier, Mrs. Wallace White and Alva and Sherman Branham.
(Plat A) Branham, LeRoy 1 Oct 1943 - 9 Oct 1943, 9 days
K-6-1 Brann, Nancy (Mary May) 1912 - 1935
Old-3 Branson, H.  
R-47-4 Brantzeg, Clara Merton 30 Mar 1895 - 20 Jul 1949, Mrs. Harry, "Wife, Mother"
R-47-3 Brantzeg, Harry Seth UTAH 18 Apr 1891 - 2 May 1969 in SLC, UT, married Clara
AB-7-20 Brantzeg, Jane Long 29 Aug 1925 - Nov.25,1992 in Salt Lake City. Daughter of Herbert and Effie Jane Oxborrow Long Read. Sibling of Jerry Long, Vernon Read and Jesse Read. Mother of Jennie Lee Brantzeg, Cecile Marie Miller, Erica Hinton, and Jeffrey Lee Brantzeg. Jeff Brantzeg, Salt Lake City UT.
  Bratilo, Matilda Sutich 11 Nov 1894 in Yugoslavia - Died in CA. Age 73 - Married 1. Steve Sutich. 2. Mitchell Bratilo. Mother of Bonnie Sertic and Mrs. Louis Ures.
S-10-32 Braun, Patricia  
  Bray, J. C. Died Nov 1906. Buried 20 Nov 1906.
(G-59-4) Bray, Richard D. buried 9/21/1915
  Breckenridge, John Age about 78 years. - died 1908. Buried 2 Feb 1908 by White Pine County.
M-6-1 Breen, Michael "Mike" Horace 1868 - 1952
  Breeze, Fred B-5-3
  Breeze, Fred B-2-1
S-1-AB Brenan, James  
O-9-3 Brenton, Colin 1870 - 1948, married Mae Rutherford. Employed by the Ely Lumber and Coal Co.
O-9-4 Brenton, Mae Rutherford 6 Oct 1873 in Nova Scotia - 16 Aug 1956 in East Ely, NV. Mrs. Colin
Old-2-100 Breslin, Dennis Age about 42, of Iowa - Feb 1907. Buried 15 Feb 1907.
J-38-7 Bress, Herman  
AB-10-4 Brewer,  
AB-10-3 Brewer, Arlene Elizabeth Burke 22 Oct 1934 in Saugus - 12 Apr 1994 in SLC, UT. Daughter of William and Elizabeth Cuthbert Burke. Married Richard W. Brewer and had" Richard, William, Joseph, Matthew, and Christian Brewer and Charlotte Moschetti, Ramona Shepard, Linda Bond, Regina Cobb, Jennifer Tallerico, Madonna Duke, and Angelina Samson. Arlene and family lived in the old Kinner Mansion in McGill for many years before her death. Her husband was a general contractor. Catholic.
A-35-3 Brewer, Plato age 43, mill accident at McGill, buried 2/24/1919
D-24-3 Brewer, Socrates age 55, diabetic coma, died Ely, NV buried 4/16/1927
J-31-6 Breze, Fred  
  Bridgeman, Blanchard Age about 22, of Mass. - Nov 1907. Buried 6 Nov 1907.
(A-7-4) Bridgeman, William E. age 56, TB, died 16 Oct 1924 in Ely, buried 10/18/1924. Nickname was "Professor Sunshine." He was an old-time miner.
Old-5 Briggs, Daisy Adeline 1881 - 1904, age 16, buried 25 Oct 1904, daughter of Robert and Julia, niece of Mrs. Mollie McGill, (Effie Read book page 224.) (Death cert. in White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths)
Old-2-224 Briggs, David  
Old-5 Briggs, Julia A. Fouts 2 Dec 1854 - 8 Sep 1894, Mrs. Robert Briggs. Married at Ward in 1976, daughter of Frances "Fannie" E. Yates, mother of Daisy, sister to Mollie Fouts McGill. Robert Briggs was the White Pine Senator who introduced the basic legislation pre 1887 to move the county seat from Hamilton to Ely. Her husband died before her in CA.
Old-2-224 Briggs, Leon  
  Briggs, Robert Yates 1877 - 1889, son of Robert and Julia. First buried in the Taylor Cemetery, Taylor, NV
S-6-26 Brikolas, Peter  
B-29-8 Brim, James F. Jr. age 40, cerebral hemorrhage, died McGill, buried 6/21/1927
(A-34-4) Brina, Pauline age 48, pneumonia, buried 12/18/1918
(A-34-3) Brina, Peter age 48, pneumonia, buried 12/18/1918
B-4-8 Bringholt (Brongolf), John W. age 69, heart failure, died Ely, buried 5/14/1927
A.L.-144 Bringhurst, Leonard 10 Oct 1915 in Toquerville, UT - Jul 1974 in Ely, NV. Married Patricia Lisa. Had daughter, Celia Elizabeth Bringhurst. Brother of Selinda Lamb, Wanda Hoyt, and Lola Stebbins. Worked for KCC.
S-1-27 Brinton, Edith Bircher 11 Feb 1898 in Ouray, CO - Oct 1982 in Carmichael, CA. Daughter of James and Alice Bircher. Married Jay E. Brinton in 1918.
S-1-26 Brinton, Jay E. 8 Dec 1895 in Halladay, UT. - Died 1963. He was the first person to be called into Army service from this area during WW I according to Jack Fleming. He was later the President of the First National Bank of Ely..
L-19-7 Briola, (Marion)  
N-75-10 Britting, Henry J. 23 Nov 1923 in Sharpsburg, PA - 19 Dec 1975. Brother to Alma Hanson. Duckwater area ranch hand. Heart attack. WW II Vet.
A.L.-50 Brockington, James 1 Oct 1900 in Nesmith, SC - Mar 1971 in Ely, NV. Son of John Rhett and Mattie McCrea Brockington. Brother of Mrs. El L. Beasley.
AA-14-14 Brockovich, John 1892 - 1966, married Mary
B-44-3 Brockovich, John Jr. 24 Apr 1920 in Ruth, NV - Died age 63 in 1983. Son of John and Mary Sutia Brockovich. Sibling of Mike, Nick, Joe, Brockovich and Rose Blaumer. Married Marge.
AA-14-13 Brockovich, Mary Sutia 1894 - 1951, Mrs. John
S-2-41 Broderson,  
S-2-40 Broderson, Eugene William 11 Jul 1924 in Algona, IA - May 1977 in Ely, NV. Son of Lilly Mae Broderson. Married Lucille and had William, Robert, Jason Broderson and Lucia Grant.
K-1-2 Broecher, John  
N-74-4 Brogden (Brogdon), James 22 Dec 1892 in Georgia - Apr 1975 in Fallon, NV.
B-44-4 Brokovich, Marge Mrs. John Jr.
O-27-5 Bronning, Baby  
Old-3-32 Bronson, Charles  
C-7-5 Brooks, Ashley M. Sgt. Co C 548 Engrs 8 Dec 1900 - 23 Mar 1929 BPOE
AA-4-20 Brooks, Carrold Sigmound 1 Dec 1910 in SLC, UT - 13 Feb 1987 in Ely, NV. Son of William and Louise Klenke Brooks. Sibling of Charles and William Joseph Brooks, Marie Wall, Ellen Melabana and Catherine Vales. Married Inez Brown 30 Jun 1930 in Ogden, UT. Children: Lyle Carrold Brooks, Inez Louise Eck, Colleen Dionna Escamilla, and Carroll Ann Porter.
S-4-34 Brooks, Donovan 21 Aug 1904 in Erie, PA - Jun 1973 in Ely, NV. Son of George and Lillian Throop Brooks. Sibling of Stanley Brooks and Leila Vogel. Married Eleanor Ferguson and had Dorothy Lani and George and Donald Brooks.
S-4-33 Brooks, Eleanor Ferguson Mrs. Donovan Brooks.
E-5-6 Brooks, Emma Frances 15 Jul 1914 - 9 Jul 1916, age 2, daughter of George and Lillian, diabetes, buried 7/12/1916
A.L.-37 Brooks, George  
C-11-5 Brooks, George Gale 19 Jun 1876 - 8 Oct 1940 IOOF
AA-4-19 Brooks, Inez Brown 14 Jun 1913 in Ogden, UT - 12 Mar 1981 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Eugene and Emma Scofield Brown. Sibling of Ray D. and Eugene D. Brown, and Grace Shaw. Married Carrold S, Brooks. Children: Inez Eck, Colleen Escamilla, Carroll Porter and Lyle Brooks.
C-11-2 Brooks, Lillian Mae Rhodes 5 Jul 1881 in Mackey Hill, PA - Nov 1977 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Edgar and Alida Rhodes. Married George Brooks. Children: Mrs. Emil Vogel and Stanley and Donavan Brooks.
J-60-7 Brooky, Sam (Indian) age 70, eystitis, buried 8/3/1922
  Brouse, Galen L. 26 Nov 1922 in Grand Junction, CO - 9 Oct 1997 in Ely, NV. Son of Elwood and Edith Rawlings Brouse. Married Isabel Taylor 31 Jul 1945. Father of Leonard, Gary, Gail Hayes and Arlyne Johnson. Sibling of Thelma Cheatham and Duane Brouse.
  Brouse, Isabel M. Taylor 22 Aug 1924 in Hotchkiss, CO - 11 Dec 1995 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Frank and Inez Berkman Taylor. Sibling of Lorraine Weaver. Married Galen Brouse and had Leonard and Gary Brouse and Gail Hays and Arlene Johnson.
AA-3-2 Brown,  
AA-3-3 Brown,  
N-42-2 Brown,  
N-42-3 Brown,  
Old-1 Brown, Samuel

 Born in Maine, died aged 70, on 6 Aug, 1906 of throat cancer in Ely. A NV pioneer since 1865, he had lived in Ely  for over 20 years. He was a miner, and burned charcoal and lime. He was in the Golden West Hotel in San Francisco during the recent earthquake and asked A. C. House to come transport him back to Ely. He signed over his mining claims to Mr. House and J. B. Simpson who had furnished him with money for his expenses during his illness. Previous to living in Ely, he lived in Eureka, Elko, and Hamilton. 

O-5-1 Brown, (See Theobold)  
A-41-8 Brown, Albert  
Old-1 Brown, Albert Henry 1889 - 1926. age 37, ulcer hemorrhage, died E. Ely, buried 3/26/1926, BPOE
C-7-6 Brown, Baby  
Old-1 Brown, Cassie Hill 1872 - 1930, Mrs. James
AA-20A-34 Brown, Cecilia 3 Dec 1943 in Newark, NJ - Jul 1982. Daughter of Emery and Esther Miller Brown. Sibling of Pat Williams and Emery Brown.
S-24-2 Brown, Clyde Scotty 25 Feb 1886 in Colgate, OK - 15 Aug 1975 in Ely, NV. Married Valeria and had Lawrence G. Brown and Shirley Mae Bennett.
Old-2 Brown, Dean  
C-4-4 Brown, Edith Ione Born 1891, Died 1934
N-42-1 Brown, Frederick D. 1894 - 1945
C-7-6 Brown, Gordon Cremation
C-3-4 Brown, Henry Grover 20 Nov 1940 - 12 Sep 1941, grandson of Edna and Henry Nicholson
Old-2 Brown, Herbert Curtis "Bert" F. 1875 - 1955, married Lucia, a "Little Giant" wheel dealer. (Borchert book pages 171, 51)
A.L.-136 Brown, Howard 5 Sep 1903 in Philadelphia, PA - 20 Nov 1985 in Ely, NV.
Z-C-15 Brown, Howard Lee 16 Sep 1928 in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska - 20 Jul 1977 in Ely, NV. Son of Ralph and Vera Andrews Brown. Sibling of Bessie Mudd, Vivian Wonenburg, and Sharon Saderup. Married Darlene and had Deanna Burgess, Evanna Brown, and Kenneth and Billy Brown.
Old-1 Brown, James Myron 1870 - 1939, married Cassie
M-59-5 Brown, John  
S-D-47 Brown, John Baby  
  Brown, John Grover 1884-1942
S-D-15 Brown, Kimberly Baby  
Old-2 Brown, Lucia Adair 1885 - 1931, age 46, married Herbert C. F. Brown
Old-1 Brown, Margaret  
C-7-6 Brown, Muriel Evelyn born and died 11 Apr 1937, granddaughter of Edna and Henry Nicholson
(Sec I?) Brown, Nannie C. 21 Aug 1868 - 7 Apr 1930
J-68-5 Brown, Nora (Indian) age 50, peritonitis, buried 1/23/1917
Old-3-49 Brown, Peter  
Z-C-7 Brown, Ralph 15 Oct 1902 in Cozad, Nebraska - June 1982 in Ely, NV. Son of Isaac and Fay Woodside Brown. Sibling of Florence Bennett, Warren and Fred Brown. Married Vera Andrews and had" Sharon Saderup, and Vivian Wonenburg. Worked for KCC.
Z-C-5 Brown, Ralph J. Jr. 26 Jun 1925 in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska - Feb 1975 in SLC, UT. Son of Ralph and Vera Andrews Brown. Sibling of Howard Brown, Vivian Wonenburg and Sharon Saderup. Married Zela and had" Carin Burris, Vera White and Richard, Cliff, Jerry, and Joel Brown.
F-11-24 Brown, Reva Jane Lynn 3 Dec 1909 in Panguitch, UT - 25 Jan 1989 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Ross and Louisa Henri Lynn. Married Shirley F. Brown. Children: Carl Mattingly and Scott Brown.
F-11-23 Brown, Shirley Franklin 9 Dec 1907 in Ely, NV - ____ age 71 years. Son of Herbert and Lucia Scott Brown. Married Reva Lynn.
S-24-3 Brown, Valerie "Vallie" Inez Mowrer 3 Mar 1899 in Mountain View, OK - 3 Jun 1982 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Jesse and Annie Miller Mowrer. Children: Bud Brown and Shirley Bennett.
Z-C-6 Brown, Vera Mae Andrews 15 Oct 1906 in Alda, Nebraska - 10 Jul 1993 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Charles and Ida Mulkins Andrews. Married to Ralph Brown. Children: Vivian Wonenburg and Sharon Saderup.
R-20A-1 Brown, Walt  
J-37-6 Brown, William  
S-21-1 Broyles,  
S-21-2 Broyles, Estella Gail 19 May 1914 in Colorado - Feb 1974 in Ely, NV. Married William Leo Broyles and had William L. Jr., Joseph H., Roger D., Larry L. Threva A. Wilson and Sally R. Gregerson.
M-58-4 Broyles, Robin Vance 14 Jun 1943 in Huntington Park, CA - Jun 1968 in Reno, NV. Daughter of Harold and Inez Hardy Vance. Sibling of Janet Lynn Commer, Harold Bruce and Leslie Vance. Married William Broyles. Children: Gregory Mitchell and Nicole Celeste Broyles.
T-3-1 Bruan,  
T-3-2 Bruan,  
S-19-1 Bruce, Jeannette B. 29 Mar 1889 in London, England - 10 Nov 1972 in Cedar City, UT. Sibling of Patrick and George Bruce and Bella Timmerman and Louise Farr. She was a nurse.
H-65-6 Bruce, Perry  
J-87-8 Bruiser, Jack  
B-3-1 Brumble (Brunley), Benjamin (Brumley) 1860 - 1927, age 67, hemorrhage, died Ely, buried 5/23/1927
C-5-2 Brundege, William  
H-54-1 Bruner, Pete He supposedly came into Osceola in the 1920's with a cart pulled by a burro. The burro kicked over a pot and started a fire, which burned down the town. (Historical Society Newsletter and map March 1996)
AB-2-1 Brunson,  
AB-2-2 Brunson,  
AA-23-67 Brunson, Fay B. 16 Jan 1908 in Meadow, UT - 24 Dec 1979 in Ely, NV. Son of Seymour and Esther Bennett Brunson. Married Nellie and had Lois Skroch, Janet Murphy, Richard and F. Dean Brunson. Worked at KCC. Disinterred 05/17/93 By order of Dean Brunson, Bountiful UT 12/24/79
A-53-8 Bruzell, Alex  
A-52-5 Bruzell, Mrs. Bertha F. age 34, pneumonia, died Ely, buried 4/16/1918
AA-11-16 Bryant,  
M-B-12 Bryant, H.  
  Bryant, Herbert Ralph 1907 - 1956
AA-11-15 Bryant, Josephine "Jo" Blatnick 20 Dec 1941 in Ely, NV - 6 Feb 1985 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Joseph and Rose Mikolich Blatnick. Sibling of Robert Blatnick, Mary Lou Elicegui, and Betty Lee Smallfield. Married Wayne Bryant and had Cindy Cracraft and Ken Bryant.
M-29-7 Bryant, Thelma Bodel Rohwer 13 Nov 1914 in Penrose, UT - 31 Aug 1970 in Ely, NV. Daughter of August Charles and Celia Miller Rohwer. Sibling of Monty Rohwer, Estelle Phenegher, Leona Dernser and Lois Sturnes. Married 1. F. Fergert, 2. George Sharp (who died in 1948), 3. Herbert Ross Bryant (who died in 1954). Children: Howard, Leland, and Fred Fergert, Warren Sharp, Rosemary Sharp, Judy Donner, Roxanna Bryant and Harold Bryant.
B-11-7 Bubier, H.  
K-6-6 Bubier, Lillian  
S-22-25 Buccambuso,  
S-21-22 Buccambuso, Gaetano "Tony" 25 Mar 1905 in Pueblo, CO - 16 Feb 1988 in Ely, NV. Son of Salvatore and Rosalie DeGrado Buccambuso. Sibling of Joe Buccambuso, Berniece Rich, Lizzie Martellaro, Marguerite Yates and Rose Green. Married Florence and had Rosalie Locke, Sam and John Buccambuso.
S-21-23 Buccambuso, Lynda Florence Ciocarelli 1 Apr 1906 in Superior, Wisconsin - 1 Oct 1974 in Ely, NV. Sibling of Robert Ciocarelli, Mayme Hovila, Lenore Pfeager, and Frances Bartylla. Married "Tony" and had Rosalie Locke, Sam and John B.
  Buccambuso, Steven C. 13 Apr 1956 - 14 Apr 1956
Old-3-58 Buchan, Robert Age about 50, of Canada - Jan 1907. He was a Faro dealer who committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid. (Ely Record 27 Mar 1976)
B-4-1 Buchanin, M.  
Old-1-287 Buckley, L. M. About 30 years old - Oct 1908. Buried 13 Oct 1908.
K-5-6 Buckmaster,  
S-2-32 Buckmaster,  
K-5-5 Buckmaster, (Mrs.) Mary Edith 1900 - 1936, mother of George H, Mrs. George
K-14-8 Buckmaster, George Harold NEV 2 Lt. USMC 19 Mar 1922 - 21 Apr 1948, son of Mary E.
S-2-33 Buckmaster, Maria Beatrice 21 Dec 1902 in Hutchinson, MN - Feb 1980 in Ely, NV. Sister of Ina Hoblitt and Nettie Bianchi.
C-1-1 Budahl, O. P. Born November 29,1876, Died December 30,1941
  Budak, Marko 17 Apr 1926 in Rock Springs - 16 Mar 1997 in Ely, NV. Married Colleen. Son of Anthony and Mary Budak. Brother of Ann Marich. Father of James A., Danny J., Matthew J., Patricia Steere, and Mary C. Bachmann.
  Budd, Clifford 1884 - 1912
Z-A-49 Buie, Ray  
Old-1-260 Buletti, Rose  
Old-3-20 Bulger, John  
M-53-8 Bullard, Louis  
M-42-7 Bumstead, Mary Willis 12 Aug 1912 in Veteran, NV - 10 Jun 1984 in San Carlos, CA. Daughter of Hiram and Helen Towne Willis. Married 1. Reese Butts, 2. Harold S. Sibley in 1941, 3. Earl W. Bumstead in 1959. Children: Dave Willis, Florence Parr, Bill Butts, Hiram and Stewart Sibley. Cremation
N-66-8 Bunderson, Elton Victor 19 Nov 1900 - 21 Jan 1959, "Father"
N-66-7 Bunderson, Leah Neilsen 18 Sep 1901 in Mayfield, UT - 15 Dec 1970 in Mayfield, UT. Daughter of Jens and Mary Paulsen Neilsen. Sister of Bardella Whitlock and Edna Bardsley. Married Elton Bunderson 2 Feb 1925 in SLC, UT. Children: Keith Bunderson, Madge Hall, and Ruby Winton. "Mother"
  Buntin, infant of W. D. Buried 11 Apr 1906 (Death cert. in White Pine County Recorder office, Old Book #1 Book 53, Deaths)
Old-4 Buntin, Mrs. Alice Carothers 1870 - 1917, daughter of Catherine and Joseph Carothers, Mrs. Walter
(Old-4) Buntin, Peter Joseph  
Old-4 Buntin, Walter David 1869 - 1935, married Alice
(Plat A) Burch, Cheryl Ann died 22 Mar 1944, 3 days old
G-82-14 Burch, Elva Ethel 21 months, accidental drowning, buried 10/4/1921
N-46-7 Burch, Ethel Emma Evans 18 Apr 1895 (1894?) in Park City, UT - Jun 1971 in Roy, UT, married Leonard Burch 10 Sep 1913. Children: Jack B., James Burch, Marie Schneider, Helen Halstensen, Barbara Florence. Sibling of Cora Simpson and Doris.
N-46-8 Burch, Leonard Joseph 20 Jun 1891 in Pueblo, CO - Jul 1973 in SLC, UT. Son of Joseph and Louise Burch. Married Ethel Evans married Ethel Evans in 1913. Worked for KCC. Children: Jack, James Burch, Berniece Schrader, Marie Schneider, Helen Holstensen, Barbara Florence.
S-12-15 Burdick,  
S-12-22 Burdick,  
R-58-9 Burdick, Clinton M. 15 Aug 1900 in Benjamin, UT - 20 Apr 1984 in Ely, NV. Son of Flavius C. and Henrietta Mitchell Burdick. Sibling of Florence Barentsen, Henrietta Gibson, Maxine Fennemore, Clarissa Benson, Sara Solomon. Married 1. Florence, 2. Diantha Ammerman. Children: Beatrice Syme, Florence Wright, Darlene Biale and Clinton Burdick. "Father"
R-58A-10 Burdick, Diantha Ammerman Born March 30,1915 in Ulster, Pennsylvania, died March 27, 1995 in Ely NV. age 79. Widowed homemaker Father - Ancil William Ammerman, Mother - Lena Harriet Phelps. Children: Clinton Burdick, Beatrice Syme, Florence Wright, Darlene Biale. Informant Darlene Biale died 11:00 A.M.
R-58-10 Burdick, Florence A. 29 Oct 1899 - 18 Feb 1957, Mrs. Clinton, "Mother"
S-18-22 Burdick, Herbert 1 Nov 1891 in Eureka, NV - Sep 1979. Son of Truman and Albertine McCabe Burdick. Married Mary Caviglia and had a son, Walter Burdick.
S-20-28 Burdick, Mary Caviglia 16 Jan 1890 - Apr 1973 in Eureka, NV. Married Herbert in 1924 and had Walter Burdick.
A-40-4 Burg, Ed age 41, cerebral hemorrhage, died Ely, buried 19 May 1923 BPOE
N-72-90 Burger, C.  
  Burgess, Tristan Lee 6 May 1996 in Tampa, FL - 27 Aug 1996 in Ely, NV. Son of Paul and Amy Kandel Burgess. Grandson of Julie and George Kandel, Harry and Ruth Tedder, Rickey and Darlene Burgess.
J-39-2 Burgoin, Enrico  
Old-4-407 Burhans, A. H. age 55, apoplexy, died Ely, buried 4/14/1918 IOOF
A-18-7 Burk, Charles H. 11 Jul 1867 - 18 Jun 1923, age 56, hemorrhage from suicide attempt, died Ely, NV buried 6/21/1923
Old-2 Burke (Burker?), John Age 50 - 28 Jan 1912. Married miner, died in the Ely General hospital of pneumonia and alcoholism.
  Burke, Dorothy Kranovich 9 Jun 1918 in Ruth, NV - 29 Dec 1993 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Dan and Smiliana Rakich Kranovich. Sibling of Mike and Nick Kranovich and Helen Crowles. Children Michael and Ray Kranovich and Virginia McIntyre.
Old-4 Burke, Emmett Francis Apr 1893 - Apr 1925, age 32, alcohol / meningitis, died Ely, buried 4/15/1925, buried in the Wilson plot
B-8-2 Burke, George  
N-61-2 Burke, James  
Old-1-367 Burke, John Age about 45 - Apr 1907. Buried 25 Apr 1907
  Burke, Mary 1879 - 1956, Mrs. William
N-61-3 Burke, Mrs. J.  
  Burke, William 1872 - 1946, married Mary
Old-4 Burkett, Infant  
Old-3-21 Burkhardt, L.  
T-9-10 Burkhart, Leo or Mary Burkhart McGill NV.
T-9-9 Burkhart, Leo or Mary Burkhart McGill NV.
AA-21-36 Burkhart, George 13 Feb 1890 in Lithuania - Nov 1981 in Ely, NV. No known relatives.
Old-4 Burkmyer,  
A.M-54-7 Burndees,  
M-21-4 Burns, Ethel  
Old-4 Burns, John age 48, died 27 Apr 1903 (1908?) Buried 27 Apr 1908.
K-9A-3 Burns, John Joseph 9 Jan 1910 in Utica, NY - Oct 1957. KCC smelter worker. WW II Vet.
J-60-5 Burnswell, (Burns White)  
AA-8-15 Burrowes, Ida Ellen Schlunegger 13 Apr 1884 in Richmond, IL - 29 Apr 1985 in Ely, NV. Daughter of John and Elizabeth Schlunegger. Sister of Roase Fluke. Children: Bernard and John A. Burrowes, Frances Fairbanks, Lucille Lucas, Ida Markovich, Lora George.
O-30-7 Busch,  
F-8-7 Busch, Billie Myrth 20 Nov (Jan?) 1939 - 23 Jan (Nov?) 1940. Died at the age of 14 months from pneumonia at her home in Ruth, NV.  Mother; Fern Hunt Busch. Source: Kami Lopez kalopez69@yahoo.com
O-23-7 Bush, Baby  
O-26-8 Bush, Baby  
S-28-3 Bush, Blanche Stringer 1 Jul 1913 in Leadville, CO - Mar 1980 in Ely, NV. Daughter of Ira and Elizabeth Simmons Stringer. Sibling of Edward Stringer, Violet Craig, Pearl Goad and Fern Sloan. Married Lester. Children: Daniel L., Keith A., Thomas C. and Gerald D. Bush.
  Bush, Henry Age About 79 of Nevada - Mar 1908. Buried 31 Mar 1908.
S-28-4 Bush, Keith  
S-28-2 Bush, Lester Davis 11 Jul 1905 in Malad City, ID - Nov 1977 in Ely, NV. Son of Arthur and Rebecca Davis Bush. Brother of Margaret Purcell. Married Blanch Stringer. Worked at KCC.
R-35-2A Buste, Buck  
S-6-21 Bustingorry,  
S-6-20 Bustingorry, Joe  
  Bustingorry, Mary Teresa 29 Dec 1889 in Italy - 6 (10?) Jan 1976. Children: Victory J. Verga, Pamela Labin, Thelma Reck. In Cherry Creek in 1903, in Ely area 1928.
M-47-2 Bustmente, Richard Karl (Bustamente) 1902 - 1942
AA-17-17 Bustos,  
AA-17-18 Bustos,  
B-46-5 Bustos, Ann Dancia Dizja Born Aug.28,1916 in McGill, NV., died July 19,1991 at the W.B.R. hospital in Ely, NV. Divorced homemaker, Father - Steve Dizja, Mother Sophia Zubovich. Sibling of Steve Dizzia, Marica Glumac, Bessie Rivera, Mildred Bustos. Children: Adrienne Flangas, Sonia Winn, Judy Rosenlund, Teddy Bustos. informant Adrienne Flangas Reno NV.
C-24A-6 Bustos, Si Esias From Colorado.
(Old-3) Bustos, Steen S. 1924 - 1924, family info says baby lived 1 month.
  Bustos, Tony 16 Dec 1914 in Walsenburg, CO - 8 Feb 1997. Son of Isiais and Eliza Vigil Bustos. Married Millie. Father of Richard, Don and Marci Baker. Brother to Si.
O-25A-4 Butcher, Kevin Joseph Baby born and died 23 Aug 1962. Son of Mary Wells and Ken Butcher.
A.L.-141 Butcher, Norven M. 11 Feb 1920 - 30 Mar 1976. CCC employee of McGill. Married Frankie. Long illness.
Old-2 Butkerich, Tony 15 Jun 1888 - 24 Mar 1912. Austrian laborer, killed by a blast at Copper Flat. He was here for only two days.
AA-23-15 Butkovich, Anna Brockovich 12 Oct 1919 in Riepetown, NV - Apr 1980 in Lane City, NV. Daughter of John and Mary Sutia Brockovich. Sibling of Mike, John, Nick, and Joe Brockovich and Rose Blaumer. Married Nick.
AA-23-14 Butkovich, Nick  
L-13-6 Butkovich, Steve  
Old-3(Plat A) Butocac (Butorac), Paul born 1883 in Krompotc, Croatia, died 1926, age 43, accidental fall in the Ruth Mine, buried 6/22/1926, LOOM
N-72-72 Butte, D.  
AA-27-19 Butterman, Cheryl Masonic
AA-27-19 Butterman, Lou Masonic
AA-27-19 Butterman, Ronald F. Died 21 Mar 1981 in Truth or Consequences, NV at the age of 28 years. Masonic
  Buttleman, George Age about 60 - Dec 1907. Buried 5 Dec 1907.
M-42-7 Butts, Mary Helen (Willis) Cremation.
M-42-7 Butts, Reese Murray 13 Feb 1912 - 2 Aug 1940
I-9-6 Buzzetti (Buzzett), George 1871 - 1931
R-53-9 Buzzetti,  
R-53-10 Buzzetti, Benjamin Franklin 29 Oct 1906 - 9 Aug 1955, "Son"
R-53-11 Buzzetti, Effie L. 2 Nov 1888 - 5 Mar 1966, "Mother"
N-72-10 Buzzetti, Wallace  
N-46-5 Bybee, Alta Noreen 20 Mar 1917 - ____, Mrs. Shannon
AA-23-38 Bybee, Evah Munson  
AA-20-39 Bybee, Janet Gaufin 17 Dec 1941 - 24 Feb 1981 in Las Vegas, NV. Daughter of Art and Vera Gaufin. Sister of Ann Dye and Shirley Gaufin. Married Burrell Bybee 14 Jul 1961. Children: Mark and Shane Bybee.
AA-23-37 Bybee, Myron Burrell Sr. 9 Sep 1908 in Tropic, UT - 1979 in SLC, UT. Son of George and Rhuhema Adair Bybee. Sibling of Joy Bybee, Julia Merrill, Rose Bent, Georgia Coggle and Juanita Lee. Married Evah Munson in 1927 and had Burrell Jr. Bybee, Larue Costello, Marlene Seifers and Aileen Demos. Opened Evah's Drive-in 1962, then opened the restaurant and 24-room motel complex before he died. Boy Scout leader.
N-46-6 Bybee, Shannon Leonard Sr. 26 Nov 1913 in Tropic, UT - 13 Jun 1971 Son of George and Rhuhema Adair Bybee. Sibling of M. Burrell and Joy M. Bybee, Berniece Wotoziwich, Julia Merrill, Rose Bent, Georgia Coggle and Juanita Lee. married Alta Miller 22 Jun 1937 and had Shannon, Patrick, George Evan Bybee and Mollie A. Bybee. Worked for KCC.
G-80-6(G-20-6?) Byrington, Donna Myrtle 1 year, Influenza, died McGill, buried 1/30/1918
A-32-3 Byrnes, Margaret  
  Byrnes, Michael G. Age 35, alcoholism, buried 10/13/1918



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