Black Horse Cemetery, Black Horse, White Pine, NV

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Eldridge, Tommy Born July 1911, died September 1911. Marker inside a very old wire and post fenced area and next to the "Black Horse Miner", "God Bless Our Baby Brother." He was one of twins born to Alice and Dave S.  
Eldridge, Virginia Elizabeth Fielding 16 Aug 1914 - 13 Dec 1999 (Source: Elva Robison Eldridge 6/2000)  
Hill, J. D. 21 Oct 1903 – 20 Sep 1987, Married to Lillian. Marker, "In Loving Memory of Husband and Father."  
"Jake" A little dog belonging to Daisy Larson . Has the word Jake formed using stick-on letters on a small wooden board. The grave is located between Larson and Roberts.  
Larson, Warren Fred 22 July 1909 – 12 Feb 1980. Married Daisy.  
Neff, Jerry From Chico, CA, died in Ely, NV Dec. 1999 while here to attend the funeral for Virginia Eldridge. He was married to a grand-daughter of Dave and Alice Eldridge. (Source: Elva Robison Eldridge 6/2000)  
Roberts, Lee J. 10 Dec 1894 – 24 Dec 1987 US Army WWI  
Smith, Waymond M. 11 Feb 1901 – 16 Mar 1988. Married Mabel Eldridge.  Marker, "Beloved husband and father."  
Smith, Waymond G. 26 Aug 1934 – 26 June 1996. Son of Waymond and Mabel.  US Army marker  
Scottie Williams or a Scottie Bertie Newspapers reported in 1956 that this man was shot and killed in a Black Horse Saloon by Fred F. Loper, during Black Horse's early years when the two were doing some very heavy drinking. ( 1906) Loper was said to have escaped capture, but later returned to the area. Loper was not prosecuted.

"Loper escaped when one of his friends furnished him with one of the best horses with which to make the getaway.... * Sheriff Alex Baird left Ely to bring him in. The White Pine News stated it was a bet, "monkey wrenches to wheelbarrows," that Alex would bring him in, but he didn't." White Pine Lang Syne by Effie O. Read p. 171

The following is quoted from The Ely Mining Record Saturday Dec. 15, 1906:

Shooting Scrape at Blackhorse. - Quarrel Over Game of Cards Ends in Tragedy.

"What may prove a serious shooting affair occurred at Blackhorse on Wednesday."
"From reports it appears a man known as "Scotty" and Fred Loper, one of the proprietors of a saloon, were playing a game of cards when a dispute arose and they quit the game. Loper evidently was not satisfied to drop the matter an abused "Scotty" who attempted to laugh the affair off."
"Finally Loper secured two guns and laying one on the bar told "Scotty" to defend himself as he was going to kill him."
"'Scotty" still pleasant, asked Loper if he was crazy? Loper stepped between his victim and the gun on the bar and fired, the ball entered the abdomen near the navel and passed out the left side."
"It is stated that for some time "Scotty" walked about the saloon not realizing he was badly injured. Later he was brought to Ely for treatment."
"Sheriff Baird left for the scene of the shooting to arrest Loper if found."

The Ely Mining Record Saturday Dec. 22, 1906

"Sheriff Baird who went to Blackhorse to arrest Fred Loper, the man who shot "Scotty" in a saloon at that place last week, found the man had skipped to Utah and had to return without him. Efforts are being made to locate him and if found will be brought back to face the charge of attempted murder."

The Daily Times Sep 13, 1956 - Down Memory Lane

Nevada Loper of Ely, NV, in a conversation 3/10/2000 with June Shaputis at the WP Public Museum, said her mother-in-law told her that Fred Loper "only shot the man but did not kill him and that Fred later came back and made things right." 

* Alex Baird was Sheriff in 1906 when this incident occurred.

Unknown Burial. Cement pad with the words, "Black Horse Miner" written in. Nothing else, no dates. The cement pad is at the foot of a interesting rock which may have come from the man’s mine. This grave is to the right of the Eldridge baby and enclosed in a wire and post fence.  Margaret Rowe of Ruth, NV, believes this marker may be for the Scottie Williams or Scottie Bertie mentioned above as this burial in this cemetery is the only individual that is not known by or related to the Eldridge families.
Unknown burial west of outhouse. Unmarked grave.  
Unknown burial about 90’ south of Larson marker. Unmarked grave  
    Seven wooden stakes sticking up in uneven line west of Smith and Larson graves.


These pages will attempt to try to personalize the individuals buried in our cemeteries because they are not just a name and date. Additions, comments, queries or corrections are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact me at:

Researched by June Shaputis using existing tombstones, Ely City Cemetery records, newspaper obits, LDS cemetery records, family information, local history books, and death certificates located at the White Pine County Recorder's Office in Ely, NV.

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