University Of There Classes

Taught by june_uruTMP

Having There Voice  or Teamspeak is required for my classes. If you do not have voice please ask only questions relating to the written material provided on these pages. I most likely will not be typing the lecture and if someone does not type my voice response for you, I am sorry. I am disabled and typing is very difficult for me. If my speech to text program will not work due to the lag in There, it will not be used at all as There and it fights for resources.

If you don't have There voice, download the free, low band-width use, no-frills teamspeak at which will be used for all the classes. This will allow class to continue even if you crash out of There or have game issues.

Get the client download only, not the server download. Install without leaving There.
Use quick connect.
Put in the server name of   (notice the hyphen)
In nickname box (use your game name), then hit connect.
 Do not use a user name or register.
You can talk as needed or just listen and type in game. You do not need a mic to hear.


Spades Hearts Clubs Diamonds

UOT Beginning Spades Tips

Spades Hearts Clubs Diamonds



University Of There
 Plains Indians Classes

The Classes - Free. Held on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of each month; times subject to change.



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